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Friday, August 16, 2013

Recommended Reading

See The Media’s Double Standard: Some hate crimes are less hateful than others.

Excerpt below the fold:
On August 15, 2012, at 10:46 a.m.—one year ago this week—Floyd Lee Corkins entered the lobby of the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. He was carrying a backpack that contained 15 Chick-fil-A -sandwiches, a Sig Sauer 9mm pistol, and 100 rounds of ammunition. Corkins has since pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing for the crimes he proceeded to commit. He’s set to spend decades in a prison cell and fade into obscurity.


The Family Research Council shooting is one of the few inarguable examples of politically motivated violence in recent years, yet looking back a year later, the incident has garnered comparatively little attention. Corkins openly admits he selected the Family Research Council because the Christian organization is one of the leading opponents of gay marriage in the country....
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  1. I don't understand progressives like that Ding-Bat Shaw whatsoever... Why does a person want a government to run their life - dictate what they can and cant do - dictate what they can and cant eat - dictate (eventually) where they can and cannot go?
    But personally, I see more "dumb liberals" comments than I see

    1. I really don't give a fig about what Shaw is posting.

      Also let me say this....Bloggers who have nothing better to do than target other bloggers and commenters may be trying to drive more traffic to their web sites. I won't play that game. Blog wars are not for me!

  2. Obastard is dancing along a thin line with Egypt because of his personal agenda and he doesn’t dare stumble on this one, because everyone is watching.

    He won’t call the military coup ousting the wanna-be dictator Morsi, a coup, because that would activate a law of ours stopping the $1.5 billion or so we give to Egypt each year in military aid. All aid regardless of the circumstances must stop to any nation in which a coup takes place and until democratic elections resume.

    Ending the aid could also end the treaty of peace between Israel and Egypt, since the treaty depended on that aid as a condition originally, and if the Egyptian military wins out, as expected, Obastard will have lost us an ally.

    Obastard is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, because even though it’s a terrorist organization, it’s Sunni like him and financed and promulgated by Saudi Arabia. The ousted president Morsi is a Sunni and member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Obastard wants to interfere in the developing Egyptian civil war between the Shiite majority and the minority of Sunnis who are willing to fight over Morsi’s ouster, but if he does he’ll be openly throwing in his hand with the Muslim Brotherhood.

    He’s gotten away with previous interference in Arab affairs in the Middle East, pushing the so-called Arab Spring that benefited only the Muslim Brotherhood, but that was before people realized what was happening. With Egypt being the most populous Arab nation, and of great strategic importance to the world, all eyes are on Obastard and what moves he makes, or doesn’t.

  3. It's not part of the 'liberal narrative'... so events which demonstrate the deliberate targetting and oppression of 'conservatives' will never get media coverage.

    btw - for the first time in Egypt, we're hearing a 'little' about the targetting of Christians, but all that narrative is going to disappear quickly so that the liberals can sustain the 'domestic' illusion of the good 'decaffeinated' (non-threatning) Muslim.

  4. AOW...Shaw does that at my place, too. Thanking people for insulting her blog, grateful she's getting some traffic. I'm beginning to wonder if those are her. odd.

    And yes, some hate crimes are apparently less hateful than others. If Sharpton or Jesse Jackson show up, you can bet it's hate crime against Blacks. The other doesn't matter; like the 3 Black kids who beat up the White kid on the bus. They don't care...the kid who got hurt is White. We see that all the time; why can't the leftist media minions?

    1. Willful blindness... in the name of "affirmative action". If you want people to "accept" multicultural minorities and not vote to exclude them, you MUST pretend that the "bad qualities" (like violence) that these minority groups bring with them are "over-blown" and not representative as a "whole"... EVEN when it's overtly stated and printed in their IDEOLOGY to be intransigent and violent, as it is with Islam.

    2. Z,
      That beaten white boy sustained multiple injuries. Those who beat him so brutally received 9 months of probation. Justice?

      Suppose the beating had been 3 white boys who had beaten a black so brutally. What would have been the sentence?

  5. The priciple behind the First Amendment's protection of freedom of the press was so the "free" press would expose government worong doings. So much for good intentions.

  6. Remember the 2007 murders and torture of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom? So very gruesome! I don't recall a lot of media coverage of those horrible murders. Because the victims were white and the murderers black?

  7. Can't wait to see how the Progressive Nut Jobs respond to this latest Obama bombshell about mounting chaos in Egypt and his his brotherhood buddies...
    After watching the libs these boards absolutely lose their fuck'n minds while trying to scramble for any lie which would spin the indisputable truth - it should be entertaining as hell to watch them chase their tails over this bombshell:

    Barack Obama could not sit in the situation room during the operation to kill Osama Bin Laden. During the most important event in his presidency, he went to another room to play cards with a few members of his staff.

    Un-fucking-believable. What kind of leader leaves the room during something that crucial? The man crows about "killing Bin Laden" and not only was it NOT him (it was the Seals), but he couldn't even be bothered to sit through the operation to provide the leadership which is his responsibility. Apparently he found doing his job "too boring" and was instead more consumed by a fascinating game of Spades. Then again, as one very bright American already stated, maybe Obama couldn't sit through it all because of an internal conflict - being that he hates America and is a Muslim and all. Maybe playing Spades was a way to try to get his mind off of his inner turmoil?

    1. BBC today: US credibility 'in tatters' over Egypt crisis.

      Brief excerpt:

      ...The White House has tried hard to work with whoever is in power in Egypt but has ended up with no friends and little influence in Cairo.

      Washington's recent diplomatic efforts in Egypt have failed one after the other. Up until his removal from power, the US tried to counsel Mr Morsi to accept a compromise with the army and the protesters....

      Another epic fail.

  8. What motivated Corkins’ barbarian behavior was the hate map maintained by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Has anyone forgotten how the left attempted to pin the shooting of Gabby Gifford on conservatives? What low filth these people are. Why haven’t prosecutors asked for an indictment of the Southern Poverty Law Center as a conspirator to hate crimes? [Source]

  9. Where do we start to fix this problem? How do we start?

  10. We begin by refusing to accept the progressive narrative ... I think we are off to a good start. Now we must engage others to think about what they believe, and why they believe it.

  11. There's real hate inspiring real violence on the left and it disappears into a black hole. Meanwhile, a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask causes the Washington Post to stop the presses and start running stories about racism in America (thanks for the tip AOW).

    With the sorry state of journalism in this country and the lack of interest in getting real news on the part of low information voters I despair that we can overcome the obvious problem presented here.

  12. Thersites hit the nail on the head. The Family Research shooting doesn't fit the liberal narrative.

  13. Interesting link Farmer.

    "Progressive liberals are, of course, horrified by such populist racism. However, a closer look reveals how their multicultural tolerance and respect of differences share with those who oppose immigration the need to keep others at a proper distance. "The others are OK, I respect them," the liberals say, "but they must not intrude too much on my own space. The moment they do, they harass me – I fully support affirmative action, but I am in no way ready to listen to loud rap music.""

    Little bit of projection there. I'm okay with rap but please keep metal and those white dumbasses under control.
    This idea that whit American culture is worth saving is not obvious.

  14. There's plenty more "culture" where that came from duckman! http://farmersletters.blogspot.com/2013/08/settng-capstone.html


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