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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Disappearance Of Hannah Graham (Updated)

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Hannah Graham, who went missing in Charlottesville, Virginia, on September 12, 2014

What is this "person of interest" wearing?

Surveillance photo of Jesse Matthew:

He appears to be wearing a jalabiya from the Sudan or other African nations.

Person of interest, Nursing Assistant Jesse Matthew, now after being briefly questioned by the Charlottesville Police Department:

More information about the Hannah Graham Case HERE and HERE. Find additional information (including updates) on HERE on Facebook.

UPDATE (09/24/2014)

Jesse Matthew has been arrested and is in custody in Galveston,Texas. Hannah Graham is still missing.


  1. Police issued a arrest warrant for Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr. last person seen with Hannah Graham. Ask this maniac monkey where he put her corpse, then give him a banana filled with arsenic, that should do it..

  2. At the absurd length some of our "urban" citizens wear them, I can see this being a long white shirt. The photo is also a night shot, so it could be any light color.

  3. oops...he's wearing a shift..a dress. AOW, has anything been said about that in the VA news? I'm sure you're hearing a lot more than we are about this.......
    Are you implying..................

    1. Z,
      Not a word about that outfit in our local news coverage.

      Could he be a Muslim? Yes.

      Jamaat ul-Fuqra? Perhaps.

  4. John Cameroon Sleazy said

    'What was this "person of interest" wearing?'


    Next question, please.

  5. Anna Graham said

    Anagrams for Hannah Graham

    Ah, Hangman, Rah!
    Hangar Man Hah!
    Hag Man Ran. Hah!
    Ah! Ham Hang Ran
    Hah! An Arm Hang
    Rah Man Hang Ah
    Hang Ha Ham Ran
    Hang Ha Harm An
    Hang Ha Rah Man
    Hang Hah Ma Ran
    Hang Hah Am Ran
    Hang Hah Mar An
    Hang Hah Arm An
    Hang Hah Ram An
    Hang Ham Rah An
    Nag Hah Ham Ran
    Nag Hah Harm An
    Nag Hah Rah Man
    Rang Ah Hah Man
    Rang Ha Hah Man
    Rang Hah Ham An

    1. Weak list. Here's my list: "Hangman Harah" (as in "Ayin Harah")

  6. See SERIAL ABDUCTOR ? The Case of Missing Hannah Graham.


    This is getting creepy, there are several indications that Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr. might be a serial perpetrator of numerous abductions. Hannah Graham being his latest victim.

    Nine victims, all of whom have disappeared in the past four years along a path that roughly follows Route 29 from Northern Virginia south to the Roanoke area: Morgan Harrington, Alexis Murphy, Cassandra Morton, Samantha Clarke, Jamisha Gilbert, Dashad “Sage” Smith, Heather Hodges, Bethany Decker and Cara Marie Holley....

    More at the above link.

  7. Do the Muslims in Jamaat ul-Fuqra wear something like what Jesse Matthew is wearing in that surveillance video?

    1. What is he wearing?

      ... and why search for a Muslim tie-in for what is probably a case of sexual predation?

      Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

    2. I'm not searching. I'm asking.

      I do find it strange that nobody on our local news coverage has even mentioned what he was wearing.

    3. AOW, you know how many young men that age wear dresses. What's the MATTER with you? (sarc)
      This might not be a muslim extremist; maybe he's a cross dresser and just HAD to have Hannah's blouse or something?

      But, seriously...the problem is the media not discussing it. I'd have thought a young man wearing a dress might at least question his allegiance. I hope the background checks on him are not being ignored out of political incorrectness? "Oh, gee...he may practice extreme islam; he could be the perp, but .....let's not say so"

      But is he just a horny extremist or is this a retribution killing?
      Poor girl.
      AOW, any talk of cops telling young girls it might not be a great idea to get stinking drunk late in a city and get in a stranger's car? naaa Not PC.

  8. Unrelated to the alleged abduction, black kid in a nearby county was rushed to the hospital after she fell out of her chair at school. Inside her cornrow hair-do, they found a next of black widow spiders. The kid died. Makes one wonder how that is even possible. I think about that every single time I see someone wearing dreadlocks.

    1. Howard Roark said

      The Mikkelsons who run Snoops are agenda-driven leftists. We can't believe anything they say.

    2. Duck,
      Ask anyone in Charlottesville if they think that Snopes is right about that one.

      For a while, "members" in JF frequently appeared on the streets of Charlottesville. I haven't heard about that for a while -- for whatever reason.

      Remember that I personally know individuals in Charlottesville. Not bloggers, I mean, although I now a few bloggers is that area, too.

  9. There has been a run on tin foil hats of late.

    1. Boyler Plaite said

      What is that overworked image supposed to mean? I'll bet you don't know any more than I do. Got any idea where it came from? Who said it first and why>

  10. I suspected this guy from the time I saw him on the video, but the police have to have more evidence to hold a suspect. Time will tell the end of this tale. I hope it works out well for this missing girl.

  11. The body of the blog post has been updated with information about the arrest of Jesse Matthew.

    Hannah Graham is still missing.

  12. The WaPo article now linked in the body of the blog post provides this information:

    Matthew, who was a defensive lineman on the Liberty University football team from 2000 to 2002, worked as a part-time volunteer coach at the private Christian Covenant School in Charlottesville since August. Matthew “is no longer associated with the school in any capacity,” headmaster George Sanker said Wednesday.

  13. AOW, don't worry; if convicted of murder, the media will bill him as "Christian football coach"..wait for it. You can have taught Sunday School 30 years ago and do something wrong and it'll be "Sunday School teacher murders.."

    I just saw the surveillance video on him again and I believe that's less a 'dress' than it is very baggy long shorts, by the way.

    1. Z,
      Jesse Matthew has invoked, so the police don't know any more now about Hannah Graham's whereabouts than they had a few days ago.

  14. Perhaps you already know by now: Hannah has been found. It isn't proven, but assumed. Appx. 10 or 11 miles from the abduction (if it could be called that) site. Same guy responsible for Harrington's death.

    Life is short on college campuses for some. Laruren Giddings almost made it out before her stalking, fantasy novel writing lawyer neighbor chopped her up. And, there are more. Too many to name? Maybe not.


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