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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Meaning of Words

By Sam Huntington

Not long after the conclusion of French national elections, an American journalist asked a random citizen, “What do you think of the election of a socialist?” The older man replied, “I do not care; I refused to vote.”

The journalist persisted, “Why didn’t you vote?” The man replied, “Because both candidates are imbeciles.”

It is a refreshing insight, is it not? And thanks to the campaign rhetoric of François Hollandé, we understand the mental acuity of those who favor socialism over human liberty. Responding to a journalists question how Monsieur Hollandé’s growth agenda will strengthen the economy of France, he said, “By increasing taxes, of course.”

Of course.

What politicians mean to say depends on the manner in which they craft their words. It isn’t so much what you think the words mean, but rather what politicians think they mean, and the context used providing “deniability” at some later point. Or, perhaps, a later claim the politician was simply misunderstood. We now also know, this is an international phenomenon.

I recall that during the last election, Chicago thug and Obama campaign chair David Axelrod responded to a Romney campaign ad by asserting, “… we must not return to failed economic policies; America cannot afford more tax cuts.” Naturally, those educated in American public schools stood on their chairs and ripped out their hair from absolute ecstasy.

A reasonable person might conclude that Mr. Axelrod is smoking funny cigarettes again, but a more sophisticated analysis is that he is merely playing the lawyer’s game. Lawyers are wordsmiths. It is part of their vocation to use words in various ways to communicate different meanings. In this sense, lawyers are “tricksters.” They use words to trick people into believing one thing, when in fact the lawyers mean something entirely different. They often seek to circulate disinformation and obfuscate issues. And by the way, this is intentional, supporting two agendas. In the first scenario, if they can trick citizens into voting for them without using outright lies, they stand to win elections. In the longer-term, they seek to frustrate citizens so that they will eventually lose faith and choose not to vote. Rather than displaying any interest in what the liars in Congress are saying, they’ll flip over to another channel and watch something really stimulating, such as the Learning Channel’s True Adventures of Honey Boo Boo.

But here is a good example of political obfuscation is, “America cannot afford more tax cuts.”

Axelrod offers the proposition that all Americans must pay more in taxes so that government can continue ruinous spending. In this sense, Axelrod is correct. We cannot afford more tax cuts if most Americans think we should continue spending money that no one has, driving future generations into despair and dependency upon more government. Undeterred by American values, Axelrod and Obama propose that once government spends every penny we have —when the national treasury is defunct— government will continue to bribe voters with even more entitlements by borrowing from foreign governments. More than two-hundred years ago, French historian Alexis de Tocqueville warned us when he said, “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money.”

That day arrived 80 years ago.

Conservatives have a different proposition. America can afford more tax cuts. What America cannot afford is more deficit spending. This bears repeating: a free-market loving country CANNOT sustain shortfall spending. I seriously doubt that this concept has occurred to anyone who wants Obama to launch an attack upon the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. What is the per-unit cost of a cruise missile?

While the law assesses penalties whenever individuals write bad checks, there is no prohibition for the federal or state governments. They just continue writing bad checks because they realize that eventually, the American people will have to make good on those bad checks. Do politicians feel bad about this?

Don’t be silly; of course they don’t feel bad about this. Besides, we geniuses went to the voting precinct and elected them, right? They have a mandate from heaven, right? By the way, does anyone realize that we are still paying the debt accumulated by Lyndon Johnson (1963—1969)?

Making good on debt in the near term means that all of us may have to do with less “free stuff” until we can reduce the national debt. What I mean by this is that all of us except those who qualify for an Obama Phone may have to do with less. By the way, 40% of everyone who has an Obama Phone isn’t entitled to one.

Looming once more is this nauseous debate about the debt ceiling. What must we do? Not that I think there is a snowball’s chance in hell that Congress will do the proper thing —the right thing, but what they should do is curtail all nonessential spending. Nonessential spending is any spending that is not specifically authorized by the United States Constitution. We can begin by scraping Obama Care and proceed to the Department of Health and Human Services. Health and Human Services is a state function.

Making good on debt in the long term will force our citizens to pay exorbitant sums of money in interest to nations who hold our debt. Some of these nations are dangerous to our future, China being one of these. Again, unless each of us share some portion of Hank Johnson’s DNA, why should we be willing to do that?

