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Monday, September 29, 2014

Video: Jihad vs. Crusades

I'm still under water with a heavy workload of grading essays, but here is something to consider (hat tip to Joe Conservative):

A bit of reading: Obama Admits Islam Biggest Cause of Conflict in the World.


  1. The extremists among the Muslims are hyper-critical hypocrites and hypocrites concerning the Crusades. This applies to their left-wing politically-correct apologists in the US.

    Yes, Christians from Western Europe attacked the Israel area, murdering and raping and pillaging and making the streets run red with blood in these Middle Ages events called the Crusades. All the while forcing people to worship a God they did not believe in, on threat of death.

    But it must be recalled that Muslim invaders (also outsiders) a few hundred years before the Crusades did the same thing in this region, if not worse. And as they reconquered it, and after they did, they continued a reign of rape, plunder, and murder.

    1. You've just provided a good capsule history of mankind since the beginning of tribal organization and rival communities. Envy-inspired malice masquerading as "righteousness" leading to attack, conquest, theft and subjugation is what our species tends to do. Terrible, of course but a truth that cannot be denied. The Old Testament of our Bible is full of it.

      Unless and until we, -- as a species, -- can learn that "US" and "THEM" are one and the same, we will never get past this endless series of vicious cycles that keep us from fulfilling our potential.

  2. " Obama Admits Islam Biggest Cause of Conflict in the World."

    And most of the rest is caused by the evil, unjust ideology that is socialism.

    1. That may be true, but everything we must deal with today is the result of a very long series of CHAIN REACTIONS. It will never end, unless "we" accept "our" share of responsibility for the undesirable events occurring now.

      "We" must stop the evil by ABSORBING it, instead of passing it back in endless retaliatory gestures that serve only to keep it alive -- and GROWING.

      Merely being "in the right" is nowhere near enough. We must also be WISE. ALAS! we are anything but, because we prefer indulgence in tantrums of righteous indignation to doing what is necessary to halt the onslaught of evil.

    2. Clearly... Specifically... Without Personal Prejudice... DEFINE Evil FT.

      If... You... Can.

    3. FT,
      "We" must stop the evil by ABSORBING it

      How, exactly, do we absorb these atrocities?

  3. Related to the reading link at the bottom of this body of this blog post: Why Obama Can’t Say His Spies Underestimated ISIS ( in The Daily Beast).

    1. He can't blame Bush either. Because Obama himself put a rubber stamp of strong approval on the results of his Iraq policy for the past 5 years.

      And his administration has called the Iraq policy one of Obama's great achievements:


    2. Dmarks,
      Those "achievements" don't look like achievements now, do they?

  4. Excellent video! It does put the faux crusades argument in its proper perspective.

    1. Yes, and by extension the Inquisition v. Communism canard as well.

    2. From whom did the Inquisitors learn their torture techniques?

  5. FreeThinke:

    "We" must accept "our" share of responsibility for .... undesirable outcomes?

    I am not responsible for 9/11, Fort Hood, Christmas Day bomber, Times Square bomber, Boston massacre, a beheading in Oklahoma with a second beheading threat already in the queue.

    The individuals who committed crimes which were coat-tailed onto devotion to an ideology are responsible for their actions against Americans. I don't wring my hands over acts of terror. Evil acts not worthy of analysis. Evil must be recognized and dealt with appropriately. I am sure none of us would dare approach Mr. Hufford and blather that he must accept his share of responsibility for his wife's unusually cruel manner of death.

    Tammy Swofford

    1. Tammy,
      What is "our" share of responsibility?

      Perhaps having elected political leaders who subscribe to the poison of muticulturalism, political correctness, moral relativity, etc.

      But as individuals? No -- unless we are ourselves devotees of the above poisons and suicide pacts.

      I am sure none of us would dare approach Mr. Hufford and blather that he must accept his share of responsibility for his wife's unusually cruel manner of death.

      No kidding!

      Nolen will face the death penalty, which should be carried out if he's found guilty of this heinous murder. Any rehabilitation for him is assigned to eternity.


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