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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nincompoopery — And Worse

(Weekend roundup post.   For the definition of nincompoop, see THIS in the Urban Dictionary. Commenters are encouraged to post links that tell of more nincompoopery)

Links to read (more possibly added as the weekend progresses):

Here's Where President Obama Is Going on Vacation

Car boarding ferry falls into river in Va.

First Lady: Barack's Working to Free Americans from 'Any Form of Public Assistance'

Data Centers in US Double Since 2011

Say "Goodbye!" to the principles of federalism

Rise in violence 'linked to climate change' [BBC]

Seattle officials call for ban on 'potentially offensive' language ["brown bag," for example]

Camden [NJ] Tent City

48 Alarming Facts That Tell Us America Has Become a Gigantic Prison: The First 11

Congressional Black Caucus recommends Sheila Jackson Lee for Homeland Security Secretary

New book shows radical teachers how to mix traditional mathematics with ‘social justice’ political lessons

Egypt: “Obama Out, Putin In”, “Bye Bye America”

Ohio bank repossess wrong house [and trashes it]

Third Woman’s Burned Body Found On Detroit’s West Side

Bill Kristol: A year ago Obama said al-Qaida is on the run, and now WE are on the run

Obama bringing back controversial Internet regulation?

Camels become prime suspects in deadly Saudi virus outbreak [MERS]

Many Americans renouncing U.S. citizenship

Thanks to commenter A pissed off person for the link below:

Jackson, Sharpton silent about Florida school bus beating

Thanks to Duck for the link below (perhaps not nincompoopery - you decide:

Ahmad Akkari, Danish Muslim Leader In Cartoon Rage Regrets Role, Apologizes To Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard


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  2. It's not Moochies looks I care about, it's her attitude that turns my stomach.

    But what did you expect when Omar the tent maker is her designer!

  3. People like Zippy and the Moocher are never happy, no matter how much power, money and celebrity vacations, golf rounds , White House parties...etc they have. They always want more. It's pathetic!

  4. America's decline didn't start with Obama, but it is hard to believe that one no account community organizer from Chicago could do so much harm to our once proud nation.

  5. First Lady: Barack's Working to Free Americans from 'Any Form of Public Assistance.' It must be something in the bottled water; this sounds remarkably similar to, “We have to uh, sign the bill before you can know what’s in it.”

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  7. I wonder how much it costs to fumigate the $7.6 million vacation home after they leave?

  8. You can start with the progressives blogs

  9. I have my fingers crossed that the vacation site is just down the shore from Amity Island.

  10. The average pig in slop smells a lot better than this bunch in the White House. And, they're a lot smarter.

    With apologies to pigs..

    HIs never ending fundraising trips and dinners he throws for his Democrat minions,the 1/2 hour talks that he gives in nondescript locations that are actually excuses to attend these fundraises so the taxpayers can pick up the tab. What a disgrace to the office of the President that he would go on such a trip in light of the world's current events. And the Buttkisser's say he is in contact daily with his advisors which I don't discount but it's difficult to govern when your country needs you while you ar whiling away on the golf course or jet ski or whatever else he does on these boondoogle trips. How many of you people out there get vacations three times a year. Not very many. Maybe you should run for president and you wouldn't have any problem doing so.

  11. Our President has been working so tireless for so long, without a break, that I am glad he is finally getting the vacation he deserves. And since the work he does is so worthwhile, it is wonderful that Americans at every income level will be able to donate to the many many millions of dollars needed for this deserved rest.

    JonBerg: I bet there will be BBQ stains on the ceiling, and pork bones clogging the toilets.

  12. I've read comments to the effect that the White House should be razed, if and when [they] ever vacate. I wouldn't have a problem with that!

  13. Contrarian antagonists
    ____ care rarely for what’s true.
    They’re far more eager to denounce,
    –––– so here is what they do.
    Their purpose is to denigrate,
    -––––– belittle and defame.
    Their wish is to humiliate
    –––– in hopes of fixing blame.
    The truth too easily is lost
    –––– in battles of this kind.
    Hectoring and badgering
    ––––– abuse the human mind.
    Instead of curiosity
    ––––– we often find expression
    Of little but indulgence
    ––––– of a passion for aggression.
    When avidness appears
    ––––– to open Vitriol’s loose spigot,
    The one who twists and turns the tap
    –––– is apt to be a bigot.

