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Friday, July 13, 2012

Obama Tax Increase


  1. Can't watch the vid at work, but yes, Obamacare is a huge tax increase, the Mullahs in black robes said so.

    If Obama gets reelected, he will be unrestrained and free finish destroying this country.

  2. If Obama is reelected, we will all get the government that the Democrats deserve.

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  4. Yeah, disgraced prostitute toe sucker Dick Morris has a lot of credibility! Lol! Liar. Obama has lowered taxes for the middle class and Romney plans to increase the tax breaks for the wealthiest even more than Bush's tax breaks (which he never paid for and now the right blames Obama)! Funny how these 'job creators' have created NO jobs.

  5. The $250K example-if anyone here even makes that much. Doubtful:

    What Obama proposes is to raise the MARGINAL rate above $250K - so in reality - no change for someone making $250K (even line 43 $250K). What Morris says is there will be a 5% boost from dollar one through $250K - that is how he gets to his big number of a $12.5K boost. That is not accurate in the least and is his lead claim.

  6. As I learned over at Z's site today:

    A 40% tax on "Cadillac Health Care Plans" starting in 2018.Those whose employers pay for all or most of comprehensive healthcare plans (costing $10,200 for an individual or $27,500 for families) will have to pay a 40% tax on the amount their employer pays.

    I commented there as follows:

    Those who work for this county (teachers, biologists, etc., etc.) pay less than $100/individual/month for health insurance coverage, less than $200/month for family coverage of the Cadillac type. The rest of the premium is covered by the government, that is, MY tax dollars. Under the change described here, an individual would be paying (premium and tax) $400/month. Get it? It will from, let's say, $100/month to $400/month -- and that is the amount only if the premiums do not rise, which they will.

  7. Liberalmann,
    Forget the toe sucking! I'm not sure, of course, but I rather imagine that you are one who says that the Clinton-Lewinsky affair has nothing to do with the Clinton administration's policies.

    Morris could be scum. But is he laying out the facts? If so, we do need to pay attention.

  8. The $250K+ folks are the target right now.

    Tomorrow, the $50K folks.

    Believe it.

    The government never found a tax that it didn't like -- and extended beyond the original parameters.

  9. I always take everything Morris says with a grain of salt. He is all about selling books. But he does get quite a few things right. He's just not one of my favorites, he reminds me of Clinton too much.

    $250,000, $200,000, just numbers the Obama administration tosses out there, I don't think they mean anything. They want higher taxes on everybody.

    Right Truth

  10. Yeah, disgraced prostitute toe sucker Dick Morris has a lot of credibility!

    What is this, Liberalman, a double standard? Morris was (and may still be) a raging Democrat, an adviser to Bill Clinton for many years. His advice suddenly has no value at all, then? Are you really that much of a dweeb?


  11. I guess I am a little confused, I thought liberals where the ones that said we should stay out of people's bedrooms. I dont give a rip if the man sucks toes or toe nail clippings or whatever.

    I guess every one in your circle of advisors is saintly including the advisors to your favorite elected representatives.

    I call you hypocrit and this is not an insult but a description for clearly you take advise from people who have done immoral and unethical things in the past or listen to people who have taken the advice of illegal or immoral people in the past.

    The constant attack on people from the right if they make a mistake is old and worn out.

    The only instruction possible from this sort of thing is too reveal the abject hypocricy of the left...

  12. My only complaint about the video is that he did not tie it into those of us making less than 150,000.

    There are real world consequences for raising taxes on those that actually drive our economy. Unless of course you believe in Pelosinomics where unemployment checks drive an economy.

    The ramifications in terms of cost of good and unemplyment will be nothing short of breath taking. Already we face a dire economic picture. These new taxes do nothing but completely upset the apple cart and bring about total economic collapse.

    I can not see how a sane person would seriously consider this taxation plan.

    Has Obama been in contact with the Chum gang? Maybe he is "enthusiastically" using drugs again?

  13. If Obama gets reelected this will be the least of our worries, healthcare? What healthcare.

  14. Always On Watch said..."The $250K+ folks are the target right now. Tomorrow, the $50K folks. Believe it."

    There's no absolutely no reason to believe such a paranoid claim.

    You don't think the GOP will not negotiate this up to $1 million?

