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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sony's Cowardice And Obama's Cuba

Cowardice on display — cowardice which further shreds the First Amendment. 

Sony Pictures Entertainment, a multinational conglomerate owning Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures, Screen Gems, and more has canceled the Christmas Day release of The Interview.  Read about the film HERE.

Sony has apparently announced no release whatsoever of the film — not even online or via DVD. North Korea must not be offended!

undated photo of Fidel Castro
Meanwhile, on the political front, the big news is that Obama has decided to normalize relations with Cuba after 50 years of Cold War policy.

The Washington Post has more information about the details of this "normalization."

The upside of this "normalization" is the availability of Cuban cigars — or something.


  1. I support relations with Cuba. After over 50 years, the embargo and sanctions has yielded little fruit beyond preventing the free movement of American citizens between the two nations. When taken in the context of every other Communist nation we have diplomatic relations with [except nK]....and the other oppressive regimes that we are or have been quite cozy with....the embargo made little sense. The best way to reform the Havana regime, is to flood the country with capitalism and western ideals.

    1. CI,
      The goal is reforming the Havana regime?

    2. That's a paraphrase, but the stated goal has always been to use the Cuba el bloqueo to reform it's activities regarding human rights......though the $6 billion worth of financial claims against Havana figures heavily in the historical lobbying to keep sanctions in place.

    3. Actually the purpose of the embargo was to induce Fidel to live up to his commitment to compensate the American owners of property in Cuba that the Communists nationalized ( i.e. stole ) . Cuba could have ended the embargo any time by doing so.
      Since that happens to be law as well as policy this is just another instance of the Scofflaw-in-Chief exceeding his authority.

    4. Exactly Vib. Whatever the rationale or result, Obama unilaterally acting is distasteful and another thumb in the eye of congress and ultimately those they represent. Us.

    5. Viburnum, I don't generally disagree...but the embargo won't end with the current regime in power. The fastest avenue to achieving compensation is to undermine Havana with capitalism; a free market minded administration will have to come to the table with concessions in order to integrate into the US markets.

    6. My aversion is not to the goal, and I agree that the Cuban communists are never likely to be able to pay the bill. It's the arrogant abrogation of statute that I find irksome. I wonder if anyone ever mentioned the attendant million dollar fine and 10 year prison sentence?

    7. Ed and Viburnum,
      Obama is a megalomaniac who believes his own "legend."

    8. Agreed. Though we know that Administrations, Congress and the general ruling elite do not, as a rule, subject themselves to statute. I'm still waiting for Giuliani, Bolton, Ridge, and a host of others to be indicted for supporting terrorism, with regards to Mujahedin-e Khalq [MeK]. Not truly expecting that of course, but another example of such arrogance.

    9. CI: You are being uncharacteristically naive.

      Do you seriously believe the Castros will let swing their doors wide open and let all that freedom and capitalism come rolling in?

      Cuba got the recognition, and the regime will not change a damn thing. Obama and his klatch of amateurs are incompetent boobs and they have displayed no negotiation skills whatsoever.

      They will be so swept up with this "historic" rapprochement, photo ops in Havana, etc, that they want it at any cost, including demanding absolutely nothing from the Castros.

      My prediction: Absolutely nothing changes for the Cuban people.

    10. SF: Of course I don't expect the Castro regime to change, I didn't say that it would. I believe that exposing Cuba to market forces will either hasten the demise of the Castro regime, or enable a more market minded successor when that day arrives.

      Once again, the strategy of the last 53+ years hasn't persuaded Cuba to join the modern world, so I don't see the harm in allowing capitalism to be injected.

    11. The only harm is rewarding a fascist dictatorship, but yeah, other than that...

      The other flaw in your statement is assuming the Castros will allow the island to be 'exposed to market forces.' They won't. As others have mentioned, they will follow the Vietnam model, at best.

      Also, the same technology that they could allow in (internet) also allows governments to limit and manipulate information, and spy on citizens, so that is essentially a wash.

      Something bigger may be in play here. The US is trying to choke out Putin by crashing the Ruble, and we are also trying to hasten Venezuela's economic collapse, leaving China as Cuba's only financial backer.

      Could be a good strategy in the right hands, but I see it all backfiring in Obama's incompetent face.

