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Monday, April 18, 2011

Blogging Bloom Is Off The Rose — For Now

I'm on Easter break this week.

Usually, when I'm not teaching classes, I blog like crazy.

Not this time.

Other matters require my immediate attention: working on students' grades, spiffing up the house for an out-of-town guest to arrive in May, swapping out my summer clothes for my winter clothes, various doctors' appointments for both Mr. AOW and me — just to name a few of the labors I'll be doing this week.

I also need to regroup physically and mentally:

Besides, I have grown weary of chronicling the ongoing and oncoming political and societal train wreck as I've been doing nearly nonstop for the past six years. I do not plan to quit blogging forever!

I will return to posting here at Always On Watch when the bloom is back on the rose. In the meantime, I will continue to make blog rounds as time and my weary spirit allow.

Simply put, I need some time:


  1. Six years straight is a run...Get rested!

  2. Hi AOW.

    I can understand this , i'm glad that i can fall back on other parts of the MFS websites to get my mind a minute of the politics, i need that 'daily break' to keep my sanity to much negative news in a day ,as the misses says i don't know how you deal with so much negative news and evil in a day.I your case you still have the care of Mr AOW on top of your daily work task.You just rest till you feel that need to blog again.Have a peacefull Easter Time.

  3. Well, that's understood. And least understood is that blogging is actual work. People think it's easy to assemble and write a post that you try to make succinct and appealing, but it is not. It is actual work and, after a time, it can be wearying. I suppose the main reason, now, that I continue to blog is that I find it is a personal steam venting valve that I can fully control. It allows me to release pressure.

    Take care!


  4. A blessed Easter to you and Mr. AOW!

  5. Recharge the batteries in time for 2012, AOW. All hands will be needed on deck to repel the socialist hoards.

  6. Take a rest but don't quit. We need you!

  7. AOW, I know the feeling. I'm almost there myself. Too many things going on in real life. I've always marveled at all you do on the web in addition to all you have on you in real life. You deserve a rest.


  8. Make it a good one. We all weary at times. Good news is hard to come by these days. Thanks for all of your support. I hope you find some peace.

  9. I will echo Debbie's comments. You are admirable on so many levels. So rest for a while ... but do come back because many of us require adult supervision.

  10. Happy Easter, AOW ... my best to Mr. AOW.

  11. Have a great spring break, wonderful Easter, and take all the time you need. A rose does not bloom overnight! ;-) We will all still be here.

  12. Enjoy the rest. I have actually been thinking about a break too.

  13. You've earned a break, but please don't stay away too long!

    I am completely sympathetic. I have pondered quitting many times. Pure stubbornness is all that stopped me.

  14. AOW: Have you thought of posting simple things, quotes, pictures, links, etc, just to stay in the game?

  15. AOW - I so understand. Take the time you need. We'll all be here when you return.

    Wishing you a happy and fruitful Easter.

    Blessing to you and yours...

  16. I'm up for the day at this ungodly hour because Mr. AOW fell out of bed! I had to call the local fire department to get him back into the bed. **sigh**

    I am nibbling away at the tasks I need to complete so that I can return to blogging. Unfortunately, I accomplished only two tasks yesterday: 1. Getting the Mustang through Virginia state emissions. Over an hour waiting at one inspection station, only to have the inspection machine unable to "read" my car. Off to another station and another hour's wait. 2.5 hours to get the car through inspection!

    2. Washing the overhead light fixture in the living room.

    Today I'll be tutoring a student to help him get ready for his SAT and running errands. If it's a nice day, I'll go for a drive.

    The round of doctors' appointments, including dental surgery for myself, begins tomorrow.

    No r&r yet in sight!

    I do have an Easter post queued up.

    When I do return, I'll likely go with simple posts for a while (as you mentioned). So much to do before the school term ends!

  17. Enjoy your rest, you've earned it.

  18. Totally understand, AOW. I find I can't blog as much of political stuff as I used too.

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  19. I'll be thinking of you AOW!

    I'm glad that you will have some time to regenerate.

    Happy Easter!

  20. I used to write a blog every day, but that became burdensome, especially after I had revisited old topics several times each. So, I now blog only when I feel a need to make a point others haven't yet. I certainly understand why you need the break. What I don't understand is how you've managed to come up with something to write about every day thus far!

