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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

(Two posts today.  Please keep scrolling)

U. S. Attorney General Holder demands journalists show photo ID to get into his NAACP talk on the evils of photo ID laws!


  1. Don't let anyone tell you that E-Ho doesn't have a sense of humor.

  2. How else will you know if "They're one of US?".

  3. So you need a photo ID to see Heinrich Holder's propaganda show, but not to vote...

    Progressivism is a mental disorder

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Liberalmann,
    You are gone.

    I will not tolerate being called a liar at my own web site, the bandwidth of which I pay for.

    All blog administrators have been so informed. Buzz off.

  6. the last thing they want is another pesky reporter asking questions about their policies. I mean how dare those citizens ask questions of the regime

  7. Absolutely unreal. I guess the Obama administrations minions can operate with total impunity.

    Must be good to be the king...

  8. You have to show ID for almost everything, especially anything to do with the Obama Administration and the campaign - but not for voting, because that would exclude all the dead, illegal, etc. folks. Here in Tennessee we show ID and it's no problem at all.

    Right Truth

  9. I know it's a serious issue, AOW, but I have to tell you the pronounced irony and absolute absurdity revealed in your lead sentence just made me laugh out loud.

    "Life is a tragedy to him who feels, and comedy to him who thinks."

    Who said that? Was it Horace Walpole, perhaps?

    Anyway, it's a great observation.

    Every one of us should more thinking and less emoting -- tempting though that may be given the tenor of the times.

    ~ FreeThinke

  10. FT,
    I rarely use the slang word "stuff."

    But I couldn't resist this time.

    I will tender no respect whatsoever to Eric Holder.

    We are living in a time of incredible absurdity.

  11. Maybe not off topic. I'm conflicted on this one. I've got a couple others that make it clear he's not happy about being photographed.

    Not a good technical shot but A Picture Is Worth Many Words

  12. Duck,
    I saw the photo earlier this evening.

    I'm not sure what to make of it. Maybe you don't either as the photo says "No Title."

    Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me that the fellow in the foreground should spend money on his teeth rather than on tattoos. Just sayin'.

    Is the fellow a fisherman, maybe?

  13. I didn't call you a liar, I question the authenticity of this article.

    I also pointed out that public figures like Holder often have ID requirements for security .

    Requiring ID to vote is shameless suppression.

    A bit thin skinned when you are pwned, are we ?

  14. I'm not sure what to make of it. Maybe you don't either as the photo says "No Title."

    You got it.

    The figure in the background is critical.

  15. In fact AOW, I've been a little perturbed since our governor vetoed a bill that would make it illegal for recipients to use their EBT cards with bail bondsmen.

  16. Unreal.

    I'm not really all that happy that one of the local legitimate targets for overwhelming violence (aka the St. Louis County Police) chased me down in traffic at lunch across several lanes and almost 5 miles to cite me for...

    ...not wearing a selt belt.

    This in a nation where the top law enforcement officer is OPENLY obstructing an investigation into his gunrunning activities even after being found in contempt of Congress.

  17. Liberalmann,
    I have a record of the deleted and condescending comment you made (Let me explain it to you...). You obviously think that anyone who doesn't hold the same views are you is a wingnut. You referred to the link posted as probably a wingnut lie anyway. Over and over again, you have stated similarly on my web site.

    Furthermore, before I lowered the boom, I spent a lot of time responding your copy and paste on THIS THREAD. You conceded no points that I clearly made but rather went off in another direction, which Louie answered in part. [Thank you, Louie!]

    Regular readers of this site know that I am not in the least thin skinned. On the contrary, I have a long history of being tolerant of commenters foibles and, yes, even their viewpoints. In fact, I have never in my seven years of blogging issued an ultimatum such as I've issued to you. Duck can testify to that fact.

    You owe me an apology, Liberalmann.

    You don't have to say that I am correct about anything, but you DO need to show some respect for the viewpoints of those with whom you do not agree -- especially MY views as I am the site owner. You are "in my house," after all.

    POST DISSENTING VIEWS, BUT DO NOT ZAP WITH RUDENESS. This site attempts to follow the basic rules of policy debate. Look up those parameters, please.


    Now, I do not exonerate GWB in any way. But for an economy to crash the way that this one has requires DECADES UPON DECADES of bad policy as well as long-term ostriching on the part of both political leaders and the citizenry.

  18. Duck,
    The figure in the background is critical.

    The man or the building (or whatever that is)?

    Is that the base of the Statue of Liberty? I have no idea about the geography in your part of the country.

  19. Verification of the authenticity of this blog post.

    Took me about 5 seconds to check.

  20. Duck,
    I had to look up "EBT" to learn the meaning of the acronym.

    From the article you linked:

    His veto rejected bans on the use of EBT cards for tattoos, guns, porn, body piercings, jewelry, fines and bail. However, he left standing bans of the use of EBT cards in tattoo parlors, gun shops, casinos, cruise ships, strip clubs and adult entertainment centers, saying the independent EBT Card Commission had ruled out the idea of banning specific products “for reasons of feasibility, enforceability (and) cost.”

