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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Obama's Birth Certificate

With a hat tip to Silverfiddle:

Whether you're a "birther" or not, you should admit that the above video shows up Obama supporters for what they are. Heh.


  1. Not a birther, but that was still quite good!

  2. Thanks for this. And thanks to Silverfiddle:
    And thanks to Donald Trump for doing what he did in 3 weeks that no one else was able to do in 2 years.

    I hope that he continues to do what he does best.
    Like him or not, Support him or not, He gets it done.

  3. Thanks for the bump, AOW!

    The only problem I have with The Donald, is that he is using the GOP as his stage. He is a liberal who was registered as a democrat in New York during the time of Giuliani and Pataki. He gave money to Harry Reid when Sharron Angle could have used his money and his mouth.

    He has done nothing! Zip! Zero! Nada! for the conservative movement.

    Any tea partier who doesns't boo him off the stage should be ashamed of himself.

  4. What you said is true SF, however, I stand with what I said as well.

    I don't have to support him for president, to praise his guts to say what we have been feeling all along..

  5. "There's something about Obama..." that should be the name of a movie, a documentary, if anyone had the guts to actually follow through.

    Right Truth

  6. *rolls eyes* basically, any critisime of Obama, or ANY colored person is racist. yet any critizism of any non-colored person is just and rightous. excuse me, but WHERE is the logic in that?!?!


  7. I feel like a racist just for watching this. Now I have to go punish myself.

  8. I've noticed that the -ist and -phobe words are thrown about when the Dark Side starts losing the argument--

  9. Kawanio che keekeru!

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  10. FJ!

    I thought that you'd be posting today. **smile**

  11. Of course, how could I not? It's my dancing day!

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  13. Hi. RACIST here. I don't like the Japanese because of WW II. I prefer the company of people of my own color and social standing. That means I am either Black or White. Choose one. But I am definitely a racist either way.

    Woops, I just might be Native American. In fact I am, a little. Oh damn, I'm also part Jewish. It gets worse, I have an Irish grandmother.

    We need to start celebrating Racism, have Racist Pride Parades in the streets of San Francisco that get televised nationally. Just like the homosexuals, we can be of all colors because we're all racists except for a few people who are lost in the S.F. fog of their minds, and we don't have to dress in drag, either.

    Let's start a National Association for the Advancement of Racist People, (NAARP), have a National Racist Month (I hear February is taken already), and petition Scandinavia to start awarding Nobel Prizes for the advancement of Racism.

    The Japanese, (I haven't forgotten the Japanese) are probably the most racist people on the planet. Next to them on the virulent racists scale I'd put American Blacks. American Whites are way below both and Europeans generally are probably the least racist of peoples. BUT we're nearly all racists just like we're nearly all heterosexual, less perhaps 2%, and we really should celebrate the way we just naturally are instead of trying to PC ourselves into some BS state of self righteousness.

    Much kudos to The Donald for forcing Obama's hand. Which he did regardless of W.H. denials. I think he'd suck as president, but on the other hand, look what we have now. I'd trade in a hot second.

    The Sheep has spoken.

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