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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson And Beyond (With Addendum)

Even as President Obama called for calm, a split screen showed the following:

List of protests scheduled for the evening of November 25, 2014. Demonstrations are scheduled all over the United States.


Excerpt from this article in the Washington Post:
...[W]hat distinguishes Ferguson from the crowded historical catalogue of racially-motivated street violence is what has happened in recent weeks: The unseemly buildup to the announcement of the grand jury’s conclusion that no crime was committed in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown has produced an expectation of ugliness. What occurred Monday night — and may continue in the days ahead — is rioting as planned event, so pervasively predicted, so extensively prepared for as to obscure the power and meaning of the protests.

A news media obsessed with predicting the next step, a security apparatus equipped to put down almost any uprising, and a political power structure apparently seeking to head off violence by predicting it have combined to produce an unprecedented sense of inevitability, reducing what has historically been an explosion of frustration to a kind of staged performance....
Read the entire article HERE.


  1. Idiots looting the store that Brown shoplifted from.....yeah that's a rational response....../sarc

  2. CNN Video of Muslim protester in Ferguson. Worth a few moments of your time.

    1. Not very helpful, is he? So SAD! So incredibly STUPID! Ultimately PATHETIC.

      However, it would be very foolish for "us" to respond in kind. Let us try NOT to fan the flames of anger and destruction any more tan we must.

  3. To the idiots, THUGS, and dumbass's who are rioting, burning, looting, their own towns , have fun with that.
    You can always find somewhere else to live tomarrow.
    LOL! Idiots!

    1. I'll bet more of them know how to spell tomorrow than you. Seems you're the idiot.

    2. Mr McGarrett wouldn't last two minutes in that neighborhood before he pooped himself.


    3. Heh heh. Jersey said poop

  4. Maybe Moochele can Hash-tag her twitter friends
    and tweet to her peeps....
    and ask the to Chill, and stop the MF'en burning...

  5. HERE is a portion of Officer Wilson's testimony.

  6. Ken Ya Believe this ObamanationNovember 25, 2014 at 8:08:00 AM EST

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I just have to say that while I'm no Obama fan, to say the VERY least, i think your language is repulsive and just another chance for the leftwing loons here to take umbrage and broad brush us all as if we'd talk like this.
      It doesn't help.....not that I'm the blog police, but I'm surprised this comment's here.

    2. Z: Well said. I agree with you.

      AOW has her hands full, I'm sure, and most likely "Ken..." is a drug-addled leftwing troll hoping to stir the pot. It's what they do best.

    3. Z and Silverfiddle,
      Something was going on here at home, and I didn't get around to deleting trollish comments this morning.

    4. AOW, that's what I thought. I hope all is okay at home now...sincerely do.
      thanks for deleting that awful remark....I should have known better.

    5. Z,
      All is well. Just one of those annoying glitches.

  7. The evidence that the prosecutor displayed last night was clear. An honest person should have been able to see that there is directly conflicting evidence, and admit that it's essentially impossible to know what happened.

    That won't stop the bleeding heard progressives, though. These narcissists know it all, and only see their "side" of the story. and it's always the Black's side....As usual.

    Eric WitHolder, and Brack Obummer lost again..its done and over move on!

  8. There will be a Cambridge moment. After the flotsam of anger resides the Ferguson chief of police will share a beer with Attorney General Eric Holder. Who believes that the Cambridge police officers willingly went to D.C. to help the POTUS with damage control after the Cambridge incident? That PR event was undoubtedly mandated by the officers' chain of command.

    This latest event has the same dynamic. Although the POTUS tried to cover his Cambridge temper tantrum with a free beer, this proxy temper tantrum by presidential marionettes will reside in the category of freedom of expression. But the counterbalance to freedom of expression is the right to peaceful assembly. Once expressive function is reduced to stealing - the right to free speech is abrogated by the commitment of a crime.

    Michael Brown was busy stealing and shoving people around moments before his death. His fans, appear to be cut from the same cloth.

    Whilst some presidential consultants imagine the American voters stupid and gullible, the fact remains that the stupid and gullible were not on the streets of Ferguson last night. We were at home, trusting that the State of our Union will remain strong. This is lil' sh-t stuff, what is happening in Ferguson on the ground. But the stench from the DOJ is still pretty strong. Obama still wants his pound of flesh.

    I can only hope that in 2016 the only thing the Dem's have left is the broomstick to ride as they vacate the Beltway. Patience.... will be our virtue.


