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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Funny (And More)

Not funny at all as the count of those fleeing Iraq approaches one million (hat tip to Randy's Roundtable):

Reading for today...DHS LEADER:It is inevitable the the Caliphate return, only choice for USA is support and The stage is being set for World War III.


  1. Fun? What Fun? How much more “Fun” can we take from Obama?
    Our first mistake is calling Obama incompetent. He is anything but incompetent, or “Fun” because he knows exactly what he is and has been doing and he is right on track, and on time with his plans. He's been very competent in destroying America, on time and as planned. Or don't you remember his promise that he'd fundamentally transform America? Pity no one thought to ask him what he meant back when he said it. Needless to say that ALL of these idiotic progressives etc who voted for this #@$&! shares the blame for our current situation YOU may not like what he's doing - but he and his fellow Marxist Progressive LOVE what he's accomplished.
    Who really knows how much more damage Obama can inflict on our economy, and how much more can he alienate us from our allies such as Britain and Israel between now and the end of his second term, in exchange for Egypt and Libya, Goodbye Good Neighbor, Hello Bad Neighbor!! But what we do know is that his priorities, based on Scare/Fear-Mongering speeches about the climate, and about Obamacare, and the massive influx of thousand illegal immigrants every day that are crossing into Texas, and other boarder states from Mexico, etc. will continue until he leaves office. Virtually nothing Barack Obama has done to help America or the world ..

    And on another note, WERE IS MICHELLE OBAMA’S #BringBackOurBoys Hashtag Campaign For 3 Israeli (ONE OF WHO IS AMERICAN)!

    I thought that I remembered her saying that “Nothing Justifies Kidnapping Children”? Or was that just meant for African children?

  2. For a Communist Mooselimb in the White House, everything is going according to plan.

    1. Remember his pastor said God damn America?
      This is the answer to that prayer.

  3. There is nothing funny about Progressives, Democrats., and or Liberal’s! Maybe if they weren’t such a pack a danger to America group we could laugh at their ignorance and the lack of respect for our laws and our constitution and their desperate need to change everything and everyone to the low class and low life that they so dearly admire..
    But we are now living their dream and its our nightmare. No, there is nothing funny about it at all.
    These people never developed the common sense, the class, manners, respect, ethics or morals that we Americans long to see again. Their brain development was slowed too. probably because they lost to much oxygen while they were protesting, marching along with Al Sharpton and the Occupy Wall Street bunch of Hippies. And whining whenever we had a president, like Ronald Reagan who truly loved AMERICA

    That also includes the liberals idiots, like we see nightly on TV such as Letterman who thinks it’s funny or “cool” to call a 14-year-old vicious and dirty names because her Mother Dared to run for Vice President on an opposing ticket ( but he wouldn't have dared to say that about Chelsea Clinton) ..

    No there is nothing Funny about Obama's radical agenda. Especially about his opening the flood-gates, and putting out the Welcome Mat to these 10's of thousands of Mexicans and other illegal’s including thousands of unaccompanied children crossing the border illegally in Texas while thousands of our Vets are homeless!
    There is nothing "Funny" about obama trading 5 dangerous Gitmo terrorists for one deserter either. Maybe if we take all those illegal abandoned children and put them in Washington DC, that would get a few laughs!

    What we have is a disaster of major proportions with each day of Obama as our Commander in Chief. And thats not funny at all..

    1. Debonair Dude,
      There is nothing funny about Progressives, Democrats., and or Liberal’s!


      No there is nothing Funny about Obama's radical agenda.

      You are correct.

      I should have entitled this blog post "Sunday Surreality."

  4. Is the caliphate Shia, Wahabi or Sunnii?

  5. Is ISIS equivalent to al-Qaeda and is there danger in a very simplistic monolithic view of the dynamics in the East?

    Since we are living with ample demonstration that the neocon Project for the New American Century was absolute folly should we continue to assume we have an adequate understanding of the factions involved?

    The proxy struggle between Saudi Arabia and Iran continues and to the average American they are just different brands of Muslims who want to invade us, impose sharia and take our stuff.

    There is a much more sophisticated move towards authoritarianism developing in the U.S. which uses this fear and ignorance but it will be here (if it isn't now) and we will still be bleating in ignorance about the scary Muslims.

    We deserve what is happening.

    1. "There is a much more sophisticated move towards authoritarianism "
      "We deserve what is happening."
      Do you mean the obama authoritarianism or some imagined right wing conspiracy?