People such as David Axelrod and Barack Obama should worry us. They have no hesitance pandering to people who aren’t very bright —who don’t know what words mean, to achieve their socialist agenda. Most high school graduates today don’t even know what socialism is, so here’s the short version. The effect of socialism is more government, less personal liberty. More government bureaucracy making decisions, less individuals making decisions on matters that affect them, and their families. American socialism means trusting government to do the right thing when every thinking American knows government isn’t trustworthy.

Okay, America—I’m done for now. You can go back to watching The Real Housewives of Hoboken.


  1. How pathetically intolerant liberal are. Well the liberals had no problem inviting the evil, anti-Semitic, anti-American, Holocaust-denying president of Iran to speak. at my Sons University. Yes an American University!
    But go and try to post something anti Liberal on Democratic Underground

    You'll get lifelong ban if it even deviates slightly from Progressive Canon.

    This website was the beginning steps towards me abandoning my Progressive ideology. It got real ugly when Gun Control came about, but I had already been banned three times previously for topics that had nothing to do with gun control.

    For instance, I pointed out that the number one killer of blacks is abortion, over 30,000,000 babies to date. I was BANNED!

    I pointed out the number one killer of blacks is other blacks: BAN

    I pointed out that all school shootings happened at gun free school zones. BAN

    That alone prepared me to abandon Progressivism altogether.


  2. “The Butler” Movie.... You can imagine the Hollywood elitist fat cats snickering to each other at drugged out cocktail parties that they planned to cast Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan in the over rated, bad, stupid, propagandizing movie "The Butler". It isn't that they couldn't find any other actress, it seemed that they planned all along to be a big joke and they thought conservative Americans and Vietnam Vets would just take the insult without comment. Guess what happened? Americans rallied together and the joke backfired. As for that Fat Racist Oprah, who lied about portraying a saleswomen in Switzerland as a Raciest only to promote and publicize her dumb ass movie, nothing shames this cretin. This is what racist’s do.
    And as for Jane Fonda, we should never stop talking about a traitor even if you racist left wing fucks worship them.
    Hopefully It will to die a quick death and go right to the bootlegged Chinese video hustlers.

  3. Sadly even the brighter among us have gotten infected with the virus of stupidity and refuse to acknowledge the obvious. We are on the road to ruin.

  4. In reference to “The Butler”
    To have Jane Fonda and Oprah in the same movie was just a classless and tasteless passive-aggressive way to drive an anti-American agenda, home to it's base of progressives and low information voters. Another piece of Hollywood trash staring a bunch of Progressive Marxists, the only ones missing were Alec Baldwin, Susan Surandon,Morgen Freemen,Jamie Fox,Will Smith, James Earle Jones, and Whoopi Goldberg .

  5. I'm afraid it's too late,Sam. Like Japan and the EU, government spending in America has become such a large part of the GDP that to reduce spending would have negative affect on the economy. And, borrowing and spending more has little or no positive impact. It's too late! But don't worry about our grandchildren having to pay off all that debt. They won't. Instead, at the right time, the printing presses will be put on hyper-drive and all the debts will be paid and hyperinflation will bring the great American experiment to a sudden halt.

  6. The meaning of Words? Hummm.
    Have you ever wondered why liberals are incapable of understanding!
    Even liberals who've accomplished a lot in their lives and have high IQs often say things on a regular basis that are stunningly, profoundly stupid and at odds with the way the world works. Modern liberalism has become so bereft of common sense and instinctually suicidal that America can only survive over the long haul by thwarting the liberal agenda. In fact, liberalism has become such a toxic and poisonous philosophy that most liberals wouldn't behave differently if their goal were to deliberately destroy the country.
    Imagine the average day for liberals. They get up and read their local newspaper. And of course It’s going to have a liberal viewpoint. They take their kids to school, where the teachers are liberal. Then they go to work, listen to NPR which has a liberal viewpoint on the way home, and then turn on the nightly news which also skews leftward. From there, they turn on TV and watch shows created by liberals that lean to the left, if they have any political viewpoint at all. Or worse, the read a liberal or Progressive blog like Shaw Kenawe’s. Unless liberals actively seek out conservative viewpoints, which is extremely unlikely.
    This pretty much explains why liberals suffer from obvious disconnects with reality and common sense. It also explains why they can’t propose a program, law or idea that is meaningful. They are MORONS by design and its not really their fault, they were either taught that way by their Liberal minded Teachers, or Professors, or their stupid parents were of the same dumb breed. As for their racist attitude, they will NOT allow a Black to succeed, or go to far. For example, if a black conservative becomes too prominent the powerful media will make it seem that there's something intrinsically wrong with them. I.E. the ineptness of Barack Obama.

