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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Spoliation Of Evidence

Must-watch video from June 23, 2014:


  1. Similar to taking the fifth?

    His quoting Carney that the IRS scandal was a rogue operation reminded me of the WH blaming Benghazi on a video.
    A pattern of corruption.

  2. What a nasty arrogant man. A perfect representative for the IRS

    1. Not really true. I watched an entire hearing with Koskinen in the "hot sea" and for the most part he behaved wih great dignity, spoke very well in quiet, measured, well-modulated tones, and showed very little evidence of the emotional strain he must have been feeling. Frankly i was a pleasure to hear someone who didn't sound like an uncouth hick, a moron, a pompous airhead, a brazen Midwestern housewife with a voice like a vegetable grater, an unabashed Ebonic, or a hard-edged Harvard-educated cynic with a rich Jewish accent.

      BU I have o agree Koskinen MUST be acting as a STOOGE for the 'Bamadministration, which ought to be labeled he NRA (for Negroes
      Run Amok).

    2. FT,
      Koskinen may well be able to speak very well in quiet, measured, well-modulated tones, and showed very little evidence of the emotional strain he must have been feeling. However, all that proves to me is that he is a silver-tongued devil.

      Koskinen wasn't appointed till 2013; therefore, he has the advantag of plausible deniability, which results in a comfort zone for him.

    3. It wasn't the words. The expression said it all. Covering for dear old Lois.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Yesterday we learned that only 36% of Americans support this corrupt Administration of Obama. . You can count the few idiots on this and other boards Sallow as some of the Obama Zombies who don't give a damn about the truth.. and support, serve at the President's pleasure..These Progressive, Liberals, and DumbaRats tried to turn Obama's scandals into a Republican conspiracy, just like she said about Bubba's problems with Monica all know now was a Freeken lie by liberals as well.. It's a pattern we see .. Is it any wonder these idiots elect the biggest liar's ever !

    These Obama Zombies like Liberalmann, Ducky, Jersey and the rest are all a bunch of Zombies who will believe anything the Liar-In -Chief says.

  5. If the US Presidential Administration is ever restored to credibility, it appears that Gowdy would be a good shot for Attorney General; unlike that worm we have at present! However, I'm not holding my breath for restoration of a credible Administration as this Nation continues on a path of steep decline.

    1. Yes, but GOWDY is too aggressive -- too irate -- too intense -- too "Southern," snd too easily labeled a "bully." What we really need are good CONSERVATIVE NEGROES in the White House, the State Department, the IRS, the Justice Department, the Supreme Court, the Senate, the House of Representatives and m the News Media. In addition we need much much MUCH less Jewish Influence in the educational and legal systems and in the field of Journalism.

      Jews are VASTLY over-represened, while Conservative Negroes are vastly UNDER-represened in these fields.

  6. Meanwhile: IRS ADMITS LEAKING CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Used Against Mitt Romney in 2012 Elections.


    ...The IRS agreed this week to pay only $50,000 in damages to the National Organization for Marriage after leaking confidential information to a leading gay marriage group...

    1. How stupid! That certainly won't do anything to help advance the cause of Marriage Equality.

  7. Replies
    1. Comment at the above link:

      Edward Teach • 24 minutes ago

      Lois Lerner took an ax
      and gave her hard drive forty whacks,
      and when she saw what she had done,
      she gave six others forty one.

      And yet some backups did exist,
      so carefully she made a list.
      So when she found them, she was not slow,
      To give those too the old heave ho.

  8. An IRS agent named Lerner
    Was so partisan no one could turn her
    From the perversion
    Of her rabid excursion
    Casting Tea Partiers into the Burner.

    This bigot's self-styled Holocaust
    Sent the Law to the Land of the Lost
    Where Truth is X-rated,
    Then incinerated
    And Decency out to sea tossed.

    ~ FreeThinke

  9. And not a one of you has the moral character to see a problem with these groups posing as social welfare organizations. Amazing.


    1. You got to be one of the blindest people to frequent conservative boards!

      Have you not caught on yet to the fact that most on these boards are snickering at you, then ignoring you?

      AOW, you should start deleting this deluded avatar the minute that his comments appear.

    2. because everyone knows that only Leftist organizations like ACORN, the ACLU, the NNACP, et al, have the societies "welfare" in mind...

  10. AOW...another COINCIDENCE! Isn't that amazing? Can you IMAGINE if Republicans had these 'coincidences'? The news would NEVER be off it. As it is, they're barely covering this whole situation because it's "just Republican politics"! :-)
    I got so tired of watching Koskinen smug arrogance....smiling while people were so seriously trying to get information out. I suppose if you're that ideological, you just see this all as a big joke. He'd better start taking it seriously; the things he didn't do, or didn't say, and doesn't remember are signs he might be ill AND ideological/lying.

    1. Z,
      It really is TOO MUCH!

      Were Obama a Republican and all this were happening on a Republican's watch, I'd condemn that administration.

  11. The Obama administration is as arrogant as their Chief is. This contemptuous lie by the IRS shows the contempt they have for the American people.
    They lie from the top to the bottom. Lies like these were part of the old soviet Union era….they are not supposed to be told here without repercussion. The very idea that the IRS would say such a lie straight faced to he American people shows the contempt they have for us. This contempt for the people emanates from Obama and all of his cronies. On this contemptuous lie alone, the citizens should be storming Washington with pitchforks and torches like an old ‘Frankenstein ‘ movie. The republicans are yelling ‘liar’ to their faces but it doesn’t mean anything because they just don’t care. This regime is and was a sham right from day one. . Lois Lerner should be jailed for this slap to faces of the American people


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