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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Knocking On The Door (With Addendum)

Foreign-policy checkmate?

“I am Steven Joel Sotloff”

“I am sure you know exactly who I am by now and why I am appearing before you, and now it is time for my message. Obama your foreign policy of Intervention in Iraq was supposed to be for the preservation of American lives and interests, so why is it that I’m having to pay the price of your interference with my life. Am I not an American Citizen? You’ve spent billions of US Tax payers dollars and we’ve lost thousands of our troops in our previous fighting against the Islamic state. So where is the American people’s interests in re-igniting this war? From what little I know about foreign policy, I remember a time when you cannot win an election without promising to bring our troops back home from Iraq and and from Afghanistan and to close down Guantanamo. Here you are now Obama nearing the end of your term and having achieved none of the above, deceivingly marching us the American people into a blazing fire.”

The Islamic Terrorist, dubbed “Jihadi John” then prepares his message).

“I’m back Obama and I’m back because of your arrogant foreign policy towards the Islamic state, because of your insistence in continuing your bombings in Amelie, Amerli and the Mosul Dam despite our serious warnings. You Obama have yet again, through your actions, killed yet another American Citizen, so just as your missiles continue to strike our people, our Knife will continue to strike the necks of your people.”

(At this point the Beheading has taken place and the Mohammedan says a short concluding message).

“We take this opportunity to warn those governments who have entered this evil alliance of America against the Islamic State to back off and leave our people alone.”

(The next victim shown is a British man named David Cawthorne Haines).

Video HERE.
Additional reading: President Obama’s unnerving happy talk.

ADDENDUM: Now that the beheading of Steven Sotloff has been confirmed, Obama takes this position: Degrade ISIS until they are a manageable problem. Must-watch, two-minute video HERE! He says, "First and foremost, the Muslims" are the most severely affected by ISIS's destruction.


  1. Replies
    1. That's pretty scary if you don't think about it too hard.

  2. .

    Checkmate?! Really?!

    "... Raise Fears of Suicide Airliner Attacks on 9/11."

    Oh let USA all soil ourselves because some third world group shows a video tape of the killing of a person. Get a grip. This is propaganda.

    This is hardly checkmate, mate. If this is anything, it is a poison-pawn. So stop being a frighten pawn in the game.

    Ema Nymton

    1. Ema,
      I'm not frightened. Neither am I a pawn.

      You, on the other hand, are a pawn and a voracious gobbler of propaganda.

    2. And one more thing: IS is not Al Qaeda. IS is funded -- perhaps to the tune of assets totaling over $1 billion with $1 million dollars a day coming in via the sale of oil.

      Not exactly some third world group.

    3. It doesn't matte in the least, whether or not ISIS or Al Qaida or Hamas or any of these savage groups is a "state." They are profoundly evil ENTITIES who mean to ruin, despoil and possibly destroy OUR lives, OUR world, OUR way of life, OUR religions, OUR government, OUR History, and OUR Civilization. As such they must be EXTIRPATED, EXTERMINATED, ANNIHILATED by any means fair or foul. If they ever get their hands on nuclear weapons, the civilized world will soon be reduced to a mountain range of smoking ash heaps.

      Anyone who tries to defend these despicable savages by a prissy, limp-wristed, academically-inspired insistence that we have never taken the trouble to "understand" their depraved, benighted "culture," or by defaming anything "WE" have done is a TRAITOR who deserves to be arrested, imprisoned in solitary confinement, then dragged from his (or her) call, tied to a post, blindfolded and SHOT to DEATH by a Firing Squad.



    4. AOW: Did another of my pet trolls escape? I don't need to tell you that Ema is an especially good example of a left wing Kool Aid drinker. There's no point he/she/it makes that is worth considering. Besides, he/she/it was not born in this country and refuses to disclose her/his/its status as an immigrant legal or otherwise. In short, a complete waste of time unless it's as a further illustration of just how stupid these people are. Did we really need more proof?

