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Sunday, August 25, 2013


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  1. Does this mean you're back from The Burg?

    If so, WELCOME HOME.

    No WONDER it's CATURDAY at your place! They must have been mad with anxiety in your absence.

    Or are they giving you The Silent Treatment and pretending not to notice you?

    1. FT,
      I had this post queued up in advance. Nevertheless, Mr. AOW and I indeed returned home from Williamsburg this morning.

      In our absence, Cameo ruled the roost. Amber didn't show up for 3 whole days. She was in the house, of course. The food and water disappeared, but she cloistered herself under the bed until she deemed that appearing would be safe (the house sitters/cat sitters were Amber's foster owners). Mysti came out from hiding within a few hours, never mind that she is usually the most retiring of our three cats.

      Cameo met us at the door when we returned. Amber appeared in a few moments, but gave us the cold shoulder for a few minutes. Mysti stayed under the bed until I brought out the food.

      We had house sitters/cat sitters, and Cameo supervised all work done in our absence. This old house had a few changes effected in our absence: the painting and redecorating of the kitchen -- all done by our house sitters/cat sitters as Cameo supervised.

      The kitchen is beautiful! Well, except for the ceiling, which required major work because of a water leak years ago; the ceiling work will be completed later. Next up for the kitchen: curtains for the double window. With all the bright white paint that I chose before we departed for vacation, the room is now so bright that curtains of some sort are needed.

  2. I LOVE, LOVE this! I adore cats! So, I'm snagging this picture for my Facebook page, can't resist.

    I wish I could own a dozen, but one is all my husband will allow, after almost dying from sepsis, with our baby bobcat.

    1. Leticia,
      I had a feeling that you'd want this particular graphic!

      Cats rule!


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