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Friday, December 19, 2014

This Week At GWU

More than two-thirds of the students approached in approximately one hour signed the petition in the name of social justice:

Read the Campus Reform article HERE.

Okay, in the comments section, let's list specific Americans whom we are willing to trade for illegal immigrants.


  1. My good friend Mustang has an excellent post today: Women without Honor.

    Maybe we can start by trading those three witches: Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer.

    1. Let's trade Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz to the Dominican Republic for a utility infielder.

    2. ...only if he signs with the Orioles, though!

      w/o Cruz and Markakis, we're hosed.

    3. Not necessarily. Machado and Wieters may be healed. Some good punch there.

      Pitching is iffy.

  2. AOW,

    You just stole what I was going to propose. Well, while we are at it, how about all of the Democrats in both houses of Congress; just for starters!

  3. Funny how taking a degree in primary education prepares you for issuing social justice decree's .

  4. My only consolation is that one day they will reap what they have sown. Unfortunately, my kids will also.

    The waves of Mexicans and Central Americans coming in are not like the waves of Germans, Italians and Irish. The Mexicans are not a wave, but a steady stream, and they reach a plurality or even majority in many places, and they have their own popular culture, something past immigrants did not.

    Also, our nation does absolutely nothing to try to assimilate these people, so instead of becoming Americans, they instead become pockets of expat Mexicans, and they are the ones who change our culture.

    I guess it doesn't matter. Even without the Mexicans, our country is turning into Mexico anyway, with corrupt politicians who don't listen to the people and Wall Street, big corps and Silicon Valley oligarchs pulling the strings and floating above it all, especially the law.

  5. I wonder where they've heard so many people HATE immigrants. Couldn't possibly be their profs, right? Because I know nobody who HATES them. What these supposedly brilliant kids need to hear (maybe just once and it'll stick?) is that expecting people to follow our laws doesn't mean anybody HATES them. This is the lie of the Left in stunning image.

    SF is so right....they will reap what they've sown. The Left will have to really examine itself, if it ever can, for the terrible lies, misinformation, mischaracterizations. So dangerous, so damaging.

    SF...I'm not sure quite what you mean by 'we don't assimilate them" and wonder what nation you think has well assimilated illegal immigrants? France thought it had and it's a nightmare today. Which countries?
    The Mexicans I know here in LA are keeping themselves in pockets by building up their own culture in our neighborhoods, not learning the language after being here 20 years (believe me), Spanish radio, Spanish shops, Spanish fruit sellers on the streets whose licenses cops don't even bother to check anymore, so they boldly sell on main drags! Still, I know fewer sweeter people. Not counting the LaRaza bunch, of course.

    1. Z: It's all part of the dumbing down of our language, along with a complete death of reason and putting emotion in its place.

      You're last paragraph perfectly describes by assimilation comment. They stay in their own linguistic and cultural ghettos, unlike past generations that held onto the best of their culture but mixed in with Americans and became one of us.

      At this point, I don't know what we can do. Technology makes this possible.

      I see American turning into the great whore; a vast island where disparate groups squat and siphon off what they can without even thinking about the greater project or where it is all going.

    2. Yes, but you said "WE" don't assimilate them. Do you mean demanding they learn English?
      My immigrant grandparents learned English enough to get by in six months....why isn't it happening? Nobody demanded it of my people, except I suppose their places of business did?
      I don't know HOW we can assimilate them better....if you went to my local Ralph's Grocery store, you'd think they were assimilated, believe me!
      Paris has tried, actually giving them towns, and the muslim immigrants turn those places into mini Detroits...even burning things down...and driving store owners out. So they build another village for them, and they same ensues.
      How can we assimilate them better?

    3. Where people have to assimilate, they do, but the old model of assimilation is dead.

      Forcing people to learn English and adapt to American culture (whatever that is) is racist and ethno-eurocentrism, according to the progressive cultural vandals who have systematically sapped this nations moral and cultural foundations for decades now.

      I've said it before, but I am a Hispanophile, and most of my friends are from Mexico and other countries to the south. They are good people, but it is human nature to travel along familiar paths if nothing is expected of you.

      France has it much worse. Hispanics are capable of assimilation; the muslims in the banuels apparently are not. I don't know how you solve that.

      All that will save Europe (check out Malmo, Sweden) is mass deportations and married couples getting back to having their statistical 2.1 children per family.

