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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Smoke And Mirrors

Two proverbs: "A rose by any other name smells as sweet" and "A rotten mackerel by moonlight still stinks."

From Obama issues 'executive orders by another name' (USA Today, December 16, 2014):
...Obama has made prolific use of memoranda despite his own claims that he's used his executive power less than other presidents. "The truth is, even with all the actions I've taken this year, I'm issuing executive orders at the lowest rate in more than 100 years," Obama said in a speech in Austin last July. "So it's not clear how it is that Republicans didn't seem to mind when President Bush took more executive actions than I did."

Obama has issued 195 executive orders as of Tuesday. Published alongside them in the Federal Register are 198 presidential memoranda — all of which carry the same legal force as executive orders....

Read the entire article HERE. Then retrieve your jaw from the floor.


  1. I caught this as well. His latest is to give Federal workers the Friday after Christmas off. Why just Friday? Apparently Federal holidays are now done by what in truth should be called a decree. More accurate. No longer an act of Congress apparently. I am sure we can find some African American Holidays to add.

    1. I guess he thought he was giving a present to federal employees......but burning unplanned vacation time for contractors is a serious lump of coal.

  2. I sure am glad that I wasn't born a mackerel!

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    1. FT,
      Will Elizabeth Warren be the Dem candidate for POTUS in 2016? At this time, I think that such might well be the case.

    2. @ Ducky,

      By golly you may have, inadvertently, hit upon something; in a perverse way our immigration problem(s). After all should Fakeahontas prevail, who in his/her right mind would ever want to migrate to this Country again?

  4. You know that his handlers just pile this crapola up, sit him down, and hand him a pen. Then he rushes off the the golf course. He has no idea of what he just signed.

    1. Adrienne,
      Or signs absent mindedly while watching ESPN every morning. BHO recently bragged that such was his morning routine.

  5. I wonder what Valerie takes to relieve the pain of writer's cramps?

  6. Most of us here agree that Obama is a bumbling POS, but I think we make a mistake to assume that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He is, I believe, proceeding according to plan. Let us recall, however, that Obama didn’t rise to the level of the presidency by miraculous conception. No … he promised the American people fundamental changes and that’s what we’re getting. There is no shame on Obama; the shame belongs to a nation that elected him twice. And what is it that we have to look forward to? Another Bush. Gad.

    1. Mustang,
      I don't believe that he's a bumbler. But I do think that his advisers say something like "Sign this, Mr. President. It will further fundamental change."

      I won't be able to vote for Jeb Bush should he be the GOP nominee. At least, that's the way I see the 2016 Election right now.

    2. Read the nature of the memos and they're prettu benign.

      I didn't read anythig that had the scope of significant legislation.
      Tempest in a teapot.

      Better to work up a lather over the announcement that we are going to start normalizing relations with Cuba.
      Finally proof he's a communist.

    3. Mustang,

      "Obama; the shame belongs to a nation that elected him twice"

      SPOT ON!

      Insofar as "Another Bush" is concerned, not only is that inadvisable but is he even electable? Would his nomination only assure the Hellish prophecy of FT's poetic comment?

    4. Duck,

      Based on what? All the memoranda are not even published or indexed.

      In addition:

      an executive order must contain a "citation of authority," saying what law it's based on. Memoranda have no such requirement.


      Two more recent memos directed the administration to coordinate an overhaul of the nation's immigration system.... Of the dozens of steps Obama announced as part of his immigration plan last month, none was accomplished by executive order.

    5. Karl Rove = Bush's Brain (not just Dubya, the WHOLE inbred dysfunctional family).

    6. Based on what?
      Based on the descriptions in the article.

      Seemed within the scope of executive power.

    7. Duck,
      I doubt that the article covers all the substance of all the memos.

    8. There should be no need for discussion when Canardo speaks. We ought to know full well by now that if he dislikes something it must be right, true and good, and if he likes it, it must be either profoundly evil, incredibly stupid, or both.

      Besides, there's no hope of reasoning with a committed Marxist, so why bruise your fingertips trying to get through to him? It's a complete WASTE of TIME.

      These people dwell in a Parallel Universe of their own devising. Truth to them is a lie and vice versa. THEIR reality and OUR reality bear only the most superficial resemblance to each other.

      All we can do with committed Marxists is pray that one day God gives them the grace to see the light, and come to their senses.

    9. FT,
      Well, when Canardo speaks, I often respond. But I know full well that I'll never convince him to switch to my worldview.

  7. The left is always chortling that Obama hasn't issued any more Exec Orders than other presidents. Well yeah, because he did it by memorandum instead. This is nothing but more Chicago poltics whereby the process and the office are corrupted by these dubious tactics.

  8. I'm no Jeb Bush fan, either. But for those of you who AGAIN are saying they wouldn't vote for him, remember what happened under Obama. We have a remote chance of at least slowing the ruination down with anybody but a Democrat we don't agree with.
    Oh, for the days of Pat Moynihan or Tip O'Neil.
    After Obama, I can't believe I'm hearing this again. I just can't. ya, you who didn't vote for Romney sure did show 'them', huh? And look what's happened.

    1. Z,
      I've held my nose and voted for certain candidates so as to vote against other candidates so many times. However, if there is little substantive difference between candidates, you would think that the GOP would catch
      on! WE THE PEOPLE need a candidate for whom we can work to get elected.

    2. Of course, I TOTALLY agree with you....but to not vote? Boehner has to go. And so does ROVE, kick him out of the GOP consulting biz.. BIG TIME.

    3. That would be the equivalent of kicking out big money, z.

      Ain't going to happen. Although there is a ray of hope if we elect Elizabeth Warren.

