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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Federalizing Police Departments

Shortly after the start of the protests over the death of Eric Garner, I came to this same conclusion about 48 hours ago when I kept asking myself, "What is the Obama Administration up to now?"

From What’s Really Going on with Holder’s Civil-Rights Crusade against Police Departments: Federal investigations of the Garner and Brown cases are just a pretext by Andrew C. McCarthy:
Holder and his constitutional-scholar boss are not banging the civil-rights drum because they believe these are prosecutable cases. It is just a pretext for unleashing Justice Department community organizers on state and municipal police departments.


...have the feds come in and hamstring police with “social justice” guidelines...
Read the entire essay HERE.

Federalizing the local police departments so that they are, in effect, operated by the federal government in the name of helping to right perceived or actual wrongs (the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner and others).

The lemmings out there protesting (in some cases, rioting and looting) are falling right into line with this agenda.They think that Ronald Reagan was the worst President ever, I'm sure, so the wisdom of these words mean nothing to them:


  1. All week long, thousands took to the streets in NYC taking a stand against Police Brutality . All across the nation were similar marches. Protesters shut down the Lincoln tunnel, the bridges, and even disrupted the Christmas shoppers in some NYC department stores. As they did at Berkeley in Channing Street.. Protestors across the entire United States expressed their outrage at the lack of indictments against the police officers who killed Mike Brown and Eric Garner. Many of them chanting "I can't breathe.".
    It takes the Liberals to make change, WE are the believers, the doers, the planners.. All change for the betterment of the world comes from The Left!

    1. Yes, and they burned down innocent store owners' livelihoods and looted and stole and shut freeways down. if that's 'betterment,' it's just another great reason not to be from 'The Left!"
      By the way, out of 300 million Americas, I think probably 10,000 protested.....you're hyperbole is kind of ..hyperbolic?!

    2. Suzy, what don't you understand about Evidence? Apparently much. FYI - Every life sucking problem America has today - Education in the toilet, Welfare, Racism, Clean Energy, you name it has come to us by Democrat presidents and their administrations. Mostly just from two of them LBJ and Carter. Our employment situation is in the toilet because bubba clinton opened the floodgates to China to sell their products here and put Manufacturing out of business. Democrats in fact wrote every piece of anti-Black legislation. Repubs passed the Civil Rights Act of 64. You're connection to reality is non-existent. I usually don't read or respond to people like you because it's a waste of time, but I was bored..

      I hope you're young. You will see the world you and your progressive pals have created for your selves and you're not gonna like it. I guess there will some justice in that. Mark This Post ! ;-) lol

    3. Oh, by the way - All this crap going on now with gangbangers, looters, slums, ferguson, mike brown living with his grandmother Not with his father, mother, or even stepdad? Multiplied all across America? it goes back to LBJ who stole the social security funds (another big problem today) and created Welfare, which pays females (I won't say mothers) to pop kids out like pieces of toast into zero opportunity-zero-education(again jimmy carter creating the fed dept of education) drug and crime infested neighborhoods. That's who you can blame for all of this. And what did LBJ say when he did this - (this is a quote so all letters matter) he said "This will have those niggers voting democrat for the next 50 years". Look it up. - he was right of course, so take your leftist solutions and shove them.
      No need to reply - to me anyway, I won't see it. I don't come back to these fever swamps (Blog Good-Many commenters Bad) to entertain such uneducated, propaganda driven people.

    4. Kid,
      I don't come back to these fever swamps (Blog Good-Many commenters Bad) to entertain such uneducated, propaganda driven people.

      I let that first comment (and certain other comments as well) remain as examples of the kind of "thinking" that goes on today. It seems to me that America has undergone a seismic shift -- and not a good shift. Not at all.

    5. Kid:

      You win the internet for comment of the year!

      I especially loved how you threw the LBJ quote in there to show just how cynical politics is.

      Progressivism has brought us to this low place in out history

    6. So, murdering 150 million people and enslaving billions in the last century was "for the betterment of the world"?

      You people are seriously deranged.

  2. So what can we expect from a Lame Duck President and a Lame Duck Congress? We can expect a President to do whatever he wants to do just to piss off the Republican party, that’s what! We can expect a president who will be exceptional angry at those who warned him about the consequences of ignoring the will of the American public.
    We can expect that he'll be angry, cranky, and even have blood in his eye. Everything about him has become reviled and turned away from....even by his once adoring audience which featured fainting teenyboppers and the idiotic star-stuck celebrities. Once standing room only coliseums replaced by half-empty auditoriums with former addicts walking out on him. I wonder how "handsome" and wonderful those progressive Morons thinks he is now?
    After all he’s a racist and a skinny little fairy pretending to be the most powerful man in the world seeking his revenge.. He must replace Holder with a like-minded racist enabler to keep his own ass out of Leavenworth . If that would happen, Al Sharpy would try to get the ghettos to riot and might succeed...Ferguson showed us nothing has changed with the most destitute blacks....any spark can start a firestorm with them. Riots nation wide would be a slaughter for the Democrats, and set the blacks back another 100 years.

