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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tribute To Colleen Hufford

Click directly on the images to enlarge them:

Colleen Hufford (far right) is pictured with her husband KC, daughter Kelli and granddaughter Riley

Mrs Hufford, with her daughter and granddaughter

See this photo essay for more photos and additional details.

Also see Colleen Hufford Memorial Fund.


  1. How did they explain her grandmother's death to that little granddaughter?

    I hate even to think about that! But it's on my mind this morning.

  2. Pictures have so much more impact than impersonal statistics, don't they. Real people, who could easily be a neighbor or a family member, are harder to forget. Thanks for posting this, AOW.

  3. The press is studiously uninterested in this story, aren't they?

  4. Thanks for posting AOW. Truly a despicable act

  5. Tut tut! Don't fret over it, my dears. It's just another sad example of the sort of workplace violence that comes about because of the callous insensitivity Republicans show to the plight of the working class.

    If Republicans had never been elected by their selfish, short-sighted constituents to deter the enlightened, altruistic, wholly benevolent policies of the Hegelian-Marxian-Fabian-Socialist-Progressive-Liberal-Statist-Dictocrats, unfortunate events of this sort would never have occurred.

    The greed, self-absorption, and monumental insensitivity of the moneyed class is wholly responsible for anti-social behavior of this regrettable kind.

    Anyone who doesn't agree should be stripped of his possessions and jailed -- or made to beg for his daily bread in the streets..

    1. You do know Christ was all about altruism and by extension through the gospel Christianity as well.

      So much for consistency FT.

  6. Please consider donating to the fund. See the link at the bottom of the body of the blog post.

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  8. SF is right; the press is nowhere on this story. One day (reported one day AFTER it happened) and that was pretty much IT.
    What's hilarious is this guy who threatened workers with beheadings (also in OK)... the funny part is the CNN journalist must have said 3 times "This has NOTHING to do with the beheading" WHO CARES? Who thought it DID? The perp is different, the business is different. Why the crazy protestations that THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE OTHER ONE? odd.

    AOW...good on you for posting this; I could say "We only usually focus on the evil, but in this case, as SF and I've said, we're not.." Still, to see the face of this clearly loving mother and grandmother and know she's gone; and suffered probably THE most frightening and horrid death is almost too much. Yes, they die once the jugular is cut, but she was knifed many times before the beheading, poor woman. God bless and comfort her family.

    SF; I'm getting more and more convinced Saudis own us...through investments we don't even know about and through intimidation; I have always believed there are nukes out there we don't know about and they've been threatened; what else could POSSIBLY make even THIS bunch of political idiots cower as they are from ANY criticism of islamist behavior? It just occurred to me that knowing we're doomed anyway could well be a reason muslims don't march against terror, too. what an awful thought.
    And if it wasn't for US the Saudis would have never been able to get this rich.

    1. I'm worn out with seeing images of the beheader.

      Our hearts need to go out to the Hufford Family. And, yes, we need to put a picture to the name "Colleen Hufford."

    2. AOW...when did Americans ever think we'd be worn out from seeing beheadings ..? And enured to them? Which we are. Which is counted on by our enemies. I love that you honored poor Colleen in this way. I wish she was just turning in for the night as I type...next to her husband, thinking of her little granddaughter. But, alas..."Workplace violence"...and we've got an FBI which actually believes that. Which might be the worst part of this whole thing.

    3. Z,
      I can't begin to tell you how agitated I am about this beheading here in America! You wake up one morning, go to work, and get beheaded?

      I'm hoping that Vaughan Foods carried a workplace insurance policy for her. Many warehouses have such policies for deaths at work -- at least $10,000.

      Workplace violence -- my foot! Nolen was suspended. And why?

  9. Here is the obituary:


    Was Mrs. Hufford born into a military family?

    1. Anonymous,
      Thank you that link! I hope that all here at this blog read that obituary -- and the comments posted to the Guest Book.

  10. From an article on the web:

    Hufford's family members made their first public comments on the attack Wednesday, releasing a statement thanking those that have come to their aid.

    "Losing our mom, wife and grandmother has been one of the most difficult challenges any of us have faced in our lives," the statement said. "For her life to have been taken in such a tragic act of violence adds a depth of grief we are trying to comprehend."

    The funeral is tomorrow.

  11. Whai is sad, AOW, is that about half of those interested enough to inquire of this murder refuse to see it anything other than a plain ole murder. We, the other half figuratively speaking, are accused of being racists in seeing this as a terror act.

    I don't know how that family can sleep peacefully...

    1. P47koji,
      I doubt that the family is sleeping peacefully.

      I am beyond disgusted that more people are not outraged by the beheading of this woman. At work today, I had a rant about my own frustration with apathy and ostriching. At what point does America wake up?


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