    1. Tammy,
      A beer summit will not rebuild those businesses.

      And who will now want to open a business in that burned-out stretch of highway in Ferguson?

      Exactly what would have satisfied those Ferguson protested who have been protesting for months?

      Eric Holder has stated that the DOJ investigation will continue.

  9. You guys don't care at all about these people.


    1. JMJ,
      "These people"?

      My, my. my.

      You, apparently don't care about an officer of the law about to have his own weapon seized from him and used to blow his brains out and, perhaps, the brains of others as well.

      Suppose the situation were reversed? That is, a black officer of the law shot dead a white thug. Would you care about that?

    2. Or the Black THUG, grabbed the policeman's gun and Killed him?

      Would that have suited you more.. Idiot!

    3. There's a really easy and very cheap shot.
      Ya, 'we don't care about 'these people' because we also care for cops, black AND white who, even as Obama said (believe it or not) put their lives on the line EVERY MINUTE of every day.

      We want 'these people' to do better, BE better....we want less enabling and more caring, more education, more opportunity;
      Last night did zip for that. Last night reinforced the stereotypes they supposedly hate, the ones they accuse us of. unbelievable.

      I'm heart broken from what happened last night...and the rioting didn't start at the announcement of no indictment; everyone stayed quiet for about 45 minutes after that. So I was so proud of those people and thought they were rising to the occasion....so who sounded the call? Who said "OKAY, the talk's done..GET IT DONE".

      we care too much.....and I hope and pray the Black community will get a grip and get those poor kids with crack mothers and no dads in a place where they'll learn what's good FOR THEM.....school, good character, good values.
      Let's hope.

    4. Jersey:

      Which people?

      The ones burning down the businesses, or the business owners who now have no livelihood?

      Whose side are YOU on?

      Take the cig out of your mouth and tell us plainly where you stand.

    5. SF...good point. I just automatically, from JM's past, believed he was into his 'you're all racist' BS again......
      I'm sure he and his don't give a darn about the business owners; after all, they're Capitalist Pigs, don't you know :-)

    6. Most of those business owners also happen to be African Americans.

      C'mon Jersey, tell us who you stand with

    7. I've seen Jersey checkmated in the past many times but nothing like this. Well done, fellas.

  10. The Grand Jury Has Spoken! But the Deaf, Blind, and Stupid, Refuse’s To Listen.
    The grand jury verdict refused to Indite officer Darren Wilson. While the Streets of Ferguson Missouri smolders with fumes, smoke, and smells with the rotten smell of buildings, cars, and whatnot. The violence and aftermath after the
    grand jury declined to indict officer Darren Wilson. Ah, but the grand jury’s decision was not good enough for this band of thugs, who wanted blood.
    Obama thought that his little slanted speech that only fanned the flames of destruction will help him and the Democrats which was demonstrated by his actions in sympathy with the protesters and his sending the vile Eric Holder to Ferguson to only make things worse.
    The events in Ferguson are well known by now. Witnesses confirmed that Michael Brown stole some cigars at s Ferguson Market and when one of the staff protested, he was threatened in a menacing manner by a very large Michael Brown, a very large young man, who was illustrated to be a “UNARMED TEEN”. (Shades of how Trayvon Martin was originally described.)
    Blacks, and Black Leaders, like that Weasel Al Sharpton think they are being noble by marching around demanding equality like their ancestors did in Selma half a century ago. However, in Selma, blacks were marching for actual and real "equal rights", end eventually got them. These people, and I’m referring to the blacks in Ferguson are marching, not for equal rights, but for unequal rights. Equal means you get treated the same as everyone else. Like get arrested or shot if you try to attack a cop and take his gun or rob a store, or beat up a civilian, and so on. Being white and doing these things would have the same outcome as being black.
    Blacks in Ferguson now think they should get a pass when they break the law. That somehow, they should not get shot or arrested when they commit crimes. Blacks are now marching for "UNequal rights". Rights that the rest of us do not get, nor should we. MLK would be saddened by what is happening in Ferguson. And they for some God forsaken reason think that burring down other people’s property, stealing, looting, and committing violence is an answer. Well it may get them “Free Stuff” but it won’t answer their problem,

    1. INDICT, please.

      Illiteracy does nothing to help your case.

