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Monday, July 23, 2012

Update On Mr. AOW

Considering how well we did on last week's museum trip and now that I've had my 1996 Crown Victoria repaired (To the tune of $2400!), we are making some resume-living plans. A police interceptor requires parts that are more expensive, but those parts last longer and can take a beating and keep on ticking.

We are making plans to use the Crown Vic's trunk to transport Mr. AOW's scooter.

The trunk of that car is HUGE!  Gas mileage is decent: about 20 mpg if I don't drive like a raped ape.  In addition, the cabin is big enough to take along plenty of luggage.

Once I learn how to disassemble and reassemble that scooter, we are hitting the road in the Crown Vic, now roadworthy after a few years of deferred maintenance. We haven't gone on a road trip since 2007, at first because Mr. AOW lost his job in January 2008 and later, of course, because of the brain hemorrhage that he had on September 15, 2009.

Mr. AOW and I are too young to sit around cooped up in this house and grow old without making some more memories.


  1. That's great news AOW.
    I also love those huge trunks as i put it 'big enough to put a couple of bodies' usually the car salesman smiles weird when i mention this.lol

  2. That is great news, AOW! I love how you said you're too young not to continue making memories!
    This all sounds great.....do you know where you might go yet?

  3. Good for both of you! Make some more memories while you can.

  4. Now if only the Crown Vic would deploy a ramp that you could drive up and into the trunk... ;)

  5. We're going to try an overnight trip first to see how we do with a hotel room and a bed other than a hospital bed. He has enough walking capability to walk across a tiled bathroom floor; carpeting is problematic.

    If the first trip goes well, we'll branch out to two-night trips before we try anything too far away.

    Mr. AOW begins 2x/week PT on August 3. We'll see how that goes.

  6. Awesome!

    Have you considered putting on a trailer hitch receiver and getting one of those platforms off the back?

    I've seen people transporting scooters like that around here.

  7. Outstanding news! You there is no such thing as too many memories. Here in Venezuela there are many Crown Victorias still on the road. Parts are actually cheap relative parts for recent models.

  8. "raped ape", hadn't heard that one.

    Someone have a bit of a lead foot?




    Loosely translated that means GO FOR IT! ;-)

    ~ FT

  10. 2001 crown Vic here and still ticking. Like your taste!

  11. This is great news, AOW ... my very best to both of you!

  12. Duck,
    "Raped ape" may be a California term. I learned it from Mr. AOW.

    Anyway, I don't really have a lead foot. Proof: a total of 2 speeding tickets over a period of 44 years -- once in my Pontiac Bonneville (400 cu. in.) and once in the Mustang.

    Dad taught me to drive as if I have a raw egg under my foot.

  13. Mustang,
    Thank you.

    It's been a struggle here for nearly the past 3 years.

    We'll have to work around Mr. AOW's PT schedule (begins August 3), but I'm hoping to post "Road Trip" in the near future.

    As a mechanic's daughter and wife, I'm nearly certain that I can learn how to work with that scooter assembly. If I can't manage it, there's always a trailer rental or a trunk attachment, I suppose.

  14. Bunkerville & Conservatives On Fire,
    No question about it: this Crown Vic is the best car I've ever owned. It's a mule of a car, and I got it for a song, too.

    Despite this recent expensive repair, over the years (1999-present), I've spent almost nothing on the car except for regular maintenance. However, the one nasty surprise I have had was a Ford flaw that Ford won't recall: the intake manifold. Same problem with the Mustang as well.

  15. Silverfiddle and FJ,
    I wonder how much those things cost?

  16. Will,
    I can't believe how much I can get into the trunk of the Crown Vic! Hauls as much as a truck.

  17. That is fantastic news!! I am so happy for Mr. AOW!!

  18. AOW, that's great that you and Mr. AOW are finally resuming a normal life. You both deserve some happiness and recreation after what you've been through.

  19. Glad to hear of your plans. Enjoy. Crown Vic? A car that size brings back memories of my first car ... a '73 Buick Electra ... 455 cubic in V8 ... I think I got 12 mpg.

  20. That is awesome AOW! I am so happy for both you and Mr. AOW. Common' down!!!! We are waiting!!!! :)

  21. It's not a "California thing" in my part of California, but it IS funny!
    I think :-)

  22. Z,
    Maybe it's a term among dune-buggy enthusiasts and dirt-bike racers. Back in the day, Mr. AOW were really into those activities. In fact, his brother still races motocross.

    Anyway, the term FITS the way that SOME people haul down the road -- especially on the Capital Beltway.

  23. Elizabeth,
    I'm so glad that you have extended the invitation! Several times, Mr. AOW and I have talked about visiting you.

    If our first overnight trip goes well, we are planning to visit you.

    I don't have a time frame, yet, of course. August looks pretty full with therapy appointments.

    Above all, we are mindful of safety. A bad fall would be devastating. So, Mr. AOW and I have to "get our feet under us."

  24. Stogie,
    Full disclosure....

    Most of my posts about Mr. AOW and the stroke that he had have been upbeat.

    I haven't shared a lot of what went on here -- especially that first year.