  7. IMHO, I would actually love to discuss the fact about Liberal being so crazy, stupid, un-patriotic people and racists but on a different thread. Dealing with the topic on this one is complicated and off topic, most especially as you say, we can't get anybody to focus on the definitions. And I'm about to throw in the towel on that for that very reason. When you have people who absolutely are NOT interested in the concepts but are rather interested in blaming or trashing somebody, no productive discussion is going to take place.
    What is falsely termed "modern liberal" is simply leftists/progressives. Liberals and leftists have nothing at all in common with Democrats. .
    There is NO use trying to explain why Liberals/Progressives are so outrageously asinine, it’s like putting up eye charts for the blind. You're wasting my time .
    Say thanks to Obama: Detroit is dead, Al Qaeda is alive! Obama golfs, vacations, makes the occasional teleprompter speech and appears with media toadies who are eagerly willing to kiss his butt, and still the Progressives think that he is God’s gift to the world.

  8. Unfortunately both sides are not that much different. Politicians from all walks have three things that are important. Spend our money, find ways to get more of our money, keep their job.

    Republicans are great at portraying themselves as fiscally conservative and then spend millions on a bridge to nowhere because it puts money in their state and helps them keep their job.

    As to the movie The Butler. Look for several Academy awards to show the country is politically correct. If they can award a Nobel Peace Prize to someone who has done nothing, an Academy award is a shoe in.

  9. Lets give Obamaa break.. he know NOT what he is doing.
    We have a nincompoop in the White House.

    Stalinist, communistic, fascist, socialist... whatever name you like, I prefer nincompoop!.

  10. Socialism - an economic system characterised by social ownership of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy

    Just a reminder for low functionals like Sam who don't know what it is.

    The problem with people like Sam is that their achievement is too low to allow them to discern the difference between socialism and the social welfare state.

    Pitch till you win, Sam.

    1. Wow … and this is coming from the same source who cries like a little pussy about ad hominem remarks. Chalk up another loss, Duckie.

    2. Duck,
      The problem with people like Sam is that their achievement is too low to allow them to discern the difference between socialism and the social welfare state.

      You have zero idea as to Sam's achievements, degrees, experience, etc.

    3. Ducky: in socialism, the social ownership always means the state. The rulers.


  11. ____ A BEASTLY NATURE ____


Be aware totalitarians
Spring not just from vain Aryans.

    They can be Ecclesiastical

    Or fanatically fantastical --
Idealistic -- nihilistic -- 

    Or thugs or plain barbarians.

    A tyrant is a tyrant is a tyrant

    Whether coming at you from the Right or Left.
He'll bite you and afflict you like a fire ant,
And then reduce your store of wealth by theft.

    ~ FreeThinke

    PS: What this all boils down to is this: It doesn't matter what something is CALLED, or what it is PURPORTED to be. Academic hair-splitting is as useless as the academicians who dream up airy, high-flown, ego-driven nonsense and would have you believe their intellectual prowess is mighty and vital to the best interests of humanity. In the end RESULTS are ALL that COUNT.

  12. What this all boils down to is that you are getting to be a big bore.

  13. Speaking of the Movie "The Butler"
    Our glorious leader just screened the latest Hollywood offering "The Butler".

    In a statement he admitted to sobbing at what will surely become an Oscar winner based on the president's physiological endorsement.

    Obama stated: "I teared up just thinking about not just the butlers who have worked here in the White House, but an entire generation of people who were talented and skilled, but because of Jim Crow, because of discrimination, there was only so far they could go. And yet, with dignity and tenacity, they got up and worked every single day, and put up with a whole lot of mess because they hoped for something better for their kids.
    I wonder if he cried when he found out that Chris Lane, the 23 year old Australian student visiting the U.S. on a baseball scholarship was randomly shot dead by a group of three BLACK teenagers who later confessed to authorities they killed him “FOR THE FUN OF IT”? When told about this, Obama "frowned"
    It's another Hollyweird example of playing fast and loose with some of the facts of the butler's history and whatnot, but the low information folks won't know it. They saw it in the movie so it's gotta be true!
    It's Oliver Stone-like is all one needs to know.
    Just ask the Jews how they were persecuted and how hard they had it through history.
    People seem to love making race comments when it’s a it white killing a black and all the race baiters come out in full force.
    When Trayvon Martin was shot, Jackson and the rest did far more than simply frown. They accused, they incited, they put a bounty of George Zimmerman's head. They essentially called for blood. When a white man is gunned down by blacks though, it's simply "frowned "?
    They call for boycotts of Florida. They demand that "Stand Your Ground" be repealed. They are given more attention whenever they utter a word. The race card is played without end. Yet, Christopher Lane and David Santucci (and there will be others) are killed in absolute cold blood by blacks and whites are supposed to remain calm. It's not a hate crime. It's a failed robbery. One kid looks white or has a white mother with respect to the Chris Lane shooting so that cancels out any racial motive.
    If its a white victim these stories disappear from the news in a day.

