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Friday, June 27, 2014

Democrats — Then And Now

With a hat tip to TOTUS:


Also see Illegal Immigrants Hopping 'Death Train' to US, Hoping for Amnesty — the direct result of the immigration policies of the Democratic Party's Obama administration. The 21st Century equivalent of slave trafficking? Certainly what's happening with this influx of illegal immigrants will result in a heavier burden for American taxpayers, and the tax burden will be both national and local.


  1. Any way you choose to view it, "government" always has -- and always will -- function as an agent of FORCE -- i.e. COERCION.

    The very fact that most acknowledge a need for SOME form of government constitutes a tacit admission among those capable of thought that the vast majority in any given population can NOT benefit from LIBERTY, because they have neither the wisdom, the knowledge, the moral fiber, nor a sufficient degree of piety to prevent themselves from abusing freedom, thus making a travesty of Liberty.

    The Achilles Heel, as it were, in our Founding lies in the unfortunate, ill-consiered phrase "all men are created equal."

    What the Founders might have meant there was either lost, ignored -- or deliberately thrown away long ago -- in a series of willful, agenda-driven populist- socialist-communist, utopian, pseudo-egaliarian initiatives.

    The Ascent of the Common Man has brought little but Grief, -- escalating conflict on a formerly unprecedented scale, and ever-increasing carnage to this always troubled sphere.

    It should be painfully obvious to anyone with a modicum of intelligence that the populace in this -- and every other society in recorded history -- is most decidedly NOT comprised of individuals of equal beauty, brains, talent, motivation or animal magnetism, better known these days as "charisma."

    In Auguries of Innocence the eighteenth-century poet, artist and mystic, William Blake observed:

    ... Every night and every morn
    Some to misery are born.
    Every morn and every night
    Some are born to sweet delight.
    Some are born to sweet delight,
    Some are born to endless night. ...

    Of course, he was not content to leave it at that, and went on to urge the pursuit of a more perfect understanding of God to find peace in the reconciliation of one's true place in the Universe with one's dreams and desires. Salvation -- better understood as Fulfillment of one's potential -- may be achieved NOT through obtaining the mythical state of literal "EQUALITY" for all, but through Understanding, Acceptance, and dutiful Performance of whatever role one is best suited to play in The Great Scheme of Things.

    In plain English it would be preferable for all concerned to be a good trash collector than a bad bank president or a corrupt mayor.

    What has been lacking all along is the EQUAL DEGREE of RESPECT and APPRECIATION all of us owe each other for the various roles we play, however humble, -- ALL of which are necessary in order to maintain a flourishing society.

    Voltaire got it right in Candide when he claimed it would be better for each of us to tend his own garden than to try to change the world to suit our peculiar notions of what may be right, good and true.

    Voltaire seems to have had a lot in common with Bilbo Baggins here, doesn't he? ;-)

    1. Dolores Heinlein-PaineJune 27, 2014 at 7:25:00 AM CDT

      Bravo! Bravo Mr. FreeThinke!

  2. To put in mildly, Democrats are for everything I'm against, and against everything that I am for.

  3. I love the People's Cube.

    We in the west have become decadent and decrepit, and our government are increasingly tyrannical and incompetent. Whether we realize it or not, we are all riding the DeathTrain.

  4. Pelosi is on her way to greet the so called "refugees." Welcome aboard the gravy train.

  5. "Upon arrival in the U.S., instead of being turned away, the Latino children are given taxpayer subsidized benefits that include housing, food, recreation, counseling, education, and legal advice."


  6. It's funny how people so lucky as to be citizens of the wealthiest greatest nation on the planet begrudge those who've had no such luck. It's like you morons think you deserve it.


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    3. The question you need to ask, Jersey, is this: Why do YOU think that OUTSIDERS, who cross our borders illegally -- people who have have made NO positive contribution whatsoever to the development of this country, and done nothing to help sustain her through her many crises -- why do you believe that THOSE people are MORE "deserving" of OUR heritage than WE are?

      I hope you recognize the importance of the question, and try to give i due consideration.

      Also, have you lost all faith in The Rule of Law, and would, therefore, prefer a Might Makes Right approach to the guidance and control of human affairs?

  7. Wealth isn't created by [luck] and those who do create it "deserve" it! Do you ever have a cogent point to make?

  8. With respect to immigration policy-vs-reality.Does anyone realize that businesses, not all but certainly a significant number, have an interest in employing unskilled immigrants for unskilled laboring jobs because it keeps labor cost down and increases profits?

    This is why the I of 9 form and its use was relatively ineffective at controlling illegal immigration.

    Fact of the matter is if government, faithfully supported by business really wanted to control illegal immigration it would happen. But as long as jobs are made available to illegals there will always be a problem with illegal immigration.

    Don't just blame the Obama administration as the problem is far deeper and goes back a long time.

    Things are never as simplistic as often presented.

    1. That may be partially true, RN, but at least those particular illegal immigrants you cite are being PRODUCTIVE, and employers are pleased to hire them NOT because they are "CHEAP," but because for the most they are good, solid, steady, dependable workers GRATEFUL for their employment.

      The other side of the coin, which you failed to acknowledge, reveals the shabby, self-serving, frankly demented practices of Democrats who set up myriad WELFARE PROGRAMS in various guises that cynically LURE decidedly NON-productive illegal aliens -- i.e. the lame, the halt, the blind, the ill, the shiftless, the lazy, the pathetic, the criminal -- and above all the PREGNANT!!! -- to come here NOT to WORK but to TAKE ADVANTAGE of US Taxpayers and thus become an ever increasing BURDEN to the PRODUCTIVE class.

