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Friday, April 15, 2011

Political Mental Illness

From Moonbattery and worth your time:

Note to readers: If you haven't checked out the post directly below this one, please do so. Spew alert!


  1. The mere fact that these doctrinaire statists incorrectly label themselves "liberal" reveals that they have a problem.

    Also, the fact that every "solution" they implement actually makes the problem worse should be another clue.

    The clanging of cognitive dissonance must be deafening inside their minds...

  2. It really is about human nature and how the current progressive logic does not jive with it.

  3. A thousand years from now, people will laugh at how stupid we were.

  4. Beth!

    I just checked out your latest post. Good to see you posting from time to time.

  5. That's great, I had not heard about this. Makes sense though. I will share.

    Right Truth

  6. I guess I'm ahead of the game. I knew Liberalism was a mental disorder.

  7. I do want to get back to blogging again; meeting Mr. Beck, although brief, did energize me to think I need to help get the right message out. I think I will post this video, too.

  8. "Psychotherapy and psychiatric medication are two major treatment options, as are social interventions, peer support and self-help. In some cases there may be involuntary detention and involuntary treatment where legislation allows." Wikipedia

  9. It is pretty sad isn't it? Pelosi and Reid are the most dishonest people in history along with Obama.

  10. Ah, some information, just on the heels of a Yahoo article a week ago that said Democrats' brains UNDERSTAND COMPLEXITIES and Republican brains are MEAN AND SMALL!!

    i'll go with this video....the thought of people encouraging others to rely on the state is definitely mental illness; weak, pandering, victimization....they can HAVE it!

  11. I think it's clear it's a mental disorder. the question is, is it a learned behavior or genetics?

    Is a person born as a liberal? Or do they develop the affliction based on childhood trauma or poor parenting?

  12. I agree with Chuck after reading all the remarks here. It is some sort of mental disorder. But unlike the rest of that will admit we may have one, even temporarily, and we will do something about it to remedy it, these idiots do nothing and just get worse by the day. UGH!

  13. Isn't it that the "insane" don't realize it?
    "Don't argue with a crazy people ..."
    "If we have been brainwashed would we even 'know' (be cognizant of) it? How?"

    Because God gives us free will we are given a choice to choose sanity or insanity. The problem is without being regenerated the fallen Nature finds it easier to choose Insanity - it feels better, less responsibly and doesn't make you think! Sanity is difficult, it keep putting a mirror in front of our face or lifts off the veil of illusion [Illuminates].

    Is God the REAL missing Link - that without Him we are apelike and proud of it!!

    We need a Spiritual DNA rewriting/new program - virus free - upgrade with the Designer's Way!

    Thanks for the link.

  14. While I understand the point the video makes, I don't necessarily agree. I think there is a disparate difference between Liberals and those who simply believe everything the Leftist media tells them. I refuse to believe the latter are intentionally Liberal. They just don't want to bother with facts that get in the way of feelings, and the leftists and their willing cohorts in the media are only too happy to oblige them.

    And, I don't necessarily believe Liberalism is a mental disorder either. That would imply Liberals don't know better, and I find that extremely difficult to believe.

    I won't allow them to have an excuse for being what they are. That plays right in to their "victimhood" agenda.

    I think they are intentionally insidiously evil.


    It's all about power.

  15. Mark,
    I won't allow them to have an excuse for being what they are. That plays right in to their "victimhood" agenda.

    You've got a point there.

    But if leftists' minds are rewired, getting that imprint voided is well nigh impossible.

  16. i always knew they were a bunch of crazed nutjobs. The lot of them need to be put into strait jackets.

  17. I have lost the ability to form a coherent thought regarding Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Communists, or whatever other names they call themselves. We need to vote them out NOW for the sake of the USA.


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