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Monday, September 29, 2014

Another Beheader In Oklahoma? Arrested Before Deed Carried Out.

(Two posts today. Please scroll down)

See Man says he represents ISIS, threatens co-worker. Full article below the fold.
Oklahoma City, Okla. —It appears to be a strange coincidence.

On the same day (Friday) Moore police announced the deadly attack inside Vaughan Foods, Oklahoma City officers arrested a fired nursing home employee for threatening to cut off a co-worker’s head.

Police tell Newsok.com, Jacob Murithi had been working at the Bellevue Nursing Home in northwest Oklahoma City.

He’s said to have threatened the unidentified co-worker on Sept. 19.

She told officers Murithi identified himself as a Muslim. He then mentioned he “represented ISIS and that ISIS kills Christians.”

He’s currently at the Oklahoma County Jail on a terrorism count. Police say his bail is set at $1 million.
Additional details in a different article: Oklahoma Beheadings: Second Oklahoma Muslim Threatens To Behead Coworker Because ‘This Is Just What We Do’. Excerpt:
Less than 20 miles from where Alton Alexander Nolen is accused of beheading a co-worker the day before, a second Oklahoma man has been arrested for threatening to do the same.

In what The Oklahoman is calling a “bizarre coincidence,” another arrest has been made in Oklahoma City involving a beheading. Jacob Mugambi Muriithi, 30, is being held in the Oklahoma County jail on a terrorism complaint. Muriithi was identified as a native of Kenya who is living in Oklahoma City. He worked at Bellevue Nursing Home in northwest Oklahoma City.

According to the police report, on September 19, while working at the nursing home with a coworker whom he had never met, Muriithi made the statement that he planned to cut her head off. The victim, who has not been identified, claims that Muriithi identified himself as a Muslim and said he “represented ISIS and that ISIS kills Christians.” The woman said she asked him why they kill Christians and his response was very matter-of-fact....


The police report outlines the events as told by the victim. She said the beheading was brought up when Muriithi asked her what time she got off work. The woman said she jokingly replied by asking him if he was going to kill her. Jacob then responded, “Yes.” He said he was going to cut her head off. The victim asked Jacob what he was going to cut her head off with, and he said, “A blade,” then told her after he did it he was going to post it on Facebook.

The victim said that at no point did she feel that Muriithi was joking. He made all statements in a very serious manner. The victim also has another co-worker to back up part of her story. Apparently as the woman left the nursing home, Jacob repeated in the presence of another employee, that he was going to “use a blade.”...


  1. Google search Jacob Muriithi or Jacob Murithi.

  2. Jacob Mugambi Muriithi from Kenya -- I think.

  3. See what I just added at the bottom of the blog post.

  4. Please note the dates in the linked articles. This second arrest is NOT a copycat syndrome!

  5. Caligula di Capitato said

    Not funny, but certainly not an epidemic either.

    Three ironies: The plight of Andrew Tahmooressi, the beheading of two Americans and one Brit by ISIS, and these grisly events in Oklahoma receive little or no attention from the media and NONEat ALL from the White House, yet ONE unfortunate EVENT in FERGUSON, MO gets wall-to-wall, 24/7 coverage for WEEKS and warrants the sending of THREE highly-placed representatives of the Federal Government including the U,S, Attorney General.

    Doesn't something seem just a wee bit DISPROPORTIONATE here?

  6. I have learned that at least one mosque in the vicinity of Oklahoma City is aggressively recruiting blacks (Africans and African Americans

  7. No complaint was filed until the Vaughn Foods incident.
    This shouldn't be trivialized but it certainly doesn't seem related.

    Still say that the Vaughn Foods murder was the act of a psychotic copycat and attempts to link this to Oklahoma City are going to mask the cause of the problem which has much more to do with alienation and paranoia than Islam.

    1. Duck,
      Still say that the Vaughn Foods murder was the act of a psychotic copycat

      Check the dates. I don't see how either of the reported matters could be deemed copycat.