    5. Enema said "Get a grip. This is propaganda".

      Actually enema it is murder of an American Citizen, Murder of a General and murder of thousands of people by a terror group.

  3. Obama vows to ‘destroy and degrade’ Islamic State after latest beheading... We will not rest until these people responsible are brought to Justice” .......Did anyone find this revelation stunning? I mean JUST YESTERDAY Obama's press secretary said they had a "COMPREHENSIVE PLAN" to deal with ISIS. Of course when pressed for details he had nothing but it's still a stunning reversal from the golfer n chief.
    And make NO mistake about it, if that “female dog” Hillary Klinton every gets her hands on the White House you can count on more of the same except with less smiling.

  4. Can you imagine FDR or Churchill saying "DEGRADE ISIS UNTIL THEY ARE A MANAGEABLE PROBLEM"? Please take a few moments to read that link.

    1. Of course not! Our playboy president is a de facto TRAITOR, AOW.

      There's really no other way to describe him properly. It's impossible for any serious person to take him seriously, but the duped, damned, self-rghteous, hopelessly-deluded, often degenerate Left and the vicious, effete, demonically insidious "intellectuals" who inspired their self-destructive policies will continue to defend Ovomit and blame Bush, even as the bombs fall over their smug, dimwitted, self-congratulatory, supercilious heads, or as fusillades of machine gun fire in the streets smash them to red jelly before they can hit the pavement.

      One wonders if they will Praise Marx as the Red Death manifests itself everywhere around them, and die serenely and contentedly with Ovomit's name murmured lovingly on their lips?


  5. "Destroy and degrade!" ? Is he for real?
    Does anyone take this guy seriously?
    Does ISIS believe you? Do Americans believe you? Given the way you've botched America's other military involvements, sacrificed the blood of courageous American soldiers to no purpose, and emasculated our military, will Americans back you?

    He's lied on everything he campaigned on.
    He's lied about corruption in his various agencies.
    He's drawn lines in sand.
    He's allowed America to be invaded at our southern boarder just to secure a few votes.
    Obama vows to destroy and degrade Islamic State ..I cannot even stand to hear his voice any longer.
    Ewhat has he done in Boko Haram in Nigeria, or Lashkar-e-Taiba in India, or Hamas in
    Gaza, or Hezbollah in Lebanon or al-Qaida, OR ISIS IN SYRIA/IRAQ??

    What is the Coward in chief going to do now.
    1. Play Golf?
    2. Fund Raise?
    3. Party with George Clooney?
    4. Play basketball with Alonzo Morning?
    This man is despicable.


  6. Face it, Barack Hussein Obama is just a Tan Tailored Empty Suit. No resume, no accomplishments, no guts, no experience, no original ideas, no understanding of how the economy works, no understanding of how the world works, no balls, nothing but a bunch of usual, typical empty speeches. All talk and no substance, completely lacking gits.
    The way Obama sees these this is that these beheadings have screwed up his golf game!

    How about you progressives? Are you as ready to want to puke as I am? I doubt it, I think, that like Obama, you lie, and make stupid excuses for him, just as you have been doing in the past. Go ahead and blame us republicans, or Bush, or the Tea party, (I mean us “Baggers”)
    Just you watch, Obama will do nothing and has done nothing HE has allowed this to take place. He is the most worthless President in the history of this nation. This is one time he cannot lie or campaign his way out of the real truth and it will be his downfall.
    Tough talk is NO WAY to deal with a thing like this. Let the U.S. Marines deal with the Bastards, it’s the only way. They know exactly how to.

  7. Foreign policy is not, and should not be dictated by murders of freelance journalists in a combat zone. IS should indeed be destroyed, but it won't be by air power alone....or unilaterally. Instead of incessant whining in pursuit of political expediency, a certain caucus in both Houses of Congress can call for a declaration of war, and force Obama's hand.

    1. CI,
      a certain caucus in both Houses of Congress can call for a declaration of war, and force Obama's hand


      Obama's non-reactions and " dithering" serve to empower IS in that the ummah are seeing IS as winning and thereby fulfilling the will of Allah. As long as IS is seeing winning and, therefore, fulfilling the will of Allah.

