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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Nincompoopery Poll

(Nincompoopery — and worse — abounds! This edition of "Nincompoopery" offers specific links, and readers have the option of taking a poll as to which story they find the most outrageous. Discussion available in the comments section)

Links to read:

ONE: Washington Redskins Blasted for Offensive Thanksgiving Tweet

TWO: Theresa May says tens of thousands held as modern slaves in Britain: The shocking number of people held in conditions of slavery in modern Britain has been revealed by the Home Secretary

THREE: Time magazine’s POPULAR results for MAN OF THE YEAR voting [Ferguson protesters winning by a large margin]

FOUR: Lucky Yodelling Christmas Pickle Ornament

FIVE: Koran should be read at Prince Charles' coronation says top bishop

Please cast your vote in the following poll, which closes on Tuesday:

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  1. Any guesses on which group is behind the slavery? Perhaps the same group that enslaves people all over the middle east? The group that sold Africans to Europe and the Americas hundreds of years ago?

    Anyone? Anyone? Buehler? Ducky?

    1. Because a guess will always satisfy a bigot.

      Could be Muslims. Could be Eastern Europeans.
      Could be Tony Blair not paying the help.

      But don't wait for the data. It's the fringe right way.

    2. No doubt it is the unassimilable Muslims. If they can accept honor killings, female genital mutilation, burkas and polygamy, why not slavery?

    3. Who indeed, Silverflddle? The evidence of proclivity toward and approval of enslavement so strongly points to one philosophy/culture in our age - Islam. And, as it happens, the one case I knew of personally was .... a Muslim 'owner.'

    4. Right, Ducky,

      When it's authorized the the religious patriarchs, it's not sex slavery.

    5. Sex slavery is much more likely to be Eastern Europeans.

    6. Ducky,
      Tell that to the 13 year old Pakistani girls sold to filthy muslim pedos in Britain under the guise of 'marriage.'

      I don't know specifically about England, but overall yes, it is not just restricted to the Muslim world, although Muslims are implicated in much of it that centers around 'hiring help' from the poorer dhimmi countries; a system and mindset not unlike the Nazi's gastarbeiter program in WW II.

      Its not just Eastern European women being sold. And most often, women from around the world are not snatched off the streets of their hometowns; they are lured with promises of employment, and once the malefactors get them to come to the strange land where they don't speak the language, they have no recourse to aid.

      I don't know how an arranged muslim marriage is any better. At least the trafficked person has a chance of escape.

  2. I think they should read Through the Looking Glass at King Charlie's crowning

    1. Why I went with five.
      The Koran IS twisted and distorted.

  3. The pickle is tempting but I go with the Redskins greeting.

    Some are a little too thin skinned about this matter.

  4. Ok here it is. The answer lets just DISARM the COPS, this plan will fix all the problems!

    Disarm the cops, all of them, white, black green, and yellow alike. If the criminal is a Fat guy, we’d send in a Fat Cop. Period. NO GUNS. NO TASERS. NO BATONS. Give them all new defensive training. they can ONLY arrest people who are willing to cooperate. If they don’t...the Cop will write a summons, file civil disobedient, ill-behaved, badly behaved, naughty, delinquent, disruptive, troublesome, rebellious, defiant, mutinous, recalcitrant, and uncooperative, charge and fine them, that hurt their credit rating as well. . Then...resisting arrest won’t be a problem ever again. No resisting arrest. No car chases. No fights. No wrongful deaths. Its perfect. This will also end ALL rioting, burning down property, stealing and looting, rapes, turning over Police cars and setting them on fire! Perfect... What more can we ask for?

    Oh and yes, it will even get rid of Al Sharpton... That alone will be a great resolution.

    But wait one minute! What to do if a criminal has a weapon?

    Each state will have dozens of on call "Weapon Crime Intervention Teams".

    They will have members of all races..So....if it’s a black male with a gun? ONLY black male members can responds.

