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Monday, August 26, 2013

An Immoral Monopoly, Part II

by Sam Huntington

"As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron."
—H.L. Mencken, July 26, 1920

What has evolved in place of American politics today is simply noise pollution, but there is a method to this madness. It is to wear down political opposition and I fear such a ploy could be working. The news media is so biased toward their adoring messiah that fewer Americans even want to hear about what is going on in the world. This reinforces the general lack of understanding among high school and college graduates. Social media technology helps to keep us occupied and focused on ourselves. In time, people tire of the inane chatter, the lies, false accusations, incredible denials, and ultimately, they toss up their hands in disgust. When this happens, as eventually it must, the Marxists will have cemented their second revolution of consequence.

How is this even possible?

When there is only one kind of citizen, there is no marketplace of ideas. We have almost arrived at this juncture today. As a society, we have allowed others to focus all of us more on racial diversity than on nurturing a diversity of ideas. I must ask again, what purpose does this serve and to whose advantage?

I have another observation: Americans today seem incapable of original thought. Our high school and college graduates know less about our world than their parents, which when you think about it, is quite astonishing. High school graduates possess few worthwhile skills. They are fodder for the minimum wage. Colleges and universities require many applicants to enroll in remedial courses as a condition of acceptance. Yet, even in these august centers of higher education, students demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of issues. In a recent street poll on the campus of Ohio State University, one of seven students knew about what happened in Benghazi. Yet, there also seems to be widespread acceptance of Marxist principles because of the methodologies used presenting these ideas to students incapable of thinking for themselves. Two examples of this are the United Nation’s Agenda 21, and the so-called Sustainability Project.

In the United States today, there is no group of people with less intellectual freedom than those who self-identify as politically progressive. It is a self-imposed restriction on our God-given right of the freedom of association. By the way, this word progressive is a euphemism for communist.

Among those on the left, it is a sacrilege to acknowledge that the ideas or notions proposed by anyone who is not a Marxist has any value. It is easy to test this hypothesis: try to have a conversation with anyone on the left about race, homosexual lifestyle, or Islam. It is not long before the so-called progressive begins tossing around disrespectful epithets. Accusing someone of hate speech is so far the easiest way to silence an opponent. The content of our thoughts no long matter when they stand in direct contravention to Marxist ideology.

What happens to the left leaning individual who dares to consider an honestly offered opinion, contrary to the Marxist worldview? The brainwashing continues through ostracism by his or her peers. No one wants separation from his or her colleagues, and so speech is stifled, thinking asphyxiated. It is far easier to go along to get along —and geniuses that we are, hardly anyone realizes the scope of this sacrifice.

Proof of what I have written above exists in the archives of this blog, and at other journals. Observe how the left reacts to anyone who dares to quote a conservative economist, or Ronald Reagan, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, or Star Parker. Mockery ensues, name-calling, profanity … and this is not how to maintain a free society. The American people are being led by the nose to achieve a society in which there is only one acceptable idea, and it is a foreign one. These circumstances bring us to this one conclusion: Marxists are not looking for a free society. They are in a quest to achieve an immoral monopoly in a land that was once a bastion of free ideas.


  1. It sums it up quite nicely. Now the media clamors for war with Syria. A new toy for our diversion,

  2. "What has evolved in place of American politics today is simply noise pollution, but there is a method to this madness. It is to wear down political opposition and I fear such a ploy could be working."

    It is working all too well!

    Greeat post, Sam!

  3. the world is headed toward Sodom and Gomorah with Hussein at the helm!

    1. Can I get a big AMEN! to that?! And I'm NOT kidding!

    2. Marine4Ever,
      I feel as if I'm a spectator to a life-and-death demolition derby.

  4. Sam,

    I've come to the conclusion that, at least in this day-in-age, Hell can be defined in one word : REINCARNATION!