  15. The $250K example:

    On Social Security - today that is 6.2% (setting aside the temporary reduction to 4.2%) for the individual - it is 12.4% (10.4% temporarily) for self-employed for the first $106K. He says a family earning $250K would see a $8K increase - that would be correct at 6.2% if all but $15K of income was contributed by one earner. If there is equal contribution the increase would be $2.4K. Therefore, this is clearly an overstatement.

  16. Liberalmann,
    You want to talk SE tax?

    Some basic information HERE. I am self-employed in a kind of service industry and, therefore, have very few deductions. I get slammed via SE tax!

    More details about SE tax HERE. Note the following:

    Self-employed persons are required to file a return if they have self-employment income in excess of $400.

    You might be surprised as to how many professions get slammed by SE tax, that is, with no employer contribution: cab drivers, beauticians and barbers, independent teachers/tutors such as myself, bartenders in some cases, and on and on.

  17. You are leaving off Medicaid/Medicare---I realize these are different but the fact is that is 7.65% not 6.2% that you see coming out of your check and another 7.65% your employer has to pay to employ so the real cost is 15.30%.

    I do independent contractor work and I tell you same deal you get creamed in SE tax. For some jobs, I am working a whole extra day just tos end $ to the government.

    Now, dont get me wrong, I am abig fan of the Bush Tax cut.

    I make less than 100,000K a year and my taxes dropped like 2K and I can tell you I dont make over a 100K.

    Everything Obama has said has turned out to be the opposite so it is not parania but logic.

    Unemployment has never gone below 8% since the OBAMAstitumuls

    Gitmo is still open and they just got a new soccerfield at 1 million$

    the deficit went up by a 5 trillion instead of being halfed by 5 trillion.

    I believe the word you are searching for is delusional...and you are looking in the wrong direction

  18. Blogginator,
    Good points.

    About Medicaid....Right now, I know somebody who is in desperate need of Medicaid. I won't go into personal details about it.

    But the situation for this family is thus, and they did everything "right": There is a two-year wait for Medicaid in that particular state! The situation is an emergency one and hideous, believe me.

    No help. Period.

    Furthermore, with the economy the way it is right now, getting donations to help this family is well nigh impossible!

    I'm telling you this: if an animal were going through what this family is going through, PETA, the media, the whole Lefist lot, would be there in droves!

  19. All scurrilous attacks aside, I usually take anything Morris has to say with a several large grains of salt. I doubt if he has a sincere bone in his body. That, of course, makes him entirely typical of the breed that inhabits Washington, D.C.

    The tax increases are real enough but the effect they will have n the lives of most Americans will probably be nil –– at least for the nonce.

    It's the metaphorical Door they have opened that petrifies me. Full-blown Marxism is due to arrive very very SOON, and Obama & CO. have the red carpet all ready to be rolled out -- and a bevy of brass players on call -- to herald the arrival of The Emperor Karl.

    We will soon know what Poland must have felt like after Hitler marched in and took over.

    ~ FreeThinke

  20. Take the quiz:


  21. Liberalmann,
    I took the quiz. Overall, I side with Mitt Romney 92%.

    I am 92% Republican, 85% Libertarian, 19% Democratic, and 4% Green.

    Who designed the quiz? I found it interesting to take and am considering posting it here at my web site.

  22. I took the quiz as well. About the same as AOW.

    Freethinke--you have mastered the art of taking information from any source with a large grain of sand. IF ONLY WE COULD GET CERTAIN LIBERALS TO QUESTION THEIR OWN SOURCES WITH SUCH FERVOR as they question folks like Morris.

    That is my first point, the second is why are liberals hung up on sex well at least when it is conservatives talking....

    I hope you are wrong and my fears for this Nation but I fear what the future will bring for my children. We of this generation have failed to guard liberty and to pass along this representative republic intact.

  23. FT,
    It's the metaphorical Door they have opened that petrifies me. Full-blown Marxism is due to arrive very very SOON,

    In my view, November 2012 is the last chance we will have to slow down the train.

    I am not so naive as to believe that Romney will stop the train.

  24. blogginator said: "..why are liberals hung up on sex well at least when it is conservatives talking."

    Hey, it ain't the Dems who are trying to take away women's reproductive rights and force them to have trans vaginal probes.

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