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Friday, June 13, 2014

Doubling Down

This is a follow up to AOW’s post yesterday.

Political Correctness ... it’s killing us. Maybe as a first step, we could all refuse to comply with this demand for PC and opt, instead, for plain, simple truth. If you don’t like what I have to say, if you disagree with my opinions ... that’s fine. I can live with that. What I cannot live with is people telling me to shut up because my opinions are “hurtful” to others. Here’s a clue: if my opinion hurts your feelings ... grow a set of balls and deal with it.

Meanwhile, Pat Condell is doing his part to speak out against soft jihad. Are you doing your part, as well?


  1. "if my opinion hurts your feelings".
    This is a general comment, Rhetorical. Not pointed at anybody.
    There is a difference between offending, and being offensive.
    "Speak the truth in love" is a biblical injunction I try to follow.
    "Hey, your behavior is counterproductive" is a lot different, and I believe more productive than "You're a boogerhead!".
    That said, if I sugar coat the truth, and mince around it, I'm hardly doing anyone any favors.

    "Are you doing your part, as well?"
    I trust I am.
    There really are muslims of good faith. People you can trust. Not Jihadists.
    They are still wrong, but they hold no malice.
    They are cultural muslims.
    We must not push them into the extremist camp.

    1. Muslims search for the will of Allah. Constantly.

      If they, muslims of good faith, look around and see the extremists winning, they might well decide, "This is the will of Allah!"

      I also refer you to this, a blog post I published back in January 2006.

      Now, what do I believe? For one thing, I do believe that not all Muslims are bad people -- in your words they hold no malice. But I also believe that they can be "revived" and become practitioners of fundamentalist Islam (that is, follow the jihadist Medinan verses instead of the peaceful Meccan verses). Salafist imams are preaching those Medinan verses in mosques all over the United States.


  2. This is the NEW America, where if you say the “wrong thing” in America today, you could, and chances are your will be penalized, fired or even taken to court.
    You can lose your Job, los your property, and even lose the Team that you own and paid for! You can’t even say what you want to say in your own home or on the telephone any longer. Political correctness also means that you have lost your FREEDOM of SPEECH! We see it every day now, we saw it with Paula Dean, and now we just saw it with a 80 year old man who may be a senile old man named Donald Sterling. Don’t agree with what he said? OK, then don’t support him or his Basketball team. But take away is property and fine him Millions of dollars? NO SIR, that is not the American way! There once was a time in America when you could be a horrendous racist, and it was NOT a crime. But the progressives MORON’S changed that.
    Political correctness is running rampant, and it is absolutely destroying this nation. In America you are free ( or should be) to say and feel anyway you please, but fans, sponsors, and players, don't have to keep buying your product if they don’t like it. In todays America, there are groups that are absolutely obsessed in making sure that you can not say anything that may offend the Blacks or the Muslims, or the gays or you will pay the consequences ala Chick-fil-A. But it’s fine to say and feel anyway you please about the Catholics and the Jews.
    For example, it is not politically correct to say, "Blacks commit crimes far beyond their relation to the overall population." That statement is racist, and could land you in a lot of trouble. Even though it’s true. It’s also not politically correct to say, "AIDS is one result of the behavior of homosexuals." That statement is homophobic, but it is also true! And don’t you dare to say that 9-11 was cause by MUSLIMS! Even though they were dancing on their Roof Tops when it happened. ..

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  4. Now what about Obama? Is he going to let Baghdad fall to al Qaeda? Make an alliance with Syria for one stronghold in the middle East? What will our Knight in Shining Armor do About Iraq Now Hummm? Iraqi Cities are Falling Like Dominoes to al Qaeda, the same al Qaeda that he (Obama) said was on the run, and are NOT really such Bad-Guys..!
    Will he allow air strikes? Will he run to the UN and ask for their help? Yeah Right, they are really going to help!! Or will he ask John Kerry for advise, or better yet Hillary “The Butcher of Benghazi” Clinton!
    I don’t know about you people, but I am still sickened by it! Is this what we spent so much for, is this why SO MANY AMERICANS WERE KILLED FOR AND WHY SO MANY FAMILIES LOST THEIR LOVED ONES FOR? We are in lots of trouble as longs as wackos like Obama, Pelosi, Biden, and Kerry are the leaders of this great nation. This nightmare keeps getting worse and worse.
    Obama’s incompetency is on full display right here and right now. He is not trusted or respected by ANY of our allies, and not by more than half of our country!. This is what happens when the leader of the free world fails to lead. It leads to complete chaos. We knew this was going to happen when he pulled out before we were ready to. It’s very easy to just say, “I’m going to end the war” and leave. But these are the consequences, right here! Once again Obama was ill-advised by the IDIOT’S wh advise him. Maybe the thing to do is to go on a Vacation with the Moocher or just go and play some Golf, or perhaps go on a “Fund-Raiser”.

