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Monday, December 1, 2014

Will Insurance Pay?

Aerial view of Ferguson, Missouri, after riots and looting in November

Will insurance policies pay for those business establishments damaged or destroyed in the recent Ferguson riots?

Most people do not read their insurance policies. Details matter, however, for the process of reimbursement or restoration.

Last summer, I received a notice of change in policy coverages for my homeowner's policy. The change in policy coverages reads as follows:
Coverage is provided for direct physical loss except for losses caused by any of the following:


3.  War, including the following and an consequence of any of the following:

a. Undeclared war, civil war, insurrection, rebellion or revolution:

b. Warlike act by a military force or military personnel; or

c. Destruction, seizure or use for a military purpose.

Discharge of a nuclear weapon will be deemed a warlike act even if accidental.
Photographs of the documents I received (Click directly on images to enlarge them):

We should not assume that those damaged and destroyed businesses are going to recover because they have insurance coverage.

People from all over the world have opened their wallets to help at least one Ferguson business to get up and running again. That business is Natalie's Cakes & More: A Victim of Ferguson Rioters Finds Justice in Kindness of American People.

After selling her baked goodies at flea markets to get the seed money for a business establishment, Natalie DuBose opens her bakery in June 2014

On the other hand, check out these results from Time Magazine’s poll for Man of the Year:


  1. Looks like this is going to be the latest shiny object to distract us from the corruption that will continue with this regime.

  2. In refusing to pay for the result of mayhem, insurance companies protect their assets, and costs normally passed along to their subscribers. I support the position of insurance companies and you know, maybe it is about time that people understood that there can be far-reaching consequences to their despicable behavior. Wasn’t it Michael Brown’s step-father who shouted, “Burn this bitch down?” Maybe that man should pay for the damage.

    1. Please. The Left views "Insurance Companies" as "cash cows" ripe for "milking" (and under the ACA, proxies for milking taxpaying citizens).

    2. A bunch of punks move in and riot.

      Decent shop owners lose their businesses.

      Now just who is learning the consequence and who doesn't give a damn about the consequence?

    3. Farmer's job now is to explain what benefit antitrust exempt, for profit health insurers bring to health care delivery over many alternatives such as non profit insurers or single payer.

      It's one thing to be happy when the invisible hand slams a plank up you butt, Farmer and something else when you ask for another.

    4. Who needs insurance? Gov Nixon is calling a special session of the Missouri General Assembly to outline State and Federal funding to help businesses rebuild. Yep....some residents and other animals "burn this bitch down" and you and I get to pay for it.

    5. And if it isn't rebuilt we won't pay?

      I like your comprehensive thought.

    6. Your statement only makes sense if you buy into the narrative. As you clearly do.

    7. Ducky needs to explain why the US government has signed up the US taxpayers to cover the losses all those for profit insurance companies, first. Then we'll discuss the evils of "profits" and the virtue of "losses".

    8. Could it be the establishment credo at work?

      "Publicize losses, privatize gains" at work?


  3. Please allow me to repeat my Thanksgiving Sonnet, because I believe it applies here:

    _______ On Giving Thanks ______

    Once upon a time, we knew that life
    Never guarantees us anything,
    Given that, why not just plunge a knife
    Into your heart? No form of nannying
    Vitiates vicissitude, and yet
    Imagination hopes to set aside
    Natural Law which says w’re all in debt.
    God, the Source of Life, can just provide
    The chance to be whatever we can be.
    Happiness is found along the way ––
    Achieving what we can with Charity.
    No panacea can this truth gainsay.
    Kings and Vassals –– equal in God’s sight ––
    Should each give thanks as they fight the good fight.

    ~ FreeThinke - The Sandpiper - Autumn, 1996

    This country was built on unlimited willingness to take RISKS, a lot of hard work and cooperation among small groups of neighborly, like-minded individuals. That cooperation was generated by a willing spirit of VOLUNTEERISM; it was NOT created by DEPENDENCE on the dictates of an all powerful GOVERNMENT, the self-serving policies of gigantic international corporations, or man made institutions of dubious value such as INSURANCE COMPANIES.

    Life may be a Gift from God, but our temporal existence is and always has been a CONTINGENT phenomenon. The idea that it might be possible to create a RISK-FREE society is frankly insane. In truth we have NO CHOICE but to ACCEPT whatever FATE DEALS OUT, and do our best to be a good sport about it.

    The Lord helps those who help themselves."

    There are no two ways about it, but I believe if we look FIRST to God for guidance, and in the words of the opening chorus of Bach's Christmas Oratorio "cease to be fearful, forget lamentations, and haste with thanksgiving to greet each glad morn," we will find what we need, which may not necessarily be what we have been looking for.

