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Monday, June 16, 2014

Our Porous Southern Border And Lax Enforcement

Keep in mind that many of those flooding in are not from Mexico, but rather from Central America (Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala). None are being returned to their homelands. And the 2014-2015 school term begins in a few months throughout our nation.

Read Leaked Images Reveal Children Warehoused in Crowded U.S. Cells, Border Patrol Overwhelmed, dated June 5, 2014.  Then proceed to the video and other material below the fold.

From Breitbart (June 12, 2014):

Thousands of minors who entered the country illegally are flooding the U.S.-Mexico border and overwhelming federal resources. During a press conference on Thursday, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson implied that many of the foreign children will remain in the U.S. The secretary said that President Obama's Health and Human Services (HHS) will first and foremost use resources to act in the best interest of each child.

Johnson said that 24,000 unaccompanied children crossed the border last year--by May, 2014, that number had already doubled to 47,000.

"The law requires that we act in the best interest in the child," Johnson said. "When we turn over a child to HHS, HHS acts in the best interest of the child which very often means reuniting that child with the parent in the United States. That's what the law requires. "

In the face of such a statement, it is unclear how immigration laws will be enforced moving forward.

The Obama Administration is providing the influx of illegal immigrants with shelter, transportation, meals, education, and even legal counsel. Many are concerned that providing such resources will encourage more foreign nationals to enter the U.S. illegally.

Still, Johnson insisted that he is not "encouraging illegal immigration in any way, shape, or form."...
Not encouraging them?  Oh, really?  From Feds Propose Sending Texas Border Crisis Foreign Minors to Baltimore (dated June 11, 2014):
President Barack Obama is proposing to send some of the illegal immigrant children currently being warehoused in South Texas to Baltimore, Maryland. The Obama Administration is getting pushback from Maryland officials on this proposal.

A federal proposal may send hundreds, if not thousands of these unaccompanied minors to a warehouse facility currently under the control of the Social Security Administration (SSA) in Maryland, according to Baltimore's FOX 45. The report claims that President Obama is asking Congress for an additional billion dollars to take care of the children while they are looking for space to house them across the country.

The White House is getting pushback from local and federal officials....
I would hope for some pushback!  Taking care of these children is a financial burden.  Vaccinations and other medical precautions are necessary for public health.

How many more illegal immigrants, particularly unaccompanied minors with limited or zero skill sets, can our nation viably absorb?

Here's an idea....If you are an open-borders kind of person, you should take in at least two of these unaccompanied minors: one very young and the other a teenager. Take them in at your own expense and as your responsibility — including screening for tuberculosis screening and other communicable diseases; pay for all necessary medical treatment and any necessary quarantining.  No boarding schools allowed; keep these children home with you.  Volunteer right now!  "It's the right thing to do."

Furthermore, every single Representative and Senator serving on Capitol Hill should be required to take in at least two unaccompanied minors as outlined above.  So should the members of the Enemedia and liberal academia.

Keep in mind this HHS requirement:
Residential care providers are required to provide or arrange for the program required services in a manner that is sensitive to the age, culture, religion, dietary needs, native language, sexual orientation, gender identity, and other important individual needs of each UAC [Unaccompanied Alien Children]. All services and assessments are required to be administered for all UAC even if they are in ORR [Office of Refugee Resettlement] custody for a short period of time. Residential care providers are required to have the capacity to provide services in the language of the majority of UAC in their facility speak.
Residential care providers who are grant recipients must also agree to provide illegal alien minors case management services, educational services, family reunification and release services, group and individual counseling, individualized needs assessments and service plans, information about free legal assistance available to them, medical and mental health services, religious access, right to privacy, transportation, and visitation and phone calls.
But forget about grants under my plan as outlined above.  Do "the right thing" with your own personal resources!

Get back to us a year from now, and tell us how everything has worked out for the children and for your entire household.

And don't think that Breitbart is the only source reporting this kind of information. See this: Washington Post Reports On Unaccompanied Alien Children, which I posted on Friday, June 13, 2014 at Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

Meanwhile: Obama’s DHS Chief Will Continue To Ignore Immigration Law. Read it!