  5. Among those on the left, it is a sacrilege to acknowledge that the ideas or notions proposed by anyone who is not a Marxist has any value. It is easy to test this hypothesis: try to have a conversation with anyone on the left about race, homosexual lifestyle, or Islam.

    What do race, sexuality and Islam have to do with Marxism?

    Actually, substitute evangelical for Marxist and you might have an idea worth pursuing.

  6. I have the solution for welfare/freeloaders!!!!!!!
    Why doesn't everyone on welfare do community service to pay back everyone who works for a living?

  7. Observe how the left reacts to anyone who dares to quote a conservative economist, or Ronald Reagan, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, or Star Parker.

    Sowell, Williams and Parker are cheap hacks.
    Reagan was an utter disaster.

    But conservative economists? Friedman on inflation was brilliant.
    Do you consider Adam Smith a conservative? Brilliant thinker but out of step with a lot of Libertarian principles.
    Bastiat? His demand theories have been perverted by supply side nonsense but he's certainly a worthy conservative.

    The problem may occur, Sam, when someone informs you that the economic center is a good deal to the left of Hayek. In fact you would have great difficulty finding situations where Austrian theory was successful.

    But let's face it Sam, you aren't interested in a free exchange of ideas. You're interested in an extreme right wing world view that is unworkable.

  8. Sowell, Williams and Parker are cheap hacks.

    Translation: I am a leftist racist and have nothing further to contribute than this.

  9. Did you read the rest of the post, Bubba?

  10. Our greatest enemy is the Apathy, Gullibility, woeful Ignorance -- and infinite Greed stemming from basic Laziness and the sedulously cultivated Entitlement Mentality -- that currently defines a vast majority of the electorate.

    The enormous conceit and infinite capacity for self-delusion of the hopelessly indoctrinated Intellectual Elite wonderfully exemplified by our own dear Canardo is the second arm of the same chimera. In other words people led to believe they are very smart by the corrupt educational establishment when in fact they function merely as trained partisan parrots who reflexively spout quasi-erudite propaganda and have no capacity whatsoever for genuine thought have led the nation into The Pit.

  11. The news media is so biased toward their adoring messiah that fewer Americans even want to hear about what is going on in the world.

    I'm one of those who mostly ignores the mainstream media.

    Yes, apathy has set in here -- as has the realization that WE THE PEOPLE have lost our republic.

    As for education and all those COSTLY remedial classes, academia has become mostly a scam. I'm glad that I'm nearing my retirement.

  12. Speaking of education, I see that the Washington Post has begun a ten part series online at Wonkblog: “The Tuition is Too Damn High.”

    The series will run for two weeks. For what it's worth.

  13. But let's face it Sam, you aren't interested in a free exchange of ideas. You're interested in an extreme right wing world view that is unworkable.

    LOL … pure hypocrisy if ever there was any. Yep, real jerk.

  14. EXCELLENT post, Sam...I've often thought the same thing, just not quite so articulately! Thank you for this. You are SO RIGHt in all you said..there can BE no diversity of thought because of the Left; they JUST will NOT HAVE it.
    Our kids are indoctrinated into stupidity.
    And there's Ducky being the perfect example for me.
    SO sad.


  15. Sadly, Racism Is Very Much Alive in America — among Influential Black Americans.

    It was very much on display Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial where prominent black activists gathered a few days ahead of the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic “I have a dream” speech in order to advance their careers by pretending to care about the state of race relations in the nation today.

