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Monday, July 2, 2012

Hello, Little Black Dress!

(If you must have politics, please keep scrolling)

Six months ago, I thought that I'd never again wear that little black dress, which has been languishing in my closet for about five years.

Let's see....I've lost 18.5 pounds since May 5.

Better yet, I've lost inches where I wanted to slim down.

I now weigh about five pounds fewer than I weighed when Mr. AOW and I married forty years ago.

If you've ever fought the Battle of Bulging, you know just how grueling this battle is!

Complete victory is now in sight!

Mr. AOW has lost weight too. Better yet, his Hemoglobin A1c dropped from 6.9% to 6.0% in only six weeks. He's not on the full protocol; rather, he is eating only 1-2 of the products every day.


  1. Hi AOW.
    18,5 pounds God how i envy you, lol i 'only' lost lately 7 and i was smiling till i read this post.
    "If you've ever fought the Battle of Bulging, you know just how grueling this battle is!"
    I think i'm at the WWI trench war stage.lol

  2. yesssssssssss on all counts!


    went on traubes diet 4 wks ago: lost 16 so far!

  3. I love little black dresses on women.

    I don't think I'd like them on men.

    Anyway, congrats.

    I stumbled on the perfect diet by accident. I don't know how much weight I've lost, because I don't have a scale, but my waistline is slimmer since the end of April. I'm going to have to get a smaller size belt. The current one no longer holds my pants up. And, BTW, My pants don't fit anymore either.

    What's the diet? Simple. I can't afford to eat.

  4. Oh, and one more thing: When I take my shirt off and stand sideways in front of the mirror, I can almost see pecs!

  5. Mark,
    On doctor's advice, I did drop about 10 pounds on my own before I went on this diet. My method for losing that 10 pounds? Eating half portions at every meal and not snacking.

    However, certain areas of my body didn't reduce in inches.

  6. The Taube Diet works on the same principles as the diet I'm on.

    The difference? The Ideal Protein Diet makes specific products to eat for specific cravings. There's still quite a bit of cooking involved, but there are also so many ready-to-eat products THAT DO NOT TASTE LIKE DIET FOOD.


    You have succeeded where I have failed.

    I dread the next encounter with my doctor which is coming THIS month. Some enterprising soul should invent a computer power by a treadmill or an exercycle. Then the Nanny Statists could force every computerist to buy one or be taxed at a higher-than-normal rate ––"for their own good," of course..

    ~ FreeThinke

    PS: I'm awfully glad you haven't been saving a LITTLE BLUE DRESS from your dark past, aren't you? Black has so much more class. - FT

  8. It's a good thing you did this on your own, AOW.

    I have heard that soon after Obama gets reelected, Michelle will be setting up Fitness Camps all over the country. Those deemed overweight through evidence provided by the new system of Centralized Health Records will be escorted from their homes or places of business by armed guards and taken to the nearest Government Fitness Center.

    Those who fail to meet the new universal standards will be required to repeat the program until they do. Repeated failure to qualify as Fit to be Full-Fledged Citizens will be quietly, painlessly FINESSED.

    I've already said my good byes.

    ~ FT

  9. Sounds like your diet is just fine. Little black dresses are good things if you can wear them.

    I am a bit over on my A1C, and the prescription is to lose weight. It looks like there is a diet in my future.

  10. FT,
    I don't support such tyrannical measures as government-mandated "Fitness Camps."

    However, I have one cousin-in-law who weighs over 300 pounds because all that he does is eat, eat, eat. This young man is only about 23 years old and does not have any medical condition that causes his morbid obesity. The only reason he got a job after he graduated from college with a $100,000 loan debt: his mother got him a job. No other employer would touch this guy with a 10-foot pole!

    Anyway, if this young man will have to go to a government-mandated fat farm, I'll actually gloat. He and his mother voted for Obama!

    BTW, being a bit overweight is one thing; morbid obesity is another.

    Technically, I wasn't overweight when I began this diet. But I felt bad! Too tired, for one thing, and a back ache for another. The diet is anti-inflammatory as well, and my back ache vanished after two weeks and a mere 6 pounds of weight loss.

    No strenuous diet is allowed on this particular diet. However, I'm allowed to do some lazy laps at that pool. I'll be heading out for the pool within the half hour.

  11. I will be expecting a picture posted soon with you in your little black dress...Heh. Congrats young lady.

  12. yay for you! that's awesome! i love the little black dress ;-)

  13. Good for you!

    No; GREAT for you!

    I lost 85 pounds in 2004 and put most of it back in 2006. I was out of town for roughly a year finishing my masters and was surrounded, in San Diego, with nothing but Mexican food and no time to exercise. I found my only entertainment and socialization WAS during a meal.

    Hence: back on. And STILL the Bloviating ZEPPELIN.

    That's where THAT comes from.


  14. Namaste,
    I found the graphic online. It is very close to the cut of my little black dress except that mine doesn't reveal so much shoulder and upper arm. In other words, my little black dress has a tad of a sleeve. But not much.

  15. Randy,
    Oh, I'm not so young!

    But, hey, I look nowhere near my 60 years now.

    I just might post a photo of myself -- with the face "disguised." Maybe Warren or Stogie will help me with that.

    I have a stunning "little purple dress," too.

  16. BZ,
    Back in 1986, I went on the Diet Center Diet and dropped about 35 pounds. I kept the weight off until I had a terrible car accident in 2005 and had to take Lyrica to stay out of a wheelchair.

    I would have again used Diet Center -- except that it requires grueling exercise. At my age, I simply can't do that anymore.

    The Ideal Protein Diet doesn't allow exercise so as not to burn muscle while on low carbs.

    As for hunger, well, I admit that I do have incredible commitment to anything I undertake.

  17. The other ladies at the swimming pool just about fell over when they saw me today! The last time they saw me, I weighed about 20 pounds more than I do now.

  18. AOW, I would be pleased to help you with a picture if it means we all get to see you in that little black dress!

    You are inspiring me to lose weight.

  19. She looks even better when she takes it off!

  20. That's awesome!!! It's so difficult to lose weight and to fight to keep it off.

    Congratulations, my friend!! I bet you look beautiful!

    Ummm...seems like your hubby likes it off then on, lol!

  21. that's terrific, AOW..congratulations! That must feel fantastic! xxx

  22. Sounds like this diet is working great for you, I'm so glad. Diabetics and those with high blood pressure, etc, can certainly improve their numbers by losing weight and by exercising. Proven fact. So I'm glad that Mr. AOW is also on the diet. Plus it helps if you both are eating the same foods, and you don't have to prepare two completely different meals each day.

    I need to lose about 5 pounds, I give myself a 5 pound range and if I start to go over that then I cut back on fats. I don't eat much sweets, although I do love them.

    Right Truth

  23. Forgot to ask, what's your secret? I need to lose about 10 pounds. And I just can't seem to do it. :(


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