  8. The Ostrich-in-Chief? His head is buried in one of those damn holes at the golf course.

    Glad I am no longer under chain of command.

    The countdown continues to 9/11/2014. Naturally, the attack on our ambassador to Libya on 9/11, his death and the death of some of his protection detail were not a "terror attack" if one is to believe the White House script.

    I suppose if we have another attack on 9/11 it will be attributed to "workplace violence" just like the actions of Nidal Hassan at Fort Hood. Hope the workplace violence doesn't take place at a day care center in a sleepy town in Ohio, or a shopping mall.

    I sent AOW the video of the death of Sotloff before it disappeared from a Facebook page. These barbarians will stop at nothing. When they run out of American and British captives they will take to kidnapping tourists for their resupply of what they term both "slaughter" and "sacrifice" in the name of Allah. When they run out of men, they will behead the female aid worker. Prediction? The stage will be crafted and a woman will wield the knife. A woman will take the first swipe at the vital blood supply to the brain.

    Meantime, those who act like they have already suffered an ischemic stroke will carry on.

    Underwear bombs and shoe bombs? Dismembered limbs and lost lives at Boston? Try to forget it all.

    Swofford.... never forgets 9/11. This has nothing to do with hatred and everything to do with preservation of American civilization and our Constitutional values and the hard-earned freedoms gifted by our generations.


  9. Here is what scares me, and trust me, I don't scare too easily.. Obama is the worst and the most disastrous president in the history of this nation. Make NO mistake about that!
    He has no respect for the office he holds issuing exec. order after exec. order. He has destroyed our healthcare system
    Not only is this "president" incompetent, he is dangerous and is hell-bent on tearing down our economy and replacing it with his version of a Marxist/Socialist utopia. He is the most narcissistic person that I can think of.
    If we were to have to engage in a real WAR with him at the helm, I'm not at all confident out the outcome.
    The first step is the November midterms to get rid of enough of these DIMWIT Democrats to control the Senate along with the House. Lets “Hope” that this “Change” will be a good one...I hope

    1. Sorry, SE, but the title Worst and Most Dangerous President in Our History belongs to ABRAHAM LINCOLN -- not Barack Hussein Obama -- at least not yet. Unfortunately, he still has time to do even more dirty work -- filthy communist bastard, fake Christian, and de factoTRAITOR that he is.

      Even so, LINCOLN was directly responsible for the death of SIX-HUNDRED THIRTY-FIVE-THOUSAND American men, and millions more maimed, blinded, horribly wounded, make chronically ill, driven insane and reduced to abject poverty -- to say nothing of the millions of widows and orphans he made, the ruined business establishments, the blighted communities, and the legacy of desperate DIRT POVERTY that overtook the South for nearly a hundred years after Lincoln's despicable, totally unnecessary war finally ended.

    2. FreeThinke, I am impressed with your opinion of Lincoln. I agree with it completely. However, to spare the feelings of fellow conservatives who are not so informed, I generally don't bring it up unless there's a pressing reason.

    3. Well, Stogie, I'm one of those awful people who believes the Truth will make us free, even when it's unpleasant to hear, as it so often is. I also don't believe in taboos for the same reason. I also don't like wild, unreasoned expression of hatred [i.e. BOILERPLATE] -- even when I don't much like the object of those attacks, myself.

      When Screaming Eagle up there called Obama the worst president we've ever had, I felt I had to correct him, even though I knew most would not agree with me. The pervasive myth about Lincoln's being a secular saint has bothered the hell out of me, ever since I started to think for myself a very long time ago.

      That Lincoln today is the much vaunted Darling of Liberals made me all the more suspicious and ultimately resentful of the destructive role he actually played.