    If a white male aka White Supremacists, aka Republican is shooting in a school....only white males respond.
    Sure...response time may be a bit longer, because we’d have to find a cop of a certain race etc. . But it will end racist killings by cops and will disarm local cops. Local cops wont handle armed suspects anymore. And local cops wont have to deal with anyone resisting arrest....because the citizens will be allowed to choose not to cooperate and their only consequence will be a civil fine on their credit report... And we all can sing Kumbya around the camp fire.
    Oh wait, l also think 2 more rules are necessary!
    1- Cops must wear a Name Tag displaying their name and home address, so that we can look up where they live. And know where to picket and protest if need be.

    2- Body cameras MUST be worn 24/7 Yes, all the time, ....ALWAYS even on their day off. When they are off...they still have a gun and badge and sworn officer authority. Cameras can catch their racist behavior on duty, or off duty. If they start doing racist shit on their day off and say "Oh I was on the way to buy groceries...and saw this black criminal doing this and I didn’t have a radio so when I tried to stop him...he went for my gun so I had to shoot him. SEE the problem?

    A cops daily activities. ...ALL day EVERY day...even on days off or at home I don’t care...anywhere everywhere all day even their Christmas morning....should be recorded. You never know. Even cops lie and soot blacks when they think that no one is looking..

  5. The world according to left wing nuts:

    Trayvon Martin was just walking down the road when George Zimmerman shot him for no reason.

    Michael Brown was just walking down the road when a cop shit him in the back for no reason.

    Eric Garner was just standing there minding his own business when a cop put a choke hold on him and killed him for no reason.

    Personally, I think Moochelle bears some of the blame here for not getting da message out to da bro's in da hood.

    1. Vigilante, you write essentially the truth. I do have some reservations about Eric Garner, however. I think the chokehold may have been too much force for an obese, older suspect. But what were the alternatives?

  6. Wow. So hardly anyone cares about slavery (a big problem here too, exacerbated by our useless broken immigration system) but ecumenical prayers at silly coronations really bother you guys. Pathetic.


    1. The English don't have a Constitution. They rely upon "tradition" to uphold their values and Mohammed has never played a part in them.

    2. The question asked which phenomenon represented societal devolution in the 21st Century.

      Slavery is as old as humankind. While is is a stain of shame on humanity, it is not a devolution because it has always been around.

  7. 5. Amazing that a country that literally owned most of the world has been reduced to a defenseless withering coward in the face of such barbarians. Ditto Germany, Sweden and most of the other 'civilized' countries in Europe. People better get a clue about the pure evil that is the islam cult.

  8. The Redskins should change their name to the Savages.

    1. Kid:

      That's funny...

      Given their location, I think they should change their names to something like the Bureaucrats, or perhaps, the Beltway Bandits

    2. The NATIVE-AMERICAN Savages, Kid, and then you'd really have something, ;-)

  9. For sheer nincompoopery, I voted for 1 - Redskins. The pickle does not approach this level of reflexive brainlessness. The others are far too serious, although the 'Man of the Year' vote surmounts the brink of a 'silly, no brain, fool' as defined by the Urban Dictionary.

    1. Baysider,
      The yodelling [sic] pickle is in there just for fun.

      Mr. AOW needed a white elephant gift for an upcoming Christmas party at the stroke club. The yodeling pickle (There are several varieties of these!) was one of Amazon's suggestions.

      Just how does anyone even dream up such a thing as a yodeling pickle?

  10. While #3 is screwy and Time Magazine has always been a whacko publication, I chose #5 because the British have become even more whacko. The Royal
    Family, indeed!

    @Indiana Jones,

    BRAVO ZULU, my friend!

  11. In that survey of silliness an additional option would be my choice: ALL OF THE ABOVE!

  12. Prince Charles recently said "I am a Christian." The Bible should be read at his coronation. Perhaps a psalm or something from the book of Proverbs.

    He is not a follower of Muhammad. Why would he have anything read from a book which demands either his subservience, taxation or death? If he is to be king, let him be a king in the tradition of the English people. (*Note I did not say British.)



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