  1. At any other time, the growing crisis on the Texas/Mexican border, as well as from Central America, with tens of thousands of young people coming into the United States illegally, might dominate the news. But it is hardly spoken about today. Why? Because there are SO MANY distractions, scandals, and falsehoods making the daily headlines that we hardly hear about this problem... and I DO mean problem! This situation has received less attention than it might if it wasn’t for Eric Cantor's primary defeat, and the Liberal’s dancing in the streets about it, the current collapse of Iraq, the continuing Bergdahi matter, that the liberals seem to take as a joke, and Hillary Clinton's book tour also packed with lies and distortions. . They're all pretty important news stories I will agree and admit, but they have taken over the story about the disaster that is happening at our border.

    But the story that concerns me is the immigrants, including those classified as unaccompanied children, and coning in to American by the 10's of thousands and that they would be allowed to stay in the United States. This has already totaled over 90,000 children, and according to reports, it is rumored that all the kids who make it into the U.S. by the end of this year will be allowed to stay in the U.S. indefinitely or permanently, and to add to that, their parents will be allowed to follow.
    Doesn't anyone else think that Enough is Enough Already?

    We don't need any more laws - we don’t need any more “GIN CONTROL” laws or Immigration laws, we need to enforce the laws we already have. We need these people that WE put in office to pull their head out of their behinds and stop lying to us and get some air to their brains! STOP the scandals after scandals, and tell us the truth about what’s been going on! Immigration is destroying America. The far left is destroying America!
    And for heavens sake, STOP these young illegal immigrants who have been flooding across our borders and coming here only because they?ve heard that Obama’s administration policies will allow them to stay, and that nothing is going to be done about it.. and that the Obama White House has no intention to do much about the problem.
    As Edward Snowden said.. “Who is Watching the Watchers? Manny Moe, and Jack?
    We have overcrowding in our schools, Increased crime, a lose of jobs, wage reduction, due to cheap[ labor, overcrowding in the hospital Ers, taxes lost due to immigrants on welfare, and the fact that these people work off the books and don’t pay any taxes, and an increase of foreign diseases, due to poor sanitation habits, I don’t even want to think about the entitlements that is going on, And I hate to say it but in many parts of America English has become the second language.
    So instead of our (my) tax dollars going towards MY children's education, etc. after I pain my taxes for MY lifetime's hard work and earned money! And while we're already paying BILLIONS for a countless number of illegal’s, and moocher’s who already live here on our dime AND while we try to solve the problems connected to environmental destruction and economic instability, a poor job situation, crime, etc. created by a population of Do Nothing people due to illegal immigration, as well as the entitlement moochers, we are opening up the flood gates for 10's of thousands more! Good Job Mr. president, and thank you to the idiots who put this moron in office twice! .

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I guess that these Liberal bloggers use these distractions of the news with their Cartoons, Poems, and yes... Gun Control, and Climate Change!!, To distract from the Iraqi situation and the fact that Obama can’t even make up his mind on what he intends to do about it. Because we hear something different every day, such as we are going to use “Air Strikes”, or we “Aren’t going to use Air Strikes” ...etc, and etc., Or better yet, interview Chuck Hagel, and Hillary Clinton. Yeah that’ll work! Especially when Her Thighness ( that lying old sack of wind) tells the world that Benghazi was all a Right-wing conspiracy. After all, what difference does it make.

    Maybe a Vacation or a Fund Raiser should do the trick for a change!! And you know, maybe that would be a good idea. To hell with Iraq and the whole middle east. These countries are not worth another drop of American blood anylonger... Let them all kill each other and leave us out of it. We have more than enough on our plates here at home right now. I know this opinion may be unpopular, but enough is enough..
    Our good intentions only get more and more of our Troops killed and I don’t want to see anymore of that. The price tag is too high.

