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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Today's Recommended Reading

See Koran Burning: Obama Fails Again, by Jason Pappas at Infidel Bloggers Alliance. Brief excerpt below the fold.
It may appear to the average American that Obama has acted properly by condemning the violence in Afghanistan. Obama failed. He gave them what they wanted: respect for Islam. He acknowledged the validity of their complaint; by reiterating his respect for Islam he has given them a motivation for more “protests” of that nature. His message boiled down to “that’s not the right response but you are right to be angry.”

A president should never criticize a private citizen for exercising their right of free expression....
Read it all.

By the way, the present Muslim temper tantrum, this Koranifada, is in its third day in Afghanistan. During at least one of the tantrum, Obama was burned in effigy.


  1. Great. Religious nuts in the US inspire flaming mad religious nuts in Afghanistan. They cut off two UN workers' heads.

    Allahpundit at Hot Air had a really good article on this as well, concluding by asking how we can expect to "build a nation on a foundation that is capable of this?"


    We just need to get the hell out. Yes, the crowd was manipulated, but people this stupid and manipulable cannot be counted on for anything other than more of the same, and the Afghan government was complicit.

    Time to get out.

  2. Hi AOW.
    As i said at Infidels.On the other hand B.Hussein Obama the "I pray every day" Christian has no problem with the 2003 Fatwa that ruled the Bible suitable for use by Muslims when cleaning after defecation Perhaps he doesn't consider the Bible a Holy book?I'm sick and tired of him glorifying Islam and treating Christianity as a third grade cult.You are a Christian by the way you live not by pretending to be a Christian.

  3. Well, Silverfiddle. We shouldn't be surprised. The coalition did allow for Afghanistan to adopt a constitution in which shari'a law is codified as the rule of the land.

    And the Taliban and their ilk are making hay with it right now.

  4. Obama has no great love for the United States or her people. So, this is not surprising at all.

  5. Harry Reid says Congress might take action against Koran burning and Lindsey Graham wants to make it a crime to burn a Koran. Useful idiots following the lead of the terrorists and trampling American freedoms.

    Right Truth

  6. hussein O proves his betrayal every blessed day AOW..to horrid. hope ya had a nice weekend~!..almost Monday..yikes..lol

  7. Karzai is not getting the responsibity for this as he should as you point out. This was a no nothing story for a couple of weeks until he stirred it up. He knows our first Amendment.

  8. Bunkerville,
    Yes, Karzai deliberately stirred things up with this Koranifada.

    In my view, this Koranifada is a test to see just how many freedoms the United States is willing to curtail so that the ummah at large are not offended.

  9. Debbie,
    Harry Reid says Congress might take action against Koran burning and Lindsey Graham wants to make it a crime to burn a Koran.

    Reid and Graham are dhimmis supreme even to consider such a thing. Ugh.

  10. Get a load of this video.


  11. Kevin,
    That's such an excellent video.

    She tells it like it is!


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