    Instead of simply using the opportunity to honor the work of his father in a dignified way, King’s son, Martin Luther King III, cheapened it by attempting to stir up racial hatred. He said the Trayvon Martin killing last year, ruled by a jury to be a justifiable homicide in which race played no role, shows that America is a deeply racist country.
    Here is Top 10 List:
    1) Al Sharpton.
    Provocateur and make-believe civil rights leader.
    Barack Obama.
    U.S. president who rarely fails to inject race into a political fight, no matter how inappropriate.
    Michelle Obama.
    First Lady who only stopped being ashamed of her country when it began to support her husband who just happens to be Black!
    Eric Holder.
    U.S. attorney general, who hates conservatives and doesn’t believe in enforcing civil rights laws when white people are victims.
    Oprah Winfrey.
    Billionaire media entrepreneur, beloved by her largely white following, but who can’t stop resenting white people.
    Martin Luther King III.
    One of the leaders of a civil rights movement that long ago outlived its usefulness.
    Louis Farrakhan.
    Leader of a hateful Islamic cult.
    Jermaine Wright
    King Samir Shabazz

  16. I think that Barack Obama will be the LAST Black President in America for a very long time.
    That being said Obama is not close to being one of the best presidents, in fact he is much closer to becoming our worst. ..Obama is giving away money that is hard earned and worked for to people who get checks every month that don't want to work. The only people who should be able to vote are people who pay taxes, then see who's president, it wont be Obama. I guarantee that Romney would have been such a better president. We need a president who loves America, and Obama is not that person, and neither is his wife. . Obama is draining us all and soon our children are going to have to pay for the damage that is being done to this country. We are losing our spot as the world's currency, we are printing money to keep paying debts, once we cant print money then what's going to happen? He is so out of touch with the average American, and he doesn't know what he's doing! He has set Race relations back 50 years. You would have thought that a Black president would have helped race relations, but this man did more to hurt race relations than anyone else could have. I still can’t get over that remark, “that Trayvon might have been his son” That was DISGUSTING he had NO business putting his 2 cents into a on going trial. .
    And I wish I could say that he cares for the country, but because of his actions I don't feel that he does! And I feel that this Obamacare is going to break the country, I feel that it's not right to force people into insurance or pay a penalty! Last I checked we were still in the USA right? He is slowly taking away our God-given rights, what did all those men and woman die for anyway? Unemployment/underemployment (real #), inflation (again real #), foreign policy (how's that Middle East working out for ya?), scandal after scandal, health care costs skyrocketing, ending wars, closing Guantanamo Bay...Has he achieved anything besides Affordable Care Act, which is turning into a disaster? He is destroying this great nation. The goal for America is not to make everyone equal in terms of living, but rather to help the middle class at any cost. The middle class is the most vital aspect to the economy and the nation can't afford to see it fall. Legislation's like Obamacare are doing just that. This is a socialist act aimed to take from the middle class - not even the rich - and help the poor. Socialism is a flawed institution that has failed miserably throughout history. Also, his foreign policies and the continuing War on Terror is straining his approval rating. Constantly sending aid to countries in need is not acceptable. There are about a 194 other countries in the world that can help, we don't always need to be the first one to offer assistance especially when we cant afford to. Bring Aid and Military assets back home, stop helping others before helping your own citizens.He is a terrible president. As for Michelle Obama, well I’m not even going to get started there. There isn’t enough room. he is a failure.

  17. " ... Fret not thyself because of evildoers ..."

    ~ Elijah

    " ... The ungodly are not so, but are like the chaff which the wind driveth away..."

    ~ Psalms

  18. Oh stop your Bull-Shit poems already FT! It's getting to be boring. Bring them to Ms Shaw.

    1. It is not your place to tell a commenter what to post or not to post. This is not your blog.

  19. We are, (at least many of us) still grieving after Trayvon Martin's death, and, after the absurd jury verdict.
    We have reached a point in history where the denial of racism appears to be in the hearts and in the minds of the majority of White folks. President Obama's presidency is hanging by a thread, due to the fact that 3/4 of the white community would just love to see him impeached. We have to speak our truth, without fear, in order for change to happen. I like many other blacks do not approve of the atmosphere of the country these days and now that President Obama is about to bring us to war, who knows what lies ahead for our community. As for me, Im tired of being treated unfairly because im black, and I just don’t want to stand for it any further. We have been used as slaves long enough.
    As for the Zimmerman verdict, there was a lot of people who supported Zimmerman, most of them are white. . They forgot that Zimmerman was not a certified police officer and that he disobeyed the police orders to stand down. Zimmerman also did not act out of fear but rather aggression by pursuing Trayvon (a known psychological fact). But apparently that is not concrete enough to some and considered overreaction from black people. I find that the majority of the comments on these conservative blogs are very disturbing and hateful, further validate they are authored by insidious racist whites.

