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Friday, August 23, 2013

An Immoral Monopoly, Part I

by Sam Huntington

Our country today is spiraling into the terrible abyss of perpetual discord. For the past 150 years or so, we divided ourselves into two camps. Democrats evolved from anti-Federalist sentiments, and Republicans who sought to instill the checks and balances of a federalist system of government. By this time, one might think that such matters are long settled—and this would be true were it not for the fact that both political parties continue to redefine what it is they stand for. For the purpose of this discussion, however, what a faction calls itself is less important than how it behaves.

Many people regard James Madison as the father of our present Constitution. At the time of the convention, he was a staunch federalist, even though in time he would realign himself with Jefferson and the so-called Democrat-Republicans. Writing under the shared pseudonym Publius, Madison constructed Federalist 10 around the notion that one utility of a well-constructed union would be its tendency to break and control the violence of faction. From his extensive reading, Madison warned us that political faction is the source of social instability and injustice —in the ancient republics, and within emerging American state constitutions.

Judging from how our society has evolved over the past sixty years, Mr. Madison could not have been more correct. It is hard to know whether our transition away from a free society was a matter of inattentive citizens, or whether it was part of a grand scheme to deny citizens exposure to civics education. Regardless, it would seem that most Americans today are completely oblivious to the fact that we have arrived at this critical junction.

In another time, Democrats and Republicans confronted one another through forceful debate. It was often not a pretty sight, but such was the intention of our founding fathers. Congress, a deliberative body, should debate issues, squabble loudly, refuse to budge on matters of principle, eventually give a little ground, and then finally find an area of agreement. Political agreements must hinge on national interest—as opposed to what is good for the career of politicians or one political faction.

Then one day, politicians in Washington began to discuss how the congress was gridlocked. “Congress isn’t doing the people’s business,” they argued. Except that gridlock is doing the people’s business. Few things in government require a decision right this minute, and even someone educated in today’s public schools should be wary of a politician who wants to “move an issue” along. We must always wonder, “To what purpose does this matter need to be moved along?”

James Madison supposed that whenever a society acknowledges freedom as an essential element of politics, there will develop a natural diversity of opinions and interests. Diverse opinions flow naturally from reason, passion, and unequal faculties. This is easy to understand and embrace, but we must now ponder, what happens to a society whenever citizens take their liberty for granted and no longer give much thought to their natural rights?

Herein lies the foundation of our modern calamity: uninformed citizens, uninvolved citizens, and acquiescence to the institution of Marxist ideology within what was once the Democratic Party. To help achieve this general acceptance of un-American principles, it has been necessary to repudiate such notions as civil debate, which Democrats have replaced with rules for radicals, including personal attacks and intolerable labels. It is not the purpose of Marxists to engage us in meaningful debate; only to silence political opposition.