  4. Great blog and some very good comments here. Once again you hit the nail on the head again AOW.

    Any American president who is so damn preoccupied with fighting wars overseas, and sending our troops to these Muslim countries where they hate us anyway while their own children are being deprived of a future back here at home is not the kind of president I want, or who I would vote for. He deserves to be thrown out of office as far as I’m concerned. For heavens sake, secure our borders and this cancer called Illegal immigration, and screw Iraq. Lets put America first for a change. We don’t need anymore American kids getting killed over there. And we don’t need the liberal left wing telling us about Gun Control any more either. Or a congress wh calls law abiding Americans terrorists. And that’s my 2 cents worth

  5. I have mixed feelings on this.

    On one hand the middle east is a cesspool of savages and I just wish they would all kill each other off.

    On the other hand do we stand by and let these savages gain control of a nation from which they would gain military assets to use against us?

    Ignoring them won't make them leave us alone so whats the solution? Well, I’ve given this lots of thought over the weekend and here is the conclusion that I’ve come to:
    The hell with them, the hell with them all, . ..they wanted us out, they didn’t treat us nicely when we were there, ...and we shouldn’t have been there in the first place (Says Obama and the whole Liberal world) ..This is what was THEY said would happen when George Bush first when in. So lets stay the hell out and let these savages kill each other or do what the hell they want to. How much American blood are we going to piss away on an Iraqi government that don’t like us, don’t want us and don’t appreciate us.


  6. Those of us who remember how the Vietnam War seemed to drag on for years without resolution, from Lyndon Johnson’s initial expansion in 1964, after he was elected in his own right through his second term, marked by many marches in Washington, D.C. demanding the U.S. get out. It took Nixon’s and Kissinger’s efforts to secure an end to the conflict in 1973.

    The war in Iraq is very similar to it. We were warned of this before going in, but Georgie was very infatic about it and he invented reason way we should. Remember Colin Powell and his BS stories along with is underground WMD theories on TV.! .
    No matter how long we are in Iraq or Afghanistan we will never win. Whenever we leave radical Islam will return. We do not learn from history and we keep repeating the same mistakes. In hindsight, the error was staying on, presumably to help establish a democratic government and other institutions in a nation that had never known democracy. Well what we have here is kind of the same. Colin Powell was manipulated by George Bush and Dick Cheney into justifying Iraq war. And today we have the Conservatives manipulating Barack Obama into another war and. bogus conspiracies about Iraqi. At that time, Saddam was a necessary evil for Iraq. If we thank we can put a boy scout in his place we are bigger fools than we think. What make us think we can fix Iraq when all we hear day after day are these Conservatives yelling that we cannot even fix our own borders!! Well they can’t have it both ways. Some one should tell these bloggers to STFU. . We're out of Iraq now we need to stay out. We have been there for years because we were sold a lie from George Bush, and nothing more. .

  7. Related to the topic of this blog post: ‘They Keep Coming’: The ‘Rehearsed’ Answers Illegal Immigrants Are Using at the Border to Gain Entry Into the U.S.


    ...The group, like the thousands of illegal crossers before them, would be held until they were bused or flown out to other facilities across the country for long-term care.

    “They have heard that anybody who crosses into the United States can stay,” said a Border Patrol agent who works in the sector and is not authorized to speak on the matter. “So they keep coming.”

    And the notion that everyone can stay in the United States once they cross the border seems to be a recurring theme among illegal immigrants coming from Central America – mainly Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. They all know that their family and friends before them received an “order to appear in court” document that allows them safe passage throughout the country.

    The illegal immigrants rarely report to court within the 90 days ordered, and most disappear into the fabric of immigrant communities throughout the country without fear of deportation....

    Much more HERE.


    Please be sure that at least some of the content of your comments relates to the topic of this blog post.

    Thank you.


      This blog and the entire country have been taken over by the Worldwide Association of Mindless Morons who do nothing but SPAM 24/7.

      We SPAMMERS now rule the world. We have succeeded in blotting out all traces of original thought. We have killed Reason. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

      Spammola de Stroie

  9. You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before. -Rahm Emanuel

    First, you have to create a serious crisis ... which is what the Obama Gang has done.

  10. Mustang's right.

    Anonymous doesn't camouflage himself too much! hilarious.

