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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Beyond Weird

(If you must have politics, please scroll down)

Creepy incidents, but I cannot vouch for their veracity:


  1. I hate to tamper with the "Mountain of the Dead" legend, but here goes. Fleet Hospital Dallas did cold weather training on an annual basis. We learned all about HACE (High Altitude Cerebral Edema) which is preceded by the milder high altitude sickness, which is an early warning system to travel to a lower altitude.

    Anyway, once HACE is full blown there can be paradoxical undressing (the brain signals that the individual is hot) and bizarre behaviors like burrowing in the cold. I imagine law enforcement officers in severe cold climates are aware of these facts. A naked woman in a snowbank may not be a rape victim. She may have engaged in paradoxical undressing.

    My own cold weather training experience included sleeping in a tent with ice on the floor, and my eyelashes sporting ice crystals. One morning, there was a little "snap" in my nose whilst standing at attention for muster. I think a nasal hair snapped off like an icicle.


  2. When your ship is a Jonah, and your sailors, superstitious...

  3. Somebody's been reading too much Edgar Allen Poe or Stephen King late a night, I fear. (:-o

    And what did YOU make of the Amityville Horror? My cousin and her husband lived a couple of blocks from that house, and all the locals there thought the whole thing was a boatload of BS, although a murder DID take place in that house. After that gossip spun out of control and some greedy opportunist put George Lutz up to perpetrating a money-making scheme.

    The house is sill there, and a very nice house it is too, but subsequent owners did change the shape of those eerie-looking quarter round windows at the gable ends.

    I feel chilly all of a sudden. I think I'll go put on a sweater. Funny! I have the distinct impression Someone -- or some THING -- is watching and waiting for me at the other end of the hall. }}}}}}}}}}}}SHUDDER{{{{{{{{{{{{

    1. FT,
      And what did YOU make of the Amityville Horror?

      I'm totally skeptical that any haunting of any kind occurred there. The "true" movie left out an important detail: the debt load of the couple. IMO, they were looking for a way out without getting slammed for being unable to pay the mortgage.

      Just my two cents.

      PS: There is no such thing as reading too much Edgar Allen Poe or Stephen King!

  4. I have experienced the lower level altitude sickness. NOT pleasant! Fortunately, I was close to the bus and went back down the mountain and sat for awhile. So I can imagine that HACE would be even worse.



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