    ~ FreeThinke

  14. Replies
    1. I have added the link to the body of the blog post.

      Did you notice those last two paragraphs?

      Michael Ulveman, who was an adviser to then-Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Ramussen during the cartoon crisis, also expressed doubts about Akkari's sincerity.

      "I think Ahmad Akkari should go on al-Jazeera and tell the Arabic world about his new realization," Ulveman wrote on his Facebook page. "That would have real value for Denmark and the freedom of speech. And convince many of us about the depth and reach of his reorientation."

      Sometimes, it is difficult to discern the truth. **sigh**

  15. Mr. FreeThinke is at it again! This time I don’t think that anyone even knows that the hell he’s taling about!
    Contrarian Antagonist? A passion for aggression? Belittle and defame? Hectoring and badgering? Apt to be a bigot?
    FreeThinke. What the HELL are you talking about? And Who the HELL are you addressing?

    Passion? Yes, I guess that you can say that we folks here on the “Right” have “Passion”
    I guess is when you feel really strongly about something, as we do about our dear beloved country, that we do indeed have “Passion” And yes, therefore we can be defensive over it, when we see our President and his First Lady all but making a mockery out of our economy, by his
    and his accusing our party of creating “Phony Scandals”?Could you imagine GWB saying something like that when his administration is up to his ears in one Scandal after another? I would say that any-one related to those left to Die in Beghazi would feel differently! However, since we are now talking about President Obama and four dead Americans, the left feels that what happened at Benghazi shouldn't really matter at this point or be taken seriously, or as Hillary Clinton would say, “What difference does it make”.
    Al Queda is getting Ready to Blow Up the World, and our Dear Leader and his First Moocher is going on vacation!!!!! And YOU ask is aggression necessary? How about asking the families of those “Phony Scandals”in Benghazi that question, or would call that “Hectoring and Badgering”? I think that YOU need to go back to your potery pad and re-write your post. Or did your Progressive “friend” send you here to do her dirty work! A passion for Aggression Huh?
    Obama's not at all worried, and he’s not concerned, that if there's an attack he won't be while he’s around, he’ll be on vacation playing Golf but he’s telling everyone that the bad guys are coming to blow up our Embassies. he very same bad guys who he say are on the run. How many vacations and parties is this President going to take in one year? Didn’t he just blow 100 million on his African vacation?
    You DO realize how STUPID this post of your is, right Free Thinke?

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  17. @Right-Winger - Al Queda is getting Ready to Blow Up the World

    Man you fringe right bed wetters are a kick.

    Any news on the device they plan to use?
    You saps will believe anything.

    1. Right Wing bed wetters? Humm, isn 't that what I've been reading in those Left Wing newspapers for the past 10 days

  18. To Whom It May Concern

    Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Who is the vilest of us all?
    The mirror sighed, and then replied,
    "Because I cannot impart lies,
    The face you see now qualifies."

    ~ FreeThinke

  19. Fee Fie Foe Fum!
    I smell the stench
    Of a Black Sheep's bum

    Fum Fie Foe Fee!
    May he soon tarred
    And feathered be.

    ~ The Avengers

    1. I wasn't online much yesterday. I had some catching up with bookkeeping to do, and in the afternoon and evening, Mr. AOW and I went to a car cruise in. Yeehaw!

  20. Replies
    1. Jack,
      I wasn't online much yesterday. So, the trash removal was a bit late.


  21. _____ O What is the Source? _____

    O yes, Great Evil is coming, coming.
    But whatever will be the source?

    Will it be the Muslims, Muslims?
    Or day traders at the Bourse?

    We know it might be the Marxists,
    The Marxists on a Pale Horse.

    Perhaps it will be the false Christians
    Who'd nail sinners they hate to a Cross?

    Perhaps it will be the Perverts, Perverts?
    The Gays who've been gathering force?

