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Friday, April 8, 2011

As A Federal Government Shutdown Looms

Anybody else having this same thought (hat tip to Anna's Clue Tank)?

The above bumper sticker is available for purchase HERE.


  1. That describes about 99% of what goes on in our nation's capital.

  2. My hubby likes to say if they are "non-essential" why do we have them on the payroll to begin with, just fire them.

    Right Truth

  3. Beth!

    Haven't seen you in a while.

    Thanks so much for stopping by.

  4. Maybe we could change the locks while they are gone?

  5. Thanks for the linkage and comments, much appreciated.

    Change the locks? Why? Just locking the door when Obama returned from Brazil seemed to stump him. Like that umbrella incident and the gate. I am beginning to think there is an IQ here rivaled only a garden rake.

  6. Boot the GOP and the looney tea baggers out!

  7. Hey Anonymous, man up. You are Al Franken or JoAnne Kloppenburg in disguise?

  8. So, now there is workaround for the Cherry Blossom Parade:

    Organizers of the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade say their event will go on regardless of a potential government shutdown.

    Spokeswoman Danielle Piacente said Friday that if there is a government shutdown, the parade route on Constitution Avenue will be shortened.

    Part of the road is under National Park Service jurisdiction.

    See? We don't need the federal government after all making sure that there is a Cherry Blossom Parade 2011.

    The only reason I'm bringing up this parade again is that over and over again, the mainstream media here in the D.C. area have been moaning and groaning over the loss of the parade if there is a federal government shutdown.

    Ah, the trivialities! Really.

  9. Obama is non-essential along with Harry REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED in the WIND!

  10. Hi AOW.
    Managed for once to listen to the talk show.
    They're now called "Spring Spheres",for short 'SS' where did we here that before?

  11. if the sticker mean obama-and anything to do with him-is non-essential, i'm all for it.


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