      _____ Site Corrections Officer _____

  11. And as for racism, all I can say is, give it up already, no black alive today was a slave and no white person alive today has ever owned a black. Blacks today have never had it so good. More opportunity is offered to them than most others. With affirmative action, welfare programs, housing, job preference, college enrollment preference, NAACP, BET, united black caucus, and on and on. These are things not offered or done by white people.
    If anyone has a gripe, its people like me. I am of Slavic descent. My people were persecuted and forced into slavery long before black people and are still treated as slaves today in many parts of the world. Hell, our name is synonymous with the word slavery. Slavery is derived from the word Slavic. So screw you black people. You’re not the only one who have been enslaved, you weren’t the first, you’re weren’t the last, you weren’t enslaved the longest, you weren’t enslaved in greated numbers, Hell, blacks are rogue amateurs in being a slave compared to my people. And I can assure you, being a slave in America was far better than being a slave in most other parts of the world, where real poverty and cruelty existed. Where slave really were of no value. In America during times of slavery, slaves were valued, cost a lot of money, and treated quite well compared to how real slaves in the rest of the world. Not that one man owning another man is right by any stretch, but if given the choice, American slaves had it way better. It's kinda like comparing being in prison in America or being in prison in say Turkey or some other part of the third world. Can anyone say that both prisoners suffered equally. Besides, if not for slavery, most black people would not be here today, and instead, suffering horribly in Africa.
    Everyone has paid a price to come to this country, and sadly, slavery was the price paid for blacks to come here. Again, not saying it is right, but that is history, good and bad.
    However, with my people, the difference is when we became free, we moved on, and made ourselves better. We didn’t wallow in pity or use our history as an excuse to fail, rob, harm others, riot or become a blight on the world. We succeeded, and made something of ourselves. When a person of Slavic descent succeeds in life, it’s not the exception to the rule, it’s what we do.
    So shut up, stop with the racism, go to school, get a job, quit whining, quit asking for special treatment, special hand-outs, and quit screwing up all the good the rest of us are trying to achieve in life. you have equal treatment. White people have pretty much gotten over racism. It's blacks that keep this ball rolling. The Jews found that education is the answer and it paid off for them and it did for the Asians as well.
    And as for political correctness, quit using the word slavery and reminding everyone how you were a slave. Slavics such as me find the word reprehensible, and an insult. How insensitive can you be. You claim others are being offensive to you with all types of code words, and loose connections to wording of all kinds, but you use the word slavery and slave in describing the reason for your outrage, never once taking into consideration how offensive that is to us Slavics. Shame on you.
    So for God’s Sake, Pick Up Your Pants, Get a Job and - Don't Loot.

    1. Do you know the meaning of the words PROLIX and LOQUACIOUS?

      Please look them up. It might aid you in developing better communications skills.

      _____ Site Corrections Officer _____

  12. Wow did I grow up in a different time and space. I recall "Looters will be shot on sight." Why in the world would anyone think that they could grab for a cops gun, slug him and think there would be no response. What am I missing?

    1. Do you know the meaning of the words PROLIX and LOQUACIOUS?

      Please look them up. It might aid you in developing better communications skills.

      _____ Site Corrections Officer _____

    2. Wow, a comma and an apostrophe and that's enough to criticize a skill instead of actually paying attention to what Bunkerville said? Which makes a lot of sense.
      The smoke screens don't help and the leftwingers excel at them...anything to make Americans not see the truth. scary

    3. It should have been obvious had you known the meaning of PROLIX and LOQUACIOUSNESS,that that was posted under the wrong remark in error. The error, for which we apologize, has now been corrected.

      _____ Site Correction Officer _____

    4. and if you knew the definitions it should be obvious to YOU that I thought you were using those adjectives against Bunkerville's comment. I thought you meant it was TEDIOUS and TALKATIVE...it's always easier to slam the grammar than participate in a mature conversation of ideas...why, I am not sure but the left has always excelled on the blogs with that behavior.

      Didn't know AOW needed a SITE CORRECTION OFFICER...how officious of you.

  13. Grab the popcorn, and the the beers, it’s gonna be a long night.

    Forget the evidence, all the testimony, all the eye witness’s, interviews, reports and forensic evidence.

    We have Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, and Obama and all those stupid enough to follow them, to tell us what to believe! And whatever they say to make a different outcome.

  14. We should make a Progressive Gone Wild video. We can hire pretty coeds to flash the cameras with rioters in the background. Woo-hoo!

    1. WELL DONE, Joe! :-)

      I just heard the Brown family, in their quest to keep the protests calm, are holding a press conf. with the Rev Al. So reassuring, isn't it? (sarc)

    2. Hey, funny boy.

      Maybe we can film the white butt wipes burning cars after a pedophile was arrested at Penn State.