    That veto makes no sense to me! As I understand the matter, EBT's are like food stamps but also include "cash benefits" (or some such).

    Why tattoos should be paid for from those funds is beyond me.

    I happen to know one family on TANF. They buy food -- and that's it. Oh, and maybe medical visits, particularly dental as most free dental clinics here have closed. In fact, I'm not sure, but I believe that here in VA, felons or the like cannot receive TANF although the spouses of felons can, of course.

  21. So the security of the US Attorney General is more important than the securtiy of the vote as to who will become the elected representatives of we, the people? Is that your point Liberalmann?

    We have to show id for everything in life, to not show id to safeguard our right to vote is ridiculous and absurd. The only reason to be opposed is if you faor dead people voting or ACORN type folks registering people 73 times.

  22. AOW, funny how what I get from your other members in terms of insults far exceeds in lack of civility whatever you think my posts possess.

  23. blogginator, you know as well as I do that voter ID laws which are in primarily red states are designed to suppress the votes of those who will find it hard to obtain these ID.

    These are those who generally vote Democract; minorities, the poor, the elderly and students-who can't even use student ID's in some states anymore.

    Show me evidence of vote fraud to the extent that warrants this law- which will cost the tax payers more.

    If you're a true tea party member you'd support our 'founding fathers,' intention to not make it difficult for citizens to vote.

    And really? You're still using ACORN? Lol! Registering people to vote IS NOT THE SAME AS CASTING A VOTE.

    And if you want evidence that requiring voter ID is about swaying an election, this is from last week and it's 13 seconds long.

    Pwned again.


  24. ”Blogginator, you know as well as I do that voter ID laws which are in primarily red states are designed to suppress the votes of those who will find it hard to obtain these ID.”

    Exactly … such as illegal aliens, dead people, and convicted felons. If our goal is to protect and preserve the integrity of voting, how is this a bad thing?


  25. Liberalmann,
    Point of clarification...The only members of this blog are Warren, Sam, and I. The others commenting here are, of course, commenters -- not part of this blog team.

  26. Liberalmann,

    The cost of an Id is less than that of a pizza and a 6 pack. The idea people can not afford ids is ridiculous.

    As my insults, I have regretably returned some of the hatred you have offerrd all of us.

    As to the elderly/handicap excuse, I say to that relative get your butt over to their house and take them to get an ID.

    Then why get them registered at all unless you intend to find a way to get them to vote several times....I mean its not like they have to show id each time they vote.

    I mention ACORN because the tactics are infamous and if you think ACORN folks went away, the moon is made of green cheese. They changed names and work toward the same goals under a half of dozens different movements...

    I almost forgot, people who cant speak English. Unfortunately most States have signs and applications in other langugaes.

  27. Photo IDs at the DMV are cheap, cheap, cheap.

    BTW, on Election Day in November 2009, I hired a handicapped taxi to take Mr. AOW to the polls. He was in a nursing home at the time.

  28. Blogginator @ Liberalmann,
    As my insults, I have regretably returned some of the hatred you have offerrd all of us.

    Liberalmann should be learning that if he is more polite, most insults hurled in his direction will cease.

  29. blogginator said...


    The cost of an Id is less than that of a pizza and a 6 pack. The idea people can not afford ids is ridiculous.


    Really, you can't see how some minorities or the poor may not have the means to get to these places not to mention pay the fee-which amounts to an illegal poll tax?

    Some would have to take public transportation-they wont bother. It's viter disfranchisement, pure and simple. And this time it will favor the GOP-but what about elections to come? They've already bought candidates with Citizen United. Wanna Nuke disposal site in your hometown? That can happen, dude.

  30. Actually, one of the reasons I left my Blue State because the NYC Democrats wanted to put a landfill in my country town. The average poor person in the US has a flat screen tv, an Iphone, and spends more on their sneakers than the cost of an ID. Again, I call B.S. on poor people not being able to afford an idea but if you still insist than allow them to use EBT card funds to buy an ID instead of porn and tattoos.

    P.S. I have been in the homes of many of these so called poor you describe. They have IDs, large screen tvS, Smart Phones, 3 or 4 game systems, and $100 sneakers. Some even have commemorative plates with Obama or Obama posters. So please take your liberal hogwash and sell it to someone else as Natural Spring bottled water.

    I urge you to do some reasearch on the studies that show most of the poor (in the US) have a great many material possessions.

    After you finish with that, take a stroll down to the poor section of town and see for yourself. And by all means please turn off your TV and stop reading the NYT--go get some reality.

    If you do find some homeless guy that has no id, start living some charity and take him to go get an ID and pay for it yourself instead of demanding I do...

  31. I hope the ones targeted were all lefties who support obama.

  32. ...wow, poor Liberalmann !! Do you have him too ? Do people find that he likes to cut-and-paste (much) and behaves rudely (often) ? Poor, poor (Lester) Liberalmann, he cannot feel the L-U-V anywhere on the Interwebs! Poor, poor (Lester) Liberalmann....Synonymous1


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