    12. We have a storied history of rewarding oppressive regimes...why break stride now? And of course when we're comparing hypotheticals, one cannot truly have a flaw in the argument :)

  2. north Korea fired the first salvo of a cyber war. The appropriate response should be to fire back. Given the anomalistic nature of that countries digital infrastructure, I can't imagine that it would be difficult to cut the pipes completely. This wouldn't terribly affect the peasant population, but it would certainly impact the ruling elite and their hypocritical access to modernity.

    1. They used ChiComm pipes (IP addresses) to hack.
      How ya gonna cut THOSE pipes.

    2. Hack the North Korean film industry.

    3. ...and give them all the free publicity? You must really love the Kims.

  3. Let's be honest here, let’s tell it like it really is!

    Do WHITE lives matter?
    Dose COP’s lives matter?

    Blacks kill twice as many whites every single year...yet, there's no uproar about that.
    Many of these cop on black killings are in fact self defense of the cop
    Blacks kill 2,400 other blacks per year.

    The Three Stooges, Obama, Al Sharpton and Eric Holder have done more damage to American race relations than any presidency in my lifetime. For example Obama's stupid remarks about the “Stupid Police” in that arrest controversy of Prof. Henry Gates is typical of his calling the Police Stupid before getting the facts!
    Also in his making a judgement call and trying to tarnish George Zimmerman before his trial. The President of the United States should not be making any judgement calls in a local law enforcement matter! Obama's meddling only brings race into the equation and keeps dividing the citizens of this country like never before.
    Obama and Holder call us a racist nation when over 50% of white Americans voted for him not once but twice while 95 % of blacks voted for him. There s a two fold tragedy in this story first, blacks are much worse off now than at the start of Obama's presidencies, and second, Obama blew an opportunity to bring the races and the country at large together but instead he acted as an emperor and bully in dealing with affairs of state he seemed to be more interested in establishing a "legacy". The only legacy he will lave is the complete failure of our first black, and most likely our last black president.
    Barack Obama and Eric Holder have fanned the flames of racial hatred in this country like never before!

    And lets get another LIE corrected once and for all... there NEVER was a "hands up don't shoot" remark because Darrien Johnson Browns ROBBERY ACCOMPLICE, MADE IT UP. Get the fact straight before you repeat them.

    Peace on earth, Cuban Comrades! HAIL OBAMA!

  4. Cuba is no longer a terrorist country? Try selling THAT argument to Venezuelan opposition leaders like Leopoldo Lopez.

  5. I don't think Sony had any choice. If I have this straight there were threats made to any theater that showed the film. Supposedly, theaters were cancelling showing the movie.

    As to Cuba? I have no opinion because I haven't sussed out the reason for doing this now. I might never figure this one out.

  6. As with all of these types of regimes, the people will see little financial gain. So while we were negotiating with Cuba at the same time Cuba made a deal to agree to a massive spying center or worse for Russia.

    1. Per capita GDP in Cuba is similar to most of Central America and the Caribbean.

      Has the right been concerned about the damage we did in Haiti, Honduras, Salvador?
      Of course not. The hypocrites on the right just want to harp on the Cuban issue.

    2. What "damage" did we do in Haiti, Honduras and Salvador?

    3. Stogie:

      We cleaned out the Marxist insurgents in El Salvador and Honduras and help bring peace to the region. That's what Comrade Ducky's referring to.

    4. Supporting Papa Doc, invasions in Central America, Reagan's civil wars in Central America, invading the Dominican republic.

      No, we've been a benign force.
      Put your blinders back on.

    5. Stogie: See? I called it.


      Of course we did questionable things down there, no one denies that.

      But red star commies like you would rather have seen the Soviets in there. That would have been so much better.

      You take your blinders off and read up on post-WWII Eastern Europe, comrade.

      Also, take your blinders off and look at Central America today. Yes, being eaten alive in some places by gangs, which our gangs in LA are largely responsible for, but the warring factions of the 70's and 80's laid down their arms and they now do battle in the political arena.

      Former 'colony' (as the communists like to characterize it) Panama is booming.

      Cubans suffer in Cuba, but come here and prosper. I'll take Uncle Sam over your socialismo any day, old man.

    6. No, silverfiddle, what I would want is a way for peoples to make their political decisions without gross interference.

      Cubans suffer, yes.
      So do Haitians (our history there is disgusting), Hondurans, Guatemalans and others who have received a little too much attention from us.

      This idea that Cuba is unique in its lack of development simply advances an old story that got a big boost under the vile St. Ronnie Raygun.