      White bread never riots, right?

      Frankly, I'm surprised the minority population has been so patient.


  15. Michael Brown was, indeed, a VICTIM, but not of Darren Wilson, the local police, or of White Culture. Please let me share something I just said at my own blog and at Lisa's, because I think it pertains very well to the subject at hand:

    The "underlying cause" of Negro rioting and most of the other hateful, counter-prooductive, self-destrucive activities at the heart of modern Black Culture lies at the feet of the MARXIAN-FABIAN-SOCIALIST-PROGRESSIVE-LIBERAL-STATIST-STINKO-PINKO AGITATORS whose REAL agenda has always been to defame, uproot, destroy and replace our once-predominantly-Christian ethos with godless, inherently tyrannical, COLLECTIVIST ideology.

    Slavery and Jim Crowe were abolished a LONG time ago. It has been in the best interest of Red Agitators ONLY to do everything possible to keep those hideous things alive in the minds of the ignorant people whose challenges the Left seeks always to EXPLOIT to the LEFT'S advantage.

    Not only that, vile influences like our current poor excuse for a president -- an atrocious, utterly venal practitioner of demagoguery, if ever there was one, -- find it works to their advantage to fan the flames of discontent, anger, rebellion, and the unhealthy desire to wreak vengeance.

    In this way America's First Black President is guilty of setting back progress in race relations by at least fifty years.

    As we've seen in "liberated" Sub-Saharan Africa, in Haiti, and as I have seen in the Negro colleges and schools where I, personally, served as a teacher, Negro potentates and authority figures rarely-if-ever give two hoots in hell for the welfare of their own people -- a sad truth no one on the Left would ever deign to acknowledge.

    AGITATORS of ANY stripe are profoundly EVIL.

  16. The 'news' now is that the stories on the street don't match the Grand Jury evidence.....as you can all imagine, this is going to be about THE WHITES LIED...here's the rub: BLACK WITNESSES who'd nailed Wilson to the Grand Jury changed their stories when they heard about autopsy evidence, etc., remember that said last night? They changed their stories and stood up for Wilson. When is THAT going to be yelled from the building tops? ever?

    FT...this is all about Black pimp agitators and the scenarios you describe from the past; I agree. And it includes kids who don't have a chance and need this type of event to finally feel important, to have a cause. Instead of being told the cause should be themselves; get an education, get a job, feel healthy pride in yourself. Who'd steal then? But how's it help liberal democrat votes to convince young black kids to THINK? oops, that can't be allowed.

    1. It's worth keeping in mind that the grand jury is not tasked to convict.
      They are only tasked to determine if there is sufficient evidence to bring the case to trial.
      In fact, they almost always choose to bring a case to trial.

      But Michael Brown was scary, so his life isn't worthy of full adjudication.

      And you don't think the kids in these neighborhoods learn that lesson early on?

    2. Duck,
      A grand jury is not adjudication?

      How are you defining the term?

    3. Ducky, how is Michael Brown scary? he's emblematic of a punk kid with the character to rob store owners, push them around, get high, then give lip to a cop. He's HUGE, and I suppose that's scary, but....
      His case is scary because political correctness doesn't allow most people to say exactly what I did above.

      And yes, I think kids in those neighborhood learn that lesson far too early on...and I don't think for minus 3 seconds that's anybody's fault but those Black families around them.
      Black on Black crime is FAR worse than ANY White on Black or particularly, COP on Black ever has been or ever will be. THAT is the scary thing.
      These kids need hope; they don't need to be brought into the world by crack moms and sperm donors who don't give a damn about them.
      They have NO HOPE....looting gives them power, a chance to feel like somebody "Look what I STOLE" replaces "Look how I DID in school..."
      I hate this and I feel there's promise in every single one of those kids. Particularly since I've been working in high school education. EVERY one of them has love in them and wants to DO WELL.
      These kids are robbed of that by their pedigree, not White people.

    4. The grand jury is only tasked with determining if evidence exists to bring the case to trial.
      There is no determination of guilt or innocence.

    5. The grand jury says if it goes to trial or not,...this said 'no'. If you're implying that has no 'innocent' implications, you need to wake up.
      Don't worry, by the way, the insult to McCulloch, on his handling of the grand jury and the timing of the announcement, etc., is swelling amongst you white libs.
      As always, anything that doesn't please you, gets wiped away.
      The Brown family's already asking for 'better' justice.

