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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Insurance Notice We Received (NOT Health Insurance)

Note the wording, the kind of wording that Mr. AOW and I have never before seen on any of our insurance policies (Yes, we do read our insurance policies word-for-word):

We are receiving a $58 rebate on the 2014-2015 premium we paid about 10 days ago.

Two questions:

1. Has anybody else reading this blog post received any similar information about changes in policy coverage?

2. What has prompted this change in wording?


  1. Perhaps in the past, there was no chance that the parent corporation would survive the event, but with globalism, there is now a chance that a corporate entity might and be liable to survivors and/or their heirs.

  2. "What has prompted this change in wording?"

    When there's nothing left but FEMA camps after society collapses, the insurance company will not cover your losses.

  3. "What has prompted this change in wording?"

  4. They must have been in touch with Obama or Valerie Jarrett. No doubt it was posted in the Federal register by one of their minions by one of their agencies for implementation. "Seizure by Military" sounds about right.

  5. "What has prompted this change in wording?"
    The unsafe world Obama is propagating. And any Martial law Holder's got up his sleeve.

    STEVEN SOTLOFF has been beheaded. But the State Dept won't "put any labels on it." "Horrific" is a word they're using..."Is there any doubt the US is at war with ISIS when two Americans have been killed?" "I'm not going to put any labels...we're concerned on ISIS and it's interests in the region...a coalition must be built."
    I agree about a coalition...that comes in after WE LEAD ....
    ah, well. That was the better America.

    1. Meanwhile the final trial of the Blackwater mercenaries (but we don't call them by name, do we?) for the slaughter in Ninsour Square is wrapping up.

      One podcast run by commies reported on the testimony of a father whose youngest son was shot in the back seat of the family car while it was stopped in traffic. Just shot dead for no reason. The man started crying uncontrollably on the stand (these Muslim animals have normal emotions?) and the judge had to ask that the jury be removed.

      These "security forces" will skate. We can't have it ruled that we are also capable of barbarity.

      Besides, it would tie our hands in the "war on terror". Right?

    2. DUcky...so whatever ISIS does is fine because some American mercenaries acted violently, too? You think anyone thinks that way? And, by the way, that poor child who was killed might have been collateral damage; that happens way too much. Here's the difference between most Americans and Islamists; we don't TRY for collateral, we are slapped up one side and down the other by leftwing journalists who completely forget (as you have, always) that collateral damage is the goal of islamists. You do understand that, right?
      Don't worry, Ducky....we know you will put muslims first always. I hate to burst your bubble (or open your eyes, because you have read my blog in the past without being willing to see the truth) but, as you very well know, I do not hate muslims either. I hate jihadists, islamists, fanatics.
      OOps...now we'll get Ducky's sermon on fanatical Christians, right?

    3. No, z and don't be foolish.

      It will benefit us to understand just how our hubris contributed to this sate of affairs.
      Quit dwelling in Reagan la-la land where America is perfect and when it isn't it's because something came from without.

      I don't put Muslims first. But when a group of American butchers stitch a kid in the back seat of his car for no reason I have enough damn humanity to know that's evil also. You apparently don't because it would tarnish your "shining city on the hill" nonsense.

    4. AOW, isn't it academic? ISIS isn't a state.

      Is it important within th scope of this problem?

    5. Z, does the Nisoor Square massacre mean anything to you.

      Probably not. It doesn't get much play in the American press.
      That darn "liberal media".

    6. Duck,
      isn't it academic? ISIS isn't a state.

      In my view, we are watching the birth of a new nation state -- the Islamic State.

      IS is not Al Qaeda. IS is funded -- perhaps to the tune of assets totaling over $1 billion with $1 million dollars a day coming in via the sale of oil.

    7. t doesn't matte in the least, whether or not ISIS or Al Qaida or Hamas or any of these savage groups is a "state. " They are profoundly evil ENTITIES who mean to ruin, despoil and possibly destroy OUR lives, OUR world, OUR way of life, OUR religions, OUR government, OUR Civilization. As such they must be EXTIRPATED, EXTERMINATED, ANNIHILATED by any means fair or foul. Anyone who tries to defend THEM by defaming US is a TRITOR who deserves to be arrested, imprisoned in solitary confinement, then dragged from his call, tied to a post, blindfolded and SHOT DEAD by a Firing Squad.

  6. Arab-esque said:

    Hapless. Helpless. Hopeless. Just stop paying the premiums. You're just flushing money down the toilet without even using it to wipe yourself.

    Besides, if we ever have a nuclear attack on our own soil or that of a near neighbor, money will stop being worth anything, and there won't be anything to buy. People will turn into roving bands of marauders. theft, vandalism, breaking and entering, rape, torture, murder and kidnapping will reign supreme and unchallenged. Your life won be worth a plug nickel. Suicide and mercy killing of dependents will quickly become the only sane, viable option. You'd better concentrate on praying, because neither you nor I will have anything else to rely on.

  7. Must be a few nukes in their coverage area.

  8. Interesting, I've never noticed. I don't read our policies, I leave that up to hubby. Perhaps I should.

    Right Truth

  9. I think the change has been my acquisition of a nuclear device.... But seriously. warren buffet for example, who's fund owns some insurance companies absolutely believes, for the purpose of rick assessment, that a nuke will be set off in the USA before long. 5, 10 15 years? Who knows, but it is there as an accepted event by those who are paid to analyze such things.


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