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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Nincompoopery Poll

(Nincompoopery — and worse — abounds! This edition of "Nincompoopery" offers specific links, and readers have the option of taking a poll as to which story they find the most outrageous. Discussion available in the comments section)

Links to read:

ONE: Malaysia: Islamic scholars say playing guitar and piano against Islamic law

TWO: Illegal Immigrant Smuggling Drugs Across Border Sues After Border Patrol Dog Bites Him

THREE: Beard Baubles Are The Hot New Holiday Accessory For Men [and for pets, too]

FOUR:  GOP Gave Dems Virtually Everything We Wanted [Jim Moran says]

FIVE: Berkeley Protester Whines Over Quality Of Food Given In City Jail During Their Overnight Stay

Please cast your vote in the following poll, which closes on Tuesday:

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  1. Tough poll today, I can find no clear winner. I could care less what a religious scholar says about religious law; criminals have long tried to sue after receiving damages/injuries inherent in the commission of their crimes; "beard baubles" look like pet rocks for the chin, and ultimately no more obnoxious than other fashion fads past or present; I'm over the left/right bickering of the duopoly; and the Berkeley protestor is likely too young and stupid to realize that he's merely carrying on in the footsteps of every other jailed protestor throughout history. Boo hoo....

    1. CI,
      I posted the article about the beard baubles because Mr. AOW is wearing his Santa beard.

      Tomorrow, Mr. AOW and I will be attending a Christmas party. Several of the men there wear beards. I wonder if any of the guys will be wearing beard baubles.

    2. I'm with CI. I think the threshold is very high these days.

  2. One bit of outrageous nincompoopery not listed above is the odious presence -- right this very minute -- of The Rev. Al Sharpton on C-Span's Washington Journal. Why ANYONE would give this fatuous, loudmouthed, rabble rousing charlatan and CRIMINAL shakedown artist a public platform above the level of a sidewalk soapbox defies analysis. C-Span tarnishes its much vaunted, self-generated reputation for "neutrality" in giving this filthy agitator an electronic megaphone. Sharpton is an affront to human dignity and a grave danger to the people whose best interests he pretends to serve.

    The only place Al Sharpton properly belongs would be behind bars.

    1. FT,
      Yesterday, I read somewhere on the web that Sharpton has visited the Obama White House 61 times.

      Just imagine if a John Birch Society leader or the Grand Dragon of the KKK had visited a GOP White House (since 1980). The media's screams would rise to outer space.

    2. Sharpton is leading a march against "police violence" in DC today. He's got a permit for 5,000 marchers... which is 1/200th of his "million man" aspirations.

  3. All these douche bags who have been showing up at football and basketball games to start riots/ protesting/ and whatever they are doing .
    Should be thrown out of the stadiums.
    They should not have been allowed in there in the first place. First off, the cops to keep the peace, not to be involved in political or racial situations.
    These useless pile of organic matter only go there to start trouble. Hurling ethnic slurs at Caucasians, and cursing the Police..
    I'm fed up with the media calling those who commit arson and violence “Protesters”. They not only protesting, but they are rioting, looting, and burning peoples property.

    I have no problem with protesting that doesn't involve destruction of private or public property. But that’s not is happening.

  4. I prefer to call these “protesters” animals, and thugs, because that’s what they are!
    Violence, vandalism and thievery does nothing but reflects poorly on the peaceful, and legitimate issue. Protesting is rational, what these people are doing is self defeating.

  5. I picket #2. Just the very thought that this scum bag may have a case bespeaks a much larger problem confronting our decomposing society. That dog should get a T-bone steak dinner!

  6. For outrageous it's a hard call between 2 and 4. I chose 4 - for the extreme disgust of 'business as usual' - see the cartoon you posted yesterday.
    But # one (1) is also interesting. Playing an instrument contributes a lot to brain development when we're young. This may explain some things in the Islamic world.

  7. Beard baubles? It is just nasty. A man told me a story of how one time he went out and noticed individuals giving him strange looks. He found a mirror and discovered that he had a dried corn flake on his beard. Just a little snack left over from breakfast. The baubles are equally distasteful.


    1. Alta Flynt sid

      Funny you chose the most trivial of the five to get upset about.