    But I think that he already knows that.

  3. If the Republicans were smart, their nominee in 2016 would run on the promise to "Restore the capitol to its' pre-Revolutionary War condition"... a desolate and mosquito infested Potomac swamp.

  4. Why it was just like magic. Upon cue, the angry hordes descended upon us. But wait, Al Sharpie had said he had 26 Communities lined up. That and 86 visits to the WH set the stage. And they think we bitter clingers are stupid.

  5. One of the best things that I read about liberal extremists is that they have no controls, and very little discipline, and even less a than accurate sense of reality.

    They really live in a fantasy world created by themselves and their cronies. They will tell themselves that Michael Brown was surrendering when the cop shot him... telling themselves that so many times, that they will actually believe it, despite having heard no reliable testimony about it. And then, when the Grand Jury transcripts are released, showing six different witnesses (plus the cop) say that it wasn't that way at all, that he held his hands only to shoulder level and only for one second, before dropping his arms into a football blocking position and charging headlong at the cop, who kept yelling at him "Stop, stop!", before finally opening fire......
    As well as that “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Bull-Shit that they keep on repeating.
    ....The liberals will keep right on believing the (now obvious) lie over and over anyway.

    They have no connection to reality. They will believe their lie despite all evidence to the contrary. And then it is an easy step to believing that the cop WANTED to shoot a black man. Do they really think that white Cops get up every morning thinking............. Now how can I kill a Black Guy today? How freaken stupid is that! .

    The Police aren’t the ones who are destroying the black community, it’s the Al Sharpton’s and the leftist-liberal, fanatics, and the Michael Brown’s and the Eric Garner’s and the people that support them like Eric Holder, Barack Obama, and the Football, and Basketball thugs as well.
    How much did you hear about the Black guy who Stabbed a Jew who was Praying at a Brooklyn Synagogue TODAY! I guess that if it was a Black Man who was stabbed, it would be all over the news. .


  6. Officer Fatally Shoots Man After Stabbing at Brooklyn Synagogue
    A New York City police officer shot and killed a man who stabbed an Israeli rabbinical student at a Brooklyn synagogue early Tuesday morning, according to the police.

    The dead man, identified as Calvin Peters, entered the Chabad-Lubavitch headquarters in Crown Heights at around 1:40 a.m. and confronted rabbinical students studying in the building, according to the authorities.

    The stabbing victim was Levi Rosenblat, a 22-year-old rabbinical student from Beitar Illit, Israel, according to the Chabad-Lubavitch website.

    Mr. Rosenblat, who the police said was stabbed in the head, was taken to Kings County Hospital and was in stable condition.

    Police Commissioner William J. Bratton said, “It is not a terrorism incident.” The investigation had yet to confirm any bias-based motive.

    Part of the attack was recorded on security cameras being monitored by nearby police officers and security personnel. A police officer was also stationed just outside the synagogue



    1. The student should recover without any serious injuries.

      Description of the crime indicates the man could have been mentally ill.

      But we wouldn't expect you to do a sober analysis of the crime or wait for the facts. The fringe right lives by emotion.

    2. While you're frothing from the mouth and nostrils, here's a quote from The Israeli Times, "A Chabad spokesperson said the attack was most likely not terror-related."

    3. @ Ducky: "The fringe right lives by emotion."

      Said the old man cheering on idiots burning and looting.

      Ducky, your anti-police rhetoric is stupid and over the top. You rightly decry indictments of entire groups of people, but then turn around and engage in the malodorous practice yourself.

    4. Tie a can on it, soldier boy and show any post where I endorsed the looting.

    5. Yesterday's thread still stinks with your ridiculous guilty while liberal outrage over tragic but blessedly rare events. You also went a little heavy on the OWS rhetoric. Comical coming from a white professional who has done well with his investments.

    6. Ducky: Sow the wind, reap a whirlwind.

      When they come for you, telling them you were down with the struggle won't keep them from bashing your head in with a hammer and liberating you of your possessions.

    7. SF @ Duck,
      a little heavy on the OWS rhetoric. Comical coming from a white professional who has done well with his investments

      No kidding! I was thinking exactly that same thing, but didn't have time to comment to that effect.