  14. Just read "How To Talk To A Liberal," by Ann Coulter.... ~That covers it all!

  15. and while the libs do go back to the REAL housewives of who knows what..our Nation is disintegrating..sigh

  16. and while the libs do go back to the REAL housewives of who knows what..
    Sarah Palin?

  17. Sam,
    In the longer-term, they seek to frustrate citizens so that they will eventually lose faith and choose not to vote. Rather than displaying any interest in what the liars in Congress are saying, they’ll flip over to another channel and watch something really stimulating, such as the Learning Channel’s True Adventures of Honey Boo Boo.

    I've seen quite a bit of evidence of that kind of apathy.

    I do believe that many Americans know that "something is wrong." But, somehow, they believe that the magic wand will be waved and that everything will be okay soon.

    Ignorance is bliss, I suppose.

  18. Duckys here said

    "and while the libs do go back to the REAL housewives of who knows what..
    Sarah Palin?"

    or Hillary Clinton!

  19. The Meaning Of Words!

    "November 29, 2007
    PORTSMOUTH — Presidential hopeful Delaware Sen. Joe Biden stated unequivocally that he will move to impeach President Bush if he bombs Iran without first gaining congressional approval.

    Just Sayin...

  20. I used to admire American blacks but now they disgust me. In just the last week I have read about them killing an innocent white boy, Chris Lane, out jogging, bashed to death a sweet old man on his way out bowling, and killed a white nurse in a car park - all by black teenagers filled with an irrational and all consuming hatred and jealousy of whites. The media does everything it can to hide the truth in the US but the fact is, if Zimmerman had not had a gun that night he would be just one of the thousands of other cases in America of a man bashed to death by a teenage black thug. So dont cry me a river over sweet little Trayvon, Obama. Boy, Slavery was wrong but white America has paid a heavy heavy price for their sins - or rather their ancestors sins. Any black who hates whites should put their money where their mouth is and go back to Africa. I would at least have some respect for them then.
    It's sickening. And looking at African Americans still blaming slavery for the problems they create for themselves now . When was the last time a person of colour was barred from attending school? We're you fired for "being black" or was your attendence performance lacking? Is someone forcing you to deal drugs? Are you being coerced into shooting a jogger for "something to do"? Or does attending school and putting in a hard days work really too much to take? Can you not hold your head high for following societies rules, properly raising a family, and being a positive contribution to your community? Or does it affect you that much when one of your own calls you a " ni%%#r"? Did it affect you that much when you found out that Paula Deen used the “N” word 30 yesrs ago? So freaken what! Stop carrying chips on your shoulders
    It’s time for the American black man to either sink or swim.

  21. Fantastic article, logical, easy to understand ... So why is it so difficult to get the Republican leadership to understand? Or those who voted for Obama? As Spock would say, it is not logical. Nothing seems logical today when it comes to those making decisions in Washington. Or on a state level for that matter. Perhaps if we create a reality show we could then get the masses to watch and learn??? Nope.

    Right Truth

  22. Wouldn't it be nice if someone could turn M. HOLLANDE into HOLLANDAISE SAUCE? ;-)

    On the other hand it might result in a massive attack of ptomaine poisoning.

    Then again maybe that is JUST what an electorate deserves when it supports a socialist candidate, n'est-ce-pas?

  23. Just thought of a great new bumper sticker:

    Christians PRAY.
    Progressives PREY.

    Come to thin of it that DOES relate pretty well to an article on the meaning of words, doesn't it?


