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Friday, August 9, 2013

Quotation Of The Day

From 1389 Blog:


I am white, and was taken to USA by my parents as legal immigrants. Never saw a black person till I arrived in USA as a ten year old. Within 3 months, my mother was hit on her head with a blackjack by a black during a robbery, and I was miserable in school , little language and a lot of blacks who like piranha attacked only in groups. The whites were neutered, either acting out and imitating the blacks, or living in fear.

This was so different from the country I moved from that I was shocked. The only kids I could deal with were other recent immigrants, black and white, with a kid who recently arrived from Jamaica being one.. that is until 10th grade when all of a sudden after summer he became ‘racially aware’, returned with his hair in corn rows, pretending he didn’t know me, and calling me cracker. At that point I found a small group of friends and we helped each other survive this hellish experience.

I became a professional, never having the benefit of being of the white race, since my accent and lack of familiarity with baseball or football , and no recruiter ever gave me a wink to let me know that as a fellow member of the white race , I was in like Flynn. No license to oppress ever arrived, but oppression there was, against me. To make a long story short. Twenty five years after I arrived to these shores, I left them , now 5 years ago. No, I didn’t move back to the country I came from. I moved to a country in Asia, a continent where my white skin is not a source of shame but a source of envy by locals who consider it a sign of wealth , since it shows I didn’t spend my days in the sun working on a rice field.

Despite Americans bombing this country , nobody is angry at me , demands reparations of me, assaults me, disrespects me, and I live peacefully with my neighbors despite some people making less than $100/month. I haven’t seen an angry black or latino in years, and it feels sooooo good to be able to walk the streets free of flash-mobs, or packs of black piranhas on the prowl for a cracker to crunch. My only regret was not leaving America sooner to the insane , self-loathing, liberal progressive liars and their multicultural sheeple.

Is Nick's assessment more accurate that we Americans would like it to be?


  1. Having gone to college located in the so called inner city, I can attest to the truthfulness. I was young and did not perceive the true danger. Still after any number of harrowing experiences I became resentful of my limited freedom. Where are the complaints from those who receive the bad treatment by blacks?

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  3. Fascinating. An honest assessment of one person's experience. I do believe this is accurate for too many people here in the United States. We only know what we personally experience. Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately people like Sharpton won't read it and even if they did, they have their agenda.

    Right Truth

  4. Sadly, the situation has only worsened since Obama took office.

  5. Well Nick, I've seen it too, but I also saw it before it turned into a hell hole. LBJ and the Great Society are responsible for the misery you saw. When I grew up EVERY family had a hard working father at home that made sure that ALL children respected their elders.

  6. Here in Venezuela, whites are about the percentage of the population as blacks are in the US. In over two decades living here, I've never seen evidence of overt racism. I know numerous fair skined and dar skined Venezuelans who after returning from their first visit to the United States, asked me: "What's wrong with the blacks in your country? They behave like animals!"
    The Democrat Party is what is wrong with American blacks.

    Jim at Asylum Watch

    1. Jim,
      I know numerous fair skined and dar skined Venezuelans who after returning from their first visit to the United States, asked me: "What's wrong with the blacks in your country? They behave like animals!"

      Thank you for providing that information.

      I've heard similar comments from those visiting America.

  7. Blacks feed on anger. This is why the race baiters do all they can to fan these flames of discord. But it isn’t just blacks. I see the same kind of anger and hatred toward whites in states bordering Mexico. The happiest people are the Mexicans who are first generation arrivals. This is actually fascinating to behold because second and third generation “Mexicans,” (those who refuse to assimilate) are those who shun educational opportunities, who join gangs, and who develop this notion that prison or jail time is a red badge of courage. Now we see that this very same anger, this myth of white oppression, exists within the Islamic or Middle Eastern communities, as well. Not the recent arrivals, but the second and third generation punks who are trying to may hay with “racist America.” It “justifies” their brutish, animalistic behavior.

    Woodsterman is right. The author of this disaster is LBJ … that bastion of the racist left who learned important lessons from Woodrow Wilson and Margaret Sanger: tell the blacks that you are freeing them from the racism of the Democratic Party by blaming everything on mostly white conservatives. This methodology turned out to be a near-guarantee for success in the Democratic/Progressive/Communist Party. I wish Nick the best of luck, but urge him not to view Asian culture through rose colored glasses.

  8. It is hard to give credit to blacks for their intelligence when most belong to the Democratic Party, when most adore Barack Obama, and when most do exactly what Sharpton tells them too. How do you fool a black? Promise them an Obama phone.

  9. Here in Atlanta, Georgia whites live in perfect harmony with blacks. Only occasionally do we have a cop shooting a black kid, and then it is usually a black cop doing the shooting. We can stroll around our neighborhoods without fear of racial tension, and our children mingle and date in multi-racial groups. It is as if we have achieved that idyllic world dreamed by Rev Martin Luther King.

    There area only a few cautionary ideas to remember.

    1. Do not take MARTA to downtown Atlanta at night unless you are going to a Braves game and you will have the security of thousands of baseball fans around you.
    2. If you are a student do not walk the streets around Georgia Tech or Georgia State University after dark. These respectable universities are located in downtown Atlanta.
    3. Do not go near any public housing project in any part of town at any time.
    4. Do not hang out at nightclubs after midnight in mid-town or downtown. That's when the gangs take over. If you get mugged or murdered at three or four AM, it's automatically your fault.
    5. Do not have any anti-Democrat or anti-Obama bumper sticker if you value your car's windshield, upholstery, and paint job.
    6. Do not visit any convenience store, ATM, or grocery store after midnight in the entire Atlanta area after midnight. The coke-heads get hungry after the witching hour.

    Life is lovely if you just keep in mind these simple admonitions. Even my black neighbors observe them.

  10. Interesting Bob ... who knew the Zombies had taken over in Atlanta? I thought Julian Bond would have saved you from that nastiness.

  11. The example of Atlanta puts the lie to the claim by the KKK-fringe types that Detroit is a hellhole due to Blacks.

    It also shows that being in a red state makes a city better.

  12. The 1994 bankruptcy of California’s Orange County, which includes fabulously wealthy beach communities, and the 2011 bankruptcy of Alabama’s Jefferson County, which includes Birmingham, resulted from bad investment decisions. Detroit, however, has suffered not just economic setbacks but also a cultural collapse that precludes a rapid recovery.

    Despite some people’s facile talk about “rebooting” Detroit, as though it is a balky gadget, this is a place where dangerous packs of feral dogs roam. No city can succeed without a large middle class, and in spite of cheery talk about a downtown sprinkling of “hipsters and artisans,” a significant minority of Detroit’s residents are functionally illiterate and only 12 percent have college degrees (in Seattle, 56 percent do). Families are the primary transmitters of social capital, and 79 percent of children here are born to unmarried women. What middle-class family would send children into a school system where 3 percent of fourth-graders meet national math standards? —George Will

  13. Quite accurate.

    Sadly, since the Trayvon/Zimmerman debacle, we have had three separate incidents of six Black youths attacking white people in our neighborhood, one just down the street from our house.

    One man said, he was attacked for looking, "gay." Another was jogging and the last one was walking with a friend down our street. All were battered and bruised.

    Those vile miscreants still have not been caught.

    We can thank Obama and the Media for this heinous uprising against all non-Blacks.

  14. Even IF Nick is a fake, my question at the end of the body of the blog posts stands because I believe that it is a valid question:

    Is Nick's assessment more accurate that we Americans would like it to be?


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