    BZ is right. Blogging is very hard work.

  21. Happy Easter, AOW...I hope you get all that done and thanks for coming by today.

  22. Have some good time off, recuperate and come back better than ever. Look forward to your return. =)

  23. I understand totally-
    re-group and let us know when you are back ;-)

  24. Regroup and recover indeed. I'm in exactly the same place, it's been a good 6 years since I got into this racket and in the last 3 & 1/2 weeks I've been run through a wringer with the flu and personal calamities. Life is always handing out something new and exciting whether we want it to or not, eh?

    I'll check in once in awhile this summer and see if you're back. Meanwhile, rest and be well. You won't be forgotten.

  25. Enjoy your rest, and we'll be here when you get back.

  26. Black Sheep,
    I won't be totally absent until the summer! And I making occasional blog rounds.

  27. That's a long haul. I've been at it for two. If I were serious at my blog I'd need a break too.

  28. I will miss you, but I understand how tiresome politics can get.

    You have earned that break and I hope you enjoy it!

  29. Mr. AOW got an excellent report from the neuro-ophthalmologist today. No more double vision! And his eyes are now tracking together nearly 100%. The doctor didn't proclaim a miracle, but came close to doing so. **smile**

    So, what did I accomplish today? Getting Mr. AOW to the doctor's office, picking up the Honey Baked ham and sides, getting the garden hose out of the basement (A Herculean task!), going for a drive in the convertible, and working on putting winter clothes into storage.

    Oh, and I did peek at the news on the web. Mostly depressing, I must say.

    I still have papers to grade and dental surgery to deal with, the latter on Friday morning.

  30. AOW what an awesome Easter blessing for you and Mr. AOW!!! Hurray!!!! I am so happy for you both. It only gets better from here.

    Stay away from the news so you won't get depressed. I chose to do a word of the week thread - something new, and also today I wrote an update on Josh after two months! Though the later made me cry, so I suppose only so much will keep you up beat. Funny how life has a way of always kicking us in the butt, but what the heck....throw me a lemon!!!

    God bless you and Mr. AOW and I truly am so happy for you both! I am looking forward to more progress reports!!!! I am going to keep on praying! Love and hugs, just me!!! :)

  31. I know the feeling girl..happy holiday and I will be here waiting for ya!!!

  32. Layla,
    Thank you for your prayers.

    Mr. AOW has been feeling down in the mouth lately. After all, it's 1.5 years since he had that brain hemorrhage, and he's still in a hospital bed in the living room, with the bedside potty.

    But yesterday's news from the neuro-ophthalmologist really brought Mr. AOW out of his doldrums. This improvement in his vision means that his brain is still healing -- even if we can't see much recent improvement in his motor skills.

  33. I had to take a break from blogging in 2008. I went back to school for a little while to get some computer certifications, and I got to be too downhearted about the US political scene after the presidential candidates got winnowed down to Hillary/Obama/McCain. I figured that it must end very badly indeed for the US and the world no matter who won, and was that ever the truth!

    I finally got back into it. If you've been politically active for a long time, you can't stay away from it forever.

  34. I hope for even more good news about Mr. AOW, and in the meantime I pray that he has an optimistic outlook on life. I know it can be frustrating for him (and for you) to have to deal with all you have to. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  35. I have posted in observance of Good Friday and will post in observance of Resurrection Day as well. I cannot let the most important days on the Christian calendar go without observance!

    This short break from blogging has been refreshing, so I do plan to post a few times the week after Easter. Beyond that, we'll see what my schedule allows.

  36. I sometimes wonder if the time and effort is worth it. But in your case, you have so many fine readers who comment here I can't imagine you will disappoint them for long.

  37. Mike,
    Oh, I'll start back up with politics soon enough. But I won't have time to post every day.

    Thanks for the compliment to my readers!

  38. It's really a compliment to you that you attract so many fine commenters.

  39. Take your time always, it definitely does get tiring and frustrating after a while. Hope you do get a break though and that it's not all work.

  40. MK,
    Not much of a break from work during my Easter vacation. **sigh**

    And I still have papers to grade before classes resume on Tuesday. **sigh again**


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