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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Today's Recommended Reading

See Quran Burning Controversy an Exercise in Selective Outrage. Also, see Afghan President Karzai Congress Should Condemn Quran Burning and Get This – ’Prevent It From Happening Again’, both at Ironic Surrealism.


  1. The politicians are shameful. It's amazing how they have so much respect for Islam. Not one has condemned the savagery in Afghanistan without taking a swipe at the Florida pastor. Since when do politicians comment on religious expression? That a few of them even suggest limiting freedom of speech would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.

    Good articles over at IBA. I haven't had time to comment but glad everyone has been posting away.

  2. Jason,
    Yes, we do post away at IBA.

    That a few of them even suggest limiting freedom of speech would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.

    I know! It is surreal!

  3. They are looking for any excuse to shut us up. Any. The progressives have done it before. Intern camps for us?

  4. I think they are a bunch of cutthroats! They don’t care about our sensitivities so I say lets burn a shit load full!

    You think a few koran burnings are the cause of their little tantrum.

    Some of us are just getting started! I am almost at 55 next month and they want to screw me so why should I care at this point in my life!

    I think every U.S. woman should attack the male muslim in any way possible with words! I think we should confuse the hell out of em!

  5. I propose a womangreat law!

    Womangreat law will take over sharia finance. "We are better at keeping books."

    Womangreat will only politically, "of course" be in favor of American interest.

    Our great US men womangreatmen will be at the top at in God we trust!

    Sharia and all other idiotic stunts will not be tolerated!

    What you think AOW!? ;]

    islamic males will go berserk! Who knows it can catch on as long as the constitution is in tack and our amendment!

    If they intersect, we scream discrimination and all this none sense would be over and they all can leave to be with their camels! ;]

    It's going to have to take a woman to end them once and for all! We need to start a cult!

    They are already scared shitless by women why else would they have the laws they do!!!

  6. Ann Barnhardt is awesome. Very articulate and feisty!

    In the first video she takes on Lindsey Graham who would obviously like government censorship. In the second she cites objectionable passages in the Koran and burns the pages.

    Even some of my leftist friends, who are staunch supporters of the first amendment, loved the video where she takes on Graham.

  7. LOL saw that video I loved it!

    I was being sarcastic.

    Everyone is getting really tiered of their bullcrap!


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