    AND, I think the most important thing we all should be asking is "Why are the Border patrol guys asked not to take pictures and not to talk to the media?" That, I think, is a metaphor for far more than THIS problem. This is a HUGE AMERICAN PROBLEM. Thanks, Barack. #$(&**(#

    1. Z,
      The Obama administration has a script. Of course, the administration doesn't want the Border Patrol taking pictures or talking to the media. **sigh**

  11. Of course Mustang is right. Anyone who doesn't see that is a moron by default..

    My only quibble is minor. I believe it was the nefarious Saul Alinsky who originated that phrase about never wasting crises.

    Of course, Marxism has always been all about FOMENTING crises.

    I at case the point is well taken.

    1. FT,
      Years ago, I worked for a school in which administration consisted of crisis management (24/7 all school term long, term after term). Working under such conditions was well nigh impossible -- and very stressful. I'm sure that the students' progress suffered as well.

  12. Just to point it out:

    Kenoshe Marge, Debonair Dud, Stephanie, George Benton, Grunge-e-Gene and anonymous (aka the cut and paste crew) are more than likely the same person.

    1. Duck,
      I don't spend a lot of time scrutinizing this blog's site meter. I have better things to do!

  13. Ah yes, another Obama created crisis. Haven't said a word about why children are undertaking such a dangerous, arduous journey but I'm sure it has nothing to do with the drug gangs taking over Honduras and everything to do with taking our stuff.
    Makes you wonder why we aided the coup.

    Sometimes I wonder if we don't know as much about Central America as we don't know about Iraq.

    It's just so much easier to wring our hands and say little brown people are here to take our stuff. That's got to be the reason.

    1. Duck,
      You mentioned the drug gangs.

      As long as good people flee those nations, nothing there will change for the better.

      And here's something else....Some of those teenagers coming across the border are likely used to working for the drug gangs and may well bring the drug gangs here to America in even greater numbers.

      If large numbers of people are moving into your house, do you say, "Come on in"?

      I am concerned that the Obama administration is, in effect, creating a slave lass of little brown people. If he is doing so, that is immoral. Period.

      Let's not lose sight of the fact that when these people cross our border right now, they turn themselves in to the Border Patrol; in other words, they don't race across, then hide. They actually say the same thing over and over again -- statements to the effect that they believe that Presidente Obama has changed immigration policy so that they are now welcome.

  14. They don't give a rats ass about these children or why they're coming here, Ducky.


    1. Jersey, Is it possible you and Ducky don't believe in The Rule of Law at all? Is it possible that you believe every situation should be resolved on the basis of SENTIMENT alone?

      If you knew me, you'd be amazed at what I have done -- and continue to do -- to aid and encourage those less fortunate than I. And I've never done it to get "tax breaks," believe me. I simply believe in The Golden Rule.

      However, there is so much crying need all over the world I could very easily bankrupt myse;f and become a vagrant in less than a single day, if I let my feeling carry me away.

      Now, suppose I did just that. What good could I then do if I gave away everything I have, and joined the homeless, unemployed -- and largely unemployable army of mendicants?

      I'm sure neither of you realize that what you appear to advocate would be tantamount to asking those with good functioning eyesight to have their eyes put out voluntarily, because it just isn't fair to The Blind that so many others have what The Blind do not.

      The same could be said for the crippled, the mentally retarded, the homeless, the feeble, and the ill-favored [That's the polite term for The Ugly on case you on't know].

      Here is where we may agree: I believe that those relatively few to whom much has been given SHOULD do everything they can -- no to GIVE to the point of self-destructuin, but rather to TEACH the deprived and disadvantaged how they might better set realistic goals and take advantage of the assets they DO have, and thus improve their prospects on their own.

      "Give a man a fish, and you've fed him for a day; teach a man how to fish, and you've fed him for a lifetime."


  15. As the terrorists are marching into Baghdad, and as those 5 recent freed Commando Terrorists return to the .battle field.
    The blood of any American who is sent to Iraq is on Obama's hands. He owns it now.