    8. and btw, I pray Ducky never gets bashed with a hammer and relieved of his stuff, but irresponsible people like him engaging in such irresponsible rhetoric increases the odds of it happening.

  7. Lets hope that the Justice Department won’t be indicting these police officers for killing this Murdering Son of a Bitch. I already know that Al Sharpton won’t be getting involved with this case, it doesn't fit his or Obama's political, or racial agenda!

  8. Idiocy. There is no "federalizing" of local police. As always, a few police departments here and there get themselves into some Constitutional trouble, and that's federal matter, but that is nothing at all in any way whatsoever like "federalizing police departments." Idiots.

    And the really idiotic part of all this? You anti-government loons don't seem to realize at all the the vast majority of government intrusion in your life comes from the state and local levels, and especially in the form of those police. To allow them to run amok, as you have, and then fight against any oversight of them, as you do, is %$#@!@# retarded.


    1. Obtuse and callous as he normally is in his verse...Jersey does raise a salient point. Most tyranny is enacted at the State and local level. Far more than at the federal.

  9. Divide and conquer is as valid today as it ever was. Obama and his race baiters are well aware of that. And, yes, it does provide the excuse of pushing their federal police state to the next level.

    1. Yeah, the SS never tried to interfere in "local matters" either...

      Now, show me your papers!

    2. LOL! The "SS" in this case is the local police!


    3. Just wait until they all report to Holder's replacement. Then we'll REALLY get to see them goose-step!

  10. This is an interesting topic, and I applaud you for raising it, but it makes no sense to me. Progressive elites (and deep down even the white college student posers) talk a good game, but they would be sh*tting down their pantlegs if the cops abandoned the streets or were defanged to the point of ineffectiveness.

    Trendy cafes would shut down...

    This theory makes sense if whoever is behind it wants to create chaos, so
    that they can then swoop down with their 'solution.' A classic Hegelian dialectic. Cause a problem that steers the sheeple into bleating for the 'solution' you have already planned.

    This may be the case, but not for the most nefarious reasons we can imagine. The reasons could be more prosaic, such as DC's progressive urge to usurp more power to itself in the name of 'efficiency,' and the Fraternal Order of Police would love such uniform treatment of its members (makes bargaining easier).

    Another thing to look out for if this 'federalization of police' gains legs and becomes a big debate topic:

    France, Germany, England, not to mention almost every other country, have some form of national police, with larger cities having a local constabulary that hands out tickets and walks the neighborhoods, often unarmed.

    The Fraternal Order of Police would love this, since it would give them great bargaining power and impose uniformity.

    Civil libertarians and true liberals should hate it (another reason this makes no sense). What this would create is an occupying force of domestic soldiers policing areas they are not from (think US Army in Iraq), a domestic military with its weapons and technology trained on the citizenry, with all the anonymity and immunity of the IRS.

  11. For pity's sake!

    Last night, protesters in Berkeley lay down on the train tracks (AMTRAK).

    159 arrested in Berkeley last night.

    1. Takes some dedication to lie on the tracks.
      Less so intelligence.

  12. It's all about the progressive base -
    Trying to keep black voters on the democrat party plantation.

    Racism is all they got left.

    1. I don't think it's all they have left, sadly, but I agree with you about what these protests are about.
      Who's sending the memos to 'close freeways?' that started pretty early on, no copy-cat, so somebody got a message out.

      It's ALL these people have; be angry, hate who they think oppresses them; it's sure easier than working hard, I guess.

      this is ALL about rallying the base and getting back those Black voters some of whom they lost at the midterms.
      ALL about that.
      Meanwhile, these people are so dumb that they're still using the 'hands up, don't shoot' mantra that never happened to gin up the appearance of their cause. It never HAPPENED. Imagine?

    2. Well, z, it's still not clear what happened.

      Is it true that Brown was shot when he was 50 yards away?
      Hard to tell since the crime scene team didn't take measurements even though they left Brown's body lying exposed for hours.

      But you know the truth.
      You listen to Fox news.

      ... and you don't want your feeling of security lessened an iota by making police accountable.
      But the protesters are the villains here.

    3. I agree with Z. The left is playing the only card it really has....and it's been played out. They don't focus on the civil liberty aspect, which would play into Libertarian hands...they focus on race...because it sells in the media.

    4. Ducky, protesters who loot, steal, burn down businesses? Yes, I'd say they're villains. Oh, and shut down freeways...we had a mother on the way to the hospital in big trouble this morning because they'd shut down a freeway. THINK. Most Americans think burning buildings is bad.

