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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Today's Recommended Reading

See Gen. Petraeus Wears Islamic Turban in Afghanistan at THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS. Not a surprise as his commander-in-chief has insisted over and over again that we must respect Islam.


  1. Can you even imagine that any of the Allied generals in WW2 would have worn a swastika?

  2. I am not sure about respecting Islam since it calls for Jihad, but respecting law abidding citizenry that are Muslims is fine. I would add that many Muslims in Afghanistan do respect the Christian religion, though in private due to the hate spewed from extremists that kill in the name of their Jihad.

    As for Gen. Petraeus, the man is an open book. He cannot win for trying or not trying. Whatever he does, whatever he says is under riducle by either the leftist or even the GOP themselves.

    I really have pitty for him since he is truly working hard to do what is right for the U.S. and the Afghans. He like stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    With all the criticism railed at him I wonder if those pointing a finger would fare better or worse. With all the hate in peoples heart we need a Gen. Petraeus amongst us to keep it all in perspective.

  3. I agree with Layla on Petraeus. He is now in the realm of not just being a wartime general, but being a diplomat as well. Conservatives are coming down too hard on him. He's doing his best with what he has to work with.

    Obama's foreign policy team is a pathetic joke. General Petraeus is all alone out there.

  4. Also, again viz Layla's comment, we do not have to respect Islam. Indeed, we are free to use the pages of the koran as toilet paper. It's a free country.

    As Americans, what we must respect the right of Muslims in this country to hold their beliefs and worship as they see fit.

    I served in the military with quite a few Muslims and there was never an issue. In fact, my favorite boss was a Shia whose parents came from Pakistan.

    This does not deter me from railing against militant islamists who hate the west and out values.

  5. I remember a time when some Republicans were shouting from their blogs "Petraeus for President" because he had done some good thing. That's our problem, we rush to push someone into positions before we truly know them.

    It has been a long time since I have considered Petraeus in high esteem.

    Right Truth

  6. @Silverfiddle. You are so correct.
    "This does not deter me from railing against militant islamists who hate the west and out values."

    I agree with all you wrote, but this last sentence sums up my beliefs and considering you served in our military only gives this more merit.

    Thank you.

  7. AOW, I do believe that Petraeus's wording is wrong. We do not have to respect Islam - we just must respect individual Muslims that bear no harm or ill will towards us. I get that this is what Petraeus meant, but he does in all honesty, and I even hate to say this, but he does have a reputation of not explaining himself well. The later is sad since the man truly is so well intended.

  8. Islam has traditionally respected the strong man.

    It seems to me that Petraeus isn't exhibiting the strong man.

    I don't know a single Muslim who would don a crucifix or other symbol of Christianity.

    It seems to me that the turban is a symbol of Islam.

  9. Layla,
    It seems to me that Petraeus's recent statement came down on the side of shari'a -- at least, in spirit.

    Why couldn't he have mentioned that in America we have rights not granted in Afghanistan?

    Christians do not view the Koran as holy.

    Muslims are welcome to revere the Koran in that way, of course.

    But burning a Koran is no more illegal here in the United States than burning a Bible or a flag.

  10. The photo of Petraeus in "traditional Afghan garb" was taken on February 7, 2011, several weeks before Terry Jones burned the Koran.

  11. Silverfiddle,
    respect the right of Muslims in this country to hold their beliefs and worship as they see fit


    But not beyond the point of sedition.

    So many mosques in America today have Salafist imams. Salafism is a geopolitical ideology in religious trappings.

    What is driving so many of us crazy right now is that Muslims in the West are pushing for shari'a law and get all riled up and offended.

    An Afghan, a personal acquaintance of mine, came to the United States to get away from the Taliban. He started attending a mosque in Northern Virginia. Before long, he renounced Islam and became an atheist. He told me, "The imam there was teaching the same doctrines I was hearing the Taliban in Afghanistan."

    Contrast the above with all the Muslims I knew in college (1968-1972). They adapted American customs and never mentioned anything about Islamic supremacism. But today on many campuses, Muslims are demanding foot baths, special rooms for prayers, etc. I attribute this change to the imported, Wahhabist imams in the many mosques that have sprouted up all over the United States.

  12. AOW: No argument here. As long as they respect the US Constitution.

    Unfortunately our understanding of that document has fallen into disrepair, so few even understand how to use it as a measure of civil right and wrong.

    I know you do, and I do as well, which puts me in the untenable position of hating that damned Ground Zero victory mosque while agreeing they have the right to build it.

  13. AOW I cannot answer you why Petraeus does of does not do what he does or does not do. He could have done a lot of other things - like not even get involved, but he did.

    So now what? Do we just throw him under the bus like the GOP continually does not just to the Democrats, but to their own?

    Honestly, I am sick of all politicians, the war in Afghanistan, Obama sending any troops to Libya of all places, our government and all the tete ta tete. There is no such thing as a perfect world with perfect people but I do not believe any of us signed up for all this crap!