  24. FT is in rare form today, Ms. Shaw is going to get her bloomers in a wad.

    1. You piqued my interest long enough for me to take a look. I hardly ever bother looking at Progressive Eruptions these days although I have seen some of the comments made about me (and other conservative bloggers).


      I am not into such gossip.

      I fail to understand why the blog owner and her supporters care what I say or delete on my own blog. I certainly do not delete whimsical poems -- as alleged over there.


  25. I am so very sorry, Madam Shaw, that I have annoyed ya,
    But have to say your attitude bespeaks of paranoia.

  26. Liberalmann said...

    If you dolts still seriously think Obama is a liberal or progressive or socialist or communist, you really need to get a clue.

    And if YOU think that Marty Luther king was a Saint or a Hero, YOU really need to get a clue!

    Martin Luther King was having sex with three White women, one of whom he brutally beat while screaming the above mentioned quotes. Much of the public information on King's use of church money to hire prostitutes and his beating them came from King's close personal friend, Rev. Ralph Abernathy (pictured above), in his 1989 book, "And the walls came tumbling down."


    Newsweek Magazine 1-19-1998, page 62

    "And the walls came tumbling down," by Rev. Ralph Abernathy (1989)

    1. Can anyone tell us why it is that every January, the country and especially the media go into a frenzy of adulation for the so-called "Reverend” Martin Luther King, Jr. King has a national holiday declared in his honor, an honor given to no other American, not even Washington, not even Kennedy, not Jefferson, not Lincoln. execpt the generic-sounding "President's Day." that kind of wraps them all together A liberal judge has sealed the FBI files on King until the year 2027. Why is that? What are they hiding? And why are they hiding it? What don’t they want us to know about this so called Black God, this wonderful Black Messiah!
      Because they don’t want to tarnish his image!! Because they don’t want us to know that he was a Radical, and Not a Saint! In his day he was considered a dangerous troublemaker by the FBI.. Why is that? To the other Black race pimps he’s made out to be Jesus and Gandhi all wrapped into one.
      But to many, including myself he was a Marxist because he like Obama believed and preached that "radical redistribution of wealth." He was also critical of Capitalism. Just like our current Marxist Messiah!

    2. Let me observe that King was a man. This means that he was not a perfect being, and that he was subject to the same temptations as everyone else. I don’t know of a single person who thinks of King as a saint. I don’t know of a single person who “worships” King.

      What I do know is that King was a Republican, that he was an enemy of all Democrats who lynched blacks in the South since the end of the Civil War, through the 1960s … and I know that the Democratic Party is trying to hijack King for their own purposes when dealing with mostly stupid people in the black community. There is nothing about Jackson/Sharpton today that is in any way similar to the things MLK stood for. As to MLK’s extramarital affairs, not many people condemn John Kennedy and he was a rabbit perpetually on the hunt for pooch. Why the double standard?

      My question is, do we allow the black communists to hijack King the socially conscience activist or do we push back against the spin and downright lies of the communist left?

  27. Good article. AOW, it proves that King was as phoney as a 3 dollar bill.

  28. The real truth about Martin Luther King:
    Let's start at the beginning:
    It has been proven that a lot of his “famous speech” was plagiarized. THE JOURNAL OF AMERICAN HISTORY said that "plagiarism was a general pattern evident in nearly all of his academic writings" including his doctoral dissertation.
    and that King plagiarized his famous "I Have a Dream" speech.
    He plagiarized from a speech given to the Republican convention in 1952 by an African-American preacher named Archibald Carey, Jr.
    Some of them say he gave Cary's speech word-for-word from the words of the song "My Country 'Tis of Thee."

    Our dear Hero, Martin Luther King was under surveillance by the FBI because of his ties to communist organizations.
    He did everything possible to promote the Communist's agenda in America.

    Also Mr. “I had a Dream” may have had a “WET DREAM” because of his association with white prostitutes and further he used church funds for many of his drunken sex parties.
    This was confirmed by one of King's closest associates who confirmed these rumors about King's sexual activities in his 1989 book, "And the Walls Came Tumbling Down."
    He said that King did have a weakness for women and engaged in extramarital affairs.
    Of course it is being denied by the lefties and the blacks who praise his as the most wonderful person who ever walked on earth and the black Saint of the century. No matter what history shows, millions of blacks and bleeding heart whites still see him as a Hero and a Saint second to only Jesus Christ.
    Call me a racist if you will, and many of you progressive morons will anyway. But if you take the time and research whatever I said here, you will find that I am not expressing my opinion but facts! Facts are funny things, they have a way of being distorted by the left.

