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Monday, April 4, 2011

Check Out The Expression On Donald Rumsfeld's Face

Rumsfeld's astonishment at the media's love affair with Obama is priceless (hat tip to LA Sunsett):

As LA Sunsett commented:
That's the precisely the kind of idiocy we have come to expect from the slobbering, drooling media types who continue to hail the Emperor with no clothes. Her only saving grace was nobody watches CNN anymore. So she was free to look like a fool and no one really knew. It's kind of like the old saying, "if a tree fell in the woods and nobody was around, did that tree make a sound?"
I find myself struggling not to take on the same facial expression as Donald Rumsfeld when an Obama supporter starts singing "The One's" praises.


  1. Seems to me I saw a picture, just recently, of protesters in some Middle eastern country stomping on a cardboard cut-out of Obama on the street. If I remember seeing that picture, how can members of the media miss it, when they have so much more information at their disposal than I?

    I think I'll do a Google search and see how many similar pictures I can find.

  2. Yep. First try. first hit:


    Here's another, this one in Libya:


    Actually, it's kind of hard to find pictures of Middle Easterners burning Obama in effigy on Google, because, as we all know, Google is a decidedly Liberal site. there are hundreds of pictures of one incident where protesters burned him in effigy at a bar in Wisconsin.

  3. And here's the picture I was referring to previously. It is in Sri Lanka:


    Yeah, other countries LOVE Obama...NOT!

  4. His look is great but also look at her face when he is talking about evidence that what she is saying is true, she is confused. The idea that someone would want evidence for something they believe to be true is totally foreign to her. This goes the same for global warming or any other far-left ideology.

  5. I was actually one of two that was watching CNN. Priceless. I have found CNN coverage of the Libyan war at least somewhat honest. When they meentioned that the Rebels were shooting in the wrong direction, and retreating,it was refreshing.

  6. I think the love affair with obama is soon coming to an end when he runs for re-election.

    I cannot believe anyone who voted for him in 2008 would be that stupid enough to vote for him again.

  7. Gotta love Rumsfeld. He has a way with words, but his face speaks volumes also.

    Right Truth

  8. I've seen plenty of images of people protesting and burning effigies of him.

  9. The look on Rumsfeld's face is the same look I have had on my face when talking to obama voters. It is one of incredulity at the utter lack of logic on the opposing side. It is considered rude to confuse the left with facts.

  10. Cube: Logic? From an Obama voter? Might as well look for tolerance in the middle east...

    Not busting on you. I too search in vain for even a hint of logic or independent thinking on the left...

  11. Logic requires you to acually think and make decisions, something many people wish to utterly avoid. Obama will be re-elected for the same reason as last time: he pretty, a entertaining speaker, and he saya he'll take away the burden of thinking for ourselves (i.e. healthcare, etc.)

  12. Come on, AOW.

    You don't see that the streets are different and the entire world likes us now?

    You don't see that we have to bomb innocent civilians in Libya to protect innocent civilians from Gaddaffi?

    You don't see that we have to spend more money in order to save money?


  13. The only way Obama wins again is if the Republican Party puts up another McCain type candidate.

  14. I do have a question for the liberals.

    What exactly now is the functional difference between the Obama Foreign Policy Agenda and Bush's?

    Other than the groveling and the wasted 2 years while the O Team stumbled their way back to the only logically way to handle Gitmo.

    Oh wait there is one other thing. Now we do actually go to war for oil only its oil for Europe.

  15. Rummie's rehabilitation is still going slowly. They don't let him see the light of day that often.

  16. Liked, lol really, says who, any straw polls saying this.

    Yes it is true that fewer people are burning effigies of obama compared to bush, but the statement is based on a foundation of dishonesty and outright hatred. And doing this comparison shows how stupid or mentally ill the people doing it are.

    Bush was never given a fair hearing and was always portrayed in the worst light to the world, obama was coddled and airbrushed and always portrayed in the best light. So comparisons without taking this into account are not worth anything.

  17. You tell 'em Rummy

    Linked @ Reaganite Republican:


    Enjoy your weekend, AoW


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