      Michael Brown's body was there for approximately four hours
      "To determine why the body remained on the street for hours, the Post-Dispatch analyzed public records, police testimony, medical examiner procedures and data from previous crime scenes, and interviewed medical examiner staff, police officials, and local residents.

      The basic story was that Ferguson turned the case over to the St. Louis County Police Department, which was occupied with a crisis at a hospital 30 miles away. There are absolutes in police work, said County Police Chief Jon Belmar: Protect the crime scene. Investigate thoroughly. “What would we have gained by taking pictures of Mr. Brown’s body and simply getting him out of there as fast as we could?” Belmar asked. “... It might have moved (the timeline) up an hour and a half.” Or would that have left the grand jury — convening now on this case — without the benefit of a thorough crime scene investigation? “It really is a double-edged sword,” Belmar said."

      Stop looking for every law enforcement group as the boogie man, it's naive and even stupid, Ducky.

      The distance of Brown's being shot is debatable but it wasn't close....what was close was when he wouldn't leave the middle of the street and, for his safety and that of others, he was told to leave the street...close was when he leaned into Wilson's side of the squad car (his DNA is there and on Wilson's gun, I believe...at least on Wilson's hand)...and maybe on his face, which got punched? Stupid of anybody to do that.

      I do absolutely listen to FOX...I'm the type who needs to hear all sides of every story and, frankly, it's the only place one can hear it. thank goodness; there are so many stories we'd not know if it wasn't for FOX.

      You believe I don't want to make police accountable? My, how you twist words.
      Must be fun to come to conservative sites, never EVER address the questions asked, and shoot off at the mouth as the authority! Kind of immature, tho, Ducky. Really.

    5. Ducky,

      Your inflammatory rhetoric aside, you were doing pretty good until you asked this question:

      "Is it true that Brown was shot when he was 50 yards away?"

      50 yards from the cop car? Yes.
      50 yards from Officer Wilson? Doubtful

      Do you seriously believe Wilson shot him repeatedly with a handgun from 50 yards away? Are you serious? You need to go get that hogleg you have lockered three states away and try firing at a target 50 yards away, under stress.

      Go read the grand jury report. Eye witnesses say Wilson exited his vehicle and pursued Brown, who suddenly turned around and advanced toward him (witnesses disagree whether Brown was "charging aggressively" or merely coming toward the officer.)

      Such absurd, and I suspect often purposefully false or misleading statements from you are why you are a fundamentally dishonest interlocutor.

      You bring intelligence to the conversation, but you trample candor and you strangle goodwill.

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Ask yourself why a story in the news is twisted into a debate on racism [versus State power]...and who benefits from said media attention.

    2. You nailed it CI. I think we can all supply 'white' examples that didn't make the news because they don't fit the race narrative. And people who want to increase state power don't like to run stories on how it's abused.

    3. Commenters here needn't reply to "This One," whose comments are deleted by a blog administrator as soon as an administrator becomes aware of This One's comments.

      And we don't bother reading This One's comments, either.

  14. AOW, I agree on the federalization of police being the agenda. This is the domestic Army ovomit has talked about. They already have been given military equipment.

    I will say that Garner should not have been accosted by 5 cops for selling cigs.
    I will say that mikr brown should absolutely be dead after assaulting a police officer twice, finally charging an officer with a gun pointed at him.
    With this in mind, if libs have a problem with police who sometimes Do use excessive force and make bad decisions, then As Usual, it was they who created the problem by demanding a lowering of standards and employed affirmative action in the hiring of the cops.
    What else is New? Libtards are a cancer upon the Earth just as any other is or has been..

    1. "This is the domestic Army ovomit has talked about. They already have been given military equipment."

      I would ask who is 'they', and who began the 1033 Program

    2. CI asks a great question that should not go unanswered.

      The multifarious problems emanating from and caused by our bloated, out-of-control, feral government are bipartisan.

      To answer CI's Question: George Bush's administration also sold military hardware to state and local police forces.

    3. SF,
      Another indictment of the two-party system.

  15. Please get the word out. I am so upset about by pension as my company is close to bankruptcy. This from the Washington Post"
    For the first time, the benefits of current retirees could be severely cut, part of an effort to save some of the nation’s most distressed pension plans. The change would alter 40 years of federal law and could affect millions of workers, many of them part of a shrinking corps of middle-income employees in businesses such as trucking, construction and supermarkets.

    1. http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/congressional-leaders-hammer-out-deal-to-allow-pension-plans-to-cut-retiree-benefits/2014/12/09/4650d420-7ef6-11e4-9f38-95a187e4c1f7_story.html

  16. The Duck must disappear, if this blog is ever to regain its sanity.

    1. Anon:

      He does disappear when confronted with facts and logic until he runs out of BS.


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