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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Windows Of Cheer

If the video refuses to play, CLICK HERE.

Article: "Colorful murals keep a daughter’s memory alive."


  1. I'm sure the video would be encouraging and inspiring, AOW, but it refuses to play.

    Could you reinstall it?

    1. FT,
      WaPo videos are so tempermental.

      I reinstalled it, but it wouldn't work -- even though it DID work earlier this morning.

      Try THIS LINK, which has one of those infuriating commercials; but before long, the video will play.

  2. News Flash!

    It looks like the wicked Witch of Progressives, is pissed off....
    Well who gives a crap? Look at her latest blog subject ..
    Ha, ha, ha.

  3. I must go... I have something in my eye.

  4. Obviously, Anon@13:00 you do or you wouldn't be running here to report on what that witch has to say.


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