    Suffice it to say that the situation was hideous beyond anything that I imagined when I made the decision to take him out of the nursing home. Had it not been for The Merry Widow, a blogger who dropped everything and came here to help for a full six weeks (January 13, 2010-February 28, 2012), I would have collapsed. No exaggeration.

    I will never get over (1) how family abandoned us and (2) how much my homeschool moms stepped up to the place.

    One finds out who one's friends REALLY are when a catastrophic illness strikes. For a long time, the loneliness was devastating, and the future looked so bleak, so futile.

    That horror is behind us now. We are moving forward.

  25. Jason,
    Most of my life, I have driven big cars: (1) 1967 Plymouth Fury I, the car that I learned to drive in; (2) 1977 Chevy Impala; (3) 1977 Pontiac Bonneville, the biggest gas hog ever; (3) a couple of Lincoln Town Cars, 1973 and 1985; (4) 1985 Chrysler Fifth Avenue, (5) 1985 Plymouth Fury, and (6) this wonderful Crown Vic.

    During our leanest times, we drove VW Beetles and Plymouth Valiants and Dodge Darts.

    All of the above except for the Crown Vic were used cars purchased from private parties. I got the Crown Vic from a dealer who had purchased it in a county auction of police cars. I needed the trunk room in a Crown Vic as those 1985 Chrysler products did not have all that much trunk space.

    If you haven't already guessed, Mr. AOW and I are life-long enthusiasts for car shows.

  26. Good for you AOW and Mr. AOW. We never know what the future holds. One day we are healthy and able to do most anything we want, then wham! The next day something we never anticipated hits. Hubby and I have come to the same conclusion. We took a nice trip in the Spring, we have one planned next month, and are working on a trip for next year.

    There are many benefits to this, planning so far ahead. If gives you something to look forward to. Also it gives you time to plan all the things you want to see and do when you get to your destination, and on the way there and back.

    I am so very thankful today that my back is feeling better. I injured it two weeks ago and have had some really painful days. Hubby has been so sweet to do all the lifting, bending, going, shopping.

    I've always been a person who doesn't want anyone doing anything for me if I can do it myself, and it has been a read learning period to realize that I have to just let some things go.

    I thank God every day for my progress and pray that I will be able to do the walking and moving around required to enjoy our trip next month.

    God is so good.

    Right Truth

  27. Debbie,
    Back injuries are the pits!

    When mine was injured in a car accident, it took me two years to find the right doctors: a good neurologist and a pain specialist who knew exactly what to do.

    People who don't suffer from back injury simply do not realize that even walking is excruciating.

    Hope that your back does well during your vacation!

  28. Hey that looks like my work car ! Actually mine is 2008 and it flies !
    They are the best built cars hands down.
    Shame they quit making them.
    I would like to have MrAOW and yourself over for a Dinner sometime.
    Gonna be quite busy for the next couple months, or me and the fiance Could meet ya's as her parents have a cabin out near Berkeley Springs.
    My fiance is quite the girl, she's a tough Jewish girl and keeps me on the straight and narrow....well most of the time anyway......LOL !

  29. Paladin,
    I would like to have MrAOW and yourself over for a Dinner sometime.

    Send me an email. My email addy is toward the top of my sidebar.

  30. Thank you AOW. Yes, I remember your terrible ordeal with your back. I hope you are doing OK. Be sure to be very careful and not re-injure yourself lugging around all your stuff, packing and re-packing.

    Each day I am a bit better and so thankful. I thanks God for each step I can take.

    Right Truth

  31. Debbie,
    In my case, losing only 7 pounds really helped my back. Now I've lost 25 pounds and am MUCH better. I gained the weight because of Lyrica and immobility. The diet I went on is also anti-inflammatory.

    That said, yesterday was bath day here for Mr. AOW. Even though I had a friend to do a lot of the work involved, I can feel my back being touchy today; my leg is tingly too. God is good, though: I see my neurologist today, and those visits to him are on a 6-month schedule. I have an idea about what he's going to say, but won't jump the gun on it -- except to say that to get my back to 100%, I'll likely have to have platelet rich plasma therapy. Sort tissue injuries are so difficult to treat! **sigh**

  32. This is the best news I have seen all day. I am so happy for you both! God bless and happy travels!

  33. The Ford Crown Victoria is one of the best cars ever built. Ford used the same chassis for the Lincoln Town Car and the Mercury Marquis, may it rest in peace.

    You should get years and years of good service from your Crown Vic.

  34. Bob,
    In comparison to the 2000 Mustang GT that I have, the Crown Vic has cost me a pittance over the past 13 years. I bought my Crown Vic in 1999.

    Anyway, I figured that giving the Crown Vic as a scooter-hauler was worth a try before going out and buying a van. I don't like driving a van, anyway.

  35. I like quality vehicles, so I generally tend to shy away from cars built by union labor.

    But, I also like being encased in steel instead of plastic for the off chance I need to accidentally or on purpose plow my car into something or someone.

    Glad you got the Crown Vic. I had an '87 that I drove until the tires fell off... 250,xxx miles...

  36. Beamish!

    Long time!

    I haven't received my scooter-assembly training yet, so I haven't yet tested my theory about using the trunk to transport the scooter.


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