    2. The Vaughn Foods perp was copycatting ISIS.

      Psychotic copycat is a well documented syndrome.

    3. Duck,
      Not merely copying ISIS. In the case of Nolen, he was a recent Muslim "seeker" who supported ISIS on his Facebook page.

      Like it or not, Islam is the signature in these cases.

      I will agree with you that the IS are psychotics. And the trigger is Islam. It's in the Quran.

  8. Anyone attracted to Islam is, perforce, an alienated, paranoid, psychotic, anti-social malcontent with a preopensity towards violence -- what we used to call "social dynamite."

    Islam is Not a Religion it is a Perversion.


  9. From Former Imam Of Oklahoma Beheader’s Mosque Apologizes To ISIS Day After Beheading:

    The former imam of the Oklahoma City mosque attended by beheading suspect Alton Nolen apologized this week to ISIS for previously criticizing the group.

    Suhaib Webb is currently the imam of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, which is part of the same entity under the same ownership as the Islamic Society of Boston, where Boston Marathon bombers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev worshipped. Webb spoke alongside the late al-Qaida senior operative Anwar al-Awlaki at a Sept. 9, 2001 fundraiser for an Islamic radical who killed two police officers, according to FBI surveillance documents.

    Webb previously served as imam of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, where Nolen reportedly worshipped. It is not known whether Webb and Nolen ever met. Webb recently returned to the Oklahoma City mosque to deliver two sermons in October 2013, records reveal. Webb previously gave sermons there in November 2011, October 2010 and October 2008.

    The day after Nolen beheaded a co-worker, and the same day that Webb was publicly linked to Nolen’s mosque, Webb apologized to ISIS in an online column he wrote for the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center entitled “Shame on Me: A Commitment to Discourse Instead of Demonization.”...

    More at the above link.

    What are we in American nurturing within?

    1. " ... which is part of the same entity under the same ownership as the Islamic Society of Boston, where Boston Marathon bombers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev worshipped(sic)."
      The Tarnaev's did not attend the Roxbury mosque.

    2. Duck,
      The Tarnaev's did not attend the Roxbury mosque.

      You're in Boston. Are the Roxbury mosque and the Islamic Society of Boston the same entity?

      Around here, mosques are separate entities as compared to Islamic societies. Yes, there is a great deal of interchange between the two, but technically these groups are separate organizations -- the mosques being free standing, usually, but not always, near the Islamic societies. The mosques are for formal worship, the centers for prayer rooms, meetings, etc. It's an ummah-community thing, I think.

  10. YE, GODS!

    Chicago Man Accused of Making Beheading Terror Threats:

    The St. Louis Dispatch is reporting Chicago resident Derrick Dawon Burns, 21, was arrested Monday on eight federal charges alleging that Burns made a series of bomb and violence threats toward Southern Illinois University-Carbondale students and workers, prosecutors said.

    The alleged threats were made in Fall 2012 and in October 2013, prosecutors said.

    Postal workers discovered seven handwritten letters in postal sorting machines and collection boxes titled "The War on SIUC" or "The War on SIU," court documents say. Another letter was directed to the FBI, and university police, staff, and students. "These letters collectively included various threats to rape and murder, to blow up buildings, and to cause major damage to property," according to court documents.

    One letter included threats to rape and decapitate female students, and said, "Give me $50 million or SIU is history," court documents say.

    One letter received in September 2012 prompted officials to evacuate three Brush Tower dorms on campus to search for explosives. None were found....

  11. Please take a moment to look at this photo essay about Colleen Hufford, the victim of Islamic beheading in Moore, Oklahoma.

  12. If you could have only seen the CNN reporter this morning...covered this new beheading threat for 3 minutes and must have thrown in "This has absolutely nothing to do with the actual OK beheading" half of that time. WHY? Who thought it DID? Different perp, different workplace...
    what's CNN afraid of?

    1. Z,
      what's CNN afraid of?

      That both were somehow affiliated with the same mosque, perhaps.

      It's worth noting that both men are exactly the same age: 30.


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