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Thursday, July 26, 2012

A New World Order

by Sam Huntington

China continues to increase its naval forces. China continues to intimidate its neighbors by claiming territorial waters from just south of Hainan Island south to Malaysia, and northeast to areas adjacent to the Philippine Islands. What has China’s leadership said about this international thuggery? President Hu Jintao said, “China’s navy must speed up its development and prepare for warfare. The navy must extend their preparations for the military struggle.”

We cannot imagine a clearer threat to the Vietnamese, Filipino, Malayans, Japanese, South Koreans, or the Taiwanese than this. Still, we remain confused about the so-called military struggle. Perhaps Hu is talking about the likely consequences of China’s intent to claim the entire region of the South China Sea and Southwest Pacific Region for offshore petroleum development.

There is little doubt that the Chinese have rattled the cages of their captive neighbors. Filipinos recently complained to the United Nations about the Chinese navy firing on their fishing vessels. Actually, this is not a problem for the Chinese since China doesn’t care what the United Nations thinks —about anything. But the Chinese naval build up has had the effect of causing some dialogue among the Japanese, South Koreans, Taiwanese, Filipinos, and Vietnamese. Chinese behavior has prompted Vietnam to begin purchasing submarines from Russia.

But what happened to that old mainstay in Asia —the United States? According to the BBC, the Obama administration has wet its pants. As a response to President Hu’s threatening verbiage, Pentagon spokesman Admiral John Kirby said, “Nobody’s looking for a scrap here. Certainly, we wouldn’t begrudge any other nation the opportunity to develop their naval forces.”

We aren’t proposing the United States swagger about looking for trouble with China, but we do expect the United States to act in its own interests —as well as the interests of our potential allies in the region. If we understood Chinese culture, we would realize that the United States could advance regional security with this one question to President Hu: “Do you really want to risk your entire fleet by confronting the most powerful navy on the planet?”

As China makes plans for its first aircraft carrier, the Vietnamese have purchased six diesel-electric kilo 636 fast attack submarines. What an interesting situation this is! President Obama may be willing to allow China to push the United States around, but the Vietnamese aren't having any of it. A mildly astute person may recall that we tried appeasement in the last century —albeit with disastrous results. Let’s give it another go, shall we? Let the games begin!

Welcome to the New World Order, folks.


  1. do expect the United States to act in its own interests

    I can't imagine that such will happen -- as long as we are under the Obama regime.


  2. Actually, we have a quiet build up going on. We will be docking at Subic Bay again, as well as in Vietnam. Not permanent bases, but places to dock, refuel and do maintenance.

    Nobody in that neighborhood like or trusts China. More good news is that China is an aging nation. They will get old before they get rich. Their working age workforce will start shrinking around the year 2020.

    We have abundant energy resources and a vibrant population, as does the Philippines, Vietnam and others we are strategically partnering with and trading with.

    The future belongs to us, not to China.

  3. There is Peace in the World when america is strong. When America is weak, wars start. The unrest worldwide should be proof enough that the World knows we have an amateur in the WH and a military and citizentry that are overtaxed. If Barry gets reelected the least of our worries will be the rise of China.

  4. I simply can not wait to see what inane comment Liberalmann posts about this...

  5. I love it when a powdered wig necrophiliac like Sam gets butch.

    Great comedy.

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  7. Mr. Ducky its time to paint over that yellow streak down your back

  8. In a post Obama world (God willing) America will become energy independent and if all transport is converteg to natural gas, we will be an oil exporting nation. The Middle-East will, with the exception of israel, be of less strategic interest and we will put more focus on Asia.

  9. Duck,
    That comment is a bit over the line. You know what I mean.

  10. What do you expect from a man little light in the loafers himself

  11. Fantastic display of your intellect, Ducky.

  12. Liberalmann,
    I am not typically one who supports Duck. However, I think that your comment is inappropriate.

    I don't want to know why you are picking on Duck. You've now made two such comments in this thread. Enough.

  13. Sam,
    What to say about your comment to Duck?

    I know!

    "Spot on!"

    I've been blogging for over seven years. Now I see the pre-election frenzies all over the place on the blogs!