  29. Good article.

    By continually increasing taxes it makes it more necessary to increase taxes because spending continues to grow. Thus government become more hungry and the role of the citizen gets smaller.

    And when things collapse it will be because we didn't spend enough.

  30. Shakespeare said, "Brevity is the soul of wit."

    Obviously, we still have much to learn from Shakespeare, don't we?

    ----------------> Katharine Heartburn

  31. Our Fearless Leader passin' the buck to Congress.
    President Barack Obama says he has decided that the United States should take military action against Syria in response to a deadly chemical weapons attack.

    But he says he will seek congressional authorization for the use of force.

    He says congressional leadership plans to hold a debate and a vote as soon as Congress comes back in September.

    Obama says he has the authority to act on his own, but believes it is important for the country to have a debate.

  32. A light will shine through that window, a beam of light will come down upon you, you will experience an epiphany ... and you will suddenly realize that Barack Obama IS the Messiah.
    Yes, Barack had worked tirelessly on behalf of the American people, especially those who elected him in 2008. His followers needed to re-elect him to a second term, so that he could continue to accomplish the promises he made, thus, realizing his vision of America as a more perfect political union or “heaven here on earth.” Then, as I began to contemplate ways to assist Barack I felt God’s Spirit beckoning me in my dreams at night. Listening, cautiously, I learned that Jesus walked the earth to create a more civilized society, Martin Luther King walked the earth to create a more justified society, but, Apostle Barack, the name he was called in my dreams, would walk the earth to create a more equalized society, for the middle class and working poor. Apostle Barack, the next young leader with a new cause, had been taken to the mountaintop and allowed to see over the other side. He had the answers to unlock the kingdom of “heaven here on earth” for his followers. The answers were repeated – over and over – in speeches Barack had made from his presidential announcement to his inaugural address. Those speeches or his teachings contained the answers to the middle class and working poor people living in a “heaven here on earth.” For when the answers were unlocked and enacted, Apostle Barack’s vision of America would be realized.

    As our First lady Michelle Obama said to a crowd in a downtown office building ""This President has brought us out of the dark and into the light," she said. "But we need each and every one of you as fired up as you’ve been."

    -- Michelle Obama

    1. "This President has brought us out of the dark and into the light," she said.

      In other words, BHO is Jesus. I think not.

      Both BHO and Michelle are megalomaniacs.

  33. It's a shame that we have a president as thoroughly unpresidential as the one that we have. He is a master of obfuscation, the type of man, who in Lincoln's words, thinks that he can fool most of the people most of the time. His record is as dreadful is abundantly clear. Our president has little talent, and probably less interested, to govern well. Today's diatribe was against the ephemeral "oil speculators". He serves up nonsense and expects us to nod in agreement. His is the most inept and incompetent since the administration of Jimmy Carter.

  34. Michelle Obama needs to shut the heck up. Especially on take military action against Syria . I was over in Iraq prior to the current administration and the end was already planned for. Michelle Obama will lie or say anything that is politically expedient for her husband. I can't stand her or him. This woman is just parroting her husband's atrocious lies.
    If this fool really believes that what her husband has done the last 4+ years, has brought this country "...out of the dark and into the light," she's delusional. I am literally counting the days till she, and her incompetent, clueless, useless husband are gone/

    1. Stephanie,
      I am literally counting the days till she, and her incompetent, clueless, useless husband are gone

      As am I.

      My biggest concern is whom Obama will appoint to the SCOTUS should a vacancy there occur. Himself? Michelle? Hillary?