  1. The two parties are tearing this country apart. and the biggest reason in my view is Racism.
    No, I don’t consider myself a racist or prejudice, but because they are just words. If they offend you, that’s because you let them offend you. You become unhappy and angry when you let yourself become unhappy and angry, that’s just tough shit. .If you just ignored it you would be a lot happier.
    Unfortunately, far too many black Liberals are waiting to riot, hoping for the opportunity like it’s a 2 for one day at Burger King’s.
    Actions speak louder than words. As long as I don’t hit you, and as lond as you don’t hit me.
    I know that a lot of blacks are disappointed that Travon didn’t get to kill Zimmerman.. But that says a lot about the blacks in this country. Obama has been pushing racial division since before he took office and Holder is a close second. And everyone of you liberals, progressives and whatever the hell you are don’t say one word about that! What the hell has happened to our society? Is everything Obama says and does alright as long as it’s him that says it?
    This country keeps slipping further and further toward 3rd world status. We have so-called "leaders" who are destroying this country for their own political and financial gain. They are lying to and enabling the lazy, greedy, shiftless, losers and malcontents and giving them more and more while taxing the productive people and lecturing them on how "greedy" they supposedly are for not wanting to give all their hard-earned money to this incompetently run government. We have an administration that is anything but fair and impartial. We have a "leader" who is so deeply entrenched in his hatred of traditional America that he believes he has the right to destabilize it and promoted racial revenge and anarchy.
    In truth they are only looking for a way to "legitimize" their anger and hatred of America and all things white; any excuse will do. This is what we call the mob mentality and it's been fueled by the myth of racial profiling, our modern day "boogie man" if you will. Profiling by any other name is "situational awareness, alertness to danger and is a defense mechanism that nature provides to all creatures. It is amazing that in this advanced age of science and knowledge just the term racial profiling can upset a entire race of people. If a crime was committed by a 18 year old tall slim Black whats wrong with looking for Blacks that fit that description? Why waste time, manpower and everything else looking for people that DON’T fit that description? Just how crazy have we become while becoming PC? Racial profiling is an effective tool to tackle the particular problem. The practice of racial profiling is a practical tool in law enforcement. And the people in New York City are Crazy for trying to do away with it. In a short time they are going to regret it.
    For example, if someone looks like a terrorist, do you think he/she should be stopped and checked at the airport only because the person looks like one? I do. What's wrong with sensible precautions to try to keep people safe from terrorists, or from CRIMINALS for that matter??

  2. And so our society is in the process of de-evolution. No different than other great nations that have gone before us. A sad truth that is hard to bear.

  3. [G]ridlock is doing the people’s business.

    For that reason, I get particularly irked by all the yammering today coming from Obama -- that Congress is obstructing him and the Democratic Party.

    Obama, of course, demagogue that he is, is using "work arounds" and acting without Congress by governance via fiat (executive order). Obama supporters are complicit because they nods their heads in agreement -- like so many bobble-head dolls.

  4. In theory, once the constitution was ratified,the constitution itself would represent the political center. We should have seen a party or parties on the left that pushed to give the federal government more powers than specifired int the constitution and a party or parties on the right pushing to take away powers granted to the fedral government. Ideally, most Americans would be centerist;i.e., don't budge from the consitution one iota. Sadly, the Democrats and the Republicans both have pushed to give the federal government more power.

  5. This Administration is bias against Rodeo Clowns!

  6. Not having read the rest of your argument, Sam … I have to agree with Jim’s analysis, but with this one exception. We can say that the political parties have been tugging at one another from the beginning—but it was the people who were so easily persuaded that they are entitled to programs that exceed the scope of constitutional authority or limitation. IMO, the Democratic Party does not own stupidity; they share it with the GOP.

    1. [T]he Democratic Party does not own stupidity; they share it with the GOP.

      And the end result is that so many of the group known as WE THE PEOPLE are disenfranchised and have no representation on Capitol Hill.

      The idea of WE THE PEOPLE has devolved as the sheeple have become so numerous. **sigh**

  7. Quote:

    In another time, Democrats and Republicans confronted one another through forceful debate. It was often not a pretty sight, but such was the intention of our founding fathers. Congress, a deliberative body, should debate issues, squabble loudly, refuse to budge on matters of principle,...

    End Quote

    There is no confrontation any more. The Republicans want to 'get along' and are sniveling slugs when it comes to having back bone on anything. The Democrats have no real competition.

    Right Truth

    1. Debbie,
      The Republicans want to 'get along' and are sniveling slugs when it comes to having back bone on anything.

      "Sniveling slugs" is what we have for so-called public servants!

      I fear for the future of our republic.

  8. Our Achilles Heel as a people and as a power has always been our historic treatment of The Negro.

    All the brilliant thinking, high-toned rhetoric, sound principles, and glorious ideals considered, compounded, synthesized and codified by our Founders -- namely the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Federalist Papers -- have ultimately thawed, melted, and resolved themselves into a dew, because we failed -- at the outset -- to deal pragmatically and humanely with the anomaly of Negroes having to be regarded -- not as chattel -- not as beasts of burden -- not as a conquered nation unworthy of full participation in our nascent republic -- but as fellow human beings with the same God-given rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as the rest of us.