      I was taken by your blog entry chastising the Holy Father for playing a role in improved peaceful US/Cuba relations.

      I agree, we need to return to the missile crisis.

    4. Z,
      Do you see Rove getting kicked out anytime soon? I don't.

    5. Gee, Ducky, glad you were 'taken'...if it bothers you, don't read my blog anymore.
      What's "improved and peaceful?" We let a country that'd hold an American for FIVE YEARS off the hook? That's peace? To say nothing about how he oppresses gays, the media, etc.
      Oh, brother....come to think of it, no wonder you seem to love Cuba. They have a media like ours has become.

      I don't call this improved...do you GET THAT? Do you even CONSIDER other people's points of view or that there is another point of view than yours? What's the matter with you? I disagree. GET THAT? Ask Cubans...like Bob Menendez and Marco Rubio...ask the Cubans in Little Havana in Miami who are furious at Obama and protesting as I speak. And, by the way....who'd suggest returning to the missile crisis? Really. What IS the matter with you? gad
      And, by the way, what do you call your 'chastising' of any Christian who's NOT Catholic.."Calvinists" "Evangelicals" said with uneducated cynicism and mockery? You crack me up.
      I disagree on the "Holy Father" much of the time. Trust me.

      AOW.....I don't, either. But I'm thinking Gowdy, Ryan (although Rove got him to keep his mouth shut during the election until people started asking why Ryan's being so quiet), Rubio, Cruz.... I'm not real sure they're in Rove's pocket like Boehner, Mc Connell, etc. Not sure.
      Look, they're not liberals; that's enough for me.
      But Rove's disappearance would be a great boost. Get fresh air in there. We suffer because we don't walk lock step like the libs do....and Rove stops the conversation with really strong conservatives...and that's all that's going to speak to the Americans left who don't believe cradle to grave Democrats are the answer.

    6. Joe King Notte said

      It sounds like you're in love with the guy.

    7. that was the best you could come up with?

    8. Z,
      I almost deleted Joe King Notte's comment, but then I decided that you might find the comment funny.

  9. Z,

    "you who didn't vote for Romney sure did show 'them', huh? And look what's happened."

    Yeah, just look!!

  10. Duck,
    Warren, Jeb, Hillabeast or karl marx is better than the current occupant of the WH.
    Now he a michellO are complaining about being discriminated against. She and her 100 person entourage were asked to retrieve something high up at target like she worked there, would anyone really believe that.

    No matter what we believe, the GOP will screw it up just like they did in 2012. They just can't help themselves.

    1. And that IS the truth, the whole truth and -- very sadly -- nothing BUT the truth, except for one major detail:

      The RINO ESTABLISHMENT works for the SAME master as the DEMONRATS, and the ENEMEDIA runs the show to make absolutely sure the MASTER ALWAYS WINS no matter WHO gets elected.

      If that were no so, why else would the RINO Establishment take such great pans to vilify, marginalize, PROSECUTE -- then KICK to the CURB -- EVERY fresh strong voice that rises in service to the true Conservative -- i.e. RESTORATIONIST -- Cause?

      The joke, dear fellow Conservatives, is ALWAYS on US.

  11. Duck,

    Not really if you view the news once in awhile. With obama when all else fails, which is usually does, play the race card. Seems to work every time.
    Now he has michelleO pleading the race card.

  12. http://www.bostonherald.com/news_opinion/columnists/adriana_cohen/2014/04/cohen_one_percenter_liz_warren_milks_system_then_slams

    I think Elizabeth Warren has what many are looking for in a president, don't you? :-)

  13. The POTUS has remarkably poor social skills for his job. It would be nice if he would take a moment to step back and reflect on the role he can play in encouraging, uplifting, and solidifying the underpinning of the American people. Instead, he continually tears at the fabric of our Republic.

    Ronald Reagan had a tremendous gift for encouragement. It was an era when we were proud to be called Americans. There are still bountiful reasons for us to hold our heads high. But this POTUS uses America as his personal whipping post. His eyes see our nation with a post-Colonial perspective which is distinctly anti-West and a he is a product of his early childhood upbringing.

    It seems like he is also enamoured with himself. Has any recent president used the word "I" more than this man? It is always "I am going to.... blather, blather." He sounds like an old maid.

    Can't stand the man. I give him the positional respect which is afforded the office of the President of the United States of America. But the respect is for the office and institution - not for a man who is so thoroughly in love with himself. There is something distinctly "unmanly" about such a quality when embedded in an XY genome map.


    1. Tammy,
      I forced myself to watch Obama's Cuba speech yesterday. More and more jaundiced (particularly the right eye) -- and gaunter and gaunter.

  14. Lizzie Warren's sharpened axe

    Waits to give "Kapital" forty whacks,

    And when she has destroyed the banks

    She'll say you owe her many thanks.

    Then engines of th' economy
    She’s reduced to beggary
    Will go down on bended knee
    To save themselves from bankruptcy

    At your expense, and then you'll see

    The end of private property,

    And all forms of democracy.

    You'll be reduced to penury

    By Lizzie Warren's axe

    She longs to heavily levy on thee


    ~ FreeThinke (12/17/14)

    1. Sorry for the awkward move, but I looked, and saw it needed much revision. That's what comes of posting in too much of a hurry. Thanks to those who said they enjoyed it, and Merry Christmas to All.

  15. The ability to control others is why governments exist, even when thinly disguised as “of the people.” Governments are not of the people and I think we should stop repeating these lies. What government actually is, is necessary for without it, all that is achieved is its opposite: anarchy. This is why we must hold government at every level to small size —even when doing compels self-sufficiency among the people, which in my view is never a bad thing.

  16. Oh no, not another memo! Obama is a bureaucrat after all!! We're all going to die!!!!


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