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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekend Humor

As we approach the April 18 deadline for filing our 2010 federal tax return, here is some wry truth from Nate Beeler's 'Toons:

Hat tip to Conservative Perspective for the following video, 47 Ways to Say "IRS" ... What do those initials really stand for?:

The AOW household has tax woes like you wouldn't believe! On a taxable joint income of just over $10,000 (Huge medical expenses in 2010!), I pay thousands in SE tax on my business's pathetic net-profits, and Mr. AOW's SSDI is also taxable. Surreal!

As Daniel Webster stated:
The power to tax is the power to destroy.


  1. Dems in the White House sure hasn't slowed down the crony crapitalism...

  2. Sometimes we've got to laugh to keep from crying, eh?

  3. GE is also behind the 'green' legislation out there, as they are the primary developers of such 'technology'.

  4. Brooke, they are one of the prime recipients of contracts for development, building and distribution of the so called "green" BS.

  5. Funny how the left bitched about Haliburton. Now, crickets.

  6. It just goes to prove, it's who you know, and whose back you scratch, not what the rules are. Human nature at its finest.

  7. Thanks for the humor. We all need some, seriously!

  8. They took MY MONEY!!! Well not till I got to use it first.

    Used 2000 on a day trade penny stock day trade. Didn't do bad. Sorta like going to vegas.

    I bet the gov tries to rip us off even more next year!

  9. I have yet to meet anyone who liked the IRS.

  10. We out here have similar feelings of dislike towards the tax agency. Though to be fair to them, it's not them we have to be mad at, but the leftist rats who want to take our money and spread it around for their various welfare programs.

  11. And now Obama has a plan to automatically increase taxes every time government spends too much. It's not your money, AOW, it belongs to the government. Out of the kindness of their heart, they allow you to keep a small portion.

  12. My favorite democrat has told me for years how the Dmeocrat party is the party of the "little" people. I recently told MFD that GE and Obama were so tight they were going to Mass. the first response was no way the Democrats arent into giving businesses side deals. FYI MYD did the research and is now a bit more informed. However MFD now blames Obama and not all Democrats. MFD wishes Hillary had won in the primary. Small victories my friends...in two years when S&P gives use a rating comparable to a 3rd world country and China says sorry we dont have any money to loan you perhaps then MFD and the other Democrats will get it....the leftist agenda has failed every time it has been tried...even Mussloni got the trains to run on time, we have air traffic controllers and the VP asleep on the job....excellent....just excellent


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