    Perhaps it will be our elders, elders
    Whose minds have been gathering moss?

    Perhaps it will be the young lovers, lovers
    Who cavort in the bracken and gorse?

    O yes, Great Evil is coming, coming,
    But we cannot acknowledge the source.

    Perhaps it might be you and me?
    Yes! Who else could it be, of course?

    ~ FreeThinke with apologies to W.H. Auden

  22. gosh is his 'regin' over yet!! I can't stand anymore corruption AOW!!

  23. FT,
    It seems that some commenters don't appreciate poetry. C'est la vie!

    1. I can surely appreciate poetry , but not the garbage that he puts out there. Maybe Ms Shaw can appreciate it more.

    2. Anonymous,
      Well, liking or disliking specific poetry is a personal thing -- a matter of personal taste.

  24. Free: do you think Auden will accept your apology?

    1. How macabre! Auden has been dead nearly forty years, so outside of his great body of work I hope not to hear from him on that or any other subject.

      Actually, if truth be told, I should have apologized to W.B. Yeats, since it was his poem I parodied. ;-)

      I keep hoping someone will catch these things, but Alas! they never do.

  25. Three 15-yr-old black teens beat up a 13-yr-old white kid because he told school officials they tried to sell him drugs,former congressman Allen West, an ex-Army Colonel who is African-American, wrote on his Facebook page. Do you hear anything from Sharpton, Jackson, NAACP, Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z, liberal media, or Hollywood? Cat got your tongues or is it that pathetic hypocrisy revealing itself once again? All I have to say to these Race Pimps like Sharpton, Jackson, the NAACP, Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z, and the whole bunch of liberal jerks as well. is Y'all just make me sick. I guess that this youngster is of the wrong race for Sharpton, et,al to become engaged, but kudos to Me Allen West. And I guess that this youngster DIDN'T look enough like Mr. Obama for him to open his big mouth either.Or "35 years go that could have been me..." .Once again Y'all just make me sick!


    1. I have added the link to the body of the blog post. Thanks for the link!

  26. Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are more pliable.
    Oh right, Obama really showed Putin who's boss!! As he and Michele and the girls returned to Martha’s Vineyard.
    Obama can't even get along with anyone much less our most likely enemy Russia. How he thought helping the opposition would work out is proof of how stupid he is.
    While Putin is having a ball making Obama look like a fool.
    Remind us again all you Liberals, about all the love that the rest of the world has for Obama.
    But Obama had the last laugh say that Putin looked "like a bored kid in the back of the classroom." Oh yeah that went over big!

    I doubt if Ronald Reagan would have described Putin that way. Meanwhile Putin has the U.S. spy Edward Snowden, and Obama has the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard..

  27. Hey JonBerg, you lucky Stiff, you were Tagged by none other than the Wicked Witch of the Left.

    Shaw Kenawe said...
    I found it, Ducky:
    JonBerg Said
    I've read comments to the effect that the White House should be razed, if and when [they] ever vacate. I wouldn't have a problem with that!
    Those bigoted day-dreams by these low-intelligence, low-information voters feed into their envy.
    After all, none of them, but especially the brain-deficient JonBerg, will ever be as smart, successful, glamorous, wealthy, powerful, important, admired, and well-loved, as the Obamas are.
    The bitchiness from these envy-sickened asshats is actually hilarious.
    Losers always make deliriously malignant projections about successful people because people like JonBerg have done so little with their flabby, insignificant lives.
    Most important, though, is the fact that the Obamas don't even know people like JonBerg exist. Meanwhile, he eats his malevolent little heart out being envious of the fabulous Obamas!

    It seems as if Ms Shaw (Free Stinker’s Lovely Lady Friend) isn’t to fond of you or the rest of AOW’s blogging friends.
    And by the way FT, thanks for being the Two Faced Chum that you seem to be. And furthermore, I doubt if anyone here is entertained by your doggy pile of poetry, as Ms Shaw seems to be..