      And, of course, this is all my fault and Silverfiddle and AOW's faults...we hate Blacks and turned down every cry for help to raise Michael by his mother and the father...we denied him public school, we denied him jobs, we denied him the character that would have prevented his robbing and pushing around that poor store owner, and I think we bought the pot he was high on, too..>Didn't you do that, SF? I couldn't find any for him.

      This isn't White America's fault no matter how much you demand it be.....

    6. Ducky...

      "Almost always"? Seriously? WHAT facts and figures are YOU using?

      I'll use one from my criminal justice class.

      Out of 100 people arrested, 69 are prosecuted, 8 are diverted, 23 are dismissed. Out of those prosecuted, only four will go to trial- the rest plead guilty.

      That dismissed is the grand jury stage/prosecutor. They both can drop the case if there is not enough evidence proving "beyond a reasonable doubt" that a crime occurred.

      They actually RARELY bring a case to trial. The prosecutor and defense work out a plea bargain. Because IRL, the police normally are good enough at picking the right guy that the guilty are nearly always caught. If not, the GRAND JURY weeds them out.

      Trials only happen when somebody seriously screwed up, or the prisoner is seriously stubborn. Given that 1% of convicted people end up getting proven innocent in trial, that should say a lot about our system.

      So get over it. The guy isn't guilty. The American system, draconian as it is, works.

    7. Well, maybe I did exaggerate but the grand jury finds sufficient evidence. Now the possibility of a plea deal for the cop was pretty low in this case.

      Given that the proceedings were completely closed and McCulloch's less than wholesome record it wa a pretty good way to tell the community in Ferguson to go screw themselves.
      That's the respect they've been shown for decades.

      “Justice? -- You get justice in the next world. In this one you have the law.”
      --- William Gaddis

    8. Low? Probably. The cop said he was innocent, so caving to a deal wouldn't happen unless the prosecutor had damning evidence (plea deals are power struggles in essence.)

      Proceedings are closed often- or more often then you would make them seen. If one party is a minor/in danger/easily susceptible/the media spins it/jury bias would be impossible to contain/many more reasons.
      Name a lawyer with a good record. ANY. See if any of them are prosecutors. Those guys are power-hungry, blackmailing weasels. What else is new.
      No more so than pretty much any other community in America. Sorry, Ferguson is not special. Blacks aren't special. The law is blind, and vindictive. She be a bitch you don't want to cross. It matters not to her the sorry state of the accused, the reputation of the players, or the emotions of anyone. Save the emotional appeals for the defense, and the judge (who actually can decide punishments based on things like background).


    9. Wildstar,

      I fail to see that bringing Officer Wilson to trial would have solved anything. A good defense attorney would likely have gotten an acquittal.

      Generally, the prosecutor believes the account of police officers. That's the way the system works.

    10. Let's not allow Ducky to obscure Z's excellent point: What people said to TV cameras did not stand up to the scrutiny of judicial examination.

      It's one thing to shoot your mouth off to the press, quite another to give truthful testimony under oath in a court of law.

  17. Hey, Site Corrections Officer:

    This is a free speech zone. There is no copy-editing of comments by outside "Anonymous" trolls. Comments are moderated amongst us and cross-pollination of ideas is the goal. Freedom of expression is not about being right all of the time. It is about sharing opinions, perceptions, and facts - debunking legends and myth.

    Declare yourself or take a hike.


    1. Tammy,
      I don't 'worry too much about deleting comments -- although I do occasionally remove a few.

      Yes, indeed, I try to run a free speech zone.

  18. List of businesses looted or burned:

    St.Louis Fish & Chicken Grill
    Family Dollar
    Dollar Tree
    O’Reilly’s Auto Parts
    Beauty Mart
    A.J. & R. Pawn Shop
    Cakes and More [Natalie DuBose’s store]
    JC Wireless
    STL Bread Company
    Auto Buy Credit
    Phillips 66
    Red’s Barbecue
    Taco Bell
    Beauty Town
    Little Caesar’s
    Ferguson Liquor
    Public Storage
    Sam’s Meat Market
    Medicine Shop
    Commerce Bank
    Auto Zone
    Toys R Us
    Dellwood Market
    Chop Suey restaurant
    Antonio French’s Heal Stl Community Center

    1. Nice, huh? HOW many jobs did these black folks screw their town out of? Are they even THINKING?
      how sad.

    2. Z,
      After the riots in 1968 in D.C., that area of town turned into a blighted pit which nobody wanted to visit. For many years, no businesses would take on trying to get established there -- except for drug dealers.