    I’ll bet that the collapse in Afghanistan is just around the corner. and of course, it'll all be Bush's fault

  5. Does anyone really give two warm farts in hell about Donald Trump.
    He's just a circus performer with an opinion.

    Condell is another story. He''s a bigot.
    The censure of the politician over the rape statement came because he said the the Koran states that rape is an acceptable form of punishment.
    It does not.

    But Condell is a good little fringe right winger who likes to get a few bucks and publicity by stirring the very poorly informed right into a froth.

    1. Pat Condell is no more a "bigot," Canardo, than you or anyone else who adamantly holds strong opinions while refusing to give due consideration to other voices.

      "We can never be sure that the opinion we wish to stifle is a false opinion; and [even] if we were sure, stifling it would be an evil still."

      ~ John Stuart Mill (1806-1873)

      That, of course, is a variation of Voltaire's famous statement claiming to "defend to the death" the right of others to say things Voltaire, himself, might have found objectionable.

      Oliver Wendell Holmes expressed similar thoughts about the need to protect the right to express thoughts most would deem hateful.

      Needless to say this has nothing to do with any childishly impertinent assertion of the "right" of a child or pugnacious adolescent to use four letter words when addressing a parent, a teacher or other proper .authority figure.

      Your own persistent use of a flippant, pointedly rude, disrespectful, sarcastic, hectoring badgering tone may be your right under the Constitution, but it demeans your credibility as it betrays an unbecoming childish, rebelliousness on your part. In other words it obscures and detracts from any substance there might be in your thinking, I hasten to add that you are hardly alone in this regard, It may well be The Curse of the Internet.

      [FYI: It took nearly an hour to tap out this message in my present condition. That ought to prove that I care for you, and respect you enough to bother trying to communicate. I know you are a much better person than you generally show yourself to be in venues of this kind. I imagine and hope that is true of most if us.]

    2. FT, glad to see you posting. No kidding.

      Hope things improve.

    3. Duck,
      It takes a Herculean effort for FT to post these days.

  6. If the right wing wanted to, they could just ignore political correctness. Say whatever you want. No one is throwing you in jail.

    But no, you guys need to have that victim mentality, and that's what this is really about.


  7. It seems to me that we American’s can and should do better. We do not discuss things any longer. The Left seems to think that the way to solve our differences is to FIRE the person, or Protest, Letter write, Boycott, and do whatever it takes to get rid of the person who they disagree with. Recognizing that political correctness is neither healthy nor helpful in the type of honest discussion we need to solve the big problems we face. This does not mean we need to change laws or start discriminating. It means we need to stop the censoring, the boycotting and everything else above, also we must stop this double standard we seem to allow and confront our divisive issues. Americans have turned on each other, and political correctness is the weapon of choice in ensuring we stay divided. By this I mean, if we are to allow someone to say the forbidden “N” word, then we should not allow the Blacks to say it either, I don’t care if they are comedians, rappers or whoever. They say it ALL the time and that is not right. Why are black given a free pass to use insulting, derogatory terms, but no one else is? Why is perfectly OK for blacks to use the “N” word when for everyone else it is treated like it’s a hate crime.? It is a double standard, and I for one don’t like it.!

    As for this guy Jersey McJones, always blaming the Right-Wingers for racism, I think that he’s all wet, like most of the liberals are.

  8. The ROOT CAUSE of the MENTAL D SORDER we call "PC" may be found in the precepts that emerged during the post-WWII trials at Nuremberg.

    The worldwide shock and revulsion to the discovery of the Third Reich's attempt to EXTERMINATE "undesirable elements" from the population -- a notion that may have first found a voice in the Eugenics Movement -- caused what psychologists term a "Rreaction Formation." By this we mean formulating a policy directly opposed to one currently regarded as objectionable.

    What post-WWII thinking accomplished was to create a MIRROR IMAGE of the monster the "victors" vainly imagined they had slain. The would-be Do-Gooders had forgotten -- or never knew -- the age old proverb that tells us "Doing the Exact Opposite of Anything is Merely Another Form of Imitation."

    So, hindsight shows that the power to victimize unmercifully was in fact CONFERRED upon any and all groups who had any plausible reason -- however slight -- to regard themselves as "VICTIMS."

    Ergo, what we must live with today is s virtual VICTIMOCRACY. Plainly this mentality is every bit as undesirable as the one it presumed to replace.

    The lesson we ought to draw from this Great Wrong Turn should be that HYPER-EMOTIONAL OVER-REATION is NOT a PROPER SUBSTITUTE for SOBER, IMPARTIAL DELIBERATION.

    "The sober second thought is seldom wrong."