      The question is not whether Cubans in America prosper (as opposed to say Dominicans, curious, maybe there's a thumb on the scales). The issue is whether or not Cuba represents a unique situation in the region.

    7. Ducky,

      The Cuban economy stinks and the people live in squalor. We do agree that similar conditions can be found in other Caribbean countries.

      What is different is that Cuba is run by a fascist dictatorship. That is unique, and it is sad, and it will not change with President Obama's latest diplomatic gambit.

  7. "The best way to reform the Havana regime, is to flood the country with capitalism and western ideals."

    Disagree with Constitutional Insurgent on this issue. I believe "normalized relations" may benefit U.S. corporations but burden middle class taxpayers further. I predict an unmanageable flood of immigrants to our shores. Immigration of the poor must be orderly, and accomplished in incremental manner. Cuba's illiteracy rate is 76 percent. So just as the recent peasant class (I do not use this term with malice) perched atop trains from south of our border, our POTUS is positioned to create a transit conduit of poor, uneducated Cubans to the U.S.

    One of the reasons for the resistance of the E.U. for allowing the Islamic Republic of Turkey to join mirrors my concern for normalized relations with Cuba. France was quite vocal about not wanting a flood of uneducated low wage earning Turks into their society. They firmly stated that the flood of poor would burden the state treasury. All state treasuries are dependent on the middle class tax base.

    *We have flooded many a regime with capitalism and Western ideas in recent years. It appears to be a failed experiment, except on the level of corporate gain.

    My opinion.


    1. Tammy,
      We have flooded many a regime with capitalism and Western ideas in recent years. It appears to be a failed experiment, except on the level of corporate gain.

      I strongly agree.

    2. Nothing wrong with the disagreement...but what success has the policy of the last 53 years [and cartoonish failed plots] brought?

      I'm curious about your illiteracy rate for Cuba. It is wildly different than every other source I've ever seen.

    3. CI,
      what success has the policy of the last 53 years [and cartoonish failed plots] brought?

      We can also speculate on this: What has the policy of the past 53 years prevented or curbed?

    4. Fair point; but we do have a set of 'known knowns' so to speak, to work with.

    5. CI,
      There must be a few 'known knowns' to use.

      BTW, I don't pretend to be an expert on Cuba. But I certainly can do some research -- if I can find the time to do so.

    6. CI,
      Please take a look at this: Intel concerns about Russia-Cuba ties preceded Obama’s deal to dismantle sanctions.

      Brief excerpt:

      Months before President Obama announced on Wednesday that he is seeking to do away with decades of U.S. economic sanctions against the communist regime in Cuba, Russia concluded a security deal with Havana aimed at bolstering intelligence and military ties to the island dictatorship.

      The Russia-Cuba agreement was announced May 16 when a memorandum was signed in Moscow establishing a joint working group between Russia’s Security Council and the Cuban Commission for National Security and Defense.

      More at the above link.

    7. AOW, I've seen that. The flipside is that we will be able to place and utilize assets in Cuba far easier going forward.

    8. I don't know where ammy gets the 76% figure.

      The Cuban literacy brigades based on the theories of Paolo Freire have been quite successful.
      Might even be a good model for poor communities in America.

    9. Did you try googling it, Ducky? How do you know these "literacy brigades" have been "quite successful"?

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. My bad, Stogie.

      The foundation for the program to bring literacy to rural areas was formulated by a communist (Friere) and implemented by a communist regime so therefore it couldn't possibly succeed or be worth studying.

      Get a clue.

    12. Ducky,

      Even Hitler knew 2+2=4. When a malevolent force stumbles upon an effective method for doing something, it does not invalidate the method.

      You may want to go study up on logical fallacies. Your argumentation and rhetoric is shot through with them.

    13. By the way, silverfiddle, it is stogie who is implying that literacy could not have advanced in Cuba and we both know what is behind that intimation.

      Your criticism should be directed at him.

    14. The socialist paradise has failed at everything else, so it's reasonable to be dubious of their published literacy statistics, especially since they are promulgated by a totalitarian regime.

      As fore Friere, I don't doubt the efficacy of his methods. Teaching poor people is never a bad thing.

  8. What CI misses is that a new and extremely successful form of Authoritarian Capitalism has taken root in the Far East and China. These countries no longer require "freedom" or "democracy" in order to make the capitalist "system" work. And THAT is the "form" of capitalism that will take over Cuba. Obama has condemned the Cuban people to perpetual servitude.

