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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Storm Update

(If you must have politics, please keep scrolling)

Alert this morning: Boil all water before drinking it or using it for cooking. 

Mr. AOW and I had already consumed one cup of coffee each before learning about the alert. Woe are we!

If I disappear from the blogosphere for a while, you'll know why.


  1. Hi AOW.
    I presume that the water for the coffee boiled, and you didn't let the tap run for hours so filling the kettle or perculator will have used the water that was still in the pipes before the emergency, so with luck you both will be fine.

  2. I do hope you're OK, but if you have WiFi, you can blog from the bathroom if worst comes to worst!

  3. Try to use bottled water for drinking if you can and if you have it. But boiling should take care of anything unwanted in the water. I'm betting the coffee pot killed anything bad in that batch.

    Be careful and just ration everything until you get utilities back. Do you have a generator for power?

    Right Truth

  4. A short while ago, I returned from a successful scouting mission. I got some bottled water and a few other things. The cats are going on safe water, too, as the oldest one is ailing as it is.

    I have just finished boiling some water, so I'll have a supply to use. Just in case. Hey, I grew up in the country and know all about this stuff.

    Mr. AOW did take his morning medication with before I heard about the water alert. But that water was already in the pipes here!


    I guess that I COULD blog from the bathroom with my Kindle Fire or Mr. AOw's iPad. If it comes to that.

    But the thought of Mr. AOW having Montezuma's revenge is scary. Ick!

    Fortunately, I'm all caught up on laundry right now. And Mr. AOW had a shower the day before restrictions went in and the power went out. Good timing for him, that's for sure!

    I AM exhausted today. All that work I had to do yesterday at my age! Thank God, I've lost a lot of weight because being thin again makes moving around sooooo much easier.

  5. Stay well, my friends. This too will pass. My thoughts are with you and Mr. AOW.

  6. I feel your pain! I was just coming by to check on you; I was wondering if you were without power in all this heat as well! We finally got ours back after 32 hours and horrible heat.

    You two should be OK; you didn't drink THAT much. I'll keep my fingers crossed anyway, though!

  7. AOW, seems that life sends you new challenges almost daily. Hope you and Mr. AOW are okay as well as the kitties.

  8. Stogie,
    I wish that I could find the video for "There's a Black Cloud Hanging over my Head." I know that Eddy Arnold sang that tune, but I don't know who else.

  9. They featured your town on FOX today...HUGE trees having brought down power lines, etc.
    (it's such a charming town, from the homes they showed).
    Is your power back ON? or??


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