  10. Depending, of course, upon who and how you judges Obama’s failure(s) or (success, if he had any). But yes the answer is in the eyes of the one who judges him... to the ding-bat Liberals-Progressives and the Retarded, the Moon-Bats who put him in office I guess that he has been a marvelous success. After all he has accomplished what he set out to do. His role was to bring the USA down to the level of a third-world non-imperialist nation. Don’t forget that he said that we (the USA) were an arrogant Nation. Remember that speech he made in Cairo? Well I do
    He falsified history, he built up the Middle East and Islam, while he disparaged the United States! Remember the Cover-up after the attack on our embassy in Benghazi.
    Remember when he wouldn’t use the words, “radical, Islamic, jihad, or terrorists”
    Well lets see what he’s going to do now!!! I predict NOTHING. Period.

  11. Poor inept little Barack "we have no strategy" Obama is in so far over his head and obviously has decided to surround himself with the likes of dudes who don’t know their azzs from their elbows. . It́s no wonder he feels more comfortable campaigning, fund-raising, hangin out with the fat Boys in Hollyweird. and golfing
    Well what can we expect from a skinny, ghetto crackhead in a Tan suit?

    1. U din' think he's inept at all, Rusty. I think he is an EXPERT at doing exactly what he was put in office by the Master Manipulators and String Pullers to do -- namely DESTROY AMERICA'S ASCENDANCY, DESTROY HER SOVEREIGNTY, and reduce her to Turd World status asap.

      If that has not been his INTENT, he has still done a superb job of doung it anyway.

      In the real world RESULTS are ALL that COUNT.

  12. What a ass that Obama is just ,as usual, reading some college interns words from a teleprompter.
    He'll stutter, stammer & pause like he's thinking it all up but we can see his beady little eyes reading each line.

    Obama ignored all warnings of the world's highest funded and most dangerous terrorist organization, and now he's got no Strategy?

  13. Does it mean "Manage ISIS" but, by all means, let them exist as they please? Isn't that a 'manage' message?

    I'm remembering the ridiculous slams on Bush for not DOING SOMETHING because they KNEW AIRPORTS WOULD BE ATTACKED back in 2001. I'm never quite sure if liberals mean that he should have closed ALL airports for the duration, or...? No, his admin couldn't do much without more information.

    Now we have Obama THIS neglectful of what he ought to be doing to protect us and where's the outrage? Will the libs, if we're (God forbid) hit hard again and soon, have the courage or honesty to say "Obama had a target he could have hit and he didn't?"
    Ya, right...That'd happen

    1. Your intimation that there is soe way to unilaterally destroy ISIS indicates you've been asleep for the last decade and a half.

      Did we learn anything when we reacted brashly to 9/11 without any forethought?
      Not in some circles.

    2. Ducky; whatever you gleaned from some intimation by me couldn't be farther than my truth. There IS NOW WAY to stop these people, not all of them. You know I know that, too.

      Some circles are healthy and care enough about this country enough to at least try to take action. You supposedly have lived amongst Arabs in their lands and I've never known anyone who doesn't understand the mentality in spite of that quite as much as you.
      We cannot let them exist as they please....you DO understand that, right? I know dead Americans have never been your thing; you even called for the death of Breitbart, but really? Can't you conger ANY appreciation for this country that's given you quite a lot?
      I hope so. For your sake. It helps the heart to feel gratitude.

  14. Ema Nymton Said:
    "Checkmate?! Really?
    "... Raise Fears of Suicide Airliner Attacks on 9/11."
    Oh let USA all soil ourselves because some third world group shows a video tape of the killing of a person. Get a grip. This is propaganda.
    This is hardly checkmate, mate. If this is anything, it is a poison-pawn. So stop being a frighten pawn in the game."



  15. Lots of conservatives/baggers believe and obsess on these very special, very cockeyed notions about Mr. Obama ("Ovomit" or "Obummer" to them). But these people have yet to look within their deeply troubled souls to understand why they so eagerly embrace this sort of idiocy.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Progressive Queen. You're not even making a sensible argument here. All you are doing is throwing out cheap insults. That merely invites others to comment on your lack of intelligence. If you had a case to make (and that is doubtful) it would be far stronger is you stated clearly and without the name calling. Instead, you've issued a license for anyone to engage in similar behavior. Thus, YOU are to blame for the poor quality of discussion to which you also seem to object. Again, I doubt this will sink into your limited comprehension since you people NEVER take responsibility for your own actions.