    1. Speedy G,
      Obama has condemned the Cuban people to perpetual servitude.

      I think so, too.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I haven't 'missed' that point, to which I could see occurring. But unlike the Asian nations that operate under this model [which is still preferable to authoritarian central planning under the faux-Communist banner]...I think Cuba is far more likely to gravitate to the market forces that operate in western democracies, given it's historical culture and ties to the U.S.

    4. Has visto a lo que est pasando en Caracas, marico?

  9. Well, well, well. Look who loves this normalization of relations with Cuba: Jimmy Carter!

  10. Just did a Google search and pulled a number. It could be inaccurate and if so I apologize. I do not "confirm via two sources" when commenting on a blog. That is the stuff of my other journalism. smile

    I still believe we will see a flood of immigrants. What ensues is:

    *Housing needs
    *Clothing and food
    *Medical needs
    *Educational needs

    Who purchases these items? I pay for them. You pay for them. And it decreases our own purchasing power and the ability to strengthen our own generations.

    A strong America requires a strengthened middle class, not a burgeoning class of poor.


    1. Defining the Middle Class DOWN has been the real Democrat agenda since Day 1. When Democrats say "middle class" they really mean "existing beneficiaries of the Welfare State." It's got nothing to do with people who actually work for a living.

    2. Tammy and Thersites,
      Yes, we will see a flood of immigrants from Cuba. We the taxpayers will pay and pay.

    3. The Castro's are likely to only let the unproductive and criminal out to collect American welfare. The rest will be allowed to work in the fields and tourist hotels, but never leave. Serfs tied to the land. :(

  11. I am not sure I understand this “us vs. them” discussion about the hacking and threats directed against Sony Pictures, Inc. Sony Pictures is a foreign owned business. It hires Hollywood liberals to help them destroy the minds of the American people. I personally do not care whether the company takes a huge financial loss. I would never have paid a single dime to watch the film at issue here and I have to agree with the Japanese government that Sony used poor judgment taking on this project to begin with. With that said, cancellation of the debut was a business decision that, in my mind, makes sense. What theater wants to incur liability for serious damage to buildings or customers over a film that has no comedic or artistic value whatsoever?

    As for Cuba, I have to side with Marco Rubio on this one. The issue is not about Cold War policy, Bay of Pigs, or Soviet missiles. Our focus must be that Cuba is a fascist dictatorship, denying rights to its people. I support good relations with Cuba after they release their people from the chains of authoritarianism. Speedy G is correct about “authoritarian capitalism” in East Asia. Understandably, the American left supports the Cuban government over the rights of people ... it is who they are. For the American left, there is simply no such thing as too much government, or too few human rights.

    1. The Democrats are the new face of authoritarian capitalism in the West. Sure, there are still a lot of authoritarian "wannabes" in the Republican Party who support the Bush/Romney corporate establishment kleptocracy, but I have a feeling that they aren't going to be able to hold out much longer.

    2. Mustang,
      cancellation of the debut was a business decision that, in my mind, makes sense. What theater wants to incur liability for serious damage to buildings or customers over a film that has no comedic or artistic value whatsoever?

      I understand the concern about limiting liability.

      And, frankly, I very rarely go to the cinema. In fact, the last two times I went (gift cards from homeschool families) was to see The Life of Pi and America: Imagine a World without Her.

      But the precedent just set concerns me. Catering to every offended group? Madness, IMO!

    3. Mustang,
      I completely agree with your comment about Cuba.

    4. Yes, I understand you point of view, AOW ... but catering to the offended is what we should expect of companies attempting to thrive in the market. As an example, what ever happened to the Frito Bandito? We should not obscure the hacking of a film studio with a cyber attack upon the United States.

    5. I am not very concerned about normalizing relations with Cuba. Our embargo has greatly hurt the people living there. It hasn't helped them. Cuba is not a threat to spreading communist revolution throughout South America, as it once was. Therefore, our continued embargo makes no sense to me.

  12. The final paragraph from the WaPo editorial board (for what it's worth):

    The Vietnam outcome is what the Castros are counting on: a flood of U.S. tourists and business investment that will allow the regime to maintain its totalitarian system indefinitely. Mr. Obama may claim that he has dismantled a 50-year-old failed policy; what he has really done is give a 50-year-old failed regime a new lease on life.