    1. Lamont Cranston,
      I just saw your comment and "investigated" a little bit.

      In the immortal words of Rhett Butler, "Frankly...I don't give a damn" - the context, of course, being what Progressive Eruptions lifts from my site, which is a public forum. Nor am I interested in becoming embroiled in a blog war; I'm too busy with real life for such involvement.

      Furthermore, it is my view that there will NEVER be a meeting of the minds between the Right and the Left -- about any topic related to politics.

      The above said, thanks for the notification. I don't visit Progressive Eruptions these days.

      PS: FT is free to frequent whatever sites he wishes. He is also free to post poetry here -- or wherever.

  28. By the way that obvious photo-shopped touched up photo on Madam Shaw's blog is as phony as She is.

  29. The thing is about Shaw's rant is that this line

    "...Losers always make deliriously malignant projections about successful people because people like JonBerg have done so little with their flabby, insignificant lives..."

    applies so MUCH to the Occupy Movement, the 47% moochers Romney mentioned, and the jealousy-greed-envy wing of the leftist movement in general.

  30. And the "Power Hungry'" first couple

  31. And to add more... .while someone bashing Obama for being black is clearly over the line, it is a healthy "good citizen" thing for an American to criticize the President. The idea that this is a bad idea to do so belongs in ancient Egypt or North Korea.

    I can't find any evidence of anything really productive in Obama resume. Real work. Can't find much in the "community organizer" area: an instance where people divide the community by amplifying the illegitimate "concerns" of lazy and greedy people. And as a Senator? He was too lazy to do his job.

    What is this "success" Shaw speaks of? Getting millions in the public sector through legalized theft (taxation)? Losing many millions of jobs over many months... making the US image in the world worse than it was under the last President... having a much worse debt problem than Bush. Not a lot to be proud of.

    Hillary Clinton has been correct about some things. She was indeed correct that dissent is patriotic.

  32. Well demarks he did marry some one who was "proud of her country"!

  33. This is just unreal. Our State Department has warned us that there is a terror alert just about allover the world and our dear leader Obama and his Moocher goes on another Vacation... To think of the US and world just falling apart and these tow and the rest of their entourage are going on vacation. Seems like they takes one a month. And of course his countless golf outings. Our Commander in Chief is really the Vacationer in Chief. While they tell us NOT to travel!
    My question is"Obama is taking a vacation from what?" HIs never ending fundraising trips and dinners he throws for his Democrat minions,the 1/2 hour talks that he gives in nondescript locations that are actually excuses to attend these fundraises so the taxpayers can pick up the tab. What a disgrace to the office of the President that he would go on such a trip in light of the world's current events.
    Why does this not surprise me nor does it amaze me? Somebody should take the Fearless One and his beloved Moosheel and put both in the position that the rest of us are in. He and his Moosheel are always on some golf course or on doing Jumping Jacks on a beach or on a talk show, having the time of his life, wasting taxpayer money and making a mockery of the Office of the President of the United States of America. Shame on all of those who put him there. This is really sick, that our children cannot visit our White-house, and he and his spoiled rotten family spend millions and millions and millions on their vacations, at our expense, the taxpayers!

  34. lAMONT,

    Considering the apparent source of your comment I'm duly flattered!

  35. I Just Wonder if every time a white person dies at the hands of a black person, should we create a "national outrage" about it as we did with the George Zimmerman trial?

    Why don't we start with the baby who was killed in it's stroller, or the man in cobb country who was attacked by a mob of blacks, beaten and thrown into traffic? Let's get Eric Holder to get involved and treat that as a hate crime. Wrong color?
    For example, where was Al Sharpton et al when Nicole Simpson was so brutally murdered along with her friend Ron Goldman . Wrong color again?

    I'm waiting for Obama to make a public statement one of these days that the if he had a son, he would look like one of the muggers.Just for the record, the FBI records show that there are two times as many white people murdered by BLACKS as blacks murdered by whites, for as far back as they have been keeping records.Despite there being a much smaller ratio of the total population. Quelle surprise!
    As we saw during the entire Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman brouhaha, the majority of blacks see everything in terms of black and white. And why wouldn't they when their so-called leaders, including the man in the Oval Office and the fellow heading up the Justice Department
    So do you think that Martin Luther King would be ashamed, would he have been outraged? Would he have called for a lynching of Zimmerman? Or would he have told Al Sharpton and company that they were wrong? I guess that we’ll never know.