    Failure to address those considerations adequately obviated the value of the Founders wonderful words, noble thoughts and brave deeds, and rendered them spectacularly vulnerable to attack from self-righteous do-gooders, cynical manipulators, and crafty, demonically clever, parasitical, rudely disrespectful, aliens who have often described themselves as "an oriental people." The result has been the sad dissolution we are experiencing now. We were doomed from the beginning, because we built our nation on a false premise.

    "Do as I say, not as I do," has never been a sound basis for the accomplishment of any goal no matter how worthy.

    "God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth, that also shall he reap."

    1. FT,
      Yes, on vacation. But we get rained out from time to time. We haven't been troubled by rain enough to prohibit at least one sightseeing activity every day.

      The past IS indeed relevant. However, wallowing in the past and the injustices thereof promotes a mentality of victimhood, which, in turn, promotes anger.

      The can of many an issue has been kicked down the road. Thus is the history of mankind from time immemorial. We can't turn back the clock and fix the past.

  9. I leave it to you to speak for yourself, FT. Personally, I have never treated blacks with anything but the respect their character demands. Moreover, in contemporary society, I have never seen a black person treated disrespectfully by a white person. In addition to all this, I have never owned a slave and no one in my family has ever owned a slave. These casualties you are speaking are not a creation of white society, but rather the creation of the Jim Crow—progressive movement. Apparently, you along with all the others who adore the Jackson/Sharpton Racketeering model have swallowed this mentally paralyzing fiction, hook, line, and sinker.

    1. I have no idea how old you are, Jack, where you are from, how you were raised, how you have lived, or where you live now, but taken at face value your experience has to have been been radically different from mine -- and that of most Americans capable of being honest with themselves.

      Whatever it is you imagined I meant has no relation whatsoever to the motivation behind the remarks to which you want to take such vehement exception.

      Whenever we fall into the habit of relating everything to Self, and Self alone, we are in error. Principles matter a great deal more than personalities. Why that should be such difficult concept to grasp I can't imagine, but, apparently, it is for most people.

  10. America is a painting set within two frames, one Republican, and one Democrat. ;P

  11. La gauche est un poison qui les gens boivent volontiers. Quelle pitiƩ.

    1. That is why we refer to it as "Kool Aid." It is a sad state.

  12. Why do we have to drag race into this? So Obama is black and 90 percent of blacks vote Democrat. Talking about that is not going to change anything. Please remember the issue. That is what our government is doing, not the color of anybody's skin.

    Most of our elected leaders are white. Without the active support of a large number of white voters and elected leaders, Obama has no power. NONE!

    Obamacare, the Great Recession, the burgeoning welfare state, the assault on coal, and so forth, have nothing to do with race. Ignoring the Constitution has nothing to do with race. The problem is a moral problem. Are immoral people more likely to be racists? I suppose so, but racism is just another sin.

    Recall the Parable of the Good Samaritan. Prejudice is just an excuse for putting our own welfare ahead of love for our neighbor.

    The Constitution exists to protect everyone's rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. When do we ignore the Constitution? We do so when we neglect to love our neighbor as we love our selves. Then we risk our neighbor following our example. When our neighbor follows our example and returns the abuse, it is then the demagogues can divide us.

  13. I am astonished at how easily fools get sucked into the Clinton game, and actually feel flattered to be used by them. It is quite sickening to those of us who are aware of the facts and truth about these two sleazy,horrible people.

