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Monday, November 3, 2014

I'm Going To Scream! (UPDATED)

Or weep.

I haven't decided which to do first.

Hot water heater failure here last night, but the problem may not be that simple.

An electrician, my cousin-in-law, is on the way because there's a problem with the water heater's breaker in the panel box. Once the electrical situation is squared away, I may have to call a plumber and get a new hot water heater.

Meanwhile, Mr. AOW's hospital bed — all electric — has quit working. It's frozen, and I can't find any loose wires. I'll need to call a company that provides durable medical equipment.

So much for our planned outing today! That electrical panel box has to be looked at! That loose breaker cannot be ignored.

Why does this kind of thing happen on a day which I should have had a light schedule (one piano lesson to give, followed by an outing with Mr. AOW)?


The problem was something awry in the electrical panel box — something to do with a GFCI outlet not on the same circuit causing a crisis in the panel box. Fixed now. I'm supposed to "watch" the hot water heater to see if the breaker trips again; if it does, we'll have to buy a hot water heater.

We have hot water again!

My gracious cousin-in-law didn't charge for fixing the problems.


  1. I hope the bed is back in working order, also.

    1. Thersites,
      The bed is not fixed. I called the medical supply company, and now we're waiting on the necessary part.

      Mr. AOW can't get good sleep because the bed is frozen in a position not conducive for sleep. He's going to try sleeping for part of the night in the recliner, which is also not very comfortable for him but offers a different body position than the out-of-position bed.

    2. Sorry to hear that. I was hoping that the bed was on the same circuit.

  2. Well, maybe the upside is that it all gets dealt with at once.

    I know you and Mr. AOW were looking forward to getting out and I hope that doesn't get postponed for long.

  3. I don't know what t say. It just keeps coming and coming and coming, doesn't it?

    I winder if we don't produce some sort of AURA or odd electro-magnetic fields when we're beset with numerous undesirable events?

    In turn I wonder if, somehow, these invisible fields of negative energy don't ATTRACT and then COMPOUND Disaster in such a manner that it becomes cumulative and self-perpetuating after a while?

    I'm quite serious. I've had periods like that too. It's sort of like slipping into an invisible Black Hole where good is negated and nothing can go right.

    After all the world is what it is and always has been, but the way life affects different individuals -- even in the same milieu -- is so varied one can't help but winder if all the trouble begins and ends in US?

    1. FT,
      One of the biggest problems that I have is that so many of these matters are those that Mr. AOW took care of. I'm out of my depth with certain household matters.

      You're so correct when you say It's sort of like slipping into an invisible Black Hole where good is negated and nothing can go right.

      Furthermore, aging doesn't help! Things that didn't used to bother me now drive me up a wall.

  4. I ran like a crazy after my cousin-in-law finished repairs to the electrical panel box. Mr. AOW and I managed to get out after all.

    Finally, this exhausting day is coming to an end! Not all the students' essays got graded, but maybe I can finish working on those essays tomorrow.

  5. In my experience, hot water heaters are just like us...they get old. Like me, mine had hardening of the arteries.

    1. BB,
      There may indeed be a sediment problem going on with this hot water heater; we have lots of minerals in the water here.

      If the breaker trips again after the panel box has been properly serviced, as it was today, then I'll have to replace that hot water heater. It's old, but I'm not sure how old.

      At least for tonight, I can enjoy a hot bath!

    2. PS. We have heavy minerals in water here, and Mr. B flushes each water heater out once a year into the gardens. It helps.

    3. Baysider,
      Thank you for mentioning the importance of flushing out the water heater. Until the other day, I didn't know that such a thing was even possible.

      When I was growing up, we had our own well. The water was pure -- and free of sediment-causing minerals. Dad never had to deal with water-heater issues.

  6. Soooo sorry to hear this. Sometimes you just have to vent. Sounds like you need some wedges.

    I feel like a piker with our issues - for the last 4 weeks we've been trying to find the source of an intermittent beep in a tenant's apartment. It's been like a scene from a Marx Bros movie, as we have done gymnastics (including disconnecting each of 4 smoke detectors one at a time while on 'beeper watch') and paid for 2 service calls for her washer. After babysitting the apt. for 8 hours over that time, we discovered it was Verizon - and their poorly engineering FIOS internet box (hidden behind the washer). Poor girl had to close her bedroom door to sleep. While managing an apt. vacancy and 2 termite treatments and repairs 100 miles apart we did not need BEEPS. Or moving a full size stacking W/D to get to their crummy box. Small stuff in comparison, but at least humorous.

    I feel awful for Mr. AOW. THAT is not funny at all, and I pray he will get some rest. And your water heater hangs in there.

    1. Baysider,
      Mr. AOW is in a bad frame of mind -- and was down in the dumps even before the hospital bed froze. He managed to get some sleep last night but woke up grouchy. **sigh**

    2. Here's a little prayer for a good night for Mr. AOW tonight.

    3. Baysider,
      Mr. AOW got some sleep last night. Not good sleep, but some sleep.

      Once that part for the hospital bed arrives on Friday, he can get some good rest.

      I just hope that I can figure out how to put that part on!

  7. Sorry to hear of your perils AOW. As we are getting older, the little things don't seem as little.

    1. Bunkerville,
      No kidding!

      One of my cousins, at least 20 years older than I, used to say, "Things that didn't bother me when I was younger now fly all over me."


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