    And just for the record, I am not an Martin Luther King fan and never was.. Nor am I a fan of Oprah Winfrey, the latest victim of Racism. I also found that "event" to be as Hilarious as the Kardashians.

  36. I am not often surprised by anything that comes out of the mouth of virulent scum, but Shaw’s suggestion that Jon Berg is a loser simply because he despises the black communist in chief pushes the boundaries of incredulity —even for her. In fact, Mr. Berg has been highly successful in his life and I wonder, just how in hell would Shaw know anything about him?

    1. Mustang,
      Well, I can't disagree with any of those statements!

    2. Do you consider suggesting we raze the White House the indication of a developed intelligence.

      I notice you describe Obama as a "black communist" (insane). Why is "black" significant?

      We know why. Time for your White Citizen's Council meeting.
      Keep writing, you reveal quite a bit as does Berg.


  37. As for the Vacationer in Chef, he has said he's very disappointed in Russia because they've given political asylum to Edward Snowden. I, for one, say he's got a lot of nerve. After all, he's the one who was caught when he leaned over to President Medvedev and told him to tell his Master, Vladimir Putin, that (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) he'd “be a lot more flexible after he was re-elected.”

    So, why is anyone surprised that Putin decided to find out just how far a more flexible Obama was willing to bend over in order to accommodate Mother Russia?

    Bad move Mr. Obama, but better luck next time.. If there will be a “next time”

  38. Mustang Said”
    “I am not often surprised by anything that comes out of the mouth of virulent scum, but Shaw’s suggestion that Jon Berg is a loser simply because he despises the black communist in chief pushes the boundaries of incredulity —even for her. In fact, Mr. Berg has been highly successful in his life and I wonder, just how in hell would Shaw know anything about him?”

    And Always On Watch Said:

    Well, I can't disagree with any of those statements”

    And I say: I Must Agree With Both Of You!

    No wonder they're called Leftieturds. Aren’t Leftieturds supposed to be tolerant

  39. A Nincompoop over on another blog asked, "Imagine a black nation within our nation"

    Yes I can Imagine a black nation, make up with crooks, and Murderers, and Thugs like OJ Simpson, and Travon martin and Michael Vicks, and Jay Zee, and Al Sharpton along with Jeremy Wright, and Jessie Jackson, King Samir Shabazz,and Louis Farrakhan, oh yes, I can imagine that.

  40. Honest Abe,

    Yes "bend over" is the operative and descriptive phrase for this fraud; in so many ways!

  41. I love it. Finally people are starting to wake up to this guy. He has done more damage to this great nation than possibly imagined.

    Now down to 47%.

    They must be counting all the dead folk in the grave yards because who could be that stupid to approve of a cancer?

    obama had a chance to be the president of ALL the people BUT chose to be the black President. He chose to be a black thug and invalidated the experiences of tens of thousands of Americans who have been in situations similar to the Zimmerman one. obama instantly made it clear that all those victims didn't count. No just the ones who were beaten. The ones who just got a dose of 'tude. The ones who get called racist needlessly.

    The world does not revolve around the feelings of black people. They aren't the only ones to lose a child.

  42. My disrespect for Obama has nothing to do with his office...but everything to do with the moron occupying it.

  43. That photoshopped pic of the Moocher on the Commie's blog is hysterical she only wishes that she looked that good. Old flabby arms hasn't looked like that since High School days.
    Those cheese burgers with fried onions has taken toll on old Moochie.

  44. OK, here’s the Poop (literally) over 35 extra rooms had to be found for dozens of Secret Service agents, they had to bring someone extra has to carry several of the large bags of basketballs, and of course the BO the dog needed HIS OWN state-of-the-art aircraft.