    3. Anonymous,
      Obscene comments are removed as soon as a blog administrator becomes aware of such comments.

    4. If obscene comments are remove on sight, then why did you not remove what Progressive Queen said? There could be nothing more obscene that that.

    5. Anonymous,
      1. "Obscene" as that term refers to the above removed comment was the use of particularly vulgar language. Minors do read this web site -- minors whom I personally know.

      2. There was a plethora of comments today. Other comments may also be removed as one of more of us administrators reads the comments.

  16. Barry Husein doesn't get, he will nevr geti, or maybe he doesn't want to get it. We are not impressed that ISIS is killing more muslims than amyone else. They've been doing that for about 1400 years. We still don't like it when they kill one of us.

  17. Contrast Obama's passionless, vapid statement with the forceful speech of British Prime Minister David Cameron. Cameron was not afraid to call out Islamic radicalism by name but also gave a list of very specific actions he was taking to combat the problem.

    By comparison Obama makes some vague muttering about "managing" the problem and organizing the Middle East? Is there even any evidence he's doing anything?

    As I said at Mike's America, Obama's passive dithering just plays into the hands of the Islamocrazies who see it as a sign from god that their cause is just. It's a shame Obama doesn't realize that. Surely someone somewhere in our national security bureaucracy has tried to tell him. But since he seems to prefer to avoid the subject and can't call this kind of Islamic terrorism what it is he's becoming more delusional every day.

  18. ISIS has identified their NEXT victim.

    WARNING - Graphic Cointent!

    This GUARANTEE's that America will be brought to her knees!

  19. @ The Progressive Queen,

    How is that Cognitive Dissonance working out for you? Hey, everybody makes mistakes; you aren't the only one!

  20. Enema,

    Well I see that they are letting you E-mail today; that's good. I hope that you are continuing to ware your helmet and the padding on the walls of your room remains secure. Have a great day!

  21. IS is holding prisoner a woman. In a few weeks, expect a video of that woman's beheading. Will the world react by yawning?

  22. "Will the world react by yawning?"

    I'm most curious as to how the Moslems here in the US react; if at all. We MUST NOT allow this element to grow. I don't think that we will ever find a permanent solution to the problems [they] create beyond our borders but as their % of the aggregate population increases so does their aggressiveness. It appears that various places in Europe are approaching a dangerous level. In the meantime we MUST, immediately, start taking steps to wean ourselves from dependence on the ME and North Africa.

  23. The most appropriate suit for this reprobate (other than a clown suit) would be one with alternating horizontal black and white stripes , a matching 'pill hat' and a ball & chain!


    Remember Obama's speech in Cairo in June 2009?

    It might be a good time right now to read that speech. The entire speech is at the above link -- over at Always On Watch Two (archived site). Does anything in that speech jump out at you now -- in 2014?

  25. Good article on the real target of ISIS

    The relationship between Whbists and the house of Saud has always ben a little shaky.

    1. Duck,
      Possibly, IS has issued some kind of statement about destroying the Kaaba in Mecca. See this. Excerpt:

      If Allah wills, we will kill those who worship stones in Mecca and destroy the Kaaba. People go to Mecca to touch the stones, not for Allah.

      Do a Google search of "isis mecca destruction" -- without the quotation marks.


      Saudi Arabia itself is sacred land according to the ummah. As a result, the control thereof is considered very desirable and part of the fulfillment of the will of Allah.

  26. AOW,

    The monarch of Saudi Arabia holds the titular office of "Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques". The third holiest site is al-Aqsa (the distant) mosque in Jerusalem.

    Saudi Arabia is sometimes referred to as the "cradle of Islam".


  27. Those people are obviously RACISTS.


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