  14. I do agree with Sam that China warrants our constant attention, but I also agree with Silverfiddle; China is no match for the United States Navy. The harder question is whether the United States is able to maintain its will to meet belligerents head on, particularly given the twits we are electing to high office by people who lack even basic understanding of foreign relations. As one who leans toward libertarianism, I do not want the US embroiled in every regional squabble. Blogginator is correct: “There is peace in the world when America is strong,” but while I think someone has to be prepared to stand up to bullies, we must take care that we do not become bullies ourselves.

  15. Silverfiddle is right about our potential allies in the Pacific. There are many ... as long as we look strong and worthy as an ally.

  16. If it were any other president, other than Obama and Carter, yeah I had to mention him, I would doubt they would lift a finger. They lack the backbone to stand up to anyone.

    Any other president probably would not be making idle threats but a promise that there would be retaliation.

    President Bush took affirmative action when the United States was under attack regardless of how angry some Americans became. His job was to protect this nation to the best of his ability and in my opinion did a darn good job.

  17. It all works unless some nutso leader forgets the consequences. Or someone not so nuts who misjudges the reactions.

  18. Always On Watch said.."Liberalmann,
    I am not typically one who supports Duck. However, I think that your comment is inappropriate.

    I don't want to know why you are picking on Duck. You've now made two such comments in this thread. Enough."
    Check the info on my imposter. He 'joined' July, I joined in January. Apparel this juvenile imposter is a pea brain who finds this amusing between sessions of pleasuring himself.

  19. Boy, the infighting. Are you all upset over China, or have you just gotten to know and despise each other? Peace, I say unto you. Peace and Love, Brothers and Sisters.

    This is as good a reason as any why my blog gets few comments. I don't get into the personal attack crap. When people leave comments insulting me, I delete them and if they come back and do it again, I block them. I probably lose a lot of customers that way, but my blog is a forum for, hopefully, insightful commentary, not a public notice board for sniping.

    Popularity ain't all it's cracked up to be. But anyway, CHINA. Yep, I've been watching them for the last 40 years wondering when they'd start making their move. They finally are. One thing you have to give them, they're patient.

  20. I hope you liked my singing. It's hard to get the sound just right with this kind of keyboard.

  21. Liberalmann,
    I know. See my comment of July 26, 2012 4:07:00 PM EDT.

  22. I think Sam should send this in to American Idol. You might be invited to audition. And then you might get selected to appear on TV. And if they air the show during a basketball game, you might even win.

    ~ Louie

  23. China is a big player in the world today and believes it can dominate through a number of means. Military might, economics and through its diplomatic capacity.

    The Navy might not be up to scratch but the PLA's sheer number and mid-to-high tech is something that should never be underestimated.

    Their long-term strategy of flooding the international market with cheep products (in quality as well) backed-up by subsidisation and an entire ministry has created both a foothold and niche that has placed them in every market around the globe.

    With this economic pressence, backed up by their biligerant military and a veto on the UNSC, they can and do play at international diplomacy - such as blocking any chance of speedy intervention in Syria, any question over Tibet and guarenteed no resolution over islands that they are most certainly going to take over.

    Perhaps the best way to get at China is to keep incouraging their economy to grow and build up a very large private enterprise attitude which needs reforms and democracy to improve - and let them crumble. Also, if you wish to sabotage their middle-class - flood their markets with counterfeit goods considering they do that to us - would you believe that 40 million jobs are involved in counterfeit production!

    Damien Charles

  24. Never underestimate the chinese. The Dragon has been sleeping for a number of years....now he is stirring....soon he will roar.

    And we better get prepared, we can start by tossing out that turd in the white house who has weakened this country terribly.
    And who loves to bow to our enemies , Hu Jin Tao being one of them.
    If we need cheap consumer goods, and Americans don't want to make em, there are others in Asia who will.

  25. Well said, Damien.

    I am reminded of a story I heard once, or perhaps read somewhere, about a Chinese woman who, returning home from the market in the dead of winter, discovered a badly frozen snake. Having compassion, she picked up the snake and took it home where she nursed it back to health. And then one day the snake bit her. She rebuked the snake, reminding it that she had shown concern for the snake and saved its life. The snake replied, “Yes … this is all true, but you knew I was a snake when you picked me up.”