    The Early Settlers of the original Thirteen Colonies and the Pioneers who opened the American West may have been at least partially motivated by desperation or vain dreams of glory, but their success was achieved by FAITH and DETERMINATION. They certainly helped each other, but they were NOT subject to much-if-any Outside Influences. They were essentially ON THEIR OWN. Surely a terrifying prospect, but LOOK what they ACHIEVED.

    Our only hope for "Social Salvation" lies in the possibility that future hardship might retrieve the Courageous Spirit that FOUNDED this once blessed land.

    1. Good words, but we live in a new age.

      We had 9/11, and that brought us together for about five minutes, then Bush marched us off a cliff of endless war.

      Future hardship will not bring social salvation; it will bring social anarchy, all against all, a Hobbesian nightmare. We will become Somalia.

      Society is a thin veneer, and man is the most dangerous animal that walks the planet.

    2. If your assertions are true, then our Christian Bible is a LIE -- a FARCE -- a HOAX -- a SCAM -- a sadistic practical JOKE.

      "Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and [everything you really need] will be added unto you."

      Truth is ETERNAL and it is every bit as true today as it was two-thousand years ago.

      I undersand what you have said, and see a certain logic in it, but in Truth we really ARE governed by a Higher forms of Consciousness. When we lost touch with faith in THAT, we descend very quickly into the Maelstrom.

      When things get particularly bad it's always a good idea to reach for Psalm 49.

      God is our refuge and strength,
      A very present help in trouble,
      Therefore will not we fear,
      Though the earth be removed
      And the mountains carried into the midst of the sea,
      Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled ...
      ... Be still and know that I am God. ...

      Great stuff, our Holy Bible!

      MERRY CHRISTMAS! •<);-}>

    3. I read that Holy Book every day, and it says nothing about God's hand staying the deserved fate of a stupid and decadent America.

      God makes no promise to us of earthly delight. Our reward lies in the afterlife, not this one. Recall the fate of Saint Stephen, the first Christian martyr. He joins up with the Apostles and is stoned to death within a week. Was God punishing him? I doubt it.

  4. We The Taxpayer will pay to rebuild Ferguson.

    After the Ferguson Rioter wins Time Magazine's Person of the Year, maybe the Nobel committee will award him the Peace Prize and he can use the cash award to repair some of the damage he has done.

    1. I don't know, Silver. I used to spend a lot of time in Newark, NJ. The effects of the '68 riot there are still there. It was never "rebuilt." Like all these old inner cities abandoned after black migration and deindustrialization, it will probably just be forgotten until life gets so hellish there, more riots and killings bring it back to our attention, only to forget again when the anger settles back into misery and depression.

      I wish any of you cons gave a whiff about that.


    2. I could have posted what I did above, as a response to this SF. Remember the narrative...it's our fault.

    3. a) Businesses left those cities AFTER the riots, not before and b) the country has not "deindustrialized". We're still the #2 manufacturer in the world with close to 20% of the total output and when you figure in mining and energy our industrial base in also close to 20%. Sorry, Jersey, but you're full of BS again.

    4. It is your fault that you attempt to ignore what is in front of your face, CI, yes/

    5. Will, you don't know what you're talking about. Unlike you, obviously, I am both educated on the subject and lived in two of the largest metro areas in the world, seeing prime examples for myself. Newark went into decline loooong before the 68 riots. You really just have no clue what you're talking about.

      And whatever silly numbers you want to play with, Americans, real live people, are really just adding value (we rank third in that per capita) to already manufactured products. You can choose to ignore this poor stewardship of trade, ignore the cost to average Americans, if you like. Oh, and enjoy your job at some chain store, because that's now the single largest employer in the nation, genius.


    6. People whose education shows in their erudition and comments don't have to constantly remind everyone that they are educated.

      And then there's Jersey...

  5. Jersey,

    Why do you think we don't care? These are fellow human beings. Americans. Do you think we enjoy seeing such violence in the news? One of my cousins was trapped in a mall last weekend for two hours because of demonstrations, and another cousin lives just south of Ferguson.

    Ferguson is not an inner-city slum. It is a bedroom community of St Louis and it is a mixed-race town of humble but well-kept houses and buildings.

    Your point on rebuilding is well taken. Where such incidents have happened in the past, rebuilding rarely happened, or when it did, it took decades and anyone who could didn't stick around anyway.

    1. Los Angeles has had two huge riots and there are few scars from those anymore here.
      Ferguson is definitely NOT an inner-city slum; and that's why Ferguson dwellers have even said they're shocked and embarrassed by all of this. They are saying buses have come in carrying looters and rioters (not all, but most); who's paying for those buses:? Who's arranging this country-wide mayhem, even to the point that they're doing the same new things like shutting down freeways in big cities? Everybody got the memo...who sent the memo?