  19. It seems that an aggregation of housing minus a commercial center will look like a squatter's village.

    Why was the National Guard called out? Honest question. Why did they not protect the (modest) financial district and the interests of the business owners?
    Citizens suffered a terror attack that the government knew was coming and which the government did nothing to prevent. I guess the F.B.I. was busy looking for civil rights violations?


  20. As a blog pointed out, when whites riot they do it over serious matter like the arrest of a pedophile at Penn State or a college festival.

    But when a black community that has been abused by the power structure for some time finally says, "enough, our lives matter", well, that's outrageous.
    But nder strict rule of law, the shooting of Michael Brown was at least marginally justified.

    We might have expected this rage to come out over the unarmed teenager who the police shot on the stairway of a NYC highrise. Maybe the father with a pellet gun he had picked off the shelf at Walmart after some frightened white man had lied in a 911 call about him threatening shoppers.
    It happens constantly.

    So what s going to be done?
    Simple. Militarize the police, make sure the violence stays in minority neighborhoods and forget about the 20% and rising of the population that the economic system is just throwing aside.
    They are an expense and impact the bottom line, after all.

    This ain't about Michael Brown and cannot be understood through this particular case. It was just a catalyst.

    1. @ Ducky: "Militarize the police, make sure the violence stays in minority neighborhoods and forget about the 20% and rising of the population that the economic system is just throwing aside."

      You just described national policy, endorsed by the political class, along with the Mark Suckerturd Silicon valley types, cultural elites, Chamber of Communists, Wall Street, the urban elites and the new clerisy.

      The top 10% (which includes millionaire corps, Hollywood elites, Tom Friedman types, DC politicos, etc) have enough money to wall themselves off and protect themselves from the societal destruction they perpetrated on the rest of us.

      May they all rot in hell.

    2. You continue to frustrate me, Silverfiddle.

      We agree on quite a bit but can't get close on anything
      resembling resolution.

    3. Duck,
      Do you honestly believe that protests that turn into riots and looting actually help the situation?

      I do not support the militarization of the police. However, when an armed police officer is attacked, the attacker should expect that the police office will not go quietly.

    4. I believe that a certain level of violence in this case was absolutely inevitable.

      There were a lot of peaceful demonstrations nationwide, there were a lot of peaceful demonstrators in Ferguson. Remains to be seen if they have any effect.

      We will probably never be privy to the grand jury proceeding but that process only determines if there is evidence to bring the case to trial.
      Myself, I think there was enough of a cloud that a trial was in order.

    5. Duck, the militarization of civilian law enforcement already occurs under the 1033 Program......without abatement under the current Administration. Careful what you wish for......

    6. Ducky,
      You know I am against crony crapitalism. I also believe socialism is no answer.

      What do you think of Australia? Free markets, but government also offers services ours offers, but Australia does it much more efficiently.

      Government here is not on the side of We The People.

      I have family in the St Louis Area, including some who live just south of Ferguson in a mostly black neighborhood.

      I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty sure most of the violence is being perpetrated by outside agitators who just want to burn it all down, man.

    7. Duck,
      As a blog pointed out, when whites riot they do it over serious matter like the arrest of a pedophile at Penn State or a college festival.

      Did they burn down an entire section of a town? If so, I missed that information.

    8. Who caused more destruction also misses the point.

      Those white kids Ducky cites should have had their heads cracked open by baton-wielding riot cops, dragged off to jail, prosecuted and punished.

      Further, the white rioters were worse because they rioted for superficial reasons; mostly boredom. We point to dysfunction in the black community, but 'white' culture is devolving into banality and depravity before our eyes.

      I understand the frustration of minorities in this country, but the leftwing "check your privilege" crap won't fly with the majority of working class and middle class white people.

      Ferguson was not a festering slum. It is a bedroom community for St Louis and is a mixed-race community, like much of the surrounding area.

      Go to Google maps, zoom in on Ferguson (N of St Louis, just south of Florissant)


      Use street view to see what it looks like there. This was a community where whites and blacks lived next to one another and all got along, although whites have been fleeing over the past decade and crime has been rising.

      Is there any doubt a group of black youths will be looked at more suspiciously than a group of white youths?

      Look at the crime statistics: Blacks are way over represented, as both perps and victims.

      But we have a history of racism...

      It's a chicken and egg argument. At one time, I was hopeful...

      On the other hand, in the top 80% of society, we see blacks and whites living, working and going to school side by side with no problems...