  14. Typo alert! That of should be "or" - my bad.

  15. When Obama went along with this unjust, unpaid for, pre emptive strike on a country that was not a threat for oil war, I thought oh damn this could be a victory for him. I mean how hard is it to kill a guy that refuses to hide.

    And then I remembered this Obama...

    Each day that passes, I think the republicans could run a ham sandwich against Obama and win.

    Obama is clearly out of his depth...

  16. Layla,
    So now what?

    I don't know.

    But I do believe that most Americans, for whatever reason, don't have a clue as to what a disaster the Obama administration is. People rely on the media to monitor our politicians, and the media shill for Obama.

  17. This is unreal. The Muslims must be laughing their asses off every time they see such displays!

    If only the ghost of Patton could slap the dhimmitude out of our military leaders.

  18. @AOW. I do not agree. Americans are waking up to the disastrous mess Obama has created. Ironically I have read online, seen in WaPo, and on the news many African Americans becoming his biggest critics. I would like to give Americans a little more credit than we have been because that is what came back to bite us in the previous election - we just assumed they were dumb, now we go around saying they are - well, I believe they have woken up. I can forgive them for one error - lets see if they make it right now. After all, all those that voted for him are primarily in the lower income brackets and he has hit them the worst of all - the ones he promised "Change" too. So lets give them a break - I do not believe from what I hear they will be voting "Obama."

  19. Layla,
    None of the Obama supporters I personally know have changed their mind; they will vote for Obama again in 2012. Granted, the number of 2008 Obama supporters whom I personally know is few. In that small group were people who had voted GOP in 2000 and 2004.

    I believe that the outcome of the 2012 election will depend on whom the GOP runs as Obama's opponent.

    Many conservatives stayed home for the 2008 election because of disgust with McCain and/or Palin. Meanwhile, the Dems got out the vote, and Obama was elected.

  20. Brooke,
    Patton's reaction would have been something.

    Of course, it is interesting to note that Patton did get along with the Moslems in Northern Africa. He didn't swap out his uniform to do so, either.

  21. Layla,
    This graph is encouraging.

    Still, it's a long way to November 2012.

  22. In my opinion, he should have known that this photo would be used against Americans...I'm amazed I hadn't seen it before; had anybody seen it elsewhere than here?
    We're giving in every single day in every single way..........
    and now the 8th court has ruled against AZ's new and stricter immigration laws...sorry to go off topic, it's just so enraged me I can't think about anything else right now. Maybe Obama will now pose in a serape?

  23. @AOW. That is your experience regarding Obama supporters-that does not mean we all have the same experience, thank God. The people I know that voted that arse in will not vote for him this time around. Their coined phrase is, "Even Carter was better than him!" They are hurt and disgusted they were betrayed by him - and that is what he has done to his constituants. If those you know are too stupid to see it they better not let me hear any one of them complaining about Obama!

  24. BTW-Good discussion you have going here! Hope it remains going for awhile! :)

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  26. I used to respect the man, but not after this garbage. It's just as bad as when Obummer bowed down and kissed the hand of the Saudi Arabia king, or sheik, whatever, I think I made my point.

    Can you even imagine that any of the Allied generals in WW2 would have worn a swastika.


  27. He should be shot for treason. He is the same jackass that wants female soldiers to wear a freakin towel on their heads.

    Do Manning the same day and make a pay per view out of it, with the proceeds going to disabled vets and families of people killed in action.

  28. My comment can be summed up as follows, with apologies to RS McCain:

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??

  29. AOW: Thanks for the link to Patton's comments on Islam.

    His mention of their animals being "head shy" reminded me of a time I took a new captain downrange.

    We were in a market outside of Kandahar and had just paid a man to get our pictures taken with his camel. I suddenly got the urge to pose with my scimitar, and as I unsheathed it and brandished it wildly for the camera, the camel reared up and struggled to get away from me.

    I sheathed the scimitar and smilingly told the Afghan that the camel must have had some bad experiences, and the old man just chuckled and looked at me with a twinkle in his eye.

  30. I asked the other day how this campaign to win hearts and minds in the Islamic world works with the repeal of do not ask do not tell. No one could answer me.

  31. AOW, thanks for that link!

    Trestin brings up an interesting point for discussion. Heh.

  32. Does anyone remember when in the first Gulf War, The Saudis forbade our troops to have Bibles or to have chaplains of their faith present on their soil (sand)? I do. Bush 41 to his credit, stood up to them and they backed down. We were there to protect them from Saddam, not to pay homage to their religious beliefs.

  33. Alligator,
    That information about the Bibles and the first Gulf War has been swept under the rug!

    Most people today don't seem to have a clue as to what happened in that instance.

    And, yes, the Saudis did back down then. They respected "the strong man."

    Today, the West is all about evincing dhimmitude. **sigh**


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