  20. "Blessed are Ye when men shall revile you and persecute you, and say all manner of things against you falsely, for my sake."

    Bless you, FT, for trying to raise the quality of our thoughts to a higher standard. The more mockery, hatred and contempt you attract from morally blind, poorly motivated people, the finer your character becomes.

    I still miss your blog. I'm sorry you felt you had to give it up.

    Helen Highwater

  21. "AnonymousAugust 27, 2013 at 3:41:00 PM EDT"

    Quit whining and get a life!

  22. Hey Anonymous at 3:41:00

    That was one of the most racist posts that I've ever read.....
    You obviously don't have any credibility with me whatsoever because you don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

    I am white and was practically born in the streets where my drug addicted mother dumped me. I grew up between orphanages and foster homes where I was beaten and raped by various people of multiple races. I spent most of the next few years in and out of juvenile hall for crimes I was accused of committing that I never committed but I had no money for a proper lawyer for Proper representation since I had no money. I did not have the opportunity to finish high school due to the fact that I was homeless by the age of 14 at which time I began selling drugs so that I could afford to eat........

    I have been sober for over 12 years now and I work nearly 70 hours a week at a shit job to put food on the table and a roof over the heads of my wife and I.
    Where exactly is my white privilege?

    There are no programs for me...... no free phones or any other stuff.
    And don’t lecture me about Trayvon Martin. If Trayvon Martin wasn’t a wise guy and a thug he would be alive today
    Trayvon Martin was a wannabe gangsta and he came up against the wrong person.
    Please enlighten me as to where my “Hope and Change” is ????
    I love people of all races that are good people, I don't like rude, mean people of any race.
    The truth is all people are people and when you stop looking at people's race and start focusing on the content of people's character instead you will realize most people of all races have to work hard for whatever they have in life. We all deserve respect and to be loved by each other when we earn it.
    Go home with your racism and learn to love your fellow man and women for who they are not for the color of their skin. So please cry us a river and go home and grow a pair. You are really breaking our hearts.

  23. Pass the tissue box, my tears are still falling!

  24. It is unfortunate that the first minority president has to be such a failure. Like anon 3:41, to many people believe someone is against obama because he is black which in most cases is not true. Most are against obama because he has further divided the country, has no interest in job creation and has added significantly to the social entitlement population. His answer to everything is to blame others, bush and the gop, for all his failings.

  25. The victimhood mentality -- as evidenced by Anonymous @ 3:41 today -- is a pity party that denies the reality, specifically, that blacks in America today are not slaves.

    Are there racists in America today? Certainly. But I do remember the days of separate water fountains, separate schools, etc. Those days are gone.

    White privilege is nothing like Anonymous @ 3:41 has chosen to believe.

    Just a few days ago, Mr. AOW and returned from our vacation at a posh resort. At least 40% of the vacationers there were black and obviously very well-to-do.

  26. Anon @ 3:41, you asked for this:

    think about what the race-baiters and liberal politicians say and how they act. you'll know this is true.........

    In a nut shell...


    A black kid asks his mother, "Mama, what's a Democracy and what is Racism?"

    "Well, son, Democracy is when white folks work every day so we can get all our benefits,
    you knows like free cell phones for each family member, rent subsidy, food stamps,
    WIC, free healthcare, utility subsidy, & on & on, you knows, that's Democracy".

    "But mama, don't the white people get pissed off about that?