    2. If you believe it's a left/right issue, Ed, then you are part of the problem.

    3. "you are part of the problem."
      Cliche alert!
      What is the source of the authoritarianism?

    4. The source is state capitalism, Ed.

      This has been under construction for several administrations including Saint Ronnie Raygun's.

      We have developed a finance system that has virtually nothing to do with investing in the common good. Rather its purpose is simply to generate more money for the banking class. We lose.

      I suspect you consider movements like gay marriage to be authoritarian but expanding rights simply doesn't strike me as authoritarian.

      Although I don't understand why a fundamentalist opposes authoritarianism when your whole concept of God embraces it.

    5. So I'm reading your comment, I'm considering what you're saying, A number of conservatives feel the same way (Bildeburgers, Tri-lats. etc.).
      And then you say something like:
      "when your whole concept of God embraces it."
      Not really.
      My whole concept of god is very liberating.

  6. Speaking of this: "WERE IS MICHELLE OBAMA’S #BringBackOurBoys ".... What was achieved by the #bring back our girls hashtag campaign or Obama's State Dept. #Ukraine peace? NOTHING. Bad guys all over the world are laughing at our weakness and stupidity.

    Obama deliberately turned "Peace through Strength" which managed to win the Cold War without firing a shot on it's head and we're now seeing the result. Weakness through stupidity is not a winning strategy for America but Obama either doesn't realize that or doesn't care.

  7. The people of the far left are intolerant, and nasty to anyone who is not far left. Especially if you are a conservative/Republican or a member of the Tea party

    This is no secret, just look at the far left posters on this board, let alone the boards of the “Progressives”

    I just wanted to point that out, in case you are blind, deaf and dumb and didn’t already didn’t know that.

    1. Do you, and the many like you, ever listen to yourself I am Anonymous. Many notice you are guilty of the very things you accuse liberals and or progressives of.

      I used to consider myself a proud consevative, was even Vice Chairman of the Republican Town Committee. Today I am appalled at what had happened to a once fine party and fine respectable conservatives like Barry Goldwater and William F. Buckley.

      Your current republican party with its T-Party wing yahoos are fast becoming irrelevant.

    2. glad to get a Two Faced "proud conservative" like YOU out of our party..

      Next Question!

      PS.. funny I've seen your comments alover the place and I have NEVER seen you "appalled" at anything that Barack Hussain Obama does....

    3. Rational Nation USA, you just go ahead and enjoy yourself that the Libertarian party, Liberal party, and the Socialist party.. Have fun over there.

      Who need you here!!!! And don't forget to take your meds while your there.

  8. Can we charge Bush/Cheney with war crimes now?

  9. @ Ducky: As a source of authoritarianism ... We have developed a finance system that has ... its purpose ... simply to generate more money for the banking class.

    There is oddly more truth to that than Ducky may have intended, for it pre-dated not only Ronald Reagan, but his century. Abraham Lincoln was stuck between Greenbacks (which he supported) and the European central bankers (which he decried more than slavery, it being a variation on the same theme). And this started long before him!

    And part of that "sophisticated move towards authoritarianism" that Ducky talks about is being manifested in a lot of ways - here, now. One of them is the de factor end run around posse comitatus by the militarization of local police forces and a host of non-police agencies. Other examples include the intense suppression of speech, starting with college campuses who perpetrate the offense while comically proclaiming their deeds are in the name of free speech! These are not (or should not be) left-right issues.

    We are living in a Chinese Finger Trap. Radical Islam and its political spawn are just one ribbon in a crescendoing symphony of authoritarianism which is stomping out rights of all kinds globally. But rad Islam is being used to father state authoritarianism in many Western countries even under as simple a guise as 'sensitivity.' (Just ask British office workers who are told they can't eat lunch at their desks during Ramadan so they don't make muslim co-workers 'uncomfortable.')

  10. RN, the Conservitive party can do without you very easily. They need you over at the Progressive's desperately, so stay there.

  11. Love you reactionaries that kid yourself in to believing you're conservatives.

    Don't fret yourselves, I left the republican party and the neo cons 8 years ago when it became crystal clear the agenda is to suppress individual liberty and choice.

    So, I suggest you keep your meds close. You're going to want them if you end up having your way.

    As to Obama, I have been critical of his economic and foreign policy where and when warranted. Because I gon't swallow all the BS, and useless innuendos you automatically regurgitate your usual scripts sanctioned by political hacks in the opposition party.

    Please continue. I love good comedy.


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