      We have problems in this country, and I'm no sociologist, so I can't figure it out. All I know if Al Sharpton should be sitting in jail for his past incitements that resulted in death, and people like make the situation worse, not better.

  21. Here's the real problem:


    1. The "REAL PROBLEM" is braindead hopium smokers getting their news from government court jesters.

  22. Duck,
    Myself, I think there was enough of a cloud that a trial was in order.

    You've seen the evidence? You've read through the grand jury's transcripts?

    From what I've read, the DNA evidence supported the officer's version of what happened. The accounts of eyewitnesses -- some of whom turned out not to be eyewitnesses at all -- differed.

    Now, what should NOT have happened after the shooting is letting Michael Brown's body lie in the street for 5 hours. I wouldn't let an animal run over in the road lie there for five hours. Why did the Fergoson Police Department do that? What were they waiting for?

  23. Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs and I are not friends. But note this:

    Twitter Shuts Down Charles Johnson’s Account After Report on Louis Head.

    The New York Times was allowed to publish the address of a police officer in a murder trial.

    But tonight journalist Charles Johnson had his Twitter account suspended after he tweeted about Michael Brown’s step-dad Louis Head.

    Yesterday Louis Head incited a riot by telling protesters – “Let’s burn this b*tch down!”

    Tonight Charles Johnson reported that Louis Head was a former Blood gangbanger.

    1. Nothing is rottener than a rotten n*gger. Second only to cranky commenters who have nothing better to do than complain about things said by other commenters.

      Louise Manzato

  24. How fair were the grand jury's deliberations and verdict?

    From Legal scholars praise Ferguson grand jury for fairness beyond the norm:

    Legal experts across the country agree that while the process that led to a grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for killing Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, was unusual, it was not unfair. Rather if it was anything unusual, it was in its fairness and openness.


    “It was the most thorough grand jury investigation that I’ve ever heard of,” said Stephen Saltzburg, a professor of law at George Washington University Law School....

    As much as some people wish otherwise, the evidence supported Officer Wilson's actions.

    And that's the way that it is.

  25. I have just added the following to the body of the blog post.:

    Excerpt from this article in the Washington Post:

    ...[W]hat distinguishes Ferguson from the crowded historical catalogue of racially-motivated street violence is what has happened in recent weeks: The unseemly buildup to the announcement of the grand jury’s conclusion that no crime was committed in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown has produced an expectation of ugliness. What occurred Monday night — and may continue in the days ahead — is rioting as planned event, so pervasively predicted, so extensively prepared for as to obscure the power and meaning of the protests.

    A news media obsessed with predicting the next step, a security apparatus equipped to put down almost any uprising, and a political power structure apparently seeking to head off violence by predicting it have combined to produce an unprecedented sense of inevitability, reducing what has historically been an explosion of frustration to a kind of staged performance....

    Read the entire article HERE. IMO, the ring of truth can be found in that article.

  26. Those who rioted, looted and burned were not interested in the facts of the case or the testimony provided to the grand jury. Those sterling examples of the 'black community' did not wait to read the released testimony and evidence before they embarked upon their petulant tantrum of violence.

    Because they had planned to do this all along.

    1. What we must accept is that there is a very deep rage in minority communities in this nation and there is little chance for it to be heard or managed in a peaceful, productive fashion.

      Snipes like "the black community" are instructive from someone whose only plan is to make sure of his ammunition stock.

      So we arm up the police and expect we can somehow insulate ourselves form what's growing.


    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. To say nothing of the utter rage from the White community that so many in the Black community have raised sons who could even dream of stealing (and no, I AM NOT saying white kids don't steal..gad) and that their solution to getting things done, really promoting healthy discussion, is burning the businesses in their own neighborhoods to the grown.
      Rage? Or just plain enjoying the feeling of being the BIG MAN because life's made it so they don't feel accomplishment or achievement or pride in anything BUT "look what I STOLE?"
      Can you blame these kids?
      I blame their parents.

      "deep rage in minority communities"..>You bet. And that's nothing like the rage a lot in the white communities feel when they see black kids doing this kind of thing, refusing to get educated, accepting the rap lyrics they emulate, refusing to dig deep and get the best out of themselves that they can.
      I support THAT. We need to help kids learn their parents have screwed them over and to show these kids they have something to offer other than becoming another crack parent.

      Thank God for policemen who'll arm themselves and protect us in spite of the ugly accusations about ALL OF them...one cop shoots a black kid and all hell breaks loose.........if it had been a black cop, we'd have never heard the name Michael Brown. What's that say? Is this about the black community enraged their kids are getting killed or enraged that it's all about racism from white america? Which was far better before Obama, unarguably so.