  14. The only difference between Hitler and Stalin was the mustache.........

    There is no difference between progressivism, communism, and fascism in practice. The result of both is the same...
    I believe in giving credit where credit is due, and I’ve got to hand it to the Lefties, nobody can put on a sanctimonious soapboxing spectacle like a Progressive Leftist like Rational Nation USA and his Mentor Shaw Kenawe


  15. Progressives need to blame someone for Obama's failures that WE call "Scandals", and they call "Conservative" propaganda so they blame the "Conservatives" after all WE Conservative are their typical targets to blame for the horseshit propaganda that they post about. I like to call it. "Liberal Fascist Horseshit" posted in Asshole Dumbasses fashion, initiated, and set in motion by their mentor Shaw.
    If you noticed the RASH of Black on White murders in the news lately and SHAW hasn't said ONE word about it. No marches, no skittles and Watermelon drinks, no protests, no bans, no boycotts, no civil rights suits... funny isn't it.

    I have seen and read recent reports of SO many random attacks going on by young black teens attacking WHITE people, and none mention of it on any of the Liberal blogs at all.

    3 black thugs shoot down and kill Australian jogger to death in Oklahoma because they were bored!

    3 more black thugs shoot down and kill a 88 year old World War 2 Veteran, in cold blood for nothing, and again NO mention of it an ANY liberal blog.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.


  18. I can remember the one of the most violent times in American history the riots in the streets of Los Angeles and the pictures of the mobs of blacks beating the truck driver Reginald Denny, who was just driving his truck through the streets of Los Angeles., when they dragged him out of his truck and beat him with anything they could find, including fire extinguishers, bricks, rocks, medical equipment, etc. He was beaten so badly, that every bone in his face was fractured multiple times, and even his skull was broken . The only reason he was targeted for such a heinous beating, was because he was WHITE.
    The "brothas" had a grand old time stealing TV’s, Groceries. Liqueur stores, and other stores as they broke in to the shops and burnt them down when they were done cleaning them out . Yet when Police tried to break these riots up, they were beaten as well... It's a shame how much things HASN'T REALLY CHANGED. Blacks still take advantage of a tragedy and or a disaster or, catastrophe to riot and take advantage of the circumstances to benefit by stealing, beating up people etc. .
    And that applies to the way things are today as well. Just look at the after effects of the George Zimmerman trial.
    We already know leaders of Organized Blackness, such as Al Sharpton, have blasted the jury selection - not enough blacks to ensure 'equal justice' - setting the stage for a massive, zombie-style outbreak of Spontaneous Blackness if Mr. Zimmerman is found not-guilty. If and when the verdict turned out to be not guilty the Black communities in every big city were told to riot. But If found guilty they will party in the streets, rob and pillage the towns they live in. Then blame whitey for everything.
    So basically what we have is the concept that blacks think they can use the threat of rioting, bloodshed and mayhem to affect the outcome of a trial-that if they don't get their way, they'll have an atomic hissy fit, rampage through the streets and inflict untold damage everywhere.

  19. I wouldn't want to know who GUESS WHO really is, but you can be reasonably certain it is a conehead who has a title like Grand Dragon in front of its name. Probably one of the hundreds of illegitimate sons Bobby Byrd left behind or possibly a plant from the wicked witch of the blogosphere and the cybermonkeys who do her bidding.

    Leftists are well known for impersonating conservatives in such a way as to make conservatives appear evil and ridiculous.

    Heven Heppus

  20. Shit happens, deal with it.
    Poster "Guess Who". Made some good points. At least I thought so.

  21. proud rightwinger

    As a "facts" person have you ever read: The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life (1994) (ISBN 0-02-914673-9)
    By Richard Herrnstein & Charles Murray ?

    If not, I recomend it. I read excerpts from a borrowed copy back in the 90's but recent events have prompted me to order a copy of my own. This is a factual, empirical work which provides straight-forward explainations with no Politically Correct pap!

  22. What is it about Democrats that mke them so stupid as to follow this anti American Marxist? Right from the beginning when his Rev.Wrong preached about his hatred for America these ass-wipes should have known what was coming. Democrats are made of great green globs of greasy, grimy gopher guts, mutilated monkey meat, petrified pigeon pus, french fried eyeballs.
    They will NEVER wake up ... Maybe Until it's too late.


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