  8. French parliament prepares new end-of-life legislation

    French parliament to debate a draft law that will give doctors in France the right to put terminally-ill patients into a deep sleep until they die

    By Henry Samuel, Paris

    3:01PM GMT 12 Dec 2014

    Doctors in France will have the right to put terminally-ill patients into a deep sleep until they die, under plans unveiled on Friday that reignited a national debate on euthanasia.
    Apart from Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland, few countries in the world explicitly permit euthanasia or assisted suicide.

    In France, a 2005 law permits "passive euthanasia", where a person causes death by withholding or withdrawing treatment that is necessary to maintain life.

    The proposals by two MPs – one from the ruling Socialists, the other from the opposition UMP – go a step further, as they allow doctors to couple passive euthanasia with "deep and continuous sedation" for terminally-ill patients who are conscious and whose treatment is not working or for those who decide to stop taking medication.

    Patients who are not able to make decisions could in certain circumstances also be placed into deep, permanent sleep. ...


    THOUGHTS, anyone?

    1. When my elderly aunt in her 90s was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, she asked, "Can't you just put me to sleep?"

      I've never forgotten that moment.

      I won't go into detail about her hideous last days. Those days are the stuff of which nightmares are made.

      So, do I believe in euthanasia? No. But I can't get my beloved aunt's manner of death out of my mind -- and neither can her granddaughter, who stayed by my aunt's side until the final moment.

  9. 2 and 5 are such a sign of the unbelievable entitlement people feel....in JAIL and they bitch about the food? Breaking into our country and they sue for a dog bite?
    Next thing you know, ISIS will be suing because we're critical of their beheading Americans. And they'll win if they go to the UN!

  10. Interesting how evenly divided opinion is on this particular set of issues!

    I do think we ought to make a clearer distinction between the outrageously dangerous and threatening, and the merely absurd.

    #1 is a sad reflection on a demented foreign culture, but Red China used to feel the same way about "Decadent Bourgeois Western Music" and banned BEETHOVEN & CO, and TODAY their conservatories produce piano and violin virtuosi that rival and even surpass the best products of Western conservatories. So, there is every reason to hope Beethoven will one day conquer Islamic Inanity too. Never underestimate the tremendous ameliorative power inherent in great classical music.

    #2 is thoroughly outrageous, but it's only SYMPTOM of the much more important disease that led to the disgusting affront to the American Public we see in #4.

    #3 is just SILLY -- a passing fad in a class with Tickle-Me Elmo and nowhere near as deadly an influence as Reality TV, Junk Food, Elvis Presley, the Beatles, tattooed faces, and body piercings, etc.

    #5 is godawful, but it's more a reflection of our depraved, diseased, demented poplar culture than anything else. What else could we expect from a people devoted to the worship of moral, intellectual and spiritual excrement?

    I chose #4, because it represents a deadly serious current crisis, and has the most profound effect on our immediate future, so I see it as by far the most outrageous.

  11. 1. There are opposite opinions printed and the ruling has been called foolish.
    Just what effect it has had is unclear.

    2. Nuisance suit. Not likely to go anywhere.

    3. Ho-hum.

    5. Hipster nonsense. It happens.

    Winner is: 4

    However, it isn't really left or right who gain from the bill. Corporate America got what it paid for is more to the point. Still disgusting.


    1. Don't worry Ducky, you have a friend somewhere on these blogs, I heard that another commenter on these blogs is married to a "Black" “Colored,” “Negro”, "Negroid", " Welfare queen ", "Darky", “Afro-American” , Pardon me, but with all due respect,
      I mean a African American woman.
      Also My great-grandfather, Kunta Kinte, was born a slave, and his the son was also a slave, and his son a half- white became a “house slave.” To prevent his son being raised as a slave, when the “Massa” sent him, along with his mother, to Mexico, he remained there as a semi-free individual until age of 13. At that time, he came back to the U.S.,and he joined The Lone Ranger as a Tonto the Scout. . The Lone Ranger, aka Kemosabe,. to prove what Good Guys the White people are, The Lone Ranger then gave Tonto his complete Freedom

  12. It's 3.

    4 is really funny though. All the worst parts of the Cromnibus are Republican demands. Nice try! LOL!


    1. You mean Democrat perks for the degenerate shirker, don't you Jersey?

  13. Upset? My comment was in the category of freedom of expression. Nothing to be upset about with beard baubles. It is just a distasteful seasonal fashion statement. Now, I do have a yodeling pickle given to me by AOW. That is absolutely hilarious!

    *She is getting a tasteful gift for Christmas, of course. No yodeling pickle for her!



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