      Charles Barkley's come out calling the looters SCUMBAGS and supporting the cops. We need more like him to speak out, because they ARE OUT THERE.

      I believe a lot of those who looted and burned did think that those businesses would get insurance money "So who cares what we do now?" Perhaps it's not a bad idea to deny them money, at least for a while?
      Anybody here believe that all those people donating to the Black-owned bakery which is getting more that $200K are Black liberals? No, they're Americans who don't see color; they're me, Silverfiddle, FT, AOW, Bunkerville, etc etc....they're people who WANT THAT YOUNG WOMAN TO SUCCEED. THat's more than the Black looters wanted, isn't it.

      Please read Mustang's piece http://mrmadison.net/2014/12/01/dem-po-black-folk/
      he makes some good points. Eye opening, hard to read, sad, but it needs consideration....
      if we're going to help those communities, we have to start telling the truth. Stop emphasizing their side as right.
      If we had a Black president who cared, he'd have been out there for years talking about the unwed mother rate, the drugs, the lack of education....he'd be grieving as much over Black on Black deaths as he does for White Cop/;Black kid deaths.
      but, alas........

    2. Gad, I hate to make this a novelette, and I don't usually do this (actually, never) but please go to my place and see the pix of white AND BLACK young people standing in front of establishments..GUARDING THEM from looters, etc. They're mostly armed, of course. Sad they need to be but at least the looters stayed away... This is a FABULOUS thing. This gives us hope.

    3. Z,
      Sad they need to be but at least the looters stayed away... This is a FABULOUS thing.

      It's good -- to a point.

      But not all businesses were so protected or could be so protected.

      And you know what else? It reminds me of the old Westerns (TV and film), when people banded together because law enforcement was sparse or non-existent.

      I have to wonder what would happen if some of those guarded places were rushed by looters and the guards had to open fire. Then, what? The DOJ swooping in?

    4. My point about the lack of rebuilding, Silver, is that is proves nobody cares. These are left-behind ghettos. We, as Americans, should be too proud to have that in our house. We should make it better.


    5. Jersey, this isn't the old Soviet Union where a politburo decision must be taken before action starts.

      If enough people think it is worth making better, they will do so. Look at New Orleans, and now, some parts of Detroit. Hipsters moved in and started revitalizing the area.

      Would you throw your own personal money down a rathole?

  6. I published this blog post because more than one person has said to me (paraphrase): "Insurance will take care of those businesses that got looted or destroyed."

    That's the way that most Americans think: insurance or the government will take care of things.

    Meanwhile, even if insurance coverage ponies up, those business owners and their employees are out of work for several months at best. Those who are self-employed usually don't have any income during such down time.

  7. Police caught starting fires in Ferguson

    1. A leftwing kook citing rightwing kook Alex Jones, with some America-hating anarchy thrown in to boot...

      The kookery has wrapped around on itself

  8. To your last bit. There ya go. When the black people * up, they need an excuse for their behavior. The excuse? Non-existent white racism.

  9. And you can bet your ass every landlord in town (who have exploited this community for decades) is way more motivated to see a long term solution to this problem than they were a weeks ago when the protests were peaceful.

    1. So please tell us how they have exploited people.

      By providing housing, jobs and tax money for schools and other public accommodations?

      Enlighten us Lester!

    2. Are you being glib or are you really that stupid?

    3. ...somewhere a leftwing forum is missing its jester...

      You made the claim that "every landlord in town (who have exploited this community for decades)"

      So please substantiate that unfounded assertion, or reveal yourself to be the ignorant fool that you are.

  10. sometimes I think it's worth looking at the positive side of things and I believe that black and white young men standing together against looting is a very good thing. I would never say it's a panacea but it's something good.

    1. Z,
      Of course, it's something good! I did not mean to imply otherwise.

    2. AOW...not you. Sorry if it sounded like that.
      At my place, any positive piece I publish is being lessened with "They don't ALL feel that way" as if I'm saying they do.
      Very frustrating that the good news is not in the media, not appreciated, not noted. I think it's important and, the more we tell it, the more it will be heard.

  11. Stewart last night;
    Jon Stewart Tackles Rams, Black Crime, ‘Sh*tty White People’


    1. Because he exposes your hypocrisy? Ok, I'll buy that.

    2. What hypocrisy, Lester?

      And you're wasting your time linking to Obama Stooge Stewart, progressive America's anchorman.

      He, along with the entire playschool of kiddies at MSNBC are largely responsible for the low information leftwing voter.


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