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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


With a hat tip to Bunkerville:

Bunkerville's post accompanying the above video is HERE.


  1. WTH are we living in the USSR? I detest that commie rhetoric! But then the USA is slowly moving from captialism to socialism. It is nearing the time I make my move out of the US and down to Australia. Not that it is perfect, but this nation has gone down hill so much it has literally sold its soul to the devil. Disgusting!

  2. How can the people stand by and do nothing about this commie crap?


  3. I think that with the numbers of Marxists, Maoists, and socialists in the White House, Cabinet, and Czar positions, the fact that Obama's parents and grandparents were Marxists, and the fact that Obama began his political career in the home of Marxist terrorists, I think that it is safe to say that Obama himself is a Marxist. If you know the words and the music, then you probably know the dance steps as well.

    So why should we be surprised when we hear Marxist ramblings from the Marxists that the President has appointed?

  4. Jackie,
    People don't seem to recognize Marxist rhetoric. Instead, the focus on "social justice," another euphemism for socialism and Marxism.

    I grow so weary of the above syndrome.

  5. Thanks AOW for the linky~ Zero will go after Medicare/Healthcare again today. He would just as soon have the "Non=Productive" of us,as Berwick refers to us elsewhere, die. And that is a fact. There is nothing more precious than life.

  6. This guy's a perfect addition to the Marxist cabal infesting the Executive Branch. Either they go or freedom does.

  7. Bunkerville,
    Did BHO say anything of substance today?

    I missed the speech. So did Biden apparently -- for at least 30 seconds of snoozing. **snerk**

  8. They are honest about what they think and believe. The problem is that we let them get away with it.

    Right Truth

  9. even the rhetoric today during the O's speech you could just substitutite the words proletariet and burgeonis (spelling error). Welcome to the USSA--United Socialist States of America

  10. Yes, redistribution from the bastard-rich to the innocent-poor is where it all starts out. But once it's all in place and there's no turning back, it's the poor and the middle-class all standing in line waiting for the healthcare that doesn't quite deliver what we were all promised.

    Meanwhile the obamas and the rich liberals all go to private hospitals.

  11. MK bingo but then again dont you live in the UK so you know all to well what waits for us is mediocrity for the majority and the best of the best for the wealthy. We have established a parliamentary form of government but instead of lords and barrons we use the terms Representative and Senator.

    The same is already true in education where the poor sit in factories and the wealthy send their children to private schools. Yes there is an exposion in home school but you cant handle surgery with an at home kit.....


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