    Upon arriving at the retreat of Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts, Obama left behind in Washington all of the high profile debates over the budget, government surveillance and his health care reforms. He couldn’t be bothered with that at this time, as this was NOT a working vacation. Instead, he will concentrate for the next eight days strictly on playing golf, going to the beach, and Barack along with his Moocher will be chowing down on the great sea-food of that famous Island
    Oh yes, I almost forgot that Bo, the president's Dog, will be arriving separately on one of two MV-22 Ospreys, a hybrid aircraft which takes off like a helicopter but flies like a plane (no it’s not Superman) it’s Bo the Dog..
    More than 70 hotel rooms, have been booked JUST for Secret Service agents, who took charge of luggage including two very large mesh bags full of basketballs. The trip was estimated to cost about $7.6 million at least thats what they are admitting to, the exact cost will be announced at a later date. Most likely on a Friday night at 1:00 am. The 5,000-square foot retreat on nine acres which is owned by a businessman friend from Chicago. And of course includes a basketball court.
    So we can airlift the "first dog" and oh, wait, the "first Wookie" might also take a seprate plane but we can't open up the White House to tours for school children.

    Seriously, any libs out there who can justify this are delusional and in deep denial.
    This is unreal we are in the depths of a really bad recession, 90% of all new jobs created are PART TIME, Food stamp rolls expanding to all time highs, real unemployment at 18% and this Marxist goes on Monthly multi-million dollar vacations, to play Golf and Basketball. Now to add insult to the never ending injury flying in the “First Dog”...The F ing Dog get it's own US Tax Payer Osprey V-22 personalized ride from Washington DC to Martha's Vineyard, alone of course with it’s own crew and God only knows how many Secret Service agents! Is it just me people, or can anyone else see what the ......is going on. Meantime, not one citizen is allowed the privilege of touring the White House. School kids can't see the "People's House" but the Dick Tator’s uhh, sorry, Barack's dog can be flown in at taxpayer expense.

  45. The Leftists, Democrats, and the Progress in particular are the ones who are champions of insults, intimidations, hostility and hatred towards anyone who disagrees with them. Especially the one who this blog seems to be the target of
    Just loves to encounter hostility and personal attacks aimed at anyone to dares to question anything related to Obama and Michelle Obama in particular, or the Democratic Party.
    Gun control is only the latest and most current example. “You’re against gun control? How dare you! What’s wrong with you? Eight or ten months ago it was against anyone and everyone that dared not to vote for Obama. Twelve or fifteen months ago it was aimed at anyone that dared to oppose Obamacare.
    Fill in the blank with any leftist position, and you get the same thing, over and over. I have seen it all over the blogs many times, it has almost become amusing if it weren’t so freaken horrible. .
    Anti–gun people who refuse to accept the reality of the proven and very serious dangers of civilian disarmament are using denial to protect themselves from the anxiety of feeling helpless and vulnerable. Likewise, gun owners who insist that “the government will never confiscate my guns” are also using denial to protect themselves from the anxiety of contemplating being forcibly disarmed and rendered helpless and vulnerable.
    The hostility and intolerance of leftists is always there. Leftists are always intolerant towards their opponents. And this Progressive seems to find something hateful with anyone that dares to oppose HER! ( except the blogpsphere’s Poet laureate)

  46. Leftists, Progressives like Ms Shaw are always preaching, tolerance, compromise, constructive discussions etc. etc. etc. but we have had almost five years to watch Zippy’s tolerance, and compromise in action, and "sincerity" is not an adjective that comes to mind, as proven in this latest farce of events that has made us a new enemy with Russia. With this administration, the first thing that comes to mind is distraction, distraction, distraction from what is now knows as the “Phoney Sandals”. And yet these Progressives refuse to take off their rose-colored glasses and acknowledge this bamboozler as the intentionally destructive force that he is.
    So lets take a tally of what has happened in the past few years.
    We now have become foes with Russia (Putin), Israel, (Benjamin Netanyahu), and Great Britain, (the slap in the face of the Queen). But have no fears, we are now friends of Egypt and Lybia! Isn’t that great!
    Obama has displayed his arrogance to the world once again. I for one am sick to death of his constant lying and I’m even more disturbed at the idiots on the left who believe him. And now that he has told us that we have a International Alert on our hands, he and his wonderful Mooshell has flew the coop on another “Vacation” And he thinks that by simply by shutting down 19 embassies for a week that threat will begone! This is bizarre. Hello by the time that Alert is over September the 11th will roll around once again.
    These insane adult babies that call themselves “Progressives” float somewhere between liberal, Marxist, Socialist, Nazi’s and on and on and on.
    No matter the topic they will stake out a position no matter how inane or insane or both and invariably within the next 5 minutes stake out yet another, again inane or insane position, that comes just a little closer to yours but decimates their previous one.
    As for Obamacare, the most ineffective, intrusive, dangerous, poorly run, bankrupting program and the worse thing that has happened American in decades, when the failure of Obamacare becomes obvious to everybody, who will Jug-ears and his followers blame then? It’s Amateur Hour Once Again!

