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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our Confession

We do enjoy Kitāb alf laylah wa-laylah


  1. President Barack Obama has spent double the time playing golf and on holiday than he has attending economic meetings.
    And needed a British newspaper to tell us this!

    1. Look at it this way, Grandma, every moment Barack Obama spends on the golf course and away from Washington, DC, the nation is that much safer from realization of the dreams of his African savage father, and the schemes of his communist cohorts.

      In other words, my dear, THE LESS TIME the dirty SOB SPENDS ON the JOB the BETTER OFF WE WILL BE.

      We don't WANT government to work HARDER, we want it to STOP WORKING ALTOGETHER -- until the Marxist Bastards and the One Worlders are kicked into the back alley, stomped to jelly with hobnail boots, tossed in the trash bins, dowsed with gasoline and set ablaze -- metaphorically, of course. };-)>.

  2. We enjoy the Kitāb alf laylah wa-laylah, too.

    Have you perhaps, a pair of scissors?

  3. One and only ONE good thing about Arabs is that their music is catchy

    1. Yeah! You can CATCH any number of dread diseases just from being exposed to it.

      It is the music of SAVAGE BEASTS.

    2. Come on FT ... making a stab at cultural appreciation here. Cut Sam some slack.

  4. FT, I'm surprised you're unable to live up to your screen name.

    Let's get down to basics.
    You have never listened to Arabic music even though you profess to be a student of music. Now I expect this sort of blind prejudice from Sam and mustang. To them Ahab the Arab is a complex melodic structure but I expect better from you.

    Listen to Umm Kulthum (probably the most popular vocalist in the world when she was alive) and you'll toss your Judy Garland discs.

  5. Excellent satire! Very funny I imagine FT must have thought it was real Arab music, which is of course excruciating if you're forced to listen to it. Only characters of that duck person's ilk would want to praise Arab music. That, of course, is because people of his type reject their own heritage and do their utmost to remove favorable views of western traditions from public consciousness. That's how they conquer. It a process of seduction, denigration, subversion, alienation and rejection.



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