      The motive for those false-humanitarian initiatives?

      What else could it POSSIBLY BE but to provide an ever-increasing supply of future DEMOCRATS to ensure the corrupt bastards now ruling us to our detriment PERMANENT INCUMBENCY?

      Democrats with their smarmy, disingenuous piety and trumped up "concern" for the downtrodden have accomplished NOTHING since the advent of the New Deal but the continual weakening of the moral fiber of this nation, and the destruction of our national pride and belief in ourselves as a decent, highly achieving people.

      As a result we are being overrun by the Wretched of the Earth, a pathetic, easily manipulated lot whose presence in superabundance is certain to bring us down the Third World levels at record speed.

      Given that I'll take the "unscrupulous" employers over the conniving, traitorous fiends whose sole motive for many decades has been to increase and consolidation their political power, so they may exercise suzerainty over our once prosperous, proudly independent populace.

    2. All is as you say Captain. One should not differ with a sag lest they be branded.

  9. RN USA,

    "businesses, not all but certainly a significant number, have an interest in employing unskilled immigrants for unskilled laboring jobs"

    1) So why can't this need be met by [legally landed] immigrants?

    2) How will this need be met by "illegal children" immediately immersed in government dole? Color me very skeptical!

    1. Take the full comment, mull it over a bit longer and get back to me.

      Problem has been festering for years, we are now reaching critical mass and something logical and realistic must be done. Pointing fingers and assigning blame is simply counter produbtive.

  10. Sometime you wingnuts are just blatantly ridiculous.

  11. The comments above prove your point AOW

  12. Stewart sheds the right again...

  13. Cloward-Piven..obama...clinton...carter...lbj strategy Create a massive welfare state; destroy the middle class which destroys America, then recreate it in the communist/socialist/fascist meme.

    Anyone who doesn't see what's going on can't be paying taxes and making their own way. Outside of brainless celebrities who make millions for being morons.

    1. Yes to all of it, Kid, with one exception:

      Celebrities make millions not because THEY are morons, but because the PUBLIC is largely made up of ignorant, lazy-minded, gullible, tractable halfwits who may be counted on to follow any flamboyant, flashily-dressed "Pied Piper" the monster media moguls, who function as our "tastemakers," tart up and pay to march down the pike.

      It must be so, because what else could account for our swift descent from The Greatest Nation the World Has ever Known and The Envy of the World to the abysmal condition we suffer with today in less than fifty years?

      Our rapid decline and imminent fall HAS to be the product of demonically skillful manipulation by "evil geniuses" who long ago wormed their way into key positions of influence.

    2. Karl Marx (who stole and perverted the ideas of Hegel)

      The Frankfurt School (who stole and popularized the ideas of Gramsci)

      Roger Baldwin (early defender of Reds and funder of the ACLU)

      Sigmund Freud (who provided plausible excuses for bad behavior)

      Edward Bernays (the father of the modern advertising industry)

      Saul Alinsky (who gave malcontents the inspiration to destroy a civilization)

      Hollywood's Seductive power to pervert our basic sense of right and wrong

      The News Media (increasingly corrupted by leftist termites)

      The elite Universities (who welcomed and fed the Trojan Horse filled with Reds)

      THOSE have been the major influences who've brought us to our present predicament. Please feel free to add to the list or modify it, if you have evidence that either enhances or conracidicts the thesis at hand.

      [NOTE: Persistent vehemaent claims that this is all "silly nonsense," or the usual "Good is Evil, Evil is Good" mantra loudly chanted by the Left are not acceptable forms of argumentation.]

    3. I"m held in awe, spoken like a true Oracle.

  14. I wholeheartedly agree with your message.

  15. "Take the full comment, mull it over a bit longer and get back to me."

    Please, with all due respect, go back to the drawing board and also learn to spell! Who would take you serious?

  16. Not to worry comrades, glorious leader will help us overcome our raysist ways and show us how bringing in a bunch of 3rd world vermin will stimulate our economy and better all of our lives. So just Carry on amd don't ask questions!

  17. I await the happy news that Jersey has such great concern for the illegal immigrant children crossing our border that he has lined up to adopt one and feed, clothe, educate and provide for their health care needs for a couple of decades.

    Here is the deal. Your conviction, your sacrifice - not mine.

    This is not about a lack of compassion. This is about dollars in my pocket. I cannot afford to care for a child who belongs to other parents. It takes all of my income to care for my own.

    I also await the happy news that the POTUS and FLOTUS (throw in Nancy Pelosi) all have plans to adopt the child of an illegal immigrant to set the example for the rest of that.

    Hey! When every single member of Congress adopts one of these children, I slovenly swear (wink) that I will follow their own generous example! Until then, my income is to bless my own generations.

    *The Swofford family has a lifestyle of philanthropy toward the members of our community and fellow Americans. We will not allow ourselves to be beaten down with guilt regarding the billions of individuals in the world who suffer poverty due to their own piss poor governance models. We also resist attempts by the government to steal the last penny out of our pockets for illegal immigrant care.


    1. Tammy,
      I hope that you're not holding your breath as you await the happy news!

  18. Tammy,
    Many of us cannot afford any more taxpayer expense.

    Politicians -- a plague upon the land -- excel at spending other people's money. Much like parasitic relatives.


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