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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Obama's Promise Kept

Note to readers: Due to my work and caregiving schedules, I will be posting less frequently than usual.

With thanks to 1389 Blog (Click directly on the image to enlarge it):

1389 also gives us the following suggestions:
All you have to do is download this pdf, print out a few copies and put them, along with a roll of Scotch tape, into your car.

The next time you fill up, instead of watching in horror as the dollar amount on the pump races by as the gallons trickle into your tank, affix one of these to the pump.

Take care to not cover vital information regarding safety, etc. and don’t cover any advertising.

Then drive off with a smile on your face, knowing that when the next person drives up to the pump they’ll either agree with you and be pleased to know that they’re not alone, be better informed by your message or if it’s an Obamabot, you’ll have thrown water on their circuitry and ruined their day....
More information HERE.

I can't wait to put the above into practice. LOL.

FYI: In case you're wondering about the significance of 1389, see Battle of Kosovo at Wikipedia.


  1. his guy’s handwriting was on the wall from day one with his Hope and Change crap and his re-disputing the wealth crapola, this is socialism 101. Bowing to dictators, apologizing to the world for America. his healthcare policy and the way that he had it passed, behind closed doors was also the marks or a socialist. His association with ACORN, and his appointment of Van Jones, his I will end this war attitude without a reference to winning the war, his refusal to call the enemy who they really are. Obama’s philosophy to increase the tax on the rich to redistribute wealth to the poor. And put a chicken in every pot so to say. And his association with commies like Bill Ayers, the weather underground etc.
    In all seriousness, I think that Obama is taking this country us into bankruptcy on purpose. And you may call me a conspiracy theorist for that, but c'est la vie! But then again I never care what others think anyway.

    The real scary thing is that he could very well be re-elected and that would truly be disastrous for America. Lets face it, the majority of Americans don't have a clue about how the economy works or how politicians work or how pretty much anything works and they don't want to know. They vote for the person that is the best looking or who is the same race as they are or who is the coolest. Or who speaks their kind of language. Holds the coolest parties. And in Obama’s case All of the above fits. Bottom line, he may not be a socialist from where the liberals stand, but as a liberal thats the way they think. But from my vantage point he fits it like a glove.

  2. everything about this man wreaks AOW.....Hope ya had a fab weekend!:)

  3. Duck,
    Yes, Osama bin Laden is dead. Good riddance.

    But the death of Osama bin Laden doesn't really change anything. There are plenty remaining to continue directing the jihad.


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