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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Windows Of Cheer

If the video refuses to play, CLICK HERE.

Article: "Colorful murals keep a daughter’s memory alive."


  1. I'm sure the video would be encouraging and inspiring, AOW, but it refuses to play.

    Could you reinstall it?

    1. FT,
      WaPo videos are so tempermental.

      I reinstalled it, but it wouldn't work -- even though it DID work earlier this morning.

      Try THIS LINK, which has one of those infuriating commercials; but before long, the video will play.

  2. News Flash!

    It looks like the wicked Witch of Progressives, is pissed off....
    Well who gives a crap? Look at her latest blog subject ..
    Ha, ha, ha.

  3. I must go... I have something in my eye.

  4. Obviously, Anon@13:00 you do or you wouldn't be running here to report on what that witch has to say.

  5. Why do people hate Liberals? I don't hate liberals. BTW they are progressives. They just stole the liberal moniker when people realized how nuts progressives were ND HOW HATED THEY ARE.
    The one thing about these boards that most baffles me is the incredible stupid and liberals really are..

    Most sensible people realize that all liberals are stupid, anti-patriotic, dumb...and you name it. Of you need an example of it, just take a trip down to the blog called Progressive Eruptions and read some of the trash written there by the authur a Dummy called Shaw Kenawe and see the hypocrisy and mindcontrolling manipulative pile of leftist garbage for what it is and the fact of the architects being the only beneficiary of such socialist politics.


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