    "Sure they do, that's called Racism!"

    (Never more simply explained)

  27. Time for a Levity break:

    _ Variation on a Famous Folksong _

    Ruben, Ruben, I've been thinking
    What a grand world this would be,
    If the men were all transported
    Far beyond the Northern Sea.

    Racial, Racial, let me tell you
    Men would have such merry times,
    If the girls were far removed
    From all our games and violent crimes.

    Then there'd be no need for children
    Fun is all there'd ever be,
    As we contemplate Extinction
    Oh so irresponsibly!

    ~ adapted by FreeThinke

  28. Excellent advice, Spidey, but easier said than done, of course.

    Thank you for sharing so much of your own story. I congratulate you for pulling yourself out of a bad situation and overcoming so many handicaps. Your story reminds me a lot of Star Parker's story -- and the story of many people I got to know when I taught in New York City many years ago.

    It isn't just blacks who need to wake up, however, it's EVERYBODY who lets himself be dominated by feelings of bitterness, anger, jealousy and thoughts of revenge, Many white people fall into that category.

    Envy is one of the seven deadly sins, and Self-Pity is probably the most destructive emotion known to Man.

    Your life is a real triumph for getting past all that, and doing the best you can at what you have to do in order to survive.

    ~ FreeThinke

  29. I seem to have lost my ID and my avatar. Why can't I post as FreeThinke anymore?

    Something happened to the software, so I'll just have to go as ANONYMOUS from now on.


    ~ FreeThinke

    1. FT,
      There may be a fix for that problem. Try rebooting your computer and signing in again.

  30. FT,

    I've been having similar trouble. It may/must be in the system.

    1. Jon,
      I've been noticing for some time that web sites and servers occasionally dump passwords -- never mind that I have regularly used those web sites and passwords within the past few days.

      A time expiration of some type?

  31. AnonymousAugust 27, 2013 at 7:54:00 PM EDT

    I seem to have lost my ID and my avatar. Why can't I post as FreeThinke anymore?

    Something happened to the software, so I'll just have to go as ANONYMOUS from now on.


    ~ FreeThinke

    Because we are sick of your poems! And so is the computer! ( vomit)

    1. FT,
      I'm signing in without any trouble. So, I have no idea as to why you cannot do so.

      I am NOT sick of your poems!

  32. FreeThinke said:
    I seem to have lost my ID and my avatar. Why can't I post as FreeThinke anymore?

    Something happened to the software, so I'll just have to go as ANONYMOUS from now on.

    ~ FreeThinke

    Blame your Libfart friends for that over at the the Wicked Witch of the blogisphers's blog.

  33. The Movie “The Butler”A bad joke?
    You can imagine the Hollywood elitist fat cats snickering to each other at drugged out cocktail parties that they planned to cast Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan in the over rated movie "The Butler". It isn't that they couldn't find any other actress, it seemed that they planned all along to be a big joke and they thought conservative Americans and Vietnam Vets would just take the insult without comment. Guess what happened? Americans rallied together and the joke backfired. It was just another way to shit on the people of this country. To have Jane Fonda and Oprah in the same movie was just a classless and tasteless passive-aggressive way to drive an anti-American agenda, home to it's base of progressives and low information voters. Another piece of Hollywood trash staring a bunch of Progressive Marxists, the only ones missing were Alec Baldwin, Susan Surandon,Morgen Freemen,Jamie Fox,Will Smith, James Earle Jones, and Whoopi Goldberg . .

  34. Will Obama explain and justify to us why he bombs Syria BEFORE he does it? Whatever he says will be a lie anyway. Maybe he'll get him new friend and buddy Colin Powell to present his evidence to the UN.

    Even Hilary Clinton was smart enough to get out of Dodge before the you know what hit the fan in the Middle East. She'll spend the next couple years distancing herself as much as possible from this train wreck, and she hasn't done anything smart in the past 20 years.


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