    So don't tell us how you "Blame Bush" anymore!
    While Obama goes to another “Fund Raiser” in New York today... HE gets the blame, I couldn't care less if Iraq implodes, or what happens there as long as we are not there..
    But unfortunately we will be.. . If another Democrat gets elected in the next 40 years it will be a miracle.

    Obama's administration released the son of a murdering bitch Baghdadi in 2009 and have allowed him to develop an army of 12,000 in Syria. an lets not forget the 5 MAJOR TERRORIST’S that he FREED from Gitmo. who will be found killing American’s sooner or later. .
    Obama owns this whole crew of freaking terrorists, you can’t “Blame Bush” any longer. .

    Boy, I really really hate progressives... ..

  16. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/jun/14/border-agents-lament-mexican-gang-members-entering/

  17. Worth looking at: Residents force feds to scrap plan to house illegals at Va. college.


    The Obama administration Monday abruptly halted plans to shelter some of the children surging across the border at a defunct college in rural Virginia, as the White House has continued to see its efforts to house the children throughout the country be thwarted by opposition from local officials.

    As many as 500 children were to start arriving this week at St. Paul’s College, a recently closed historically black college in Lawrenceville, Virginia. But the Health and Human Services Department’s plans were stymied, at least temporarily, after town and county officials objected to the short notice and complete lack of community input....

  18. Yikes!

    More than 90,000 children, mostly from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, will be caught this year, and more than 140,000 will be apprehended in 2015, according to an internal U.S. Customs and Border Protection memo.

  19. Oh what the hell, let them in, we have plenty of room and resources for all. Don't we?

  20. Obama is too busy trying to wag the dog’s tail to worry about anything important right now, a deflection from the heat. I guess that he didn’t learn anything from the attack in Benghazi, that killed our ambassador and three others, when he and his ‘ AMAZING “Secretary of State, Madam Hillary Clinton, AND Susan Rice ALL collaborated in a lie and cover-up about it being a spontaneous event triggered by a so called video that no one had seen.
    By the way, what did Madam Hillary ever accomplish besides contributing to getting 4 Americans killed but, what difference, at this point, does that make?
    (My anger is still boiling over).
    As for Barrack Hussein Obama, His legacy will be, the release of those five Taliban Terrorist commanders from Guantanamo Bay.
    Did the bubbling Obama administration not see this coming? Between this and the trade off of the deserter Bergdhal, obama really needs another vacation, far away from here... Very far..
    It seems as if we are being governed by a bunch of morons and liars?

  21. Obama just announced that he is sending 300 armed American forces positions in and around Iraq
    Nothing like telling the enemy how many troops and what their positions are. what an Idiot.

  22. Every report I have heard has included the sadness and concern about these children and why they are coming, and how we can help them, legal or not.
    Sorry that Ducky hasn't allowed himself to hear that truth in his knee jerk hatred for anything American. man.

    Sorry, too, Ducky, that you feel insulting America, again, is your solution for these children's futures. awfu

  23. How long before HHS begins a program of "residential care givers" nationwide for these children? And of course there will be the requirement that all these caregivers be members of an Obama approved labor union with a portion of their grant being returned to Democrats as a political contribution.

    As far as requirements that caregivers be "sensitive to the age, culture, religion, dietary needs, native language" blah, blah, blah whatever happened to assimilation to American culture and language? If, as I suspect, most of these illegals will stay in this country one way or another they will need to assimilate. We're doing them no favors by serving tacos and shielding them from learning English.

    But perhaps that is what Obama intends. Create a new dependent underclass that can be kept on the bottom rung of American society with elite Democrats as their protectors and political masters.

  24. P.S. I responded to your suggestion at Mike's America and am cross posting here:

    AOW: Sorry but I must disagree with your plan to house these illegal minors with open borders advocates. That would only serve to provide free slave labor to liberals who are always on the lookout for illegals to exploit when it comes to taking care of their lawns, doing their dishes and cleaning their bathrooms.

    1. Of course, My point is that the Left won't step up to the plate but, at the same time, wants for force the middle-class taxpayer to do so.

      It may well be that the Left is seeking free slave labor.


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