    4. Ducky, you may "accept" all you wish. My point stands un-refuted by you. Looting and burning are neither 'peaceful' nor 'productive'.

      And my ammunition stock is not dependent on skin color. My calibers are equal opportunity.

    5. Z,
      How much of what we're seeing is the direct or indirect result of LBJ's Great Society?

    6. Duck,
      What we must accept is that there is a very deep rage in minority communities in this nation...

      There seems to be some rage in Boston, too. A police officer was bitten.

  27. Please read First Pro-Truth Witness Murdered? Or, Just Trying To Get To Dorian? DeAndre Joshua, 20, found dead yards from scene of Michael Brown’s death..


    Several of the eye-witnesses, who gave honest testimony to the Grand Jury, were, according to their own statements, warned immediately after the shooting to keep their mouths shut. All of the eye-witnesses were African American. If you read the reports the sense of fear about speaking the truth is overwhelming.

    More at the above link.

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  30. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  31. Replies
    1. heartbreaking. What sense did that make? SO many jobs lost, so much trust broken with, particularly, white business owners (I hear there were also black owners burned out), ....how this helps bring peace and respect is beyond me.
      But that contingent of punks doesn't deserve respect and certainly don't seem to want peace. Therein lies the real rub.
      It's not about Wilson; it's about their lives and what their parents have handed down to them. man.

    2. Those pictures show the ashes of hopes and dreams and livelihoods.

      Someone sent me an e-mail about Rush Limbaugh mentioning a Ferguson businesswoman whose store was vandalized.

      I checked it out and it is true:

      Rush gave her a mention and it put her way over the top in only one day. Anyone familiar with these crowdfunding sites knows that music and film projects often fail to meet their goal, so her experience is incredible.

      I wish her the best, but she should probably move her business to a safer location.

    3. SF, WHAT?! ..RUSH LIMBAUGH the BIG RACIST WHITE GUY talked about this? And Patricia (Everybody Loves Raymond) Heaton, the female rightwing white woman, another racist, are supporting Natalie? (smile)
      THIS is real support and I am so glad you posted this because it's a lift after all the bad news from that area.
      I hope this kind of fundraising catches on to other business...what a real feel good story. Putting money where our mouths are: THIS can influence people to understanding that Natalie's hard work in building her company has been noticed and rewarded in terrible times.

    4. It is a lift, but I wonder how many people will just pack up and get the hell out. I know I would. But again, we don't know the extent of the damage in proportion to the overall community.

      From what I've read, I still believe the vast majority of people, black or white, in that community would not take such violent action and do not support this.

      The violence and damage was done by a small segment of criminals and professional outside agitators.

      If there were any justice in this world, Al Sharpton would have had a building collapse on him.

    5. Here is the Facebook page for Natalie's Cakes & More. Even if you don't belong to Facebook, you may still have access to the page. Worth seeing!

  32. http://www.inquisitr.com/1637064/michael-browns-church-burned-to-the-ground-pastor-blames-white-supremacists/

    What's particularly odd about this article is that it says this church is the only building burned down after the grand jury decision was announced.?? They must not have got your link, AOW!
    And the pastor thinks it was "white supremacists" only because he's been so vocally pro Michael Brown, no other evidence. Tough stuff to read.

  33. Z,
    What's particularly odd about this article is that it says this church is the only building burned down after the grand jury decision was announced.??

    Good grief! Here we are in the Disinformation Age. Ugh.

  34. Written by a friend of mine - worth reading.


    1. Tammy,
      Good article. Very accurate, but I doubt that many Americans have a clue about what that essay is presenting. **sigh**

  35. Good essay about the Ferguson messThe Ferguson Fraud:

    ...[W]e don't try people for crimes they almost certainly didn't commit just to satisfy a mob that will throw things at the police and burn down local businesses if it doesn't get its way. If the grand jury had given into the pressure from the streets and indicted as an act of appeasement, the mayhem most likely would have only been delayed until the inevitable acquittal in a trial. ...

    Read the rest at the link. Excellent analysis!

    I found the above at Stogie's site.

  36. Let's hope they get what they deserveNovember 28, 2014 at 9:23:00 AM EST

    I personally hope that they burn Ferguson down to the ground. Let those scumbags live in the streets.

  37. 5 Not-So-Credible Events in Darren Wilson’s Testimony



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