    1. ¡Exacto!

      Anyone who thinks the White House Weakling will win any concessions whatsoever from Cuba's fascist regime needs to put down the hopium hookah, wake up, and smell the café .

  13. AP is reporting that in further diplomatic advances, President Obama has invited North Korean Leader Kim Jung Un and his generals over to the White House for brandy and computer games over Christmas

  14. Lots of hopium-induced optimism here, but those who think this is a good thing are asking the wrong questions.

    Here is the right question: What does the US get out of this?

    Did Obama demand the Castros empty out their dungeons full of dissidents, artists, musicians, writers and others whose only 'crime' was criticizing the regime?

    There is nothing to celebrate in any of this, unless you are a member of the Castro regime.

    Speculation that Cuba will now open its doors to capitalism, market reforms and more freedoms is naive happy talk. They will do no such thing.

    What the Castros will do is depants Obama and his 'negotiators' *snicker* at every turn. We've seen it already:

    They got three spies back, we got one aid worker, and thank God he is now home.

    They got unilateral US recognition, fawning words from our administration, and an hour-long phone call from the US President.

    Obama got jack in return.

    The Latin American press will be fun to read these next two years, as they lampoon Tio Sam's every foible as stumbles into every trap and falls for every prank played on him by the wily Castro brothers.

  15. Perhaps Obama wants to El Presidente of Cuba when his term here is over!

  16. They got three spies and we got an aid worker? We also recently traded one mentally unstable soldier who was AWOL and "they" got five hardened terror criminals.

    At least George W. meant it when he said that we do not negotiate with terrorists.

    Foreign policy should not be reduced to shoddy displays with Kumbaya moments which actually increase our threat levels. Obama is an intellectual pygmy.

    Tammy Swofford

    1. No Tammy, it was an exchange of spies.

      And the so called Cuban 5 were actually investigating terrorist actions against Cuba such as the destruction of a Cuban airliner.

      Come out into the light.

    2. Ducky has a soft spot in his heart for communist dictators.

      The Cuban criminals Obama recklessly and unilaterally released are also responsible for the deaths of men aiding people trying to escape Fidel's gulag. They were also conducting espionage on Southcom.

      These men are heroes in Cuba. Maybe the Castro regime will post a big portrait of Obama next to the murderous spies he freed.

    3. SF is right, as usual.

      I love the astonishing BS Obama wants us to swallow; it's a coincidence Alan Gross was let out the day Obama announced normalcy. Isn't that just AmAZING? (smile)

    4. So Silverfiddle, why isn't Marco Rubio calling for a break in diplomatic relations with Saudia Arabia, Belarus, Zimbabwe ... etc.

      Again, what's special abut Cuba?

    5. *sigh* *head shake* It's like talking to a small child...

      1. They are 90 mile from our shore

      2. Many Cubans live here

      3. Castro's regime stole land and businesses and didn't pay the owners

      4. Castro has allowed the Island to be used as a port, staging grounds and listening post for our enemies

      And do I really have to explain realpolitik to you, Ducky? Really?

      You do what you can.

      As I said in other parts of this thread, I'm not so much against Obama unilateral surrender as I am laughing at those who think this will change the leftwing fascist regime one iota, or improve the lot of the Cuban people.

      Keep toking that hopium bong.

    6. I have no idea why 1 & 2 are relevant.

      4. is past and gone unless you're one of the children who think this is gonna facilitate ISIS staging a nuclear device. That level of insanity does exist on the right.

      As for number 3. Yeah, and I suppose it's better to wait till hell freezes over for that to be resolved.

      Oh, you're one of the Teabags screaming about the flood of Cuban expats. What is there in the agreement that causes a change in Cuba's emigration policy?

    7. Of course you have no idea, which is why you asked such a stupid question.

      Put on your eyeglasses and read this, which proves you wrong on #4:


      On your last point, you've got me confused with someone else. I've never complained about Cuban expats. I know the sons and daughters of quite a few.

      I also didn't mention Cuba's prison-like emigration policy, but I excuse you. I know how you ladies on the left love to to screech about "teabags."

  17. My opinion on Sony pulling the movie?


    If Hollywood slid off into the ocean, society would be much better off.

    As someone else noted, wait until NK starts hacking our power grid

    1. SF,
      If Hollywood slid off into the ocean, society would be much better off.

      I won't disagree.