  35. So our leaders in Washington praised President Barack Obama's decision to seek lawmakers' approval before punishing Syria for a chemical attack and to consult Congress.
    So one idiot will ask 535 other idiots about doing something foolish. How can this not work out well?
    Obama definitely boxed himself in with his "Red Line" statement and is desperately looking for a way out after someone in Syria called his bluff. So he has punted the problem over to the US Congress.
    Does anyone one of these dolts care that 90% of VOTERS are against any action?...Why did we vote for these people in the first place? Any of them? Our government is broken, and we, the people, need to take it back. Vote them all out in 2014! I have a feeling that our government has still not learned that there is nothing to achieve by becoming involved with Muslim countries internal affairs. Let them sell us oil until we don't need it anymore and leave it at that. Soon enough they will destroy themselves. They've been causing 99.9% of all the worlds problems for far too long. Now if we could just get them out of America before they start their BS here like they've done in Europe. Our Congress needs to be more like Britains parliament and LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE THEY REPRESENT. England does not want to get involved with Syria and neither do a lot of our allies, doesn't that tell you something. We should get out of all these conflicts in other counties and start helping our own people here. And start by getting these Thugs who are shooting and killing our citizens off the streets and into prisons.
    Who are these people in Congress representing, anyhow? I'm in Kansas, a 'red' state if there ever was one, populated with Republican voters, who overwhelmingly do NOT approve of US involvement militarily or any other way in Syria Hell, just ask them at the local coffee shops, all over the State, the approval rate is 90% against Obama's action. If they vote for this Obamawar...I will never vote for a Republican again... Let the Dems have this one and lets see what they do with it. Lets see how these big Brave people react when the bodybags start rolling off the airplanes. I for one don’t want any part of any more wars. Has anyone noticed that the speeches from Obama has gone from singular (I) to we the people. He is setting up all the people in this country to take the blame for any strike on Syria. If congress says no, they will yet again be obstructionists in calling for justice. He also mentions that congress represents the will of the people. So no matter what congress decides, yes or no, they will be wrong. And he is going to act anyway, so he says. Also great move Mr Obama in telegraphing to the enemy, what this country might do in retaliation in a strike. What a piss-poor excuse for a commander in chief. Syria is NOT America's problem. America should NOT go to war over an internal problem in another country that does not threaten US interests.....LET THE STUPID UN DEAL WITH IT, ISN’T THAT WHAT THEY ARE FOR? Either the UN deals with it of get them the Hell our of our country We don’t need no more stinkin wars. Let Obama and his LIB'S go to that stinkin Hell hole in Syria... PERIOD!
    Thanks, but NO Thanks,we knew this 5 years ago.

    The Tea Party

  36. He is almost as accomplished at Spinning as Bill Clinton.
    The stunning reversal also raises questions about the president's decisiveness and could embolden leaders in Syria, Iran, North Korea and elsewhere, leaving them with the impression of a U.S. president unwilling to back up his words with actions.The president, in a hastily announced statement Saturday in the White House Rose Garden, argued that he did in fact have the power to act on his own. But faced with the prospect of taking action opposed by many Americans, the commander in chief tried to shift the burden and instead round up partners on Capitol Hill to share in that responsibility.
    "While I believe I have the authority to carry out this military action without specific congressional authorization, I know that the country will be stronger if we take this course, and our actions will be even more effective," Obama said. "We should have this debate."
    The consequences for Obama's turnabout could be devastating, both at home and abroad. If Congress votes against military action, it would mark a humiliating defeat for a second-term president already fighting to stay relevant and wield influence in Washington. It could also weaken his standing internationally at a time when there are already growing questions about the scope of American influence, particularly in the Arab world.

    Barack Obama is proving to be an embarrassing amateur as well as a wimp on the world stage compared to George W. Bush. Let the offensive cracks begin. Be they funny, rude, or mean, Yes, I think people should be allowed to criticize me all they want.
    Just like the “affectionate” names they gave to George Bush.
    Anyone can see how President Obama has gotten away with things NO other president could have.. As you can see, I'm not feeling to generous today.

  37. Lets not forget for one moment that the Liberals spent at least 7 years bashing and insulting President Bush, as well as his Daughters. We haven't done half that to Obama of what they did to Bush, so spare me your selective outcry! Don't forget, Bush was blamed for EVERYTHING that happened in America including Al Gore's divorce.

  38. Katharine made such a good point. Too bad no one profited from her intelligence and good humor. Dullards never do. That's why the world is the way it is.

    Marsha Lahrtz

    1. Marsha,
      Too bad no one profited from her intelligence and good humor.

      Oh, I dunno. During Labor Day Weekend, fewer people are in the blogosphere.

  39. Yes, this title is interesting. For it brings out the question of the definition of "Just what is Islam ? " One of the answers that may be given is that Islam is a religious/political system of tyrranical mind control that has power over the lives of millions of People around thr world. In the light of this definition the wisdom of the words of Thomas Jefferson very much apply. For Mr. Jefferson stated "I have sworn upon the alter of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."

    1. Walter,
      Islam has elements of faith, but it more a geopolitical system than a faith per se.


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