  47. After reading some of these posts, it left me shaking my head. First of all Who Gives A Crap About MooShell Obama?
    Why is it that all these Libs, Progressives etc let themselves be used as pawns by the enemies of society like a bunch of dumbass college kids with misplaced priorities ?
    Just wait for one of these a-holes to be assaulted ,shot, robbed by one of their “BROTHERS” and they will soon change their tone.

    I wonder if there is any chance we could hit them with an electromagnetic pulse and disable their EBT cards and Obamaphones?
    On another note, I heard that The National Museum of African American History and Culture would like to display Trayvon Martin's Hoodie! Now ain’t that special!

  48. "National Museum of African American History and Culture would like to display Trayvon Martin's Hoodie!"

    How about O.J.'s bloody glove?

  49. By the way...JonBerg, You are getting a lot of attention over at the slime-buckets blog.

  50. "slime-buckets blog."

    Aren't you afraid that you will get a virus there?

  51. One of the 0bama blow out vacations is more expensive than all the vacations ever taken by presidents since Washington.

    Probably because the Obama don't go nowhere without 40-50 of Moochells Celebrity friends, and another 40 or 50 of Barack's Gansta Rappers and Basketball and or Golfing Buddies..

  52. You can't spell LIBERALS without LIESAugust 12, 2013 at 5:10:00 PM CDT

    Just when you think the left can’t possibly get more unhinged about the shooting of black Trayvon Martin, the next step in his beatification is getting underway: the hoodie he died in may be acquired for the Smithsonian Institution. This not only will imbue it with an historical civil rights significance, which it has not earned, but will practically accord it the status of a religious relic.


    The NMAAHC’s mission statement claims that “this institution will stimulate a dialogue about race and help to foster a spirit of reconciliation and healing.” But Trayvon Martin’s Hoodie will not foster that spirit; it will only divide us in the future as it has thus far. If it deserves a spot in the Smithsonian at all, it should not be as an emblem of white America’s ingrained racism toward blacks, but as a symbol of the left’s ingrained grievance-mongering and their refusal to embrace responsibility and reconciliation.
    This clearly shows that Ignorance Knows No Bounds

  53. The Progressive, Liberal, Democrat, Left-wing Racial rhetoric about "fairness" and "equality" and "non-discrimination" has been used to conceal a subterranean leftist agenda of anti-Americanism and anti-conservatism for over fifty years. Conservatives persist in stupidly taking this rhetoric at face value; hence, they always find themselves on the racial defensive.
    Yes, liberals are immoral. The liberal power elite are selfish, hypocritical, arrogant, self-righteous, and, worst of all, destructive of those around them. They are willing to saddle everyone else with rules and regulations that do not apply to them, and with higher taxes that they somehow escape paying. The Buffett Rule might sound like a great idea, but it would never apply to the Buffetts of this world. Or the Kerrys, Kennedys, or any other left-wing billionaire.

    Liberal do-gooders are always coming up with lovely schemes for redistributing other people's money and managing other people's lives. The problem is that all of these schemes do more harm than good. Welfare, which redistributes wealth to those who cannot work but also to those who avoid working or underreport income, is funded on the backs of those who actually do work. "Saving the planet" costs jobs but never actually saves anything. Killing fossil fuels increases energy costs and triggers inflation across the board. Yet the liberal elite blithely support every cause that comes along with no consideration of the cost to ordinary people. In doing so, they pad their already inflated sense of self-importance, and at no cost to themselves
    Conservatives need to stop being suckered by this leftist con game, and they need to do it before November.

