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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Another Steep Learning Curve

My Secret Magi in the homeschool group for whom I teach classes gave me an incredible gift on Tuesday. An iPad Mini!

Fortunately, I have a former student who is an Apple guru, who gave me an iPad lesson yesterday. I already had a bit of knowledge about an iPad because Mr. AOW has had such a device since 2010.

I plan to use my iPad Mini primarily for work. Thus far, I have purchased a calculator app and a stopwatch app.  I have also made use of the Notes app, which was preloaded onto the device.

Next up: getting a protective case for my iPad Mini — and an iPhone.

Any advice as to what kind of protective case I should get for my new iPad Mini?


  1. It may be more than you need.....but I go with Otterbox for any and all electronics cases. They've never failed me.

    1. Yep, Otterboxes tend to be the ruggedized variety. Might be a tad bulkier than what you may want.....but their tops for drop protection.

    2. CI,
      I know that I'll need something like an Otterbox for the iPhone.

      For the iPad Mini, I need a slimmer profile.

    3. AOW, I bought an iPad air for my wife and at a local "everything computer store" Microcenter who has great prices, I bought a zippered leather travel case. The iPad goes into a compartment on the left side when it's opened up and it has the ability to secure the iPad at any vertical angle and rotate the iPad as well to landscape mode. Very functional and protective.

      I can't find the exact image for it but it's a lot like this - http://www.artfire.com/uploads/product/7/857/79857/7979857/7979857/large/black_leather_ipad_air_executive_carrying_zip_portfolio_case_for_ipad5_a1625733.jpg

      Contrary to this image her case has a rotating swivaling pad inside that the iPad attaches to and it has a velcro backing that allows you to lift the top side of the iPad up and then secure it to the case so it is at say a 45 degree angle in either portrait or landscape mode. She likes it a lot.

    4. Kid,
      Micro Center? There is one near me. I'll pay a visit. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I've heard that the Otter is a good case.
    I use a Gryphon for my iPod and it's pretty rugged. It's survived a few drops without incident. It's not slim.

    There is a notebook style cover for the iPad that seems to be prevalent. I've never seen one with any other style.


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