    1. The "root cause" of political correctness is civility, FreeThinke.


    2. I know that is what many would like to believe, Jersey, but genuine civility could never be brought about by the use of force any more than genuine conversion to a religion could be effected at gunpoint or the threat of torture, mutilation and gruesome death.

    3. FT,
      genuine civility could never be brought about by the use of force

      Hear, hear!

      And thank you for taking the time and making the great effort to post your comments to this thread.

    4. Agreed FT. As AOW is fond of saying, "the pendulum swings!" The funny thing is that, in logic, the "golden mean" fallacy is well, a fallacy. Any judgement made specifically to fit in a certain plain (other end, exact middle, what have you), is wrong.

      Hope we see you around, but don't strain yourself too much, please.


  9. Obama , Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Tavist Smiley, and the King of Racism The Reverend Wright use racism all the time. As do the rappers and the Basketball players etc, and etc. But when an old man does it on his own telephon to his “girl-friend’ he get into trouble up to his ears and is treated like a criminal. As far as i know being a racist is not a crime in America. ...
    I think there are far more racist black people than there are white ones. Most of the people I associate never use the "N" word. However I hear it on the streets used by blacks all the time.

    1. So, would you pass a law that says a corporation could not fire a person for being a racist?


    2. JMJ the answer to your question is yes.
      If your attitude interferes with your work than corrective action should be taken but if your belief is not PC, that is your opinion.

  10. Political Correctness is Hurting America

    Next time, please include my name when you copy and paste my words as part of your rant. Thanks.

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  13. @ AOW

    Some of the comments here today seem to reinforce what Pat Condell is saying, don’t you think?

    1. In what way, mustang.

      Should the Swedish politician have been permitted to lie to the public?

      There is a good deal of confusion over Swedish rape statistics and why they are so high.

      Some studies believe it is because of the statistics gathering itself and what is classified as a rape in Sweden.
      Of course you're more interested in "Muslims suck" and feel that rational discussion is just a PC suppression of your cultured opinion.

      Rather primitive.

  14. Mustang,
    Some of the comments here today seem to reinforce what Pat Condell is saying, don’t you think?

    Seems so.

    1. Maybe we just want the truth, AOW.

      Listened to the gathering Storm today and when I wasn't wondering why I.Q. doesn't pop a vessel I was amazed that you guys almost admitted that Ian is the key ad we are probably going to have to ally with Iran.

      However, the political correctness on the right might not allow any deviance from the mantra that all Muslims suck and put us back to playing "my god is bigger than your god" which would be a shame.

      Also seems to be some confusion over global energy use. Smash OPEC?
      When was the last time you heard a rumble from OPEC?

    2. Duck,
      We didn't state that Iran is the key.

      OPEC doesn't send out rumbles, but the price of oil has soared. OPEC does set the price of oil per bbl.

      I also explained on the air the connection between OPEC and Petro-Islam and the will of Allah.

      I have never said that all Muslims suck. Fundamentalist Islam does, however.

    3. About the price of oil, two links:



      Let see what we find at the gas pumps next week.

  15. This perception that it is Not OK to hate someone is absurd. Many people deserve to be hated and shunned. Groups on the whole? Mostly not, but muslums, Definitely so. There is no such thing as a moderate muslum as long as not a single one of them is willing to stand up and tell the violent vermin among them to STOP.

    So, hell with them all as far as I'm concerned.
    As fas as all the fringe groups (you know who you are) If you don't like your life, too frickin bad. Suck it up. Nobody gave any of us keys to a Bentley when we were born. Maybe the offspring of the big bankers.

    1. Kid,
      Sums up my views on the topic of moderate Muslims:

      There is no such thing as a moderate muslum as long as not a single one of them is willing to stand up and tell the violent vermin among them to STOP.

  16. Good to hear a voice of reason now and then. (I'm catching up after vacation...)

    Right Truth

    1. Debbie,
      I hope that your vacation was restful. We're going to need all our blogging energy with all the stories breaking in the past few days. More to come, I'm sure!

  17. Pat Condell - usually entertaining, always acerbic and generally RIGHT. Certainly in this case. He has also said "one of the rarer sounds in all of nature is the sound of a progressive western feminist unequivocally condemning Islamic misogyny."

    Listen? What did you hear? Nichts? Ah, the sounds of silence are deafening.

  18. As to Donald's message, it does stump me as if being Muslim is peaceful, why don't they get these "non-peaceful" guys into a hole in the ground?

    This is the first I've heard about the horrendous situation in Sweden. Generally, I believe Mr. Condell is objective and poignant at the same time.

    Bottom line: I feel we are headed into a super religious war - soft and hard - and Obama's allowing for another Pearl Harbor. Heck with "PC". Impeach him. After all, he IS half-Caucasian.


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