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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A reminder ...

By Sam Huntington

As we remember what happened at Gettysburg, and as we celebrate our nation's beginning, perhaps we should pause for a moment to remember the basis of our quest for freedom. What a pity if we lose our Republic because public education brainwashed our society into thinking the Constitution supports oligarchy. It does not, even if the people do.

We are closer to “the fall of Rome” than many wish to imagine. All the circumstances that led to the destruction of ancient Rome exist today —primary among them, a corrupt legislature, and an apathetic electorate. Given the understanding among most Americans about their government, there is little reason to assume that we can long sustain the gift of our founding fathers.

One “citizen” recently told me that she supports Bloomberg’s effort to outlaw 16 oz. cokes; there are too many overweight people, too many of those suffering from Type II Diabetes, and all of them demanding the taxpayer pay for the treatment of their maladies. Since these people refuse to live a healthy life, it is the role of government to force them to do so.  This citizen is college educated, but lacks this insight: a government able to limit our intake of soda is also a government that can limit our freedom to make any decision whatsoever.

This is the direction we are heading in America, and we must admit it is precisely what the progressive party in this country intends to see happen. The longer I observe these momentous events, the greater my understanding of Caesar’s decision to cross the Rubicon. The event had an unhappy ending, of course, but I understand how someone who loved Rome could be convinced that cutting off the head of the Republic was the only way to save it from the python of political corruption.

We are living in a very dangerous time, and I believe that if the American people do not reinstitute the Republic, the next version of the American experience will look very much like something we might observe in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, or Greece —which is to say, “un-American.”


  1. Rome was invaded by a less educated people that were not assimilated completely and made to do menial jobs....

    The rise of homosexuality and adultery

    Paying tribute to a foreign power (harder to see but think of the interest payments to China as tribute because we all know we are never going to repay the principle).

  2. leftists love humanity; it's individual people they can't stand.

    conservatives let people ruin their own lives and try to stop them from using gov't to ruin EVERYONE else's.

    Happy Fourth!

  3. Well said. We are being undermined at every turn. All with the desired intent of turning us into a leftist state.

  4. Well said. We are being undermined at every turn. All with the desired intent of turning us into a leftist state.

  5. Well said. We are being undermined at every turn. All with the desired intent of turning us into a leftist state.

  6. We are going the way of Argentina.

    That pathetic country on the opposite end of our hemisphere once enjoyed the 10th largest economy in the world and a powerful military.

    Economic stupidity and institutional government corruption hollowed them out.

  7. We are indeed living in dangerous times, Sam. Greed, envy and sloth have always been with mankind. The moral man is always in a minority and must win the day by being smarter than the majority.

  8. Sam, you're so right.
    I can't say anything more than ConservativesonFire said...or certainly I can't say it more articulately.
    Goodness is leaving America...we need to corral it back and QUICKLY.
    Let me just add that I blame our schools and our media.

  9. Some would say that the nation began with Gettysburg.

  10. The only oligarchy I've see in on the side of the corporate right who are buying our Democracy with Citizen's United and Super PACs which don't require disclosure even by corporations with foreign interests. Not to mention those like Sheldon and the Koch Brothers who have pledged over $10M to ensure the middle class suffers.

    Guess that public school education didn't work out so well for you, lol.

  11. If we hadn't ended slavery we would never have become the champion of freedom that we did become. The Romans practiced slavery, even to enslaving it's own citizens, for offenses both real and claimed. Because of this basic imbalance of the law, that protected those of privilege and then only while they remained "politically correct", corruption naturally took over the nation, Rome became weak and finally fell. I think that's pretty much basically historically correct. Unless you'd rather blame the lead pipe they used for plumbing.

    Now we have a government mired in corruption that seeks to enslave all the people with laws that micro-manage our lives and make as many of us as possible totally dependent on government largesse.

    We may not fall in the same way Rome did, as I don't see the Mongol horde on the horizon, but the Chinese may yet dominate us in other ways.

    One thing should be clear to anyone who's watching: America is well on on it's way down as a democracy.

  12. On July 4, 1776 the Declaration of Independence was signed.

    On July 4, 1863 Lee was marching his defeated army away from the Gettysburg battlefield.

    On July 4, 1863 the Confederate Army at Vicksburg, Mississippi was surrendering and stacking its arms, General Grant's siege having starved them out.

    So far, July 4th has been a good day for the United States.

    I am not sure about the oligarchy thing, Sam. But, I cannot count it out. I believe we still have a chance.

    Somebody has to be an optimist in spite of the current lot of idiots in Washington who are running things. No, we are not there, yet.

    Our version of the Rubicon may be on the horizon.

  13. History does not exactly repeat itself.

    The invasion I speak of is from latin america not China. Like Rome we have an a class of people who are doing most of the menial labor and these people have in many ways never been properly assimilated...

    As to the Koch brothers...you speak as though capitalists living in the US who are interested in the success of capitalism and are willing to invest money to that end as a bad thing. even with my government run education that sounds good to me, Certainly a lot better than the Obamas financed by George Soros a man who makes his living by crashing the currencies of countries....

  14. "Some would say that the nation began with Gettysburg."

    And some could easily claim it ENDED there, Ducky.

    Certainly the concept of Federalism, States' Rights, and the ideal of maintaining a Weak Central Government effectively ended with the success of Lincoln's willful, dictatorial presidency.

    His words may be beautiful, but as far as I am concerned his deeds were black as pitch.

    Sorry! But actions have always spoken louder than words to my way of thinking.

    I am morally certain the Founding Fathers would have been appalled by Abraham Lincoln.

    That's why I am called,

    ~ FreeThinke

  15. I read the Declaration of Independence again yesterday and one could argue Barak Obama has committed at least 3 or 4 of the same actions that the Ling of GB did in 1770s. Some are not exact do to language and slightly different circumstances. If those actions define a tyrant than if it walks like audck and sounds like a duck it is a duck....


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