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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Subliminal Message?

(Also scroll down to the post just below this one)

See The New Obama Typeface: Revolution Gothic.

Worth your time and consideration.


  1. So the font is influenced by the school of Rodchenko, one of the very greatest graphic artists in history.

    So what?

  2. This fits right in with my constant complaints about forced changes in pronunciation and English usage.

    Anyone who asks me "to message" him or her I regard as a victim of heinous acts of linguistic and cultural pollution.

    Rodchenko's font, as fonts go, is not unattractive, Ducky, but the associations with it AOW has brought to our attention may very well have significance as yet-another subtly corrosive effect on traditional American values and mores.

    It's the constant drip drip drip of water on stone over centuries that eventually wears the rock away.

    That's what Cultural Marxism has ben doing to these United States -- a the European Countries for more than a hundred years.

    You're in favor of it; I think it stink to high heaven.

    That doesn't mean I can't appreciate the beauty of Rodchenko's unusual design. Too bad it has such odious political connotations!

    ~ FreeThinke

  3. I think Obama and his gang just have an affinity for all things communist...

  4. Of course, he reads communists materials, adhored his communist teachers, meets with communist leaders, and hired several communist in his circle of advisors.

    The media whores are so good at covering this up that many folks still believe he is not a communist.

  5. As with Chavez here in Venezuela, Obama sees the Castro revolution as the perfect example of wealth redistribution. That people lost all freedom in the process is of no importance.

  6. Probably because I have Adobe Shockwave Flash disabled, because it sucks massive bandwidth and is a favorite portal for malware, what I get instead is a story about the Islamists demanding that the new Egyptian president destroy the Great Pyramids for being "pagan" and "non-islamic". So let's talk about that.

    I hope they do destroy the pyramids. Then tourism will dry up entirely instead of them still enjoying the small trickle they have, and they'll all starve to death, (Hooray). Also, reducing them to gravel will cost a fortune, even further impoverishing them, and finally, the destruction of the Great Pyramids by Islamists will forever brand Islam as the stupidest, most backward cult of pointless destruction ever, far beyond Nazism even. I've seen them, so now they can go ahead and destroy the future of their people as far as I care. I hope they do.

  7. Ok now, you wingnuts really need to get a life instead of parroting the feigned outrage from extreme right.

    Romney's logo looks like something out of the Third Reich.

  8. Ah. Okay, now I understand. Obama and Biden are betting on America, but they’re risking our money and the future of our children. I feel better.

  9. My curiosity prevailed and Flash was temporarily enabled, so I could see what you're all going on about.

    That is typical Workers Unite looking font, I have to agree, and that some little Obama adorer in charge of small signs would prefer that font to glorify the Great Leader, is expected. After all, you don't appoint a bunch of communists to government posts unless you are one yourself.

    Nice catch on that one. Very interesting post. There's some real food for thought there, as what we;re looking at is merely the surface of the pond.

  10. Hey Silverfiddle, are you aware that much of the graphic art used in contemporary advertising is influenced by Soviet Constructivism?

    Do you even know Constructivism when you see it? Of course not. Now, does Madison Ave. have an affinity for all things communist?

    Why don't you join Freethinker pretending you have a sense of twentieth century graphic arts.

  11. ... of course Stalin suppressed the supremacists and constructivists in favor of Soviet realism, the only style approved by Ayn Rand.

  12. Hey Olie, you ever go to the movies?

    Ever take in an action film?

    The editing technique is straight out of Soviet montage. So is Michael Bay a commie or what?

  13. I wouldn't put anything past Obama and his administration, but who knows. It is interesting though.

    Right Truth

  14. Black Sheep,
    [M]erely the surface of the pond
    , indeed.

  15. Commenters, please note the question mark in the title of this blog post. Interpret accordingly.

  16. Please note AOW that the commenters immediately responded to the dog whistle when you mentioned Obama and communism.

    Pavlov's dogs.

  17. Duck,
    Well, that's okay. However, I don't post anything to drive to drive up my blog traffic or to please anyone else but myself. Just sayin'.

    BTW, be sure to take a look at Mr. AOW's blog this weekend. I doubt that you're interested in the topic, but maybe.


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