    4. banlieue...and how the heck do you know that word? I haven't heard if for 10 years!~ Good job! No, the muslims in the banlieue have caused nothing but havoc; attacking people from their car into their homes, burning cars (in the cities, too), ...same as Germany. Does anybody think that if only Germans still lived in Germany (or immigrants who come to be Germans and enjoy the culture) that Germans would have to be suddenly locking their doors and their bikes up? They never had to. The muslims in Germany and France are capable, they just don't WANT TO. I remember a discussion by immigrants in Munich on TV; one Muslim said "for God's sake..you LIVE here, learn German..to turks"
      If you could only read my stepson's emails lately....they're getting protests of up to 15,000 people marching against the immigrants taking so much of their money and treating the country and the people SO BADLY. Of course, the media hates that and is lying, the politicians are saying it's largely neo Nazi, and it is NOT. The fairer commenters are saying "some neo nazis have attached themselves to these movements, but the media and the gov't can't ignore this many people anymore...they know very well this is largely good Germans who are SICK of the abuse.
      Hispanics could assimilate if they wanted to, too, SF, as you know. And some do. We HAVE TO STOP HIRING ILLEGALS..make the penalty REALLY REALLY STEEP.
      and stop sending untaxed dollars to Central America...STOP it yesterday.

      Do you think deportation will EVER happen on any mass scale?

    5. No. Deportations will not happen.

      What we are seeing is an epochal population and demographic shift. It's a natural evolution, and it has happened over and over all over the globe throughout human history.

      Europe and America as we've known them in the 20th Century is dying, and they won't come back.

      What they morph into is anyone's guess. The waves of immigrants could take the continents to even greater heights.

      People in Britain will tell you that the muslim troublemakers are a small percentage, and people who are sanguine about muslim immigration talk hopefully of the good ones who assimilate eventually overcoming the bad ones. We'll see.

      Same here. Hispanics are good, hard-working people. Have you read how they revitalized a dying Ottumwa, Iowa?

      So, no doubt we are in a state of societal and anthropological flux, but it doesn't have to end badly, even if by our lights the signs seem to point to a bad end.

  6. @SF,

    "The waves of Mexicans and Central Americans coming in are not like the waves of Germans, Italians and Irish. The Mexicans are not a wave, but a steady stream............................Also, our nation does absolutely nothing to try to assimilate these people"

    DAMN GOOD POINT! Would it help if our "nation" would quit categorizing them as, so called, "Minorities" ? I'm just asking.

  7. "I wonder where they've heard so many people HATE immigrants. Couldn't possibly be their profs, right?"

    LOL! Yes, Z, certainly the only way they'd come to that conclusion would be by liberals professors! LOL!

    Denial, thy name is conservatism.


    1. And obfuscation, THY name is "Democrat"! Cuz conservatives love LEGAL immigrants. In fact, we even SPONSOR most of them. :)

    2. Leftwing progs like Jersey hasten our linguistic and cultural demise.

    3. And I just told you that no more Conservatives like or hate immigrants than liberals do. Talk about denial.
      I'm first and second generation...think I HATE IMMIGRANTS?
      THINK...it really TRULY helps.!

  8. I vote to trade Sarah Palin and the complete Duggar family tree. Oh yeah, throw in Honey Boo Boo for good measure.


    1. I am SO with you on Palin! I don't really know quite who the Duggars are but I sure do wonder why the world's so interested in one of their engagements!? Don't know Honey booboo.
      Palin...and her family.And McCain.

  9. AOW: To answer your question, we should deport the entire Obama White House.

    Syrian Rebels Defect to Al Qaeda

    These were the "good" terrorists Obama's amateur warlords decided to arm and train. So, essentially we have armed and trained people to fight against us.

    This is why President Obama is a clear and present danger to the United States of America. The nation is in mortal peril anytime he and his klown kar advisors make a decision larger that what curtains to hang in the White House.

    1. And if Axelrod isn't technically in the WH (utter rubbish, by the way), HIM, TOO.!! He's the Karl Rove of the Obama WH. Even more than Jarrett, in my opinion

  10. I would trade All democrats for a single illegal immigrant.

    1. "I would trade All democrats for a single illegal immigrant."

      Goooooooood deal buddy! How do we start?

  11. It is shocking what people will sign. There's a guy in San Diego who has filmed petitions of more ridiculous things. It's amazing how few challenges he gets. Some refuse but the fact that EVEN ONE signs is shocking, no less dozens. It shows people respond reflexively to buzz phrases without hearing all the negative qualifiers that go with it. Like "sign here to support more pollution." Similarly, people react differently when they read a speech then when they hear it.

    Now, some of these dopes may AGREE with the concept. But I don't think we're just processing what we hear well either.

  12. "sign here to support more pollution." ???????

    1. That's right. I looked for a sample, and finally found this one. Mark Dice asks people to sign a petition allowing Karl Marx on the 2016 presidential ballot, “since Obama’s been working with him" and to "continue his good work."

      He's done this on several subjects, and keeps up the ridiculous patter while people still sign.

  13. Jersey McJones, there must a point to your moronic posts, the problem is, I've yet to see any.

  14. P.T. Barnum said i tbest and most succintly more than a century ago:

    There's a sucker born every minute."

    Substitute "numbskull" or "useful idiot" for "sucker" and you'd have it exactly right.


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