    We cannot ignore China, no matter how much we may deplore its behavior. It has taken thousands of years for the Chinese to develop into who they are —and who they are is not likely to change because we object to Chinese behavior. We know who they are, and why. America does not occupy the high ground, as I have said on many occasions. We have bullied others with some regularity in the pursuit of flawed foreign policy.

    We should not condemn China for their business sense; it is part of their culture, and the USA is perhaps China’s largest market. For some reason, we cannot seem to get enough of Tupperware. Unlike the occidental, the oriental has the capability of looking ahead fifty years and for developing plans to realize their long-term goals. This, I believe, is the genesis of China’s aggressiveness in the Pacific Rim: natural resources. What makes China dangerous to our interests is not simply its naval build-up; it is selling or trading advanced aeronautical technology for Iranian oil. Few realize how effective China was in setting up and then manipulating the Vietnam War. They are adept at playing one side against the other so that no one really notices what is going on.

    I think China requires a fair but firm hand from the west to temper its aggressive tendencies. The question remains: does the US any longer have a desire to lead?

    The Philippines may require the UN to protect them, but Vietnam is no weak sister. What they may lack in terms of advanced naval technology, they make up for in tenacity. China learned this the hard way some years ago. If Vietnam develops a submarine capability, they’ll use it to defend their national interests. It can only get worse from that point, and this is my concern about China’s regional bullying.

  26. @ Paladin … you are exactly correct. Perhaps we should encourage more trade with Vietnam and the Philippines. Given Chinese behavior over the past ten years, I'm not sure why we accord them "most favored nation" status.

  27. @Leticia, I don’t think American interests are particularly well served by either political party. We have not had a competent president since Reagan, but even he had flaws. We must learn how to anticipate likely consequences of our decisions and policies more than two or three months in advance. This is where the Chinese shine, and where we fail. Yes, Bush did take affirmative action, but then he appointed Paul Bremer –a moron, to govern in Iraq. We lost far too many soldiers from that point on and we must hold Bush accountable for this …

  28. @ SF and Mustang

    I am not saying that China could defeat the American navy. I am only suggesting that given our political climate, this administration appears weak to the Chinese and they regard that as an excellent opportunity to advance their interests in the region. Now, if we stand by and allow the Chinese navy to bully the Philippines, do we stand idly by and allow China to invade Taiwan, ala Jimmy Carter? My point is that weak foreign policy is a very slippery slope … but no, we must not become bullies ourselves. This has been my primary concern about the ineptness of American foreign policy.

  29. @ Bunkerville: I agree with you. We are living in a very dangerous world. China realizes that economically, the US cannot afford to place more toys in the Pacific Rim. In many ways, China is doing to us, what we did to the former Soviet Union. My concern is that we Americans don’t seem to realize that China is playing us like a fiddle.

  30. @ Black Sheep: Actually, there is no infighting here. We endeavor to post thought provoking posts, and then the left shows up with their inane drivel. We attempt to cope as best we can.

    Excellent singing voice, by the way. Great baritone.

  31. @ AOW: Will the real liberal man please stand up!

  32. I'm here. And here's my new video:


  33. @Sam: One question is still unanswered: How do you get that smell out of the carpet?

  34. Liberalmann,
    For the umpteenth time, I don't watch Fox News.

  35. @Sam: One question is still unanswered: How do you get that smell out of the carpet?

    We couldn't afford Serv-Pro, so we ended up adopting a skunk. He's a retired member of congress.

  36. Don't worry. Our fearless President to whom all pay homage has things well in hand. His dazzling diplomatic appearances and genius moves have made the world a safer place, and has made the United States more respected than ever before.

    Oh, the Chinese have the right to expand their navy. Why should we care?

    Shame on those Vietnamese for being so paranoid about our best business partner in the world.

  37. AOw, liberalmann claims it's a sock puppet but Zs sitemeter said otherwise


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