  54. Is it clear now why liberals want to call themselves “progressives”? Obviously, they recognize that most Americans reject liberalism for the corrosive, anti-American, self-destructive doctrine that it is. So they have to “repackage” their poison with a better-sounding name to fool people into buying the same old rot. Incidentally, “progressivism” is really a regressive ideology, one centered around the old-world regressive idea that elites can run your life better than you can.
    The only difference between Hitler and Stalin was the mustache.........

    There is no difference between the communist party and the progressive party, or fascism, and liberalism in practice.

  55. The Libs have always gone Goo Goo praising the First Lady and complimented her on her fashion sense but I have to speak up and say this latest wig that she has been wearing is hideously ugly.. I don't know who, what, or why she does these things but it doesn't work. She looks like Nicki Minaj . It is truly unflattering to the point of looking embarrassing. Her handlers should be ashamed of themselves, they should go back to handling Mike Tyson.


  56. After a week of watching the news on TV and listening to my radio in the car, for the first time in my life, I felt ashamed of my country. I had made a decision to forget politics for the day and go to the beach and just chill. This morning after the immense fog of pain had cleared I began to realize something.. NOT once did Barack Obama garner above the 50% approval rating.. Most of the time it stayed around 47%.. So how is it that he won with over 50% of the vote? Secondly.. Some time back, this dictator President gave amnesty to MILLIONS and registered them at the same time- ALL UNCONSTITUTIONAL. And our elected republican goons all stood by with their thumbs up their asses as our constitution was USURPED. This amounted to MILLIONS of stolen votes. We know from all of the statistics nationwide that only 21% of the population claim to liberal. THAT STILL makes them the minority DESPITE the stolen vote. Throw a RINO candidate in to the mix that we all ended up supporting, so afraid this Marxist would get back in to office, and it all spelled disaster. I believe we can take our nation back but it has to begin TODAY in electing and supporting TRUE conservatives.

    In closing, I'd like to ask all of my conservative friends prior to this next election to come back.... Liberals don't own this country.. Don’t play in to their cheating hands. Liberals have never played fair but know we do. FUCK the LIBERALS. We have work to do.. we're not quitters and it's going to take all of us. So COME HOME.. this is our America too. Zombies don't make rules.. they drool, shit, and feed off of the government.
    They are the ones who sent this fool back for four more years. Them and the basement dwellers who seem to enjoy living off mommy and daddy. Call it family socialism.

  57. As for Marie Antoinette, aka Michele Obama her ass keeps getting wider and her thighs keep getting fuller, but she sure knows how to tell us how we should feed our own kids!!

    As for her looks, she looks fine to me, in fact I think that she should star in that new Bat-Man movie as the villain.

  58. Nincompoopery? How about the Paula Deen story?
    What else do they want her to do?

  59. Yeah, I read that AOW, but Paula Deen is only part of the Nincompoopery, take a look at my blog written today. Please...

  60. By the way guys,talking about Nincompoops that "Sword of Truth" Guy, who has been writing on Shaws blog degrading Liberals and getting under Shaw’s skin and who Dave Miller is calling names and telling him to go to Geeeez or Joe Politico’s blog. Well that Idiot is a Flaming Liberal aka Truth 101, who has returned from the past trying to make us Conservatives look bad, Don’t let him fool anyone.

  61. I'm so behind in my reading, can't seem to sit down at the computer for more than a few minutes.

    Great group of articles.

    On the one about Americans leaving the United States, I've read and heard about this. However, there is no other place on earth that I would want to live. America has her problems, especially under the Obama regime, but I won't ever leave.

    Right Truth

    1. Debbie,
      I'm not spending as much time on the computer these days. Too busy!

      America has her problems, especially under the Obama regime, but I won't ever leave.

      Same here. In addition, the situation in this household makes it difficult to move only a few miles -- never mind out of the country.


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