  18. Replies
    1. Tacos are Mexican. Try un emparedado de puerco al la plancha

    2. SF...why is it my Mexican friend from the high school, who lives in MX City (he's here for a year) says they never eat crisp tacos there? He said they're always soft and VERY different than our tacos.
      Is that your experience?

    3. Z: Yes. I have never seen those hard, pre-formed taco shells we use here in Mexco, nor in the homes of my Mexican friends.

      Their tacos are made with soft tortillas sometimes no bigger than a drink coaster, sometimes bigger.

      Go to a Mexican party and its common to see a pot of chile colorado on the stove next to a 'plancha' sitting on a hot burner. You grab yourself a tortilla, fill it with chile rojo, and dig in. They do it with carne asada, or almost anything else you can cook.

      It's a convenient way to turn almost anything into a finger food so you don't need silverware. Also convenient when grabbing a bite on the street.

    4. I'm not running it down, but a lot of 'Mexican' food here in the US barely resembles the food south of the border, but it is hard to generalize, because each region has its own favorites.

      I think most of the US variety, especially Tex-Mex, beats the heck out of traditional Mexican cuisine.

      That's one of the cool things about the US: We take ideas from everywhere and adapt them.

      Remember eating pizza in Italy? It doesn't look anything like an American pizza.

    5. Wel, it's not THAT different , the pizza in Italy, but it's certainly NEVER piled on with stuff like we do...neither is the sauce on their pastas, as you know.

      Ya, Diego told me they're smaller soft tacos.....

      I happen to admit I LOVE GRINGO MEXICAN FOOD, I really do :-)

  19. I've heard more than once that after >50 years of luxuriating Communist rule the automobiles in Cuba are of the 1950's vintage, many of which no longer have window glass. Wow, what a great place to be from-FAR FROM !!!!!!

  20. What's this?

    ‘Team America’: Film Showings Cancelled After ‘The Interview’ Threats

    First, beleaguered Sony Corporation cancelled all showings of ‘The Interview’ following threats of violence. Then when theaters announced they’d replace it with the film ‘Team America: World Police’, which also satires North Korea, more furor erupted and that movie is now being pulled from planned screenings!...

    Does anybody know if the above is true or merely a rumor?

    1. Absolute Marxist,
      Watch out! You'll be getting bomb threats for posting that video!

    2. Hasn't South Park ridiculed North Korea at one time and others.

      I don't watch the show but it seems a natural topic.
      Kartman offs the Dear Leader?

    3. Never. That's an honor reserved for Team America, World Police.

    4. And here's the reason I don't care if Kim Jong Un hacks Hollyweird.

    5. Oooops. I probably should have preceeded that clip with a montage! Sorry.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. I have a close friend who came over via Operations Pedro Pan. Thousands of unaccompanied children came over alone and afraid, sent by their parents for fear of their lives and the life they would have in Cuba, She never heard from or about her parents again. Castro murdered thens of thousands and should be charged with war crimes.

  23. I'm thrilled Obama is trying to open Cuban relations. Our punishment of the Cuban people needs to come to an end, they've been punished enough with and without us.

    Sony did what it did for financial reasons, so score one for the bad guys, but you'd be a moron if you thought this wasn't going to be resolved in the end. The Sony story has just begun.


    1. Jersey: Indeed. Now, when will the communist dictatorship stop punishing the Cuban people?

    2. So let's keep up the embargo because that's really made progress towards more political freedom in Cuba.

      Please stop.

    3. I'm not arguing for or against the embargo (which must be lifted by congress, btw. There are still a few shreds of that pesky constitution still flapping in the breeze)

      I'm just point out that Obama's grand diplomatic gambit does absolutely nothing for the Cuban people. Actually, what it will do is allow the Communist dictators to put up some window dressing, set up some government corporate ventures and keep itself on life support while continuing to abuse its people.

      The United States just threw a fascist regime a lifeline. I bet you're real proud of that, ain't ya?

    4. Does it hurt the Cuban people?

      Will normal relations and trad make the society more or less open?

      Do normal relations harm American interests?

      I don't see any downside other than a few old monied Miamians finding out that Marco Rubio shoots blanks.

    5. SF,
      the embargo (which must be lifted by congress...

      Didn't Obama just decree that the embargo is lifted?

      I heard last night that corporate (Jet Blue and Marriott) will be moving into Cuba in a matter of a few weeks. How can they get so ready so fast?

    6. AOW: Obama has already established that he will do whatever he wants, laws and constitution be damned.

      Wow, Ducky, you're acting particularly obtuse in this thread.

      I said nothing about harming interests. What I did say is that this will do nothing for the Cuban people. It does harm them in a way, because it props up a creaking regime that will not make internal changes because Obama is powerless to make them do so.

      For this reason, this is not a 'diplomatic bargain' or anything like that, because other than one mole and one aid worker, Obama got doodly squat from the Castro brothers.

      This is one more episode of the Barack Obama Show, shocking the world by dramatically rolling back 50 years of US policy, and gaining nothing for the United States in return. But he does get to bask in the fawning praise of soft-headed leftwing progs like you, and as a bonus, Obama's corporate cronies can go down there and cash in. The Castros throw up some window dressing, make some empty promises about human rights abuses while singing from Howard Zinn's pages to play to the Latin American peanut gallery, and its' all good.

      Go pamper yourself with a nice manicure and a warm latte. You deserve it for being such a good, socially aware person and parroting the doctrinally approved propaganda.

  24. You go Obama! Show us what a 'lame duck Presidency' is all about, lol! He's pretty much assured that Florida will be a blue state for decades to come. Suck it GOP.

  25. A los Cubanos...

    Despair's advantage is achieved
    By suffering—Despair—
    To be assisted of Reverse
    One must Reverse have bore—

    The Worthiness of Suffering like
    The Worthiness of Death
    Is ascertained by tasting—

    As can no other Mouth

    Of Savors—make us conscious—
    As did ourselves partake—
    Affliction feels impalpable
    Until Ourselves are struck—

    Emily Dickinson

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    Yo tambien soy "a rittle ronery". Estoy sentada en mi trabajo esperando un cliente/paciente de 97 anos. Entonces, era un placer ver el YouTube porque me dio una sonrisa muy grande.

    Rittle Ronery Swofford

    1. Lo siente que eres un poquito 'ronery' tambien. Espero que esto podra levantar sus 'espiritos' un pocito. ;)

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      Tape 8

  27. Absolute Marxist:

    I selected number 3. AOW knows I have an intellect along the shallows with a humour gene that loves the gallows. Makes for a very bad personality disorder. So number three it is. When we chat sometimes I will pause and say "Lemme just say it! Bomb, bomb, bomb! In case the NSA is listening." wink

    O.K. Hope our friend doesn't get hacked!

    Anyone notice last night that the news about normalized relations with Cuba included wild clapping about Marriott, Jet Blue, and a few additional global transnational corporations ready to set up shop in Cuba? The word was "in weeks and not months". Yep! We need a new labor exploitation platform for corporations and they need our "American values". Just another deal hatched on the golf course by our CinC. Discreet cough.


  28. Number 3.... Hmmm, I was afraid of that. It seems that Number 3 has had a recent suitor, so I hope you are prepared for some competition with regards to bachelor #3... and ps, you might want to work on your vocal presentation. ;)

  29. FYI - Sony Pictures has decided to re-cut "The Interview". Here's the new trailer for the film...

  30. Here is a piece written by a professional colleague whose area of expertise is _The Islamic Small Wars_. I recommend his online journal.



    1. The "thinking Left" (a small minority, believe me) see some more ominous undertones and strategic alinements. I hate to admit, I'm inclined to agree with the premise of their narrative.

  31. No wonder corporate America and the Obamacare faction is so excited over the opening up of Cuba! Now every country can afford a rent a doctor! Woo-hoo!

  32. Presidential corruption on both sides. Our "Dear Leader" will benefit from the corporate entities who line up and donate to his newly minted foundation. Cuba will maintain their stranglehold on the liberties of their own population. Economic freedom gives freedom of choice. Cuban workers will be the new Bangladesh garment factory workers. Sure, they will look nice at work. But they will return home to squalid poverty.

    Let's not forget the Dubai port deal that went south. It would have lined the pockets of another Dear Leader, who was already commanding unbelievable fees for speaking engagements in Dubai. And now - we have an opportunity to vote for his wife in the upcoming presidential election. She pushed for the Dubai port deal. Thieves in expensive suits - all of 'em.

    These are not